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Exercises with an Ostomy

  There exists a positive correlation between weight bearing exercises and bone density. Particularly with age, bones weaken and muscle...read more >

Ostomates and Sports

  Sports offer great benefits to ostomates. Aside from the obvious gains to our bodies from being in shape and feeling healthy, ostomates get some...read more >

Exercising and Hydrating with an Ostomy

  As ostomates, you are susceptible to excessive liquid loss. Since physical activity heighten this fact, hydration during sports is a critical...read more >

Food Intake and Sports with an Ostomy

  Active ostomy patients who exercise must aim for high glycogen levels to sustain their workouts. You will then need to worry about ingesting adequate...read more >

Parastomal Hernia Belts and Sports

  An ostomy support belt or a parastomal hernia belt is designed solely for ostomy patients. It may help you prevent or handle an already existing parastomal hernia...read more >