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Alera - ALEGE43LS10B - Alera Genaro High-Back Guest Chair, Seat/Black Back, Black Base

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Size: ‌ 24.60" X 24.80" X 36.61" Price
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Alera Genaro High-Back Guest Chair, 24.60" X 24.80" X 36.61", Black Seat/Black Back, Black Base
More Information
Manufacturer Alera
Sold By Each
UPC 042167381547
Product Color Black
Product Size 24.60" X 24.80" X 36.61"
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
49 Review
JOY E Review from
March 16, 2021
Nice Chair, Extremely Difficult to Assemble
We purchased this chair a couple weeks ago. So far, it seems solid, good quality. The color is a dark, attractive gray, not dull. It blends with our table and chairs set seamlessly! It's ergonomically comfortable for my bad back. OK... now... assembling it. "Easy assembly," they said. But I suspect Samson would have had trouble pressing the wheels into the bottom so they click. I even tried tapping with a hammer. So, upstairs to a nice neighbor, a young man who had super-strong hands. And he was struggling. I myself have assembled at least 3 office chairs myself, so it's not like I "wasn't str
LAURIE Review from
December 6, 2021
Comfortable chair, good lumbar support
I do really like this chair. It's very comfortable and although it's not an ergonomic chair per se it has good lumbar support. I also like the fact that it's much lighter than my prior chair. I bought a chair mat with a lifetime guarantee against cracking - but it's soft it was starting to develop dimples with my prior chair (which was super heavy.) The Brookmere Fabric chair goes easy on the mat and is easy to slide around it. I also like the fact that it's not huge like executive office chairs. Just the right size for my office and needs.
JAMES Review from
April 28, 2021
Seems Solid But ....
I have only had this chair for a few days, so this is a somewhat premature review. The chair seems solid enough and likely to meet my needs. For the price, 4 stars seems appropriate. Assembly was okay except the insertion of the seat bottom, following the instructions, was a decided struggle. Be warned, I later discovered that the arms of the chair are composed of a substance that reacts to sunscreen, mine at least. I came away with black marks on my bare arms. I have since covered the chair's arms. Also, the little plastic inserts that are intended to cover the screw heads are too small and d
VICTORIA Review from
April 9, 2020
Extremely comfortable, not great office ergonomics
Good things: -This chair is really comfortable to sit in. I'm very comfy. The "eh" things: -As many have mentioned, connecting the back and the arms while putting it together is very difficult. The caster wheels are kind of a pain, too (but not as much as the back and arms). Office ergonomics and this chair: Note: I should have more thoroughly considered office ergonomics before purchasing a chair, so these critiques are my fault, not the chair's. I just wanted to help others have an informed opinion who might be considering this chair. For reference, I'm 5' 2" with short limbs. -The chair low
SARAH Review from
July 2, 2020
ended up being exactly what I needed!
needed a new chair after a move, wasn't really in the position to drop $150+ on an office chair, but I nearly did. have had this one for a few weeks now and very satisfied. really glad I ended up finding this chair and pulling the trigger. got here the next day which was great, thank you Staples! assembly was difficult with one person. it was moderate exercise, to be frank. fastening the arms to the chair is the only hard part, and it requires using your body weight and multiple appendages to keep the holes centered and in place while screwing everything in. you may have to do things different
HELEN Review from
May 4, 2021
Comfortable, easy to assemble
Two minor problems: I live in a senior complex, and my quarters are a fair distance from the reception area, where packages are delivered. I asked for the chair to be delivered to my cottage, and the help robot was glad to agree. But this didn't happen. The assembly instructions are mostly graphic, and easy to follow, except, at the end, covering screws with caps. No tool was shown, so we assumed we could do this manually. Wrong. started seeing the caps on the floor. Needed a hammer, and couldn,t find one of the caps. However a call to the help line has a cap and a spare on the way. But save y
WALTER Review from
December 12, 2019
Good chair, but too difficult to assemble
Except for screwing in 4 bolts to attach the seat and 4 more bolts to attach the back, I would give this 5 stars for an inexpensive chair. First, all 8 bolts have a yellow plastic that was dripped onto the screw threads. Probably it's intended to keep the bolts from coming loose. Even using a socket wrench, I had to run them in and out 3 or 4 times and clean off some of the excess yellow stuff each time they were out, until they would finally go in all the way. Second, almost all of the nuts in the frame of the seat and back (into which those bolt are screwed) were partly block with remnants o
MLM Review from
August 26, 2020
Perfect Home Office Chair
I was a bit hesitant to buy a chair without sitting in it first, but I liked the looks of it and the price was right, so I decided to take a chance, and I'm glad I did. Thus far I am very happy with this chair. As other reviewers have noted, it's a perfect size for a typical home office. (Aka the "it used to be a small bedroom" office.) It's understated looking, rather modern in style. I'm female, 5"3 and a half, average weight, and this chair is extremely comfortable for me to sit in. The adjustable height allows me to sit high enough at my desk while using my laptop, and the optional tilt fe
cm Review from
August 23, 2020
Wanted to love it.
It is comfortable, you won't feel sore on your bottom from sitting for hours, but the lumbar support is not for everyone's body since it's in a fixed position. I feel like it's not angled correctly for me. The back seat feels quite reclined back and it started to cause me neck tension from having to lean my head forward to view the monitor. This is worse than being slouched. I don't know for how long I'll tolerate it. This chair is best for like maybe conference meetings or doing paper work, but probably not for computer usage. This chair would of been amazing if it were adjustable because of
D Review from
June 22, 2020
manager Chair
The Brookmere Fabric Manager Chair is a great size for a small female. It has helped eliminate the back pain I have had while using the computer. I now sit in a comfortable position with my back supported by this chair. It is certainly a great value for the money. By the way, I bought TWO and put one in front of my sewing machine. What a difference! It has changed my posture while sewing, and I no longer have back pain there, either. I am so glad I bought two of these chairs. During the pandemic, I have spent a lot of time sewing and on the computer. These chairs move around and swivel easily
BABU Review from
September 11, 2020
Good chair for the price
I bought this for my daughters distance learning. Everything was easy to assemble except the caster wheels. It kept falling apart. I thought of returning the chair. Then I tried spinning the caster and insert it, this time it fit snuggly. I am keeping it now. Instructions didnt say any detail. This is the 1st step in assembling the chair. My daughter loves the chair now. Fabric is good for Minnesota weather. Leather chairs are uncomfortable to sit during winter due to chillness on the surface. We have a La Z Boy leather sofa, we find it uncomfortable to sit during winter times. This chair is g
RICHARD Review from
February 18, 2021
Very Happy with Purchase
Quality seems really good. The chair was packaged nicely in the box when received. Instructions and tools/hardware are easy to find with labels. I took off one star because I had a hard time getting the back cushion secure onto the chair cushion and arm supports. I had to deviate from the instructions some to get it secured. Otherwise, the chair is excellent and comfortable. It hasnt made any squeaky noises yet!
DIANE Review from
December 31, 2020
Comfortable chair once you get it put together
I gave this only 3 stars because it was not easy to put together. I've had a lot of experience putting together office chairs, tables, cabinets and wardrobes over the years. None of those gave me as much trouble as this chair. It was going well during the start of the process but became a pain in the keister when it came to setting the chair back into place. It took me so long I was getting ready to send it back. Finally, after applying way too much arm strength I was able to get the screw holes lined up and finish the process. I would NOT buy this chair again and would recommend only to those
ERWIN Review from
April 15, 2021
The chair seems to be as advertised. The direction on putting it to assemble it could be improved. 1-Put the arms on both sides of the back, snug not tight. 2-Put the chair on it's side. Slide the back toward the seat. Put the screw nearest the back, snug not tight. 3-Do the same on the other side. 4- Squeeze the seat and back together until you can get the final screw in the seat nut. 5- do the same on the other side. 7- tighten all the screws and finish the job.
jennifer Review from
January 7, 2021
Wonderful looking chair with great lumbar support.
Instructions and hardware was organized and easy to review. The lumbar support is fantastic and the fabric looked nice. I put together 2 chairs at the same time for my new home office. The only thing that I would suggest is that you have a helper for the last stage of the assembly to assist lining the back of the chair with the arm rests. This makes things go much quicker. Also in the final step, keep all of the air rest screws loose until everything has been aligned. This is not mentioned in the instructions. Great chair for the money. Better than ones that I have spent more money on.
STACY Review from
August 12, 2020
Almost perfect chair!!
I absolutely love my new computer desk chair. It is cushy, but firm with great bottom and back support. The wheels roll well and the height adjusts super easily. My only complaint is from the hard plastic arms. It would be nice If they had a little softness. Also, the black coloring has been rubbing off on my arms and white desk. I scrubbed it gently with Dawn soap and warm water. It seems to have helped. Otherwise, this is an excellent chair. I only had a hard wooden chair with a cushion beforeI bought this chair. I appreciate this comfy computer chair very much. I highly recommend it!
Buyer from Maryland Review from
December 2, 2020
Nice chair
This was the most comfortable of the chairs under $150 that I tried out at the local staples. Of course it is mid-back so no support for your neck. Issues that I had (also experienced by others) 1. Wheels were very difficult to put in. Hurt my finger when I tried to push one in. There needs to be some written text in the instruction booklet. Had to hammer them in with my rubber hammer. 2. Handle vertical sides are tough to align with the back but if you don't tighten the horizontal bolts much then it gets easier. 3. The back tension does not seem to adjust much. I prefer a stiffer and more ver
EVELIEN Review from
July 14, 2020
Love this chair!
I was looking for a chair that did not look too office-like, something that blended in with my everyday living space furniture. This is it! The color is a nice charcoal grey, and it doesn't have the typical mechanical backside of an office chair. It is very comfortable, yet stylish. The assembly instructions were clear and straightforward. It took a little while to line up the bolts with the holes on the sides of the chair in order to assemble the armrests. It was not a big deal. I was able to do it by myself, just needed a little patience. It was a good purchase and the price was right.
MIKE Review from
May 3, 2021
Good chair for the price
Assembly is fairly easy. Had to get my wife to help hold the back in place while I put screws in. Instructions are pictures and parts are numbered in order of use. Just pay close attention to pictures and it works fine. I use the chair at my home computer desk for an hour or two each day. It is comfortable and has good back support. Have not had chair long enough to comment on durability.
SYLVIA Review from
July 31, 2020
Standard Desk Chair
It's a standard desk chair but I chose it specifically because it has a slight curve in the lumbar area. This, with a rolled towel or lumbar support roll, is great for maintaining good posture. The seat is made of cloth. I try to avoid "leather" chairs since they seem to peel after a few years. The store I went to had the chair on display but was out of stock. The associate helped me order it online on the spot. I had it delivered to me so I had to assemble it at home. The casters/ wheels were a bit hard to get in but some Vaseline helped a lot. Attaching the backing and the armrest were a bit
PATRICIA Review from
October 19, 2021
My favorite desk chair
I have had several desk chairs in the past but this one is by far my favorite. Its very comfortable and offers support for my back and doesnt occupy a lot of space. I like the fact that the arms arent covered and padded. My last chair had yo be discarded because of the arm coverings wearing out. This chair comes with an outstanding guarantee so it should hold up. I couldnt be happier!
RICHARD Review from
July 2, 2021
Looks good and feels good but is it as good as that?
Based on one day the chair is comfortable lumbar support and the ability to elevate the height is nice. The price is fair and the quality is adequate. My only concern is the stitching, it seems to fraying in two places. I looked at two other chairs of the same model were also fraying lightly. Ask my again in a year if it hold up in the work environment. Based on one day I would buy it again.
NORMA Review from
March 23, 2020
good product
We received the chair fairly quickly, the box and the chair parts were in good condition, nothing broken. my husband really had no issues putting the chair together although it did take a bit of time from start to finish, maybe 50 minutes. that is in part because we wanted to make sure everything was in the right place securely and lining up the holes in order to insert the screws was a little bit tricky at first. probably due to the padding on the chairs but we moved the cushions ( the seatback especially) back and forth a bit and it didn't take long to get the screws and holes lined up and s
KENDRA Review from
May 27, 2020
Very comfortable but....
First, I love that this doesn't have California's Prop 65 warning so I feel more comfortable sitting in it for hours as I work. Net, this chair is very comfortable and was easy to put together. I have 2 complaints. First, during assembly the most difficult part was getting the back of the chair in place. Second, the upper half of the back of the chair is way too far back. the curve is huge and it just feels awkward sitting back. Definitely can't lean back while typing (not referring to the tilt function). Plus side to this - my abdominal muscles have to work more throughout the day.
ALEXANDRIA Review from
April 29, 2021
A perfectly Comfortable Chair
My old chair basically broke after only a few months of use, it also was horribly uncomfortable at the end. Switching to this chair has been a big help and its amazing comfortable! Assembly was simple enough, though I will say 1 screw on the arm will not go in all the way, which is why I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5. I'll edit this review or add to if the chair doesn't last long, but so far its a great chair that's perfect for long hours at a desk!
VIRGINIA Review from
June 7, 2021
Staples Brookmere Fabric Manager Chair, Gray
Difficult to put together. Recommend spending the extra money to have Staples assemble it. Wheels and the back were hard to put together. Could use better instructions and illustrations. Sale price was excellent and if the chair lasts two years it will be well worth it. It is comfortable and appears to be sturdy.
AISHA Review from
May 5, 2020
It's good for now
It's good for now until we get the exclusive chair again. We have an executive chair for over 8 years that's still good it just looks like a cat went at it daily because of the faux leather material. It's pretty comfortable. It has a nice cushion for the seat and back. It doesn't go past the shoulder blades. I'm 5'6". It's not very wide at the hip area at the bottom of the arm rests. The size of the chair is more meant for a small framed woman like myself or a child or teenager. It's doing the job for now so I'm pretty happy with it.
TONY Review from
February 1, 2021
Better than you might expect.
I like this chair. I am 6' tall and picky about chair comfort, as I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. At Staples I was able to sit on several other chairs that cost a lot more, and was surprised by the both lower back and thigh support this chair has. The store did not have one is stock, but they ordered it on the spot and it was delivered 3 days later at no extra charge. Assembly was easy, requiring only one tool, which was provided. The casters were a little hard to press into the legs, and might be difficult for some people if they order the chair un-assembled. This is the only
CLARK Review from
November 13, 2020
A Most Comfortable Chair
This chair is very comfortable. Im 5 3 with short legs and the seat fits well. However, not sure how it would work for a taller person. The chair is very sturdy. Love the arm rests. The directions were easy to follow. Im usually good at assembly items...however, I must say it took quite an effort to attach the back to the back of the arm rests. It took two people and a bit of effort to line up the holes properly. It may be because of the depth of the stuffing in the back of the chair. But, it finally worked and Im very pleased.
SHARON Review from
December 21, 2020
Computer Chair
I like the chair (now that it's finally put together). I had to call on my son in order to get the last 2 screws in the chair. The back of the chair is really tight to get lined up for the screws. For me, it would take one person to hold it together while the other person does the screwing. Also I couldn't get the casters to stay on. I called their customer service (which was included in the instructions to call if you had any trouble putting it together) but they never called me back. So I called my son, he drove to my house and put it together just fine. Chair is great --customer service, no
william Review from
April 10, 2021
hard to assemble
We were expecting "some assembly required" but it turned out to be ALL assembly required. And it was very difficult to attach the last piece, even with two of us trying to wrestle it in to place. Some of the bolt inserts had glue and fabric in the threads, and had to be scraped clean. Good thing we had a dentist's pick. Once assembled, the chairs are comfortable enough.
MADDY Review from
October 19, 2021
nice but a little too firm!
The chair is really nice and a good size for a smaller space as well as normal sized one. My only issue is that you HAVE to get up periodically just to give your bottom a break, as the seat is very firm and it can start actually being uncomfortable. A seat cushion could probably resolve this. Other than that, it is very nice for the price.
ARTHUR Review from
April 21, 2021
We Love Our New Chair
My wife is now WFM, we needed a solid and comfortable seat for her. This chair is all that we could hope for. We had been in the store several weeks earlier shopping around for chairs, I liked this one but she wasn't sure. When we came back to look a little further it was on sale! That was all the sign that I needed. Even for a non-sale price, it is a great chair.
WILLIAM Review from
December 4, 2020
Initial Impression is Good Quality
Materials seem to be manufactured to last. Time will tell. Attaching the back chair pad to the rest of the frame will probably be your biggest challenge during the setup process, at least it was for me. Having a second person helps as well as good lighting so that one can see everything clearly is critical too. Instructions are good. Finished product seems comfortable and quite satisfactory in all regards.
MARNIE Review from
April 29, 2021
Great price for a nice chair
I bought this chair for my husband and he loves it. It's very comfortable and solid. We told our friend and he will be buying some for his business. Also, we have cats, so unfortunately any chair that is leather or faux leather gets the claws. For some reason, with the cloth chairs, the cats have no interest in clawing.
KAMLA Review from
April 8, 2021
Comfy, appropriate size for a home office
This is just what I was looking for. It is comfortable for both me and my husband (5'5" and 6 feet tall, respectively), but not a huge chair that would overtake the room. We got it put together in 15-20 minutes. There is good lumbar support, which is what I was looking for. The upholstery is a neutral carbon grey.
ISHWANN Review from
April 30, 2020
THE most comfortable Chair by far!!!
I have a recording studio in my house and I was looking for a chair that did not take up a lot of space. This was the first that caught my eye when I entered the office chair department of Staples...when I sat in this chair it was sooo comfortable and the support was great. I checked the other chairs and nothing was close so I purchased this one!!! The guy told me to order it from the store and it would arrive the next day--which it did!! I am very happy with the purchase...'just hard to keep my kids off my chair so I can It absolute suits my needs. I would definitely recommend.
THOMAS Review from
April 9, 2021
Chair is ok.
The plastic covers for the arm screws will not stay on as they are too small for the hole. They fell out. I discovered this when I was home. I called and had to return to get a new set. That set is does not work either. They suggested silicone sealant or super glue to hold them in. Otherwise the chair is OK for a home office.
JEANNE Review from
September 21, 2020
well worth the purchase
We really love our Staples Brookmere Fabric Manager Chair. (56945). Reasonably priced, Easy to assemble. Not bulky in our small room. Really comfortable. WELL made. We really like the color & sturdiness of the material for the cushions We would highly recommend . We will definitely will go back to Staples for our next desk chair. Staff was excellent. So very helpful in helping us locate this chair.
CECILIA Review from
January 8, 2021
I purchase this chair for my son who now days is on virtual school, & needed a new chair to replace his old one that was making so much noise whenever he sat on it. This chair is great, comfortable my son says it rocks!! easy to assemble & for the price is a good chair. After testing the chair, I purchase one for my self too. I worked from home & needed a comfortable chair, for the only thing I wish the chair had adjustable arms & back too for me though. My son & I are happy with our new chairs!!!
EILEEN Review from
July 14, 2021
Most comfy work chair I've had
This Brookmere is so comfortable. But it's not only comfortable but the wheels are reactive to my moving about and the chair has a generous spectrum on the rising and lowering of the chair. I also like the fabric covering that doesn't stick to my legs on warm day! A good chair for a great price.
JORDAN Review from
May 3, 2021
For the price, the chair is excellent. It was also easy to put togetherit took me less than 30 minutes. The instructions were incredibly clear; so clear, in fact, that the manufacturer even had the screws painted to simplify the identification of which screws applied to which step. I have used the chair for upwards of 12 hours a day many days and have had no complaints.
TAKAMASA Review from
December 6, 2019
Good chair fit to a smaller person
My son in middle school (5' tall) likes it very much. Seat depth is not too long, so at his good posture he can fit his back to the back of the chair. The chair looks good, too. One thing to note is that some screws are tough to go into the threaded holes. It can be due to the paint on the screws (for thread-lock), or some fabric getting into the hole. Still it is very tight, as if I was not inserting the screw at right angle and thus damaging / shaving the thread. I was working carefully not to damage the threads and the screws, by tightening a little bit, then loosening it and back and forth
Brian Review from
March 2, 2020
Good Price. Assembly So-So
The chair seems like decent quality. I wont be using it much. But it should hold up for everyday users. Price is good. The only hitch is attaching the back during assembly. It was a challenge because of the padding. The holes were hard to get in place to have the bolt screw in straight. Lots of tension to battle. Be sure to keep all bolts loose until everything is in place.
ALLISON Review from
August 19, 2020
So comfy and stylish!
I was looking for an office chair for my desk to teach remotely from home this school year (#covid) and although there's lots of options, most were either out of my price range or ugly. I saw this at the local Staples and fell in love. The photos don't do justice, it's almost a greenish grey and looks very contemporary in style. I love that it's fabric so it will be easier to clean up as well. For the price, you can't beat this chair. It was very easy to set up as well and took me about 10 minutes.
DARRYL Review from
September 30, 2020
Nice chair,works well
We needed a new office chair to replace the old one. The old one did not fit under the desk in our small condo. This new chair fits perfectly under the desk and is quite comfortable. I did not have to assemble it so I cannot comment on whether that is easy or difficult. But from past experience with assembling previous desk chairs it normally isnt too difficult. I would recommend this chair to a friend or family member.
Edward Review from
January 15, 2020
Good bang for your buck.
prior to purchase, I found the Brookmere more comfortable than many of the more expensively priced options. The chair assembly was fairly easy. Maybe not the most stylish of designs out there, however it provides good bang for your buck compared to other options. That being said it is still an attractive chair and the fabric is pleasant to the touch with several nice color options. It has seen a little over a month of constant use and it seems to be holding up well. I tend to take good care of my possessions so, so far, so good. I would recommend this chair as a daily desk seating option thus
jwhitlock Review from
September 9, 2020
Excellent chair and it arrived on time
I have had the chair for about a week now. It took maybe 10-20 minutes to set up and it was very easy with all of the tools you need provided with the chair. Its very comfortable and I have absolutely zero issues with it. I have to sit in it quite a lot due to being a student with 5 online classes and maybe my ONE nit picky thing is I cant quite lean back as far as Id mike though again thats very nit picky. It arrived the day that they said it would too. Highly recommend.
MIGDALIA Review from
April 28, 2021
Great Chair Brookmere Fabric Manager Chair
I got this chair at a great price and when you Order you have the option of having your Chair assemble by a Sister Company of Staples. It was just pennies more and it has made a great difference. I highly recommend the Brookmere Fabric Manager Chair and you don't even have to be a Manager (He, he). Thank You, Staples