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3M Comm - MMM18066 - Ultra High-Speed Topline Floor Burnishing Pads 3200, 20" Dia., White/Amber, 5/Ct

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Ultra High-Speed Topline Floor Burnishing Pads 3200, 20" Dia., White/Amber, 5/Ct
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Manufacturer 3M Comm
Code MMM18066
Sold By Carton
UPC 048011180663
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
39 Review
cassondra94 Review from
June 14, 2020
Great quick fix but sanding pad dulls very quickly
I bought this to a nick in the wall. Filled the hole very nicely and wasn't messy at all. It is fantastic at filling thumbtack holes (considering I have filled 30 of them resulting from posters and calendars and I have plenty more to go). Since I am planning to repaint the bedroom (the room that had the wall nick as a result from a dresser drawer corner.. long story short a drawer bounced and the wall got nicked) I can search every wall to see if there are anymore nicks, and if so it's a quick fix. I had a huge line crack (from the 2009 earthquake that hit Virginia and the crack hasn't gotten
bgondee Review from
Home Depot
February 27, 2020
Great Professional Repair Product
This is the BEST drywall repair product on the market. It really doesn't shrink and it dries hard and strong. The fiber in it is the best and you really don't need fiberglass tape on most repairs. It is light and strong enough to fill a 6" can light hole 1/2" deep on the ceiling and not sag!!! or shrink!!! It is a bit of a challenge to keep on the knife but this will improve your knife skills. I always use a 6" knife. Also if you wipe the dust off the wall or spray a little water with a spray gun it will adhere faster/better and when you get it thick enough that it doesn't want to cooperate mi
klutz Review from
October 23, 2021
No instructions!
I just received this product and noticed that there were no instructions on use. I am a total novice at repairing so I was hoping for some directions as when I opened the tube a whole bunch of white liquid spilled out. Is this what "sparkling" supposed to be? I had to wipe up the spill and worse yet, the holes I was trying to fill are on a wall so the liquid kept dripping down the wall. I did finally use my fingers to wipe up the spilled liquid and "fill" the hole. Again, if there were directions I would have been able to determine if this is how I'm supposed to use it. Can you tell me please?
cory.b Review from
March 22, 2021
I'm prepping my livingroom diningroom so I found this product to make the repair a bit easier. It's an all-in-one product. The capped end has a small sanding disk and the other end is the putty knife. When you remove the cap the end has a little hole to dispense the spackle compound. It's fast easy. *The only issue was I forgot to put the cap back on squished some of it out when I used the putty knife end. Easy to correct byb paying more attention. Once dried the small disk was perfect for sanding area. I'm pleased with the results.
JimD Review from
February 28, 2021
Works better than expected
Used this to repair a 4 x 4 hole in the ceiling after dropping my drill in attic. Didn't want to cut out and replace a section so I use some fiber tape to back the repair and filled in layers letting dry over night between coats. After sanding flat, priming and painting, this was absolutely the most undetectable repair I have ever made. I am now using this for all my wall repairs including molding gaps and ceiling cracks. Its very strong but lightweight. if you take your time and learn how to properly work with this, you will be very satisfied.
smoothdip Review from
August 23, 2021
Good stuff but 3M let's talk
Does a great job filling holes. Very dry mix so it crumbles easy and falls all over the place unless you use a couple good ole boy KY smarts. Incidentally, 3M hasn't figured this out yet or simply didn't have time to put it on the label. So, before you dig the putty knife in, dip the knife in water first. Then make your pass on the wall. Now dip the knife in water again, and smooth it out.
Pdx user Review from
March 25, 2021
Works as advertised
Repaired a 4x6 section of damaged lathe and plaster in my old home. Plaster was missing, revealing the lathe below. A piece of lathe was missing, revealing a 1/2 wide hole several inches long. I applied this product successfully to repair the hole in two applications. Due to the amount and depth of the amount applied, it took many hours to dry. By 12 hours, it was hardened enough for the second application.
DIYRick Review from
January 7, 2021
Wow! This stuff is super light!
I replaced a ceiling fan, and needed to backfill the opening, as the new fan/lamp was much smaller than the original. I put in some hardware cloth and used this super lightweight spackle. Fixed in two coats, despite being a pretty substantial gap. It recommends stirring before using, but I would keep stirring to a minimum; the more you stir it, the soupier it gets, and then you run the risk of the patch drooping. Once leveled out, however, it finished very nicely, and took paint well. Very pleased.
THOMAS Review from
Home Depot
April 21, 2021
Very good for filling small holes. Easy to squeeze directly...
Very good for filling small holes. Easy to squeeze directly into the hole. Use a finger to smooth out. Dries in a few minutes. Use the rough cap for minimal sanding. Touch up paint. I did 20 small holes in 1/2 hour. No need to mix anything.
NedFlanders Review from
Home Depot
June 29, 2020
A very convenient way to make small repairs in drywall. I bought this product wh
A very convenient way to make small repairs in drywall. I bought this product while replacing closet wire shelving. The old shelving drywall anchors had to be removed and left quarter inch diameter holes in the drywall. Yuck, I wanted a small amount of spackle to fill the holes, but did not want to buy a large amount that would probably dry out and go to waste. This fit the bill. It includes a built in applicator and scraper so you dont need any additional tools. A very tidy solution for small scale drywall repairs.
Renos Review from
Home Depot
August 15, 2019
You cant beat this product for filling nail holes. The product dries really fast
You cant beat this product for filling nail holes. The product dries really fast (less than 30 minutes) and the applicator makes it easy to fill holes fast. I discovered this product a few years ago while I was painting an entire home interior by myself. I never would have made it without this product. It literally makes nail hole filling that much faster. i never really used the sanding pad on the top, but the squeeze applicator and the built in applicator knife are awesome. Now I have noticed that the label has changed, and now it clearly says this product causes cancer. With no further deta
seyns Review from
July 20, 2021
Buy !!! Buy !!!! 10/10
I have never used spackle before, and the other spackle Walmart had looked really complicated, so I gave this one a try. Im so very happy with how easy it was to use and how the results were! I thought it was a little bit of product but I was wrong it comes with a lot !! Also I love how its all in one, so you dont have to keep going back and forth getting different tools and stuff ! Its so easy to use and takes no time at all !
rntyndall4 Review from
January 9, 2017
Excellent solution for small wall repair!
The 3M Large Hole Wall Repair kit includes everything that you will need to repair a small hole (up to 5 inches) in drywall and all you will need to do afterwards is paint. Features: Includes all tools needed to prepare up to a 5 inch hole in wall for painting Clear instructions with link to online video for demonstration Cost effective at around $15 at local hardware stores Pros: Easy to use with simple instructions Quick repair Professional grade products The only con I had was that the sanding pad may not last for multiple coats of compound. This is easily overcome by taking your time when
Dave96 Review from
July 23, 2021
Excellent except the package
We have used this product extensively for repairs in our apartment units, its better than anything weve used before! My only complaint is the package. It comes sealed with plastic film, once opened it dries out quickly because the lid is so loose. It cant stay on by itself, must be taped or weighted. Even then it doesnt seal at all.
CavLover Review from
Home Depot
April 8, 2020
I am a total amateur at drywall repair but this product made me confident and th
I am a total amateur at drywall repair but this product made me confident and the result looks professional. It appeared dry in the container so I added a little water; mixes up easily and the consistency worked well when I applied it to the 7' long x 3" wide water-damaged drywall ceiling. I chose to apply Killz over this area before applying the flat ceiling paint, although most people say you can paint directly over it. A little goes a long way. I also tried this on a couple of spots on our exterior stucco which I'm still testing.
Mortimer Review from
February 10, 2019
Works Well With Little Prep
This is pretty much the same stuff as the Dap Fast and Final spackling compound. When I needed to do some small patches and needed some spackle I decided to try this because it is a square container instead of round. I find it easier to clean the knife blade during the patching process with the straight side. Also, a medium-sized knife can be loaded with the wider mouth of this container, while the small Dap container will permit only a very narrow knife. The compound itself works well. These lightweight patching compounds are easy to work and dry fast, so you can move on with your project wit
Donna Review from
April 6, 2021
3M PATCH Plus Primer Tube
Loved this product. I was surprised to find it at Staples. Nonetheless, I tried it. Perfect. Great for the office tack holes, nail holes. No big container. Small, easy to use. Loved the sandpaper on the tip.
Jimmyg Review from
November 18, 2020
Drying Time? Forever
Was pleasantly surprised at the texture and ease of application, but drying time is an issue. I had an outdoor application filling a hole in a wood column, not structural. applied at 70F, night time down to 40, no rain. A week later it is still spongy, not solidified. I don't think you could sand it. Instructions are very poor/nonexistent. Maybe indoors it could work-it does not seem to shrink much compared to regular spackle
greenh Review from
May 3, 2019
Great stuff. But be warned...
I just finished patching a few minor holes and dings in a wood door frame using this stuff, and both the goop and the package worked fine. (The packaging is a lovely example of the kind of innovative thinking I've come to expect from 3M.) But just a few problems: first, the goop can build up on the putty knife, and where it will form crumblies that suicidally jump to the floor. And when one attempts to pick them up, they will smear all over the floor (except for the ones that get on the soles of your shoes, which will get everywhere). Advice: use a drop cloth. And once the goop is on the floor
Husbear Review from
Home Depot
May 23, 2021
Worth it
This product and its fiber reinforced cousin have helped me through a couple of tricky projects requiring multiple small drywall repairs. Its texture is more like drywall mud than spackle, with a smooth texture that doesn't crumble. If it starts getting dry you can easily thin it out by mixing in a little tap water.
Leighbee Review from
Home Depot
October 6, 2019
3M has done it again. This product is amazing. Goes on like smooth butter , so n
3M has done it again. This product is amazing. Goes on like smooth butter , so no need to sand . So much easier than taping and bed. Another plus, I dropped some on the carpet , uh oh... I stepped on it too , it dried in a hard ball and I just pick it up, no mess no fuss . I had to patch some large cracks after a foundation repair on a property I put on the market. I was very skeptical this would do the trick, but it did. I will never use anything but this. Not cheap , but worth every penny! The time I will save, is worth the price. This product is hands down the best thing I have used. Who ge
Dmitry Review from
Home Depot
January 5, 2017
Used this to repair small (1/4") holes left over from drywall anchors. Product w
Used this to repair small (1/4") holes left over from drywall anchors. Product works OK. It's very lightweight, and grabs onto the material well. Dries as specified; in an optimal (average room temp with little humidity) takes about half an hour (an hour or more works best). One thing that did occur, is slight bubbling where the material didn't pack well into the cavity, which required some sanding and an additional application. Sands well to a very smooth finish which is ready to paint. Other thoughts: strong chemical smell; please use with plenty of ventilation and a mask/respirator (especia
StephNC Review from
January 19, 2021
So much easier to use than Dap Drydex spackling
This product is much easier to spread than Dap or other brands for drywall repair covering. It's softer and more fluid. The packaging also has snap notch in the side so it's easier to reopen and "burp" close to get the air out. This is much easier than a round container with no access to open and close easily. Highly recommend this 3M product.
RedCat424 Review from
January 22, 2017
This product worked great to repair approximately a 4" hole in our drywall. It came with everything we needed to cover the hole. We made sure the area to fix was as clean and as neat long the edges and surrounding area as possible before starting. This project was surprisingly quick and easy. The back plate was easy to place. We overcompensated some with the compound spackling to fill and then sanded it down to even it out, which I think worked better than using less. We also let it stand for 48 hours to make sure it was completely solid before sanding. I liked that this kit came with everythi
JIJ80 Review from
January 28, 2017
Right Product for the job
I received the Large hole Wall repair Kit free from 3M. The best part about this kit is that EVERYTHING is included to do the job. I have to say I was a little apprehensive when I first opened the package as I did not think there was enough compound to do the job. However once I applied the plastic patch and started filling in the whole I was pleasantly surprised that I even had enough left over to fill a smaller hole that needed filled as well. I had to remove some extra drywall from the hole to get the plastic patch in but I needed to make the hole larger as the paper on the surface of my wh
skhoibidoo Review from
February 6, 2022
Love this product
I have tried many different hole repair compound over the years and the 3M High Strenght small hole repair is hands down the best one in my opinion. It is very easy to apply, doesn't leave a mess like some of the other ones I tried, dries quickly and I can easily paint over it. This gets a solid 5 stars from me.
HomeDepotCustomer Review from
Home Depot
August 4, 2020
I have little experience patching hole so I choose this product because everythi
I have little experience patching hole so I choose this product because everything needed was included in the packaging. It worked well for me. I applied and smoothed the caulk, waited until dried, reapplied more caulk waited until fully dried then sanded. The hole was quite big and now it is invisible. I am pleased with the resultsMmm
Strangelet Review from
August 15, 2020
Great product 1 question tho
Im using this to close a gap between a plaster wall and a new drywall wall. Im a renter so larger reno isnt an option. This is working great. I need to add a second layer though and its not sticking well to the now totally dry first layer. Any hints? Should I spray it with water first? Or do I need to sand before going for a second layer?
AECoker Review from
September 19, 2018
Plastic container will let compound to dry
I had to learn on the large container. I felt of it and it seem dry to me. It performed just fine. I put a few drops of water and closed the lid. Second use just fine, but there was a crack between it and plastic container. Added more water this time and put the lid on. Well at the third opening, I just tossed it. Second buy was a small tub. Worked just fine. Added a few drops of water and I said to myself, I needed to seal seal the container this time. Used Saran Wrap to cover the material. Ppressing the wrap down on the material and up the wall then I pressed on the cover. Well see if it wor
Terrible Todd Review from
August 31, 2021
Dry Time???
The product worked very well for my purposes. BUT! Seriously 3M whats the big secret about dry time before sanding or just in general. Give us something or at least a range in hours. You get minus one star for that alone.
AKSanta Review from
Home Depot
July 4, 2017
I had new impact windows installed in my Mid Century Rancher that was built in 1
I had new impact windows installed in my Mid Century Rancher that was built in 1954. When the old windows were removed the plaster fell out around the windows. Some of the jagged edges were up to two inches wide. The installer said he would take care of it, but I told him it would be ready for him to complete the install in the morning. I used this patch to fill in the gaps and it was very easy to work into an almost finished product I did a light sanding after it dried and the installer was so impressed that he wanted to know the brand of wall repair that I used. You can not tell where the pa
Michael Review from
Home Depot
December 30, 2015
Good and bad
I'm a professional painter and I'm working on my second extra large container of this product so I've put it through a number of tests. It is good and bad and if I could I would give it 2.5 stars. Lets start with the good. As other reviewers have noted it is good for small nail holes. It drys quick, does not shrink and sands very easy with a minimum of dust. The fact that it has primer is both good and bad. Seems to paint over ok but clean up, with the primer in it, is tough especially after it has dried. And now for the bad. This stuff is crumbly and falls off the tool in pieces all over the
Luciiousalyxx Review from
November 26, 2021
I love the fact its a 3 in one product. Normally you buy the spackle, metal scrapper tool and a sheet of sand paper. This product comes with all three for cheaper. It gets the job done, I always hang different decor in my house so I have to make sure I fill in the holes.
homeowner Review from
Home Depot
June 26, 2020
Works well for small jobs, but you'll want to upgrade to a proper putty knife an
Works well for small jobs, but you'll want to upgrade to a proper putty knife and tub of filler for larger ones. Went on easily, dried quickly, paint adhered nicely. Don't expect wonders from the plastic tube-tip "putty knife", but it's serviceable. We didn't use the sanding cap, so I can't review that function.
TNdad Review from
February 14, 2019
I was a bit skeptical of this product, as I've never bought spackling that didn't need primed. I was also tired of using a little bit of the product and then when I went back to it for the next use, it was all dried and useless. I applied it as directed, waited a couple hours, sanded and then painted right over. It turned out wonderfully and I am extremely happy with the product. My only complaint is I had to go online to find out it dried in 30 minutes, which is another timesaver. One more positive with this is I put the cap back on, and have used it twice (over a couple of months), and it ap
Lauren Review from
Home Depot
February 18, 2020
Wonderful all in one product! And the fact that it is patch PLUS primer is perfe
Wonderful all in one product! And the fact that it is patch PLUS primer is perfect! Only thing I wish was slightly different is that I wish the tube was a bit easier to squeeze but that is a very minor annoyance and I will still continue to purchase and advise others to as well.
Murray Review from
Home Depot
March 3, 2020
Easy to use. "Spatchular" portion of package just OK to use for smoothing, sprea
Easy to use. "Spatchular" portion of package just OK to use for smoothing, spreading and feathering spackle. Suggest using metal one for best results. Product drives quickly which allows for quick painting soon so project is finshed sooner.
RonInPS Review from
Home Depot
July 24, 2019
Just got it and I'm already luvin' it. I'm a do-it-yourself home owner and I was
Just got it and I'm already luvin' it. I'm a do-it-yourself home owner and I was always a DAP fan for minor drywall repairs but this stuff is GREAT !! It's far more pliable than I'm used to working with, is not dry and crumbly like other products, and goes on smoothly because it has a very smooth and soft texture. More like a plaster or paste consistency than those crumbly other products. Works great with a putty knife and dries fast and makes filling/repairing holes a breeze.
Review from
January 27, 2017
3M gave me a free sample of this product to evaluate. This is one of the most simplest projects that we have ever done. We need to make a hole in the bathroom to put in an extra electrical outlet. Unfortuntely we ended up making an extra hole in the wall to try and get the wires down to the outlet. The directions are very spot on for the simple instructions. Make the hole, Insert Self-adhesive plate, Apply compound, Finish the surface. The Self adhesive plate must be intact in order for the plate to stick. I have attached photos of the hole in the wall, the Self-Adhesive plate and the final ph
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