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3M - 3390 - 3m Cavilon Antifungal Cream

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3M - 3m Cavilon Antifungal Cream, Bottle
3M - 3m Cavilon Antifungal Cream, Bottle
More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Brand Cavilon
Categories Condition, Diabetes Skin Problems, Diabetic Skin Care, Skin Healing Cream, Skin Protection, Antifungal, Barrier Cream, Fecal Protection, Ostomy Skin Care, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Urine Protection
Code 3390
Require Prescription? No
Store Diabetics Treatment|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
50 Review
pzb22 Review from
August 6, 2019
Great for bandage adhesive allergy!
I had a horrible itching rash from the adhesive in bandaging I had to use for over five months. I used prescription cortisone cream and other prescription creams and ointments to try to stop the itching and scratching that was there even after I no longer
Review from
November 30, 2021
I read the reviews of 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film to help me find a way to protect my skin from the colostomy appliances. After a year+ using it for that purpose, I am convinced this is the product I’ll need to keep my skin healthy for the rest of my
goodolboydws Review from
August 1, 2017
One product that truly works as described.
My wife recently had abdominal surgery and for some unknown reason the surgical incision took a very long time to heal-months. Due to the location her dressing had to be changed EVERY day, for most of that time-to check on seepage. Anyone who has had an a
Doc m. Review from
January 19, 2021
My mom has allergies to the average barrier creams. Cavilon doesnt bother her and does a good job at keeping the good skin protected. And the handy spray solution makes it easier with out the fuss of the cavilon in packages..
Lynette Y. Review from
July 18, 2021
I buy this product here because I feel company is reliable and safe to purchase from. All my other colostomy supplies are from another company that was arranged when I left the hospital, but this item in spray bottle was not available to be shipped to Haw
Review from
August 28, 2019
By far the best product available! In less than 4 weeks, my daughters skin as healed and continued to remain healthy and intact. We have struggled with skin breakdown and painful ulcers for years with no success. This spray is quick, easy, painless, and l
studnickac2010 Review from
April 21, 2020
3m Cavillon no sting barrier film spray
This product helps macerated skin heal quickly. Its NO STING barrier film safely,painlessly covers the excoriated skin, allowing it to heal. This product has been a life changer for my sister who uses it surrounding her ostomy.
Review from
April 19, 2013
Purchase the 1mL wands
Mu husband has a urostomy and also had a temporary colostomy. We have been using this product for 51/2 years and love it! The wands give you good control over the application for an ostomy patient. It lets you get close to the stoma and cover all the the
studnickac2010 Review from
August 30, 2019
Cavilon no sting spray lot of 3
Great deal on 3 bottles. Arrived in good shape on stated date. Happy days!!! This stuff is a good thing to use on abraded or macerated skin. Allows it to heal.
burg_mary Review from
June 8, 2021
This is the best no sting barrier. I've tried others and they don't compare. Thank You!
bigquestion Review from
November 15, 2021
Great protector of skin.
Perfect stuff for sensitive skin. Protects from tape,etc.
Patricia C. Review from
March 5, 2021
I have to use barriers because of a fistula. Cavilon Barriers have helped keep my skin intact.
Review from
October 1, 2015
I have used the product for the past six years-(do not get good results using the wipes). My local pharmacist can no longer order from their supplier-extremely happy to have access to the product through the internet---great product-best I have used since
Review from
August 13, 2018
Love this stuff. Use it for prepping skin that will be covered. Makes tape stick better than anything we have tried! Love it.
Review from
October 1, 2014
I use the Cavilon 1ml wand barrier film from 3M (Ref 3343). This product works well for protecting my skin around my urostomy and for leaving a tacky surface that barrier rings and flanges adhere to, and is simple to use. I have paralyzed fingers on one h
shfofox.cjmykat4g Review from
May 12, 2021
barrier film spray
excellent product introduced to us by district nurses, ideal for pressure sores.
Steve Y. Review from
July 28, 2020
I like this product so much more than others that I pay for it out of my pocket,my insurance wants me to use another brand when I order my ostomy supplies and it is junk they won’t pay for this brand but it’s quality is worth the extra out of pocket cost
Review from
October 4, 2013
I love how this product lives up to it's hype. It does NOT sting. It DOES provide a clear barrier to help protect my sensitive skin. The foil packs make it especially portable and since we like to camp and hike, that feature is especially important too.
Robert G. Review from
March 16, 2021
Great product for prevention of peristomal irritation. A bit pricey.
Review from
June 30, 2012
Wonderful barrier for adhesive sensitivity
I was getting rashes and tape burns even with some of the gentle tape and after my barrier film arrived, it gave me relief! The tape sticks to me even better, however it sticks to the barrier film and not on my skin!! When my dressing was being changed on
Review from
June 13, 2013
I have a stoma and use this product for years. It helps a lot to keep my skin protected and rash free. Even if I do have irritated skin I can apply it directly over it. It will sting a little but helps to prevent further irritation. I love this product an
meowmeow6112012 Review from
February 27, 2020
don't be without it
this is a superior no sting barrier film especially good for people with very delicate, easily broken skin.
kidluzr219 Review from
November 9, 2020
Works for early skin breakdown
If someone your caring for has redness from incontinence this is a good product to use daily.
Review from
July 27, 2015
Works well! Too bad 3M is greedy and this tiny bottle of spray sells for over $10 and most likely the manufactured cost is less than $1.00. I use this everyday to protect the area around my ulcer and one bottle last maybe a week.
Review from
August 19, 2018
We were introduced to this product in the NICU for broken skin in the diaper area. Used in conjunction with proshield it is a miracle cure for broken skin in sensitive regions!
Review from
December 15, 2013
Best barrier peoduct
The 3M barrier wipes are the best. We've tried larger wipes and other brands and have had problems with either waiting for the stuff to dry or having issues with the ostomy products sticking to the surface. This 3M product works the best.
GWENDOLYN M Review from
October 12, 2021
Cavilon spray does what it says being a barrier film to protect your skin.
Review from
April 20, 2011
Bye bye pain
I have burn on my left leg that always needs to be cleaned. I can't really wash it every time because of the pain so I searched for other solutions. A friend then told me to use this product as a wound care. This disinfects my burn without actually causin
Dolores Review from
May 9, 2014
Great product for protecting sensitive skin. I like the spray better than the wipes. Would like a larger bottle. I now ordered a case.
jackiezula2013 Review from
October 13, 2021
Brilliant product
Brilliant product and not just for pressure areas .
Review from
July 7, 2015
I love this product. A very big plus for this product is that it dries very quickly on the skin. This is a must when using it for peristomal skin protection for an illeostomy.
solfermoser Review from
October 6, 2020
Works Good
works good, helps keep skin from getting irritated by tape from bandages and wound vacs
Review from
August 29, 2011
cavilon wipes helped
Prepping the surrounding skin with the cavilon wipes has helped with adhesion of dressing to the wound site. Before using these, I had more changing of dressing due to areas which did not adhere as well, or as long. Seems that they are a bit costly, but I
ruthl.ponsf Review from
December 18, 2019
Excellent and good quality
Have been using cavilon for years. Its excellent.
Review from
July 18, 2013
I also have a stoma and very sensitive skin. This is the only product that does not contain alcohol that actually works. Insurance SHOULD cover this; it is the best product in this category
vee-123 Review from
May 26, 2020
The best on the market
I tried something else and it was no good so i will always get this brand it the best better than the rest.
Review from
April 28, 2015
Works the Best
I love the Cavilon film barrier as they protect my husband's skin and make for better appliance changes. The wands work for us because I can apply it just where it needs to go.
va11uvendor Review from
July 17, 2019
I use it for helping to seal lower leg ulcers.
It not that easy to buy other than on the internet, that is where a tissue compatibility nurse suggested I look to source it
Review from
July 31, 2014
My mother suffers from 80% of her chest skin eaten away by breast cancer. This product is great for protecting her from infections. Hospice Care turned me on to this product.
Review from
July 20, 2014
I would have given this product five stars but my father complained that it was too sticky for him. However, since he has been using it, he no longer complains of irritation from nighttime urinary incontinence.
cookiejoyone Review from
June 25, 2020
easy approcation
It gives us more adhesive to help with the position of the bag that he wears..
Review from
May 22, 2013
This product has helped protect the skin around my stoma and I don't break out like safe-life or Hollister alcohol pads. Medicare quit paying for this product, but my skin under the wafer needs protection so the added cost is going to be deducted on my ta
Review from
November 4, 2014
Impressive product
Works much better than other barrier films I have tried. Used with ostomy powder and neosporin to assist with healing and sealed beautifully.
Byron L. A. Review from
October 21, 2020
use with ostomy bag and does good job protecting skin when "blows the gasket"!
Review from
April 15, 2011
No more thread!!!
I fell off my bike and the doc put me this film. The fact that I am injured is nothing nice though, it was so awesome. After seeing the doc I got it myself and there was nothing annoying like thread from gauze. It's so convenient!!
Reno S. Review from
May 16, 2020
Have not used product yet as still finishing my last bottle of same product
fullmssp Review from
February 6, 2019
Great product but a little bit expensive.
Great product, amazing technology from 3M, but a little bit expensive.
blackboxster98 Review from
February 20, 2017
3m cavilon
Excellent product as spray band aid. Needs to be better value Packaged, only available in a Very small pump.
latha_pete Review from
January 20, 2021
Well worth the money
I would recommend this product highly
sotexbc Review from
December 26, 2019
Great Stuff!
A bit overpriced. But a hugely and excellent product!