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A&d Medical - UA-281 - Adult Replacement Cuff Large

A&D Medical:
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Replacement cuff for A&D Medical blood pressure monitors.  Open the Fit Chart to find which replacement cuff is compatible with your blood pressure monitor.
Adult Replacement Cuff Large, For Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
More Information
Manufacturer A&D Medical
Categories Blood Pressure Cuff, Blood Pressure Monitor Parts, Living Aids Parts
Code UA-281
Sold By Each
Product Size Large
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
42 Review
Alan D. Review from
December 7, 2021
Deceptive Advertising
I googled "replacement blood pressure cuff" for my Ozeri bp monitor, and the LifeSource appeared to be a good deal. Note: at no point in the advertising did it specify that these cuffs work ONLY with certain LifeSource monitors. Only after the monitor was delivered did it mention in the instruction booklet that these cuffs work EXCLUSIVELY with LifeSource monitors. VERY DECEPTIVE. Now they want me to ship it at my own expense for refund. What a time waster.
Ken S. Review from
August 9, 2018
A great improvement over what I had been using!
When I was diagnosed with hypertension, my doctor wanted me to check my blood pressure/pulse rates twice daily. To do this, I purchased a ReliOn wrist unit. It seemed to work but I would get very different readings only minutes apart. When my mother-in-law passed away a year ago, my wife and I had her dad move in with us. He also needed to check his blood pressure daily and he had a LifeSource model UA-67 Plus that he used to do so. Sadly, at the ripe old age of 95, he also passed away a few months ago, leaving his blood pressure monitor and cuff with us. I tried using it but he was a very thi
Peter F. Review from
December 14, 2020
Replacement Ciff
Ordered a smaller replacement cuff for my unit. It arrived ok, was very easy to swap out with the larger cuff. The smaller cuff came in with its own tube and End plug. Very easy to swap out the larger cuff with the smaller cuff. Took less than a minute. Just unplug one cuff and plug in the other.
Gregory S. Review from
May 5, 2019
Small B/P Cuff
I use the Med cuff as my arm is bigger than my wife's. I got her the smaller one, but it is too narrow so that it does not grab her arm properly and securely as my Med one does. Could be winder by an inch or so. Just my opinion. Otherwise I do get her B/P, but again being smaller she can't do it alone where I can be at work and get it on my arm (I do have to grab it with my teeth to help secure it in place) and I'm good to go. My B/P has gone down dramatically from reads at 200/120 to 110/70. My Doc and I have spent the time and I'm good to go and use your equipment once a day just to keep a r
Edgard P. Review from
September 15, 2017
The Large Cuff is too wide - 7.0". The Cuff supplied with the monitor is 6.0" wide. The velcro width - 4.0" - is the same for both Cuffs. Apparently the 7.0" width is made for taller people with longer arms. My wife of 56 years is short & overweight, and her arms are also short. Why not to make LC's with 7.0" and 6.0" wide to satisfy more customers. My wife use supplied with the monitor cuff(I help her to do it all the time). The Large Cuff, we bought recently, is not in use (sleeps in BP UA -767F Monitor box ). Sincerely, Ed Padva.
Bessie W. Review from
June 10, 2020
I really love my new
I really love my new life Source it works perfectly my husband and I use it daily to keep up our blood presdure count right now we're not going to the Doctor because of the Coronavirus my Dr called and want to know about our blood pressure because. We cant go to the dr. So he was very happy to know we're taking our pressure home I told him I just brought A new blood presdure Monitor
Suki H. Review from
January 31, 2019
East and Accurate
This is the brand my doctor recommended. I was using a wrist monitor previously that gave inaccurate readings. I had never used an arm monitor so unfortunately ordered one with a larger cuff size then I needed. My error completely. Not so large it doesnt work well but when ordering make sure to measure your arm as instructed.
Review from
November 2, 2014
Bp machine
I had to buy this blood pressure machine when I was admitted to the hospital for 198/106 Because of these numbers I was advised to check my pressure regularly especially when I was in pain. Since the purchase I feel it's the best thing I did to save my own life. Don't take it for granted blood pressure can shoot up in a blink of an eye. The doctor told me I could have had a heart attack or even go into a coma. Not good odds at all. Do yourself a huge favor and save your own life and get one of these machine. You'll never regret it
Elsie W. Review from
January 13, 2018
Blood pressure cuff
Works great, its right on with the doc's pressure. Unfortunately, it tells me my blood pressure is way too high. Not the cuff's fault. It fits right in my husband's machine and fits in where his extra large cuff goes. It arrived swiftly after the order. Thanks.
Dorothy E. Review from
May 28, 2020
BP cuff easy to use.
The digital base has been in the family for years. We needed a smaller cuff. The unit is easy to use and the cuff is easy to put on. The product arrived in a few days.
Review from
July 11, 2015
Replacement Cuff
I had originally ordered a smaller cuff to use for my husband as he has lost a lot of weight due to illness. The first one that arrived was the same size and my old one so I order the small cuff the second time. I was disappointed that the width of the cuff seemed to be cut in half...maybe for a child's arm? I can use it on my husband's arm, but it doesn't cover as much of the arm of the medium and the medium has way too much fabric that I had to keep wrapping around his thin arms.
Review from
February 16, 2012
Auto BP monitor
I got my device from VA so I cannot comment on this company so all I'll be reviewing is the product, Lifesource UA-767PAC Automatic Deluxe BP Monitor. It's great! Couldn't be easier to use. Plug the cuff into the monitor, put it on your arm and position it as shown then just push the button and hold still. All you need is to wait for your reading. You can store your numbers and indifferent and get an average read out. Couldn't be simpler. From what I see on this site, having a device like this to keep tabs on such a critical health indicator (for folks like me with borderline High BP) .
Donald G. Review from
May 21, 2021
Fits the need for average adult cuff.
Meets the need in fit. We'll contructed. Last cuff lasted 25 years hope this one does also.
Queen R. Review from
August 5, 2020
The small cuff is fine.
The small cuff is fine. The user's arms are shrinking and the small cuff seems too small and the medium cuff too large. Both cuffs are fine.
Mario C. Review from
June 10, 2019
Buying a replacement was so easy
I had my blood pressure machine for years and the cuff was too old. It was so easy buying a replacement I first asked a question on what to buy by email. I received the answer, purchased the correct cuff and now my bp machine works great.
Philip C. Review from
September 12, 2018
Works perfect with our UA-767
My son and I have 12 and 12-1/2 inch arms. That is mid range for this "large" cuff. Our last replacement was a minimum of 12.5, too large to work well. It was from a different source, and also called a "large."
Nancy D. Review from
February 21, 2019
Finally found one
Tried several different brands and FINALLY FOUND ONE THAT WORKED ! Thanks Heartrate monitors ! Also bought one for my 88 year old mother ! Easy to use and accurate.
Teresa S. Review from
July 26, 2017
Works well, but too wide.
The cuff does work with my machine, but it is almost twice the width of the original one, which poses a problem for shorter people, like myself. Our arms aren't as long as average people and the cuff cuts into it. Otherwise it works perfectly.
Sue B. Review from
September 22, 2020
Very happy with my order.
Very happy with my order. The replacement blood pressure cuff was the same as what was on my machine. Very good product.
Judy B. Review from
September 19, 2020
Blood pressure cuff
Its great ,it replaced the original which was the same as the new one. The old one was at least 5 years old and just finally wore out.
Elizabeth H. Review from
January 23, 2022
Did not fit. Product was fine. Just did not work for my machine.
Review from
July 9, 2015
Great Surprise!
I wasn't aware you could buy the "cuff" part of the monitoring and my monitor was working very well. I bought a new cuff and it's just like having a new unit. I bought my monitor more than ten years ago and the cuff fits perfectly. The Quality is excellent.
Review from
April 10, 2013
Verify your monitor works w/SM cuff!
Just a heads-up: The LifeSource UA-851 does not have an airflow adjustment for use with the small cuff. That compatibility info *is* available on the individual monitor pages but not on this cuff page. Other than this hiccup, HRM is great and you can't beat a new cuff for $15, including shipping! Thanks HRM!
Michael A. Review from
November 25, 2015
Excellent replacement blood pressure cuff
I purchased a medium size blood pressure cuff to replace the small size that originally came with the machine. It arrived promptly and fit perfectly. I highly recommend heartratemonitor!
Jimmie h. Review from
November 23, 2021
Cuff is to wide for
Cuff is to wide for a short arm person. Otherwise I liked the monitor.
Anne B. Review from
August 16, 2018
excellent product
We needed a smaller cuff for the blood pressure machine we've had for years. Customer service verified that this would work with our machine. The new one works perfectly
SONYA B. Review from
January 25, 2022
Wonderful cuff
The cuff is just right. Fit perfectly.
Barbara K. Review from
May 8, 2017
Monitor is still working after
Monitor is still working after many uses. I needed a new cuff, finally, and received one which fits perfectly. Good service and fair prices. Thank you.
Review from
April 26, 2017
Lifesource cuff
Purchased a replacement cuff as the original came with a large cuff and I was worried that my readings were not correct. The small cuff I purchase is the perfect size and I feel more confident with the readings I'm receiving.
Gary R. Review from
March 12, 2018
Small blood pressure cuff
It's a nice fit for small people. Connected with no problems, and strong velcro section. At a reasonable price.
Janice E. Review from
April 15, 2017
A New Cuff...
It is what we were hoping for. Both myself and my husband can use this cuff. By using this cuff we have been able to keep track with our vitals. I would recommend this to my friends if asked.
Raymundo A. Review from
December 15, 2015
It works good for two
It works good for two weeks after that it won't inflate anymore. I don't know if my monitor has a problem. My monitor seems running but cuff doesn't inflate. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
Ellen C. Review from
January 19, 2019
Review of purchase of replacement B/P cuff
I'm happy with the service. My purchase arrived in a timely manner. The staff is doing a good job, it's a reliable company.
Evelyn K. Review from
June 5, 2019
Blood pressure cuff
Product was exactly as advertised. I needed a replacement for the much used original and this definitely fit my equipment and my needs.
John C. Review from
February 22, 2016
High Quality Design
My late wife had replaced the mediium size cuff with a large. I could not find the original, so ordered a replacement. It is typical of your high quality items.
Review from
June 10, 2011
Large BP Cuff
Very fast delivery!! Jason from customer service checked to make sure that cuff would fit my older model machine - always a great thing. The difference btw the reading with my wife's small cuff and this large one is significant. Turns out my pressure is normal. Thanks.
Carlton Y. Review from
May 21, 2018
Blood pressure cuff
After getting the cuff, found out it was the machine. Sent the old machine and you replaced it with a new one. Great Service
Darrell J. Review from
November 28, 2016
Correct cuff arrived a day earlier than promised. It fits my arm correctly and works well on the machine. Price was good. What more can you ask for ?
Michael A. Review from
June 15, 2016
The original cuff was too
The original cuff was too large. The smaller cuff works great, however the fitting did not fit the monitor so I had to change the fitting.
Review from
August 4, 2015
large cuff
received my large cuff in great time and am totally pleased with its quality and performance. it hooked up perfect and does a great job. Wish I would of got it before now
Elizabeth I. Review from
October 24, 2016
Monitor Too Large
We received a Large monitor, not a Medium one. It is too large. I hope this is reading correctly. Elizabeth
Gary H. Review from
June 10, 2020
I sent it back. It
I sent it back. It was the monitor that was torn up! Cuff didnt fix it!