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3M Comm - MMMSPP17 - Surface Preparation Pad, 17" Diameter, Maroon, 10/Carton

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Surface Preparation Pad, 17" Diameter, Maroon, 10/Carton
More Information
Manufacturer 3M Comm
Sold By Carton
UPC 051141232768
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
39 Review
NHdude Review from
January 12, 2022
Really great pads
I read most of the reviews on here and I'm confused if others are actually reviewing this product, and not something else. I've been using these scour pads for years and love them. They don't 'fall apart' - and one actually lasts me almost a month. I could use it longer, I just choose not to. I also don't find these smelly. That is my major complaint with most other pads - they're made from something chemical or dangerous and the pad starts to smell toxic with a mix of decaying food. Not with these pads. I NEVER have that problem with these pads. I've even used 'green' pads from other companie
RunMore Review from
February 22, 2021
Great scrubbing ability
This Scotch-Brite scrubbing dish wand is a nice kitchen tool. I prefer not to put soap in the arm of the brush, but rather apply it as needed to the actual pad or pan, but the arm allows for easy handling of the scrubber pad. The pads are smaller than a traditional sponge, but they are shaped in a way that allows for easy cleaning of pan corners. I also like that they scrub well while not scratching the surface of pans. They also come with replacement scrubber pads which I love. I definitely recommend Scotch-Brite scrubbing dish wand for all kitchens.
Quincy Review from
April 20, 2021
Great at clesning grimy burntness
Wow, these are amazing at scrubbing off old, burnt food. I have a large stainless steel bowl that I burned popcorn in a while back. I thought the bowl was going to be black and grimy forever. Just a few minutes of scrubbing with these pads and the bowl is *almost* as shiny as new! I also used it on the bottom of an old air fryer and was able to get that about 90% clean. Definitely worth the price you pay, as these pads work much more efficiently than steel wool.
AtWMTooMuch Review from
September 25, 2021
Doesn't rust, scrubs off food!
These are great. I bought these because I needed something that could scrub off hardened food, but I didn't want buy anymore sponges (bacteria) or brillo pads (rust). These-don't-rust and they scrub off food really well. I've added these to my list. I've seriously soaked one for days and it still didn't rust... The only thing that could make these better is if they had a handle. I'm always scared that I'll cut my finger on the hardened food that breaks through the scrubber.
MicheleAZ Review from
February 19, 2021
Great quality
This sponge wand is much better then ones I have used in the past. It is made well and is of good quality. The sponge is thick and seems like it will hold together better then other cheaper versions. I also like how the sponge attaches to the wand much better on this one. So far, it hasnt leaked the dish soap out of the handle as all others have in the past. Overall great product
mnm10 Review from
February 22, 2021
Powers through grease!
I really didnt expect much from the small size of this product but its honestly great! The small handle is ergonomically designed and has the option to fill with dish soap (though I just used it like a sponge). The scrubber is tough enough to perform but doesnt scratch cookware, which is obviously important. I hope the pad lasts for a long time but for now its a great product to have.
stephanie.w Review from
January 2, 2021
Sponges are disgusting to me. I dont think people realize how much bacteria breeds inside a sponge after the first time you use it, so reusing it multiple times seems like a nightmare to me because you really cant WASH a sponge. I like to use scotch-brite pads (only the ones that dont have a sponge on the other side) to scrub dirty surfaces, wipe the surface clean with dish soap or the appropriate cleaner on a rag, and then throw the rags in the washing machine. The heavy duty scotch brite pads are super abrasive, so you cant use them on things like a car or a stainless steel appliance, or you
Kandice Review from
January 4, 2022
Favorite Dishwashing Tool
Favorite little essential to wash dishes, also encourages the teens to want to wash dishes as they dislike dish water. No issues no complaints. *Obvious points: Do not leave the dish wand full with soap. Also filling the wand up with soap is not necessary, a little goes a long way. Disburses soap, as needed, when sponge is pressed to dish.
Christine Review from
April 1, 2021
Makes cleaning counter tops extra -easy
I just love this and am glad I ordered two. I will use one for each bathroom cleaning job. Hairspray builds up on my counter tops and sink in my bedroom bath and this works like a charm . I also use the guest bath for a quick and easy clean from dust and constant use as it is just off the kitchen where I also use it. Maybe I should just order another one for kitchen? It's a great little cleaner.
Belinda Review from
March 24, 2019
A new use for this pad
I have used these pads for as long as I can remember. But I found a new use for them quite by accident. I usually wash them in my dishwasher silverware holder. As you know, the holders are known to break parts out of the bottom quite often. I tried to find a repair kit and couldn't. I did find where I could buy a new one for $46.00. My husband tried weaving a heavy wire in the bottom to support the silverware. This didn't work well and to tell the truth was causing more trouble than the broken parts. I decided to cut the pad in squares to fit in the bottom of each part of the holder. I thought
Tamaramarie Review from
February 22, 2021
Great for keeping my sink empty
I tend to put off doing the dishes until my sink is overflowing. With the scotch brite nonscratch dish wand I find I keep up with my dishes better because I can wash a couple dishes whenever I see them in my sink quickly and easily. I don't need to fill the sink, just wet the sponge and the dish, scrub it clean with the sponge and rinse! I plan on always having one of these by my sink. It took me a minute to get the soap to the sponge, but now I am set!
evelyn.g Review from
January 3, 2017
I have been using Scotch-Brite for years. Writing this review made me stop to think why it is I love these little handy sponges with the scrubber attached. Well there is my first reason the scrubber is attached, so I don't have to have two different tools in my kitchen to get the job done. The size is perfect; you can get into the tiny corners of a bundt pan and the flat surface of a cookie sheet. It fits everyone's hand too so no excuse from the younger ones. The durability is pretty amazing because my Scotch-Brite goes into the dishwasher everyday. I find the scrubby part stays effective for
216amyc Review from
February 22, 2021
Great Product!
This dishwand is a great mess free way for me to clean my dirty dishes. Just fill the wand with dish soap and run it under water. The sponge cleans all of my pots, pans and dishes without scratching. The wand is also long enough for me to get down into all of my water bottles and glasses. Great product!
liv.s Review from
January 25, 2021
These are a life saver. I use it on a lot of things, with caution. I use it for cleaning, washing dishes, scrubbing caked in, baked on stains. This works on getting paint of husbands too, but scrub gently because they tend to complain. Back to the caution part, this scrubber works so well, it can scratch so do not use this on non-stick pans (I learned my lesson the hard way). Price is good and worth it. I recommend this product.
Karkey Review from
March 4, 2021
I really like that the dishwand is easy to hold onto and scrubs hard, dried on food amazingly well. I like that the soap inside the wand holds quite a bit and it doesn't run out that fast. The sponge lasts quite a while before you have to put a new one on. This dishwand is reliable and makes cleanup super easy.
no Review from
January 12, 2022
A staple in my house
Been using these for a long time. They make washing dishes a lot easier and really save your hands quite a bit. I don't always put dish washing liquid in the handle even. Love that you can just replace the sponge head. Great invention!
Candyo118 Review from
February 21, 2021
Really Works
I used to use a Scotch Bright dish wand, then switched to one that was cheaper. Worst thing I ever did. Love love love Scotch Bright and will never switch again. Not only is it a great bargain with the price, but it cleans much better than any cheaper brand. I guess it's true that you get what you pay for.
CCrainrn33SC Review from
October 16, 2021
Great cleaning power
3M sent me a free sample of Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pads in the mail to try. These pads have great cleaning power and really help me get all my scrubbing done without as much effort from me. It's a high quality product that works well and lasts. I highly recommend it
laci.b Review from
September 23, 2020
I use this scour pad for all my tough baked on messes! The ones a rag or regular sponge can't help with! They last me about a 10 uses for each pad. The price is so affordable. I definitely recommend. I always use this product after dinner each and every time and also when scrubbing limestone off my shower faucets and drains. They are definitely a staple in my cleaning products.
Shan2609 Review from
February 19, 2021
Convenient cleaning wand
I like how the soap is in the handle for fast and easy cleaning. It's great for cleaning dishes and makes washing glasses so much easier reaching the bottom. The only thing I felt was difficult was taking off the scrubber head. After a few trys I was able to get it off.
karma.o Review from
May 23, 2020
Very useful for cleaning around the house. If you use them for dishes, I would suggest cutting them in half since theyre huge. Great value. Good price. Theyre not expensive at all. I would buy them again and I recommend to others. Theyre good for pots and pans. Theyre also good to use for crafts for the kids. They love painting with it.
Afroman231 Review from
February 21, 2021
Love it
I love the dishwand and that it easily washes dishes and gets in tiny spaces. I would buy it again in the future. I also like the blue color. I also like the small size of the dishwand. My mom loves using this to wash dishes.
Artback Review from
January 5, 2020
Great for Hexclad Pans - So Far
I bought these last week at Home Depot and feel they are less risky than steel wool for cleaning Hexclad pans (although Hexclad recommends steel wool for tough surface build up). These are phenomenal for quickly eliminating carbon build up on the stainless surface of Hexclad, and so far, no visible surface damage to the non-stick ceramic coating that comprises the "valleys" of Hexclad pans. I've tried a lot of solutions from Barkeepers Friend to other 3M pads, and these, by far, are the most effective and help restore that "like new" look in minimal time (if time is money, this justifies a pre
Luvzflowers Review from
February 23, 2021
Very Handy
This is a pretty handy idea. I like the fact it keeps your hands free of the scrubber. Having the soap in the wand is nice and convenient. The handle could be made longer for taller items. Overall a good product.
carolina.r Review from
December 30, 2016
I have been using Scotch-Brite for years. Writing this review made me stop to think why it is I love these little handy sponges with the scrubber attached. Well there is my first reason the scrubber is attached, so I don't have to have two different tools in my kitchen to get the job done. The size is perfect; you can get into the tiny corners of a bundt pan and the flat surface of a cookie sheet. It fits everyone's hand too so no excuse from the younger ones. The durability is pretty amazing because my Scotch-Brite goes into the dishwasher everyday. I find the scrubby part stays effective for
jade8568 Review from
December 13, 2020
USED TO be a great item...
I've never had or used a dishwasher, so these things were a godsend when they first came out! Now, of course, things are made by quantity instead of quality! ALL of the reviews are 100% true. Mine are usually good for a few weeks and the one morning I get up, and all of thre soaps gone. I guess this will soon become a Dollar Tree item! Time for me to upgrade to the more expensive one... it BETTER NOT LEAK!
marisa.h Review from
May 28, 2020
We use this at mor work to clean ovens at the end of the night. They do a great job and they are definitely heavy duty! You can use both sides of the sponge depending on how grimy something is and both sides do a great job. This price is pretty good for 3 sponges. I usually purchase them on amazon or staples! Recommended for appliances not so much dishes
Nbrooks07 Review from
February 24, 2021
Good quality
Got this to help my kids with dishes. Turns out it's great for just about anything. Cleaning the sink, bathtub, kitchen counter just about anything. The refillable handle is great. Overall happy with this brush.
NJsunshine Review from
February 25, 2021
What a great idea. Soapy water fills the chamber and releases as needed for cleaning. Excellent for narrow glasses that you can't fit your hand into. Also works well for other household cleaning without leaving scratches.
HB Dad Review from
July 23, 2020
Good on White Vinyl Surfaces
I tried these pads a few months back to clean white vinyl window frames after blue scour pads left some residual blue marks. These work well, do not leave marks. Only downside is they are less durable than the blue scour pads (and the green scour pads). They suit my need but cost more and less durable. Its a trade off that I am willing to make in this case.
ashley.s Review from
February 28, 2020
I use these to clean my cast iron skillet when I get stuff really stuck on. They do a great job! There is definitely a difference between these and the cheaper store brand. Those tend to pill like old clothing and are softer. These stay firm and last much longer. Definitely worth paying more for!
Review from
August 19, 2021
Love them!
These work really great on my pots and pans with that extra bit that normally just wouldnt come off of it . I would recommend them . And it is really good quality product too. Will definitely be getting some more .
Stephj77 Review from
March 11, 2021
Dish washing made simple
I tried out this Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Soap Dispensing Dishwand and found that it's so simple to use! It made washing my dishes by hand a breeze, even with stuck on food in my pots and pans. The soap dispenser is simple to fill, and it conserves my dish soap more-so than other types.
byronr Review from
March 1, 2021
Great option for washing dishes
I am always looking for great cleaning products that will really get the job done. What's so great about this wand is had both a sponge and scrub pad and it releases dish soap on it's own. I also love that it allows you to extend your mobility and reach into hard to get corners.
julie.w Review from
February 16, 2021
These are excellent scrubbers. I usually have a couple of these on hand. I use them on stubborn dishes, scrubbing my stovetop and counters and lots of other stuff! They are non scratch, so huge bonus there.
Trishu Review from
February 27, 2021
Works well
I have recently gotten to try this dishwashing wand. First off filling it was so easy. It is super easy to use. This wand washes my dishes with ease. And it doesnt scratch them. My whole experience was a very positive one.
Go Getter Review from
February 21, 2021
Heavy Duty
I just had to have this for my inside grill that I use daily. I needed something gentle, yet thought on brunt food particles. This did the trick. The ease of use and makes it even better. It cuts down on the elbow grease.
Nate Review from
November 22, 2018
Surprisingly Awesome!
These things are great!! Looking at the negative reviews, I think some folks must be trying to pull them apart or something. Use them as a clump, or a ball like they come, and they are fantastic! These scrubbers absolutely cut through anything I throw at them, and with ease. They work way better than the SOS pads and are the same price. I normally get a lot of use out of them, as they are easy to rinse/clean after using, and if they start to wear you can turn them inside out and they are like new!! Highly recommend!!!
Review from
February 28, 2020
These heavy-duty scour pads are awesome. They're definitely my favorites. They get rid of tough grime so easily. You don't need to scrub and scrub. I only trust this brand because I know it really works. I would buy it over and over again. Therefore I highly recommend it.