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A&d Medical - UB-651BLE - Bluetooth Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

A&D Medical:
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Bluetooth Connected Blood Pressure Monitor. Syncs with A&D Wellness App for Apple and Android users. Clinically validated and up to 4 users. 30 reading internal memory storage. Unlimited reading storage with A&D Cloud account. Stores memory with time and date stamp. Multiple users via A&D Connect app. A&D Connect app allows for easy sharing of readings via mobile social applications, email and more.
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Manufacturer A&D Medical
Categories Diagnostic Equipment, Exam Room Supplies, Hypertension, Condition, Blood Pressure Monitor
Code UB-651BLE
Sold By Each
UPC 93764603327
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
31 Review
Myron Review from
Best Buy
April 2, 2021
Easy and consistent
In my last doctor visit my blood pressure measured high and my doctor asked me to keep records for two weeks. I bought this for that task. It works great. It only takes a couple of minutes to take a reading and it even has an option to do three at a time. Put on the cuff, press the button to turn on, press the button again to take a measurement. Measurements upload automatically and show up in the app immediately afterward. So far I havent had to charge the battery since I started using it. My readings have been consistent. I dont have anything to compare them to, I havent set down next to a t
Lukasdom Review from
December 10, 2021
Really good, everyday "tool"
Withings offers a lot of devices you can use every day not only to track your health but also to prevent issues in the future. One of those is BPM Connect. I will start with something what is pretty rare - it is the method of measuring. This unit is not build max pressure and slowly release. It is opposite - start slowly and first detect lower value and pump further to define high value and that is it. I really like this method over the normal one. Build quality is very high, used plastic is definitely not the cheap one. The same with material band. Health mate app communicate with Apple Healt
tyler.p Review from
April 20, 2021
I bought this as I regularly required medical certificate to be renewed for my job and I like to keep track of my health via my Apple Health App. Many blood pressure machines do tracking via an app but dont seamlessly work with Apple Health but this one does. It does require its own app but the information is automatically shared to Apple Health for ease of maintaining records. The device itself is all in one cuff with device with a single button and led display. It is charged by micro-USB. Really easy to use. It was $99 from Apple and despite expensive it is much less bulky and more refined t
con565 Review from
March 31, 2021
Nice unit
Slick, comfortable all in one unit. Blood pressure seems more consistent and believable than the 4 others I compared this to. ECG and digital stethoscope feature make this a comprehensive exam that stores neatly in the app, with the ability to share with doctor. Important you wear this in the correct orientation to get the stethoscope to work and you must select whos wearing it at the end with a swipe on the light bar. This select has failed a few times meaning the other user gets your readings combined with theres. This is problematic as it takes at least four clear heart recordings to formul
kegb Review from
September 3, 2021
Easy to use and accurate as long as you set it up right!
I love being able to monitor my blood pressure at home since everytime I am at the doctor's office, it is a bit high. Nice to find out you do not actually have high blood pressure outside of the medical office! I did have a bit of an issue at first with readings that were higher than they should be - but I found out the secret is to be sure to snug the cuff on your arm really well. Then all of a sudden the numbers were matching what my husband (also a doctor) with his manual cuff was getting. So super accurate as long as you are careful about getting it tight and having your arm positioned as
josenieve Review from
Best Buy
December 23, 2020
after owning several Withings BPM, this is BEST
We have been using the Withings blood pressure cuff, several models over the years, including one Nokia brand during the couple of years that the brand was owned by the Finnish firm. This one is by far the best. My major dissatisfaction with the prior model (the green and white BPM) was the rapidity that it seemed to go through the AAA batteries. Although the iPhone app would say there was >70% charge left, I would frequently get an error message, stating that a reading could not be obtained that I was not in optimum position. This was particularly when I would use a "series of 3 measurements"
benjaminbunny999 Review from
April 7, 2021
Worth every penny
Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. The Core is well designed and very simple to use. The battery is rechargeable, and like their other products it lasts ages and charges quickly. It is very comfortable and well made. The display is clear and easy to understand. All data is displayed on the device and also transferred seamlessly to the Withings app, which is also simple to use and records all your stats from all your Withings devices. The data also presents itself within the Apple health app perfectly. I have purchased the Withings Thermo and the Withings smart scales, which whe
Dudeman Review from
Best Buy
December 13, 2021
Simple device
Easy to set up & use. My doc let me borrow 1 to try for a couple months prior to buying my own. 1 thing Ive noticed is the readings vary a littleafter taking a reading, I leave the cuff on & sit for a few minutes before running again. Typically the 2nd or even 3rd reading(s) end up being lower than the initial reading. Not by a ton, but can be in a different zone. The readings go to the Withings app on my phone easy enough & are supposed to automatically go to the MyChart app so my doc can see the readings. Unfortunately the apps dont want to communicate correctly & I always have to add the re
cjcragg Review from
October 25, 2021
Great BP monitor
I chose this one after watching a number of reviews on YouTube and doing some readings. It has all the bells and whistles anyone could possibly want like multi user, averaging of readings, an app that tracks history and can email it to your doctor, and more. Just 2 criticisms. First, the instruction booklet isnt really complete. Simple things, like how tight should you wrap it? Youll need to look up help screens, or search your questions online. Second, and its not really the fault of the unit, getting it properly on is a bit clumsy if youre trying to do it yourself, but after a while you can
Scott Review from
Best Buy
March 12, 2021
100% Worth The Price
As a cancer patient, and an EMT, this device is relatively lightweight and so easy to put on. I have compared the blood pressure measurements with a $31,000, high end medical-grade Lifepack 15 as well as other cheap automated BP cuffs and found this to be just as accurate, if not right on the money every single time. The added benefit of having this connect and transmit each reading over Wifi is just mind blowing. All my doctors and home-health Nurses can see my information whenever they need to. It makes treatment so much easier and faster. If Wifi isnt available, it will transmit the data ov
Fuzzball Review from
Best Buy
May 14, 2021
very nice but needs directions
i bought this cuff with a Withings scale and watch because i saw reviews by doctors on youtube that said this was the most accurate electronic cuff. it connects with the app on your phone and apparently with all Withings products, there are no instructions for anything. that's annoying, but it's not too hard to run. there's only one button on it so navigating through choices and profiles is not second nature when you only have a single button to press. do i long press it? double press it? single press it? press once then hold? but it works great once you figure it out and the app is really nic
Mallikarjuna HB Review from
January 24, 2022
Product which is not so user friendly
cons: 1. Bluetooth synchronisation seems not working most of times. 2. with WiFi syncronisation, faced issue couple of times. 3. Profiling right user is not user friendly and does not work always and due to this wrong measurements go to users data and result in wrong analysis. 4. Most of times ECG will show as inclonclusive for kids and some times even for adults. Not quite samples been used for analysis. So analysis not so reliable. 5. It lacks noise cancellation. May times it complains of too much noisy during heart sounds capturing and analysis. 6. Price is on higher side. Pros: Device to m
Bblover Review from
Best Buy
October 10, 2021
HORRIBLE setup - seems to work ok.
Medically accurate caught my eye. I found some BP devices as low as $19 so I wasnt sure what to make of those. This was initially around $100 and it was lowered as the NEWER model with ekg will be released soon. Design is great. Can use for 8 total users. It only has 1 button so Tim Cook will sleep well knowing theres another product out there like his. I guess accurate reading of BP. Software setup was so unbelievably horrible. Training video definitely did not help. I wish they had hired one of their actual employees to do this.
Hollywood Review from
Best Buy
January 8, 2021
Great gift, helps you stay healthy
I absolutely love this product. Looking at the packaging I think it was all printed on recycled material which is great for the environment. Apparently device your phone is absolutely easy and its instantaneous. The product is rechargeable and the battery last quite some time I was able to use it at least 10 times before the battery was at 92%. What is remarkable about this product is that it records everything to your health app and its iOS compatible. There is small LEDs they give you indications of blood pressure or suggest that the product is on. This is a great product because also portab
Redwood Review from
Best Buy
February 21, 2021
I purchased it because I wanted a device that would be connected to an app or program that would record and track the results. This unit had the highest rating. I gave it four stars because its results are higher than a very trusted Omron unit that I have been using for years. This unit could be correct and the Omron incorrect; however, I am biased toward the Omron. Since I know that it tracks differently and performs that documentation and tracking I am okay with it. I also wanted to eliminate the hose portion of the BPM. The Health Mate app is nice; however, the Microsoft (Windows 10) app is
JCampbell Review from
Best Buy
August 28, 2020
Attractive design AND accurate
My wife and I love this cuff, for as much as anyone could love a medical device. This is our fourth cuff, and we finally have found a cuff/brand that is reasonably accurate. The material is soft, comfortable, and easier to put on than most other cuffs. It accommodates my arms (I'm a big and tall guy), along with my wife's smaller arms. I really like the fact that you simply charge it rather than having to mess with batteries. Its compact design lends itself well for portability, should you need it. Only thing I wish were a little different is the one-button-does-all feature; makes the UI a lit
Orion Review from
Best Buy
October 28, 2019
Slim, smart, portable and reliable!
The Withings BPM Connect is the first blood pressure cuff Ive owned and Ive found it to be very easy to learn to use and convenient to have around. It was extremely easy to set up and connect to the app using a Wifi or Bluetooth connection. The app gives you on screen, step by step instructions and tips for reading your blood pressure which was really nice because I honestly wasnt sure what the proper steps are. Once you have a profile set up all future readings will be saved to the app where you can keep an eye on your blood pressure and heart rate readings history. Ive never had diagnosed bl
MPD1 Review from
Best Buy
April 8, 2021
There is no other product comparable to this one
I have owned OMRON blood pressure monitor before but I got tired of their app. They changed the app (forced to install brand new app) and then I could never connect my blood pressure monitor again to new app. I also own a Withings Body+ scale so for me it was easy decision as I don't have open another account and app on my phone. It is far more easier and convenient to use this compared to OMRON. I do travel fair bit so it is also better to carry this tiny little device compared to big OMRON. Very good product at reasonable price.
KShef Review from
Best Buy
May 19, 2021
Withings BPM Connect
As a healthcare provider, I find it easy to take blood pressure readings on others. Taking my own is a different story when nobody is around. I love the sync between the monitor and the smartphone app, which keeps a running log of my readings. I have not attempted to share with my doctor, but it seems to be straightforward on how to do the sharing. It is lightweight and easy to carry, plus you can set the monitor to track data on multiple users. This was a great purchase. I just wish I had found this item sooner.
dolphin8 Review from
November 20, 2021
Quality BPM with Convenience
A good quality BPM which is very easy to use once it is set up. Initial set up takes longer than usual as you will need to install a free App on the phone. Once set up though, it is so much easier to take your BP readings, esp. if you need to take them daily. Things I like about it 1. Rechargeable 2. Cordless 3. Interfaces with the phone App & auto maintains your BP history 4. Well made & presented 5. Medical grade. It is an expensive device however so best to buy it when it's on sale!
Rick Review from
Best Buy
April 30, 2021
Chose Withings over Omron
I tried this product alongside the Omron Evolve. They both gave consistent measurements very close to one another and I never got a failed attempt from either over 100 different trials. I chose to keep the Withings because of its design - extremely compact and easy to travel with. It also sends readings to the iPhone app immediately. The Omron requires you to open the app and transfer data that is stored - not difficult, but not as easy as Withings. I also like the rechargeable battery - took over 100 readings and still had 25%.
otrfan Review from
Best Buy
March 6, 2020
First BP monitor I really like
I've tried other BP monitors but this is the first one that was truly easy to set up and use. Their app is straightforward and it integrates with Apple's HealthKit. I prefer WiFi connections to Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth monitors I've tried (e.g. iHealth) were flaky and either failed to connect entirely or dropped their connections frequently. I also have a Withings scale, so getting BP and weight/BMI and similar stats in the same app, and integrated with Apple HealthKit, makes the price of entry well worth it. The device is small and one-piece so you don't have to stow a long cord. You can
BenTheLibrarian Review from
Best Buy
July 17, 2021
Great BPM!
I'd been using a generic BPM but wanted something that would be easier to track my numbers over time. I already had a Withings scale, so I decided to give this a try. I've been very happy with it after 1-2 months. I compared the readings with my original BPM and didn't notice any irregularities. I've gotten errors on the Withings BPM a couple of times, but typically because I wasn't staying still or I needed to adjust how I was wearing it. And I love being able to track my numbers with the Health Mate app or on the website. Overall, just very happy with this BPM.
TimM Review from
Best Buy
May 29, 2021
A great blood pressure monitor
I purchased this product because I could track and share my blood pressure from my iPhone. The unit is compact and very easy to use. It allows for up to eight different users. The software is easy to set up and the transfer from the u it to the iPhone is seamless. A little more expensive than most but exactly what I wanted. Well done product, good design, good software, easy to use and blood pressure is easy to read.
Buffalorose Review from
Best Buy
October 22, 2019
Nice Device
Both my husband and I have had high blood pressure for years. We have had several different home monitors but they have been annoying to operate. This BPM unit has a cuff much like the others but the push button on the device makes everything seamless. I first downloaded the Health Mate app to my iPad and followed the on screen instructions. It found my iPad easily with Bluetooth but for some reason I had a problem with my WiFi configuration. I think I made a mistake because using my iPhone it connected easily and set up was simple. I created an account and my blood pressure readings are synce
cw77 Review from
Best Buy
October 24, 2019
Great for ongoing tracking
Includes 2ft micro-USB cable, but no charging block. Wish more companies would make the switch to USB-C though. Unit is pretty compact, about the size of a can of soda. Adding BPM to Withings app is pretty self-explanatory, click Devices, Install a device, select Blood pressure monitors, BPM Connect, Install, then follow the simple directions. Pretty easy overall. You can configure it to connect to your wifi, so you it can still sync readings back to your app, without requiring your phone to be nearby. Results are also stored on the Withings website, so you probably wouldnt even need to keep t
marhamme Review from
February 9, 2021
Good physical design, but terrible app for viewing results and recording them.
Very nice design and appears to be accurate and easy to use, but it seemed to promise that BP results would be posted on the recommended phone app which didn't happen. The reading only lasts a short time and you have to write it down and then manually post it to the app. There doesn't appear to be any further record of the BP measurement. Also I bought it 2nd hand and it keeps asking if I am someone else and there are no directions for changing the name. It seems like something is missing here.
dorkhead2 Review from
Best Buy
October 23, 2019
Well-Made Device. Consistent. Useful App Features.
This is a simple to use well-made device. It works perfectly with its app to keep track of your results over time. I already own the Withings Sleep Mat, so Im familiar with the associated app. Both devices use the same Health Mate app. The app does a good job displaying your readings. There are options to view your results over weeks, months, and years. The unit is consistent with its blood pressure readings. I get similar results from this device when compared to documented results from recent doctor visits. It provides an option to have it read your blood pressure once, or you can choose to
GOHF Review from
Best Buy
April 11, 2021
Portable and useful. Not cheap but worth the pric
Great utility. A bit hard to read. Larger arms are maybe not well suited to the device, but it is better than some I've tried. Wireless use is great, holds a charge. I think they could have improved on the display, it's legible but they compromised some for the novelty and it can be hard to figure out which way is 'up' to begin with. Tracks well against traditional / medical devices ... not 1:1 but good enough for every day use.
ITJim Review from
Best Buy
October 22, 2019
Does a great job
Setup is easy. The monitor consists of a long white tube that contains the sensors, air pump, battery, and transmission device. You can use this device with or without the Withings Health Mate app. To unlock the full potential of this product you will want to download and connect the app to the monitor. This will allow you to capture data and monitor trends. The systolic, diastolic, and heart rate are all displayed via LEDs hidden beneath the surface of the white tube. Press a button on the tube and the device goes into ready mode. Press it a second time and the device will fill the sleeve wit
PG460 Review from
Best Buy
October 21, 2019
Fast & Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor
The Withings BPM Connect automatic blood pressure monitor comes boxed with a usb charging cable and an instruction manual. The manual simply directs you to get the app for your phone. After installation you simply power on the BPM Connect and then within the app you select the BPM from the list of devices. The app quickly detected the BPM and then you pair it with your phone. Youre next prompted to sign up for an account. Here you need to provide your name, sex, and birthdate, your height, and your weight. After connecting the BPM Connect to wifi and I was prompted that there was a device upda
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