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A&D Medical From: TM2430 To: TM243009A - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor And Accessories - With Adult Cuff For Left Arm

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A&D Medical:
TM2430 - TM243009A
FSA Eligible
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TM2430Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with Adult Cuff for Left ArmMediumEach
TM243002AAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories - Adult Cuff for left armLargeEach
TM243006Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories Adult Medium Cuff for left armMedium (7.9-12.2" x 20-31cm)Each
TM243007AAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories - Adult Cuff for left armSmallEach
TM243009AAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories - Adult Cuff for right armEach
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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with Adult Medium Cuff for Left Arm
More Information
Manufacturer A&D Medical
Categories Medical Instruments, Blood Pressure Monitor, Nursing Equipment, Nursing Supplies
Code TM2430 - TM243009A
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Stomabags|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
42 Review
Randall Review from
March 18, 2021
New Omron Replaces A Much Older Omron
I have an older Omron that has been very reliable now for many years - despite multiple use every day by two people. The old Omron appears to only now need a new rubber seal for the cuff hose connection, but I just decided it would be smarter to purchase a new one after so many years of use. Like the new Omron, the older Omron also recorded every measurement for two people every day and won't lose the memory - if the batteries aren't installed and the wall connection is disconnected. I never install the batteries anyway unless there is a power outage. Who has used it? A 70 year man and his 99
Gaild1942 Review from
June 13, 2021
OMRON BP7350. I have had the monitor since Nov 2020. Shortly after that date, cardiologist checked it for accuracy and said it was good enough. On that basis I rate it at four stars. I see that others have the same complaints as I do. The display needs to be backlit. Bad way for the company to pinch pennies on such an expensive item. It is a nightmare to get the values transferred to my phone. Had I known it would take me half an hour of fiddling with the machine to transfer the numbers to my phone, I probably wouldnt have bought it. Today, I uninstalled/reinstalled the app and it worked. Next
George Review from
September 11, 2021
Easy to use and accurate
Bought this to replace an older unit that lost the bluetooth connectivity. Setup was fast and easy. This model, along with the free updated phone app, allows me to track my readings and add or edit notes which can be added to the readings. History by day, week or year can be sent to the medical office for their review. Accuracy appears to rival the equipment used in the doctor's office. I also use the app to track body weight, but haven't added the ECG feature yet. Only downside I can see is the size makes it not so portable, but I keep it on a table so the size and weight is a plus to keep it
Te Review from
September 15, 2021
Ouch! The cuff is too big and hurts.
I LOVE the monitor itself. A zillion useful features. I don't care about storing info on the machine because I'm using an app so I can easily share data with my doctor. On the advice of other users, I ditched the Omron app for the Med M. I prefer its averages and charts. What I absolutely HATE is the cuff part. It's very hard and stiff, but the worst part is that it's too long. It goes from my armpit to the crease of my elbow with zero from to spare. There's no way I can get the required half inch of clearance. It pinches, and I'm not sure I'm getting accurate readings. I called the company an
stevebme Review from
October 19, 2021
Bought this mainly for its claims of accuracy which it seems to be. But the user interface is what I have a lot of issues with. Its not arranged in a straightforward manner especially when looking at past readings history. You cant turn the automatic 3 measurement mode on and off without resetting the whole thing.! In order to do a new reading you have to shut it off and turn it on again. The Bluetooth app is awful. I made multiple tries to get it to connect but was only able to connect on the first try. There are so many things they couldve done with this app to make it worthwhile but did non
ArizonaShopper Review from
March 8, 2021
Easy to use in every way (except bluetooth)
Bought one of these to replace a working but hard to use older model. Out of the box it was a great improvement. The self fitting cuff is single biggest improvement, being VERY easy for one person to use correctly with no fuss. The large button for user 1 and 2 makes it very easy to tell who's blood pressure is being taken....without looking for your reading glasses. The variety of measurements taken, the display of the latest two readings and the amount of readings saved were all bonuses. The mobile app was easy enough to install and use, connecting to the device immediately after pushing the
Mike Review from
August 27, 2021
Omron BP7450Best BP Unit Ive Ever Had
Im skeptical of most products after reading reviews. Most are good , but you wonder about the bad. Im an older male, 59, 173 lbs. average upper arms. The Com-Fit cuff fits and works perfectly, as advertised. In fact, the BP7450 overall works great! I love the Tru-Read function and that you can turn it on and off as needed. (It is off by default.) My old unit was verified at my Docs office, and this new units readings compare favorably. The Omron app paired easily with my old iPhone 7 so should do well with newer iPhones. Data from the unit usually downloads to the phone app within 30 sec. Ive
Raosdy Review from
August 17, 2020
Limited wireless capability, poor software
The advantage is this monitor allows two user to use the device and record the results separately. The programing of the monitor is quite ancient, similar of 1990s technology of DEC-6 cordless phone. One has to refer the manual to conduct the programing of the available features in the monitor. Wireless Bluetooth only allow one way transfer of measured data to the mobile phones (IOS or Android). The accompanied software is very rudimental, which only shows a history graph and listing of measured data, no more. The measured readings are 4 and 2 points higher for Systolic and diastolic,respectiv
Lori Review from
June 29, 2021
Excellent Blood Pressure Monitor
This blood pressure monitor is far superior to my older model Omron and my Walgreens blood pressure monitor. This machine can be set to take 3 consecutive readings (30 seconds apart) and then provide the average of those readings. Via the Omron app, it identifies elevated blood pressure, Hypertension Stage 1, Hypertension Stage 2, and irregular heartbeat. Had I not splurged on this machine, I would have no idea that I often gave an irregular heartbeat. Using the app, I can generate a PDF report showing data for all my readings. In the Notes field, I can add data about stages of hypertension, i
Michele Review from
February 7, 2021
Very Pleased With The Omron 10!
This blood pressure cuff is being used by two people, my husband and myself. It is quite easy to use. There is a slide switch which easily moves back-and-forth from user number 1 to user number 2. We have both found that it gives us accurate readings based on the usual readings at the doctors office.. After much research, I chose this cuff based on its features and reviews. The display features large easy to read numbers. It has an arrhythmia monitor, which is a feature I was looking for. The preformed cuff is very easy to wrap around the arm and comfortable to use. My arm is small and my husb
Michael Review from
June 14, 2020
A very good unit that I'd recommend.
This is a nice unit. I especially like the cuff as it is a solid piece that is curved and easily goes on to and snugs up against the arm. You don't have to pull it tight or screw around with it. Put it on, position it, and then just pull over the velcro piece to attach it. No fuss, no muss. Furthermore, you have an option to set it for a single reading, or to do three readings and average them. I choose the three readings as they are likely more accurate. When you do that, you can choose how long it should rest between readings (I chose 30 seconds). Nice. I'm still learning how to transfer the
denvear1 Review from
January 25, 2022
The Perfect Transaction
My cardiologist suggested I buy the Omron Series 10 Blood Pressure Monitor. I was using another brand and my results were always higher than those gotten at the doctor's office. I checked the price of new machines and found them too high for me. I was happy when I found this one on eBay at a lower price than the other one. This Series 10 is wonderful! I bought an AC adaptor for it for eBay for $7.99. This BP monitor is an excellent value and a much better quality unit than I had before. I highly recommend you get the Omron model BP7450 Series 10.
davslome_0 Review from
May 17, 2021
Reliable and accurate but especially easy to use
This Omron automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor couldn't be better. It's been reliable and accurate for the couple of weeks I've had it. Nothing is as good as the old fashioned upper arm cuff and squeeze ball mechanism used with a stethoscope, but that setup is pretty inconvenient and pretty much requires another set of hands. The Omron is a one-person situation, especially with the ingeniously-designed upper arm cuff. It's easy to get it situated and tight enough, unlike other cuffs I've struggled with. I don't think you can go wrong. It's foolproof.
MickeyZ Review from
Best Buy
May 24, 2021
Bluetooth pairing doesn't work with any device
Great for manual readings, but it doesn't pair with brand new cellular phones, laptops, or old laptops. Yes, location was enabled, but I have seen this issue with many customers. I am assuming that there are internal security settings in Android/MSFT that need to be (and shouldn't be) disabled. I can pair with my neighbor's security cameras & devices via Bluetooth, but not the BP monitor that's an inch away. I will check the accuracy at my PCP's office, but it seems to run a few points high when compared with another BP monitor that I know is accurate. I have one on each arm when I take my BP.
TomS Review from
December 25, 2020
Excellent BP Monitor with very useful features.
The pre-formed cuff is so easy to use - just put your hand in and slide it up your arm and fold over to secure. Keeps history of BP readings for 2 people and has a guest mode for additional people. The app is great - BP readings are automatically stored on the app via Bluetooth and you can easily view your history of readings plus can print 2 different reports. The "TruRead" option is helpful...when turned on, takes 3 consecutive readings at user specified time intervals and displays the average (you can view the individual readings with the touch of a button). Omron has a track record for acc
Milo Review from
Best Buy
December 11, 2021
Blood Pressure Monitor Recommendation
Very satisfied with my purchase. Dr. recommended that I purchase this particular model & keep track of my own blood pressure. Wanting to be on top of my health I found this at Best Buy at a great price. Arrived timely & packaged well. 3 of us have been using this everyday & are very satisfied with this model. The results are very easy to read. Compact & nice looking. Works great & seems to be accurate so far. I would recommend this product & Best Buy is one of my favorite stores when I need products.
Glow Review from
Best Buy
October 17, 2021
Like it a lot
Works as advertised. We were replacing an older OMRON bp machine that was hard to use. This new bp machine has a formed bp sleeve and although it is not a closed cuff, it is much easier to use. Husband has a much bigger arm than I have but it works for both of us. It is not such a struggle to put the cuff on and has nice additives on the screen that gives you pre measurements and current measurements. And, it works for 2 people so you are measured against your readings and spouse has his own measurements. I believe it was a very fair price compared to others I investigated!
CaptainP Review from
March 23, 2021
It's too tight
Well let's say I had to become a nurse in a shot period of time, lol I had to learn how to read machines. First blood pressure monitor was a wrist one, not good for a man. So here we are another machine. It's okay it's still gives high readings, even when he took his meds not cool, the other thing is it squeeze the life out of your arm when it takes your reading, cuff fits fine and my hubby is a big man with nice size arms so it fits just that squeeze thing I don't like. Would I recommend for someone else yes but In going old school it's works better. Now maybe I'm not giving it time but reall
candidcal Review from
February 23, 2021
Good device and features, but poor instructions and Android app.
This BP7450 is well made and take readings either automatically or manually. I have no reason to think that they are not accurate, although my own blood pressure seems to vary widely, either with this or in my doctor's office. However, the instruction manual is confusing, jumping back and forth and omitting key steps, especially with Bluetooth to Android app feature. I finally got that working, but then I'm a Network Security Engineer. Customer Support was helpful (and live!), which is a plus. Once over the initial humps, I'm satisfied with this device and do recommend it over other brands and
William Review from
May 4, 2021
A Simple and Affordable Product
It's a well made, relatively small device that is very simple to setup and very convenient to operate. Although it works well as a standalone device, I found the use of the company's smartphone app to be very simple and reliable, with the additional benefit to sync your readings with Google Fit, if desired. I dislike that the instructions specify a maximum life for the device of 5 years and they discourage using the device after that time. Only time will tell if the device still functions as reliably at 5 years as it does now. I would be willing to spend more on a device that was designed to l
kathy Review from
June 1, 2021
Limited user capability
I was worried about the stiff cuff, but it helps to put it on correctly every time. The only thing I wish they would change is the user setup. They only have two and you can use guest mode but would be nice if they didnt have user modes and let you type in a persons name. Or a number pad to assign numbers to users. Not just a switch for two users. If that makes sense? You have to remember to hold start button for 3seconds to use guest mode. If you forget, it is assigned to user 1or2 depending on which one it is set at. And to erase it, it deletes all the readings for that user along with the r
iair Review from
February 22, 2021
The rigid cuff needs a little getting use to. As a past Omron user they were the normal wrap around Velcro style. with this 'bracelet' cuff though you get a more consistent wrap around your arm so you get more accurate reading. The black background and white numbers are easy on the eyes. They reminders are good, but I am at work all day and my monitor is at home when it gives me a notice on my phone to take a measurement. It's cool, on the weekends when I am home it works perfect as we all get busy and forget important things. All around I like this over previous models.
Nichi Review from
Best Buy
February 26, 2021
Omron Blood Pressure Monitor - Series 10
Overall, this is a great product and gets the job done. So far, my readings with this monitor have consistent with other equipment I've used to monitor my blood pressure (doctors office, public machines at grocery store, etc). I took off one star because it's kind of annoying to have to reset the date, time and any other personal settings when the unit gets unplugged. The product does come with 4 double AA batteries which I thought was nice, but so far I've only used the monitor while it's plugged into an outlet. Also, the blood pressure cuff is very well made and easy to use especially when y
Christopher Review from
March 30, 2021
Accurate, comfortable and many extra features.
Glad I chose this monitor. It's more accurate than the Paramed my dad uses. I love the fact it can take three readings in a row with set intervals and average them for a more accurate read. The cuff is well made, comfortable and easy to place. The bluetooth ability is also a huge plus. I'm able to track my measurements in Omron's easy to use app. The graphing of my measurements over time is very helpful. I will be purchasing one for my mom as well. Highly recommended.
Pamela Review from
February 14, 2020
Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitor
I checked with my doctor and Omron is the best and is the brand used in the medical field. Been using this monitor for 2 weeks now, very pleased with it's accuracy. The nurse used this monitor to compare the reading to their monitor and it was within 2 points, which is excellent. This monitor can be set to take a single reading, or 3 separate readings with 60-120 second rest between each reading (use set the rest time). If set to perform 3 readings, you will not see the reading for each time, only an average of the 3 readings is given. I like this feature rather than a single read, it gives th
Jonathan Review from
May 30, 2021
Need a blood pressure monitor? Get the Omron 10!!
Lower price and faster delivery than offered on Amazon. The unit is very simple to setup and operate plus uses batteries (provided) for power. Easy to read, clear display. Shows the current and last reading for reference. Has a slide switch for user 1 or 2 to keep readings separate. The cuff is comfortable and easy to adjust. Just rigid and wide enough to keep it aligned. Excellent product for a fair price.
Best Buy
June 25, 2021
Replaced old BP monitor. Much better accuracy
This Omron BP monitor has a cuff that fits more easily on the arm without add'l help. It can store readings for 2 people and takes 1 reading or an average 3, and stores them. It will communicate with a smartphone thanks to an easily downloadable app. The instructions leave a bit to be desired, because the initial set up is not completely clear. But when I played with it for a bit, it all worked fine. The tech writer could have given more details in the step-by-step for setup.
Judy Review from
February 26, 2021
A good one.
Looked long and hard before purchasing the OMRON series 10. I had purchased another brand a while back and it was worthless. The ability to take 3 readings at one sitting to be averaged together gives a more reliable result. The arm cuff is awesome. Almost puts itself on. The whole unit is pretty impressive. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the app and Bluetooth was a pain to set up. Not convinced it's even necessary. May wind up deleting it.
George Review from
November 4, 2020
Buy It. Good support from 800 number.
I believe this to be an excellent product. My purpose in writing this is indicate if you feel challenged with the set up the company provides help. I would not hesitate to buy this product again. Recommended by cardiologist. I chose this model because I wasn't sure of the differences. Other providers wanted $99.00 for it. I paid around $66.00. I am technologically challenge to say the least. My wife got me to approach the product after a couple of days. I struggled with setting it up for a while. I discovered the Bluetooth button on the back of the device. Happy moment! I tried using the quick
Steven Review from
September 11, 2020
Great Monitor --Delivery care should be improved.
Really nice Blood Pressure Monitor which works great and was very easy to set up to enable the wireless functions. Walmart would do well to teach their delivery people to handle the items with more care. I was in my garage when the delivery van pulled into the driveway. The driver didn't open the van door, but rather threw the box on the driveway. Although the impact from being thrown from the van has not affected the operation of the monitor, the instructions say "Do not drop or subject this monitor to strong shocks or vibrations". The blood pressure monitor was in a box from the manufacturer
John Review from
February 26, 2021
Easy, accurate and at a good price
This cuff is easy to use and accurate to 3 points. It connects to my phone and sends all the records to it so I can show them to my doctor. Some time is needed to set it up but it is easy. The manual explains how to perform advanced operations but doing a quick BP check is fast and easy. It stored the readings in the monitor which I can then send to my phone whenever I want,, the phone does not have to be there to take and store the readings. The cuff is easy to put on my arm with one hand because of its design. A great product at a great price from Walmart
Jim Review from
May 16, 2021
Good Monitor- Bluetooth Interface Very Unreliable
Very accurate BP monitor and easy to use except for transferring BP readings from monitor to smartphone. Instructions for transmitting readings to smartphone aren't clear and I'm still not sure of the right sequence to "make it happen"- very flaky interface. Not intuitive or user-friendly. You pay at least $20 extra for this feature; so to have it not transfer readings is disappointing. Recommend going with one of the more basic Omron models and saving the cost of a feature that doesn't work.
hinckley_bob Review from
December 1, 2020
Good choice to take daily readings, use with bluetooth not so good.
Primary function of capturing blood pressure is excellent. Easy to read display, very rapid completion, consistency of readings. 2 cons: 1. Bluetooth aparrently works only when using the cuff, not to download prior readings. It appears to be very fussy to set up, appearing to sometimes work, and others not. If this feature is an important to an informed buyer, I would consider a different device. 2. Lack of a bag to store the cuff and meter to keep it clean and accessable, and to store the cuff and device together. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
Robert Review from
May 26, 2021
Omron Blood Pressure Monitors are the Best!
Over the years, I've owned a few blood pressure monitors, most of them Omrons. I would have been happy to continue using my previous Omron, but I've had it for several years, and it is recommended that you replace your blood pressure monitor every five, or so, years, and there are new features and capabilities I wanted. As with my previous Omrons, this new one exceeds my expectations and I am confident of its reliabiliity, ease of use, and reliability. The medical clinic I go to also uses Omron blood pressure monitor with the same capabilities.
Joseph Review from
Best Buy
October 20, 2021
Very good BP Machine
This is probably the best BP machine I've ever bought. With the numbers being white and the background black, it's perfect to use in a completely dark room as the numbers light up. It is accurate to an Omron Series 5 that I had bought a couple of years ago. The reason i purchased this one was because i was getting high readings on the Omron 5 thinking there was something wrong with it, but they both provided the same readings. Omron is the only name I will ever buy in a BP machine
simplysme Review from
Best Buy
June 21, 2021
It's absolutely worth it!
I upgraded from my older Omron because this monitor offered the ability to take 3 readings back to back (to back). It automatically calculates the average and has the added benefit of connecting to a smart device to send readings to the app. I had it calibrated at my doctor's office and the readings were within the acceptable range, so I trust that what I'm seeing is accurate enough to let me know if any problems arise. I would absolutely recommend this for someone who wants a few bells and whistles along with a great device.
Mooney Review from
July 19, 2020
Very happy but not using Bluetooth.
I have used a similar Omron monitor for years and have been pleased with its performance. I bought this model for three features: - The D-ring on this monitor makes it much easier to fasten - a problem I had with the other style because my arm is fairly thin. - The monitor provides count of skipped heartbeats, something I am concerned about. - A third, nice-to-have feature was the ability to transmit my results via Bluetooth to my phone or PC. I do track my BP readings and thought this would be a convenience. After reading the reviews for the software required to use this feature, I decided ag
Buyckers Review from
November 27, 2020
Great BP monitor. Thanks
It took me a while to get used to the cuff, but I like it now. If your blood pressure is a concern this device makes it easy to take your blood pressure often and it keeps a record on the machine and on a phone or iPad. There is also a graph on your device that shows trends over time. I think there is less anxiety if you take your blood pressure at home. You know what it should be and when you have it taken by a medical person you are more relaxed and you get a better reading. My pressure is well within acceptable guidelines - at the doctor's office it was always high. I do not have to take me
gmarco12000 Review from
June 10, 2020
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor 10 Series BP7450
This is a more sophisticated device and more sensitive to movement during measurements. The cuff is stiff and difficult to position. The unit takes 3 measurements, which is then averaged. This is supposed to give a more precise result, but takes a bit of time, even at the 15 second interval. I found that the Omron Wrist Model is much more easy to use, and the readings seem just as accurate. Bluetooth capability may be handy, but for overall usage the Wrist Model is more economical, fast, convenient, portable, & accurate. My recommendation would be to go with the wrist model.
Marge Review from
September 21, 2021
Omron is the absolute best for blood pressure machines.
The Omron Blood Pressure machine is the best. I've used these for years and I'm very pleased with my latest purchase. My product was received in a very timely manner and in perfect condition. All I had to do was remove from packaging and it was ready. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a blood pressure problem. Very accurate. Thank you, Fingerhut.
Bonnie Review from
May 9, 2020
Works great if you can figure out how to transfer
I have had Omron BP with transfer to the app before but this one didn't seem to work. I had to connect to the WiFi every time and sometimes it would transfer, most of the time, not. I finally called Omron support. It turns out that I should never connect once it is paired. She also indicated that was with iPhones - which I have. I have to close out the app (with a swipe - not just close the app). Then after I take my BP reading, turn monitor off and open the app. It will automatically update with the transfers. So it works good now but having to make sure the app is completely closed each time
JOHNATHAN Review from
April 21, 2020
Unit is good, the App is terrible
The unit itself is very easy to start using and super simple after that. That would be 5 stars. But I couldn't get the app to work at all on my LG tablet. It would see and bind the device but then get stuck going any further. Online the app has terrible reviews even when it does work. I was able to get it to upload readings to another phone, we'll see how it goes. Supposedly the useful features of the app go away after 30 days unless you pay for the service to keep it enabled. Even worse the service isn't cloud based but just a ransom to keep the app running with all the "features" Bottom line