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Ostomy Stoma Bleeding


There are ostomy patients prone to some stoma bleeding. This may sound like a cause for concern, but in most instances there is no reason to worry. A stoma may bleed sporadically because it's flush with blood capillaries, and its exposed tissue is rather delicate. 

Some stoma bleeding may occur when using skin barriers or ostomy bags of the wrong size or when the ostomy appliance is inadequately placed. Bleeding in small amounts is not something to be alarmed, but frequent bleeding might warrant some checking since it could be a sign of latent medical conditions. Heavy stoma bleeding may be caused by liver complications, medications or other medical problems. If the edge of your stoma is bleeding profusely, it is highly advisable to consult your ostomy professional.

Here are some pointers to consider:

•    In the event of stoma bleeding, gently apply pressure at the source of the bleeding and then place a cool cloth. If unsure as to whether the bleeding is external or internal, consult your ostomy nurse or physician.

•    Have your ostomy nurse check the size, placement, and tightness of your ostomy bag.  A quick adjustment or recommendation on how or what to use could easily correct the situation.

•    Observe if there are irritations surrounding the bleeding edge of the stoma. If irritations are present, an enlarged wafer may be helpful in protecting the stoma from irritants. If the problem persists, seek advice from your ostomy nurse of physician.

•    If stoma bleeding is excessive or persistent, you must urgently seek professional help. 1 (305) 600-4421
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