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Alera - ALEMAT4660CFPR - Occasional Use Studded Chair Mat For Flat Pile Carpet, 46 X 60, Rectangular, Clear

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Occasional Use Studded Chair Mat For Flat Pile Carpet, 46 X 60, Rectangular, Clear
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Manufacturer Alera
Sold By Each
UPC 042167200886
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
32 Review
LARRY Review from
April 23, 2021
Too Thin
It looks good, but it is "too thin" to hold the body weight and chair weight. It should be thicker. Now I see why it was the lowest price. (It's my first). It actually makes small indentions (sink-holes) impressions in the mat itself, (somewhat) preventing you from rolling your chair. But they do go away after a minute or two. This mat will do for now, but I will need to replace it with a more expensive one that the chair will not sink down into. You can't exactly see the "sink-hole," but it is about 1/2 inch deep. The Chair Mat "is" there. The metal ruler is flat across the mat, and yet the t
PETER Review from
September 3, 2020
Thin, Flimsy
Only owned this for a week. This mat is a bit thin and flimsy. My chair wheels leave imprints in the mat, even though the mat is new. The depressions also make it hard to roll my chair as the wheels get stuck and takes extra effort to get out of the dips. I suspect the mat won't last long. The carpet is short pile and dense...commercial grade stuff. I purchased a similar mat in person from Staples for my other work station but it was much thicker and stiffer which equals more durable and easier to roll my chair. I bought this online so I could not see the thinness. They don't list the thicknes
Samantha Review from
December 8, 2020
Great floor protector
I knew that Staples would have what we needed to protect our floor from a folding chair that is used at our desk. Our floor is covered with inside/outside carpet, so it's thin carpet. I was concerned that our thin carpet would get damaged from the legs of our folding chair. So, we took a trip to Staples in search of a plastic floor mat. We were met by a man, that worked there, that was extremely helpful to us. He asked us questions to help him to make suggestions. I wish I could remember his name. His suggestions helped us to make a good decision on which floor protector to purchase. Staples h
MICHAEL Review from
January 19, 2021
Excellent service and product
I had been considering buying a new office chair for several years but never did so. I needed to replace a plastic floor mat and it was in the area of the chairs. I decided on a chair but between the weight of the box and my lack of skills to assemble I mentioned to Zoee, who was the cashier, that Id like to get a chair but I needed to think about it because I would have to put it together, etc., Zoee advised that you had people who did assembly and then all my concerns and issues were resolved. I didnt need the new chair right away but by 2:30-3PM the chair was assembled and I got also got he
STEPHEN Review from
December 30, 2020
Get It Right
I did not need anything special-just simple. The product is ok , however , it is too thin for the carpet that I have. Even though I measured the depth of my carpet that seemed very close to what was on the showroom floor , and assured by sales staff that it will work with the chair that I had recently purchased at same Staples, it has turned out to be a mistake. Dents developed on the mat from the chair within 2 days. I am assuming that my carpet is thicker than I thought. Therefore, I likely purchased the incorrect type and need a thicker and stronger mat. Be careful and do not buy this cheap
JONATHAN Review from
July 22, 2020
Stop complaining about indentations
When you put 5 wheels with 200lbs of weight on plastic, youre going to see impressions. All of the negative reviews on this made me concerned, but I noticed most mats had similar complaints, so I just went with the cheapest. Yes, this mat shows impressions after sitting in your chair, but they arent permanent. Its similar to a hand impression in memory foam, it eventually goes away. I have medium-height carpet (not thin pile, but not thick), and this mat has been working fine. I wish I would have purchased a mat that was a little deeper and wider. My wheels seem to roll off the sides quite a b
JANET Review from
February 19, 2021
chair mat
It's fine. I didn't realize, however, that there is a difference in what you buy for flat pile carpets or higher pile. So, the one I bought is for flat pile. My carpet is not flat pile, so the mat allows the chair wheels to sink into the pile a bit and make little dents which are then hard to roll out of. If/when you purchase a chair mat, take notice of which pile carpet you have, and purchase the appropriate mat. The sales person who directed me to the location of the mats did not alert me to this distinction.
KESHIA Review from
June 16, 2021
OK by me - Staples Chair Mat
I've been working from home since March 2020 due to COVID. Recently my employer gave us the option to work from home on a hybrid bases permanently. So.... I needed to update my work/home space. I had an old chair mat that was cracked and broken in places. I replaced it with this new mat and it works perfectly. A few other staples upgrades and I feel like I'm in the office. Thanks Staples!
MARJORY Review from
February 11, 2021
LIke the mat, not happy with the sticky package tape
The mat is fine, replacing the same one I had worn out after many years. However, it had been rolled up and taped with a clear plastic packing tape, about 2" wide. That left an awful sticky residue on the mat when it was removed (the upper smooth side, of course). We had to try about 4 different solvents to find one that would remove it. I had ordered it online for 1-hour pickup at the store, so I called to ask for suggestions for removing it. I also asked why it was taped, and was told that they receive them that way. I strongly suggest finding some other way to secure them, or find a tape th
DALE Review from
April 6, 2020
Does the job, but a tad lightweight.
Works as a chair mat should on a carpet. One can slide around on wheeled desk chairs and easily slide the chair in and out when putting the chair away. My "but" is that it is quite thin and your chair will cause valleys for the wheels to get stuck in. Then you have to heave a bit to move the chair to another spot. It's a minor inconvenience and the divots go away after a while and the mat returns to normal, however, I'm only 135 pounds and if I leave temporary dents, I can only imagine what a 180-200 lb six-footer would experience. While I'm satisfied overall with this, and it's not an issue t
" Review from
April 5, 2021
Good chair mat for in home use.
This is a good, fairly priced chair mat for a person who will not be subjecting it to day in and day out heavy duty use. This particular mat will work best on a low pile carpet. For light occasional duty in a home office, it will do the job and preserve the carpeting. I am satisfied with it, but having used these protective mats in offices, I recommend that if you need a mat that will really stand up to office heavy duty, wear and tear and abuse for five days a week, , go with the thicker more expensive mats.
DEBRA Review from
March 22, 2021
Be Sure and Remind them you paid to have it assembled!! They will appreciate it!
Love everything I bought for my new home office!! My chair was not assembled as I had paid for, and the girl at first asked if I had ordered it online, maybe because that would make a difference? I told her no, I had my receipt. She looked it up, and I had to wait several hours but they had it finished the same day and my other items have worked great, too!!~ The gentleman who assembled my chair actually helped me find the other items I needed. Win, WIn!!!
MARIE Review from
October 27, 2021
Customer Service
Manager, Customer Service and workers were Excellent. They deserve 10 stars. I recommend this Staples just not this product. Great store. I am returning the mats. Quality is not good and it will not straighten out. I bought the lowest cost chair desk mat so I guess I got what I paid for. Store and service is wonderful!
DEE Review from
April 13, 2020
Good for the Money
Bought this for my home office, once I stared self-isolation and working from home. From among all the carpet savers, I purchased this cheaper version, which is thinner and less durable than others they sell. For my use, this is perfect to protect my carpet and allow me to roll my chair around under the desk. The item was ready less than 10 minutes of ordering, waiting up front when i arrived. Great staff, fast service and the perfect carpet saver to get me through quarantine! I'd recommend it! It took me longer to selef this than to pick it up.
SUE Review from
September 6, 2021
Works for Me
After reading these reviews, I knew there was a possibility that my chair's wheels would sink into this mat somewhat, and that was okay with me (I hadn't found an alternative that I liked). So even though the wheels have made indentations in this mat, the berber carpet underneath it no longer has any. Plus, I can roll my chair around much more easily on this mat than I could on the carpet. I am pleased.
CHERI Review from
July 2, 2020
It works, but it's thin
It does what it's for. My only issue is that it's thin enough that putting a chair on it, even with nobody in it, the casters cause indentations in the mat.When you're sitting and this happens, it makes it a little difficult to roll out of the dents you've made. After a while, if you're not on the mat, the dents kind of go away.because the mat is that pliable. I understand this is a low cost version of a chair mat, and you get what you pay for. That all being said, it is good enough and so now that I have one, and I was in the market for a second, I did buy a second one, just so they would mat
steve Review from
May 18, 2021
36" x 48'' Vinyl, Chair Mat for Flat Pile Carpet with Lip
It's thin, so chair "ruts" occurred within my first sitting of several hours during tax prep. (UGH!) If you move the chair around, they dissipate somewhat. But since I'm able to roll out of them, and maybe it'll save the carpet, it's probably ok for the price. Higher price will get you a thicker mat, but I didn't want to go that high.
FRANK Review from
September 24, 2021
Jury still out.
I put down carpet tiles in my office and wanted to protect it from the in and out of the office chair. I bought this protector but with the carpet tiles being low profile/thin as compared to carpet, the office chair kind of rolls rough over the mat. Probably wouldn't do that if it was over carpet but the thinness of the tiles make the rolling kinda bumpy. Not sure i'm taking it back yet and may trade for the smooth one.
BENNET Review from
April 30, 2021
More soft than expected
On a basement carpet without much padding, this mat is a bit more soft than I'd expect or prefer. Chair wheels make small divers, which are easy enough to roll out of, buy enough that it holds your chair in that position until you push your way out. This isn't uncommon with these cheaper mats but disappointinh none the less. On the plus side there is no cracking yet (1 week in)
CLAUDIA Review from
January 14, 2021
I Think I Need a Thicker Mat
I bought this mat to put under my new rolling office chair which wouldn't roll on my carpeted home office floor. I suspected that I really needed a thicker mat, but decided to go the cheap route since this one was the least expensive. Unfortunately the mat is starting to warp in spots because of the weight on top of the carpeted surface with it's upgraded padding underneath. There's no problem with the mat itself, I'm sure it would be fine on thinner carpeting. You may want to keep that in mind when making a mat purchase.
Bill Review from
April 19, 2021
Quality product with some potential improvements possible
The chair mat for hardwood floors is decent, but the four hanger hooks ( for display at store) and carrying handle ( for transporting) should have a way to remove them easily. The mat looks ridiculous in place with these hanging off. Staples staff was awesome, check our quick and easy. Extremely helpful staff .
LEAH Review from
July 25, 2020
Sad experience
The mat is ok. It gives too much which makes the chair not roll very well. Chair leaves indentions in the mat. I am not a heavy person therefore it should not do this. The worst part was when I bought at the store, the mats were so packed in that I had trouble removing one and there was no one to help me. It messed my hand up so that I was bleeding. I told the cashier that someone needed to fix the mats because they messed my hand up. He ignored me. This is why it is a sad experience and Im disappointed.
DEBRA Review from
June 8, 2020
Probably 3 1/2 Stars
We have the mat under a desk and part of it had to be slid under our bookshelf. It sometimes "bubbles up" on the corner. Quality is good for the price. The plastic seems very pliable. Our older one seemed a little more stiff, but I don't know if that is better or not. It cracked after about six years of use (which is very good, in my opinion.) Perhaps the pliability of this one will make it a better mat. I really can't say, but I'll be happy if it also lasts five or six years.
STACEY Review from
April 15, 2021
Good Chair Mat
Overall a good chair mat. I had to buy this new one after my old cracked ( it wasn't that old, but got significantly more during this past year). Anyway, this is a good chair mat it smoothed out nicely. I am just waiting for one small area one edge to smooth out over the carpet. Overall pleased with this purchase.
CHARLES Review from
January 18, 2022
Excellent low-pile carpet mat
I recently purchased a 36"x48" low-pile carpet mat for my office chair. Despite all the supply-chain shortages, Staples had the one I use "in stock" and delivered it with two cases of copy paper. Everything arrived in a couple of days and in excellent condition. I applaud Staples for keeping their stock of products available for purchase.
MARIA Review from
April 23, 2020
Okay for the price
I saw many different reviews before ordering. I ordered this because of the price. However I may have to send it back. It is thin, does sink in to the carpet as many described. Serves somewhat of its purpose but dont believe it will last long. If you need something to get you buy for a short period; this may be for you. Maybe its for a work office, commercial carpet, or wood floors. I would say this would work. I have carpet in my home office and it just not cutting it. I hope this helps.
ROSS Review from
December 31, 2021
Great Product
I have purchased other carpet chair mats in the past that cracked within weeks of using them. A few years ago I tried this mat and it held up better than all of the others. If I can get two or three years out of a carpet chair mat I will be happy. I will continue to buy Staples brand chair mats in the future because they hold up very well and they are reasonably priced.
BILL Review from
January 21, 2022
It's ok for the price but the chair casters are putting serious dents into it and I doubt it will last long. It is on a rug that is at most medium pile. I didn't realize this would happen when I bought it or I would have spent more on a different kind. My recommendation for anyone looking for a mat is clearly understand your need and buy quality to match.
ROBERT Review from
July 6, 2021
Good General Purpose Mat
This is a good general-purpose chair mat. I needed to trim the tongue in order to fit it into the opening in my desk, but that was a fairly easy modification. It's not as thick and heavy-duty as mats I've used in professional office settings, but a thicker mat would not have been as easy to trim. I'm very happy with it.
DAVID Review from
May 17, 2021
Much Needed!
This mat is definitely what I needed in order to save my carpet and floors! I constantly put off this purchase until I found it at Staples for the price I paid for which was surprising. Now only thing left to buy is the chair which hopefully will be on sale soon! This mat has done wonders for my floor and hopefully it will continue being one of the best buys I have ever made!
CHRISTINE Review from
July 7, 2020
Protects carpets well under office chairs
I have carpet underneath a large office desk and chair, and dont want to ruin it. These mats are thick, sturdy, last a few years and are reasonably priced. If you have carpets underneath your desk chair, this is a pretty necessary item. It has sharp grips on one side of it to adhere to the carpet (they wont hurt it) so be careful when carrying it and laying it down. They are somewhat sharp but work well to keep the mat in place.
JAMES Review from
December 11, 2020
Badass floor mat
If you need a flat piece of plastic, then look no further. This plastic is mighty flat so your chair wheels will LOVE it. It even has little teeth on the bottom to grip the carpet -- GENIUS! It's stylish curved edges and transparent look are guaranteed to look fleek on any carpet. This thing is so ratchet you will be telling all your friends about it too!
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