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Alera - ALETE4619 - Everyday Task Stool, Seat Height, Supports Up To 275 Lbs, Seat/Black Back, Black Base

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Everyday Task Stool, 31.38" Seat Height, Supports Up To 275 Lbs, Black Seat/Black Back, Black Base
More Information
Manufacturer Alera
Code ALETE4619
Sold By Each
UPC 042167393632
Product Color Black
Product Size 31.38"
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
43 Review
LARRY Review from
December 3, 2021
Kelburne Computer and desk chair
My wife purposed this computer and desk chair into a sewing station chair. She adores it. It's comfortable, has great lumbar support, and it's sturdy. Adjusts easily and swivels nicely. She thought the arms might impede her range of motion but they did not, as she swivels about 90 or more routinely and the arms are low enough to clear her table. You cannot remove the arms as they tie the seat and back together. I thought I might need a socket set to assemble, but the supplied allen wrench did the trick and except for a punch, like an awl or a Phillips (see next statement), it's all you need. 8
LORI Review from
December 6, 2021
Very happy so far
I have had my eye on this for months. I finally saw the "chair sale" and saw the price come down a lot. I dove on it. The associate at the store tried hard to sell the extended / extra warranty. I declined as my husband is an engineer and very handy. I hope the chair continues to work great and it won't be an issue. The extended coverage would have been $15. On a $100 chair, that's 15%... rather steep. I took my chances and declined. The chair is comfortable and I am very pleased w/ it. I just passed a certain age milestone and I am finding that hard chairs just don't cut it for me any longer.
BEN Review from
April 21, 2021
Ultra comfortable, great value
My wife has a smaller version of this chair in our home office and I bought this one for myself thinking it was going to be an exact match to hers. Turns out the Kelburn is significantly bigger, but also significantly more comfortable! It was pretty much exactly the same color (brown leather) as my wifes chair, so they match well enough. In any case, I have had lifelong back and neck problems so I am really finicky about chair comfort and the Kelburne passes with flying colors. I spend at least 8 hours per day sitting in this thing and have never felt fatigue or discomfort in my back or neck.
NEILK Review from
December 7, 2021
Pretty Good Chair
I dont give inflated reviews. I like this chair. It is comfortable and looks good. It was easy to put together, although more instructions in English instead of pictures would be better. When you ask a picture What does that mean? it doesnt answer. Not helpful. The thing that allows setting the seat height works well. It does not tip back very much. I thought there would be more give. The pictures arent telling me how to fix that. The seat could have been longer from back to front. It only supports part of my legs. I would like a seat that gets nearer to my knees. I dont know how long it will
arw949 Review from
April 21, 2021
Poor recline position
Extremely strong spring on the tilt back position. I have adjusted the control to the least strength or tension and to lean back to put me feet up is a lot of work. Im constantly leaning back pushing back, so Im afraid it will wear out the cushion effect because to lean back I must equal the weight of a 200 pound person.. Im only 155 pounds so I must exert myself constantly or the chair will go back to standard upright position. Your star rating is stuck on 5, I would only rate the chair as a 3, It looks nice. The sales people say the warranty doesnt cover the covering material. So if the plas
Deva Review from
August 8, 2020
Looks costly but not enough cushion
package - It comes in not too big of a box and delivery was exceptionally quick. Installation - The installation instructions are ok but not clear or tactical enough. Fix one side of the arm rest tight and leave the other one not tightened all the way so it makes the tight fitting back support installation much easier. You will need another person to fix the back of the chair, otherwise you cant align the bolts or you will cross thread and strip the screws. you can tighten all the screws after you fix the ones on the back support. The chair - It looks really nice BUT it doesn't feel as cushion
Sheesblood Review from
November 17, 2020
First off, the next day delivery is real! I order this around 2-3pm the day before and the delivery driver showed up at 9am with my chair. This may not be a big deal for the city folks but, I live in the sticks of Maine. This alone has me now shopping for items at Staples! The JUNGLE named website was my go to before. Now I will be shopping a lot more with Staples. As for the chair. This thing was super easy to put together. Instructions were very clear (minus the seat adjustment device. There is an arrow stamped on the metal plate. Point that forward. While it may seem obvious, it may not for
JenniferSC87 Review from
December 27, 2021
Good chair for the money
This is a nice chair. Easy to put together with everything you need in the box. Clear and easy to read directions. My only complaints... 1. The seat is not that comfortable - specifically the bottom portion you sit on. It needs a little more cushion. I feel like I'm sitting on a board. 2. The seat back should be able to lean back some. It is attached by the arm rests so there is no movement unless the whole seat tilts back. Otherwise this is a very nice chair. I used my reward $s so it was closer to $50 - which I think is a fair price for this chair.
hlk39 Review from
June 17, 2020
COVID made me buy it, but I'm glad I did!
Like so many others who have reviewed this chair recently, my previous 13-year-old chair just wasn't cutting it any more. Not for an 8-hour work day from home. A new office throne was much sought after...and after trying out a handful of different ones, the Kelburne is what I chose. It fits my height and weight (5'4" 145 lbs) really well and provides comfortable and ample cushioning. The seat back can easily be locked and has a good range of tension. At its loosest setting the seat back will move back with rarely any effort. The instructions were very easy to follow and the entire process of u
AURELIA Review from
November 28, 2020
I've never purchased a new chair before but this was a gift for someone who would have never made the purchase for themselves so id say they were pretty satisfied. As for the price I believe I got it on sale. A part that covers the height adjustment was broken when I received it, the part is just super flimsy and cheap on its own so I'm not surprised that it was broken. It didn't really matter to me but if you care about presentation then you may not want this particular chair. I thought the entire seat around would have been a bit more cushioned but I guess that's only what you get from high
PAMELA Review from
October 20, 2020
As the chair is still new, I cannot give it a true review of the test of time but I will say that for the price, it seems to be all that I was looking for in a replacement office chair. I like the height adjustment and the seat is very comfortable, as is the back when I lean back into it. Assembly was easy enough although when I turned my back, my husband took over and finished it so I can't speak for the entire assembly! I do like the look of it. I am happy with the five wheeled spindles on the bottom as it gives great stability. My big concern that will be proven or disproven over time, is w
STUART Review from
January 28, 2022
Office Desk Chair
I purchased this chair to go with the executive desk I got for Christmas from my wife. The color matches perfectly with the desk, the instructions were simple and easy to follow and it took about 15 minutes to put the chair together. All the parts, screws and such were easy to connect and the screws were color coded so you knew exactly which go where and were marked for which were used for which step of the instructions. Simplest item I have ever put together. The chair itself is extremely comfortable and I would recommend it for anyone needing an arm chair for their office.
K Review from
November 26, 2020
Good replacement chair...
Great sized desk chair, wheels easily enough around. Shipping was free and I had a coupon, plus the chair was on sale. But I did pay for assembly as I didn't know if I could put it together myself. I also didn't realize that the assembly person is a separate appointment on a diff day than shipping/delivery. So there were 5 days between that and I couldn't wait as my old chair was broken. So I put the chair together myself and ofc the directions are backward on the metal seat base, so be sure to go in, already knowing that the directions are just a guide but not spot on, LOL. I still had the as
JAMES Review from
November 5, 2021
What a great Chair
I actually appreciated the help and guidance in selecting this chair. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Chair was the easiest I have ever assembled, did it by myself with no trouble. All tools for assembly (1) included, with very precise instructions. Even the labels on the parts kept me from making simple mistakes. The fit, finish and quality of this chair are better than expected. The best part: I love the way the chair feels on my back - it's perfect!! Thank you
RICK Review from
May 12, 2020
Ok for the Price
The comfort is not too bad. Seat needs more cushion. Either a denser or thicker foam should do. I have been sitting on it for about 12 hours a day for little over a week (WFH for the quarantine). The seat foam is nearly flat and I can feel the plywood board underneath. Back and neck support is pretty good. I took a couple of naps on the chair without pinching my neck. And it reclines nicely. The build quality is another story though. It feels very "fragile". I made sure every screw was tightened properly, and it's still kinda wobbly. Screaking everywhere whenever I make a movement, such as rec
LUKE Review from
November 26, 2021
Decent for price
Fairly comfortable and a good chair for the price. Only issues I have is with the craftsmanship - upon completing installation the back has a slight tilt to the right as the screw holes dont line up properly to the seat. So while the seat is level the back tilts to the right. No big deal, still comfy, but if you have an OCD brain this would drive you nuts. And sometimes when sitting in the chair it makes a loud click underneath every now and then. Im an average size guy so it cant be due to my weight, but I hope it wont break on me.
GEORGE Review from
May 25, 2021
Better chair than 2017's model
Thought the last version of this chair was good. This one has a higher back and is capable of sitting up higher (for long legs). I'd say a 20% improvement over my previous version. Only down side is the leather is hot. For the climate I'm in, I could have considered a mesh chair. (Will keep the A/C down!) Previous version of the chair lasted for 4 years. If this one has at least that kind of longevity I'll be pleased.
THOMAS Review from
October 25, 2020
Comfy chair, great price
Had it put together in 15 minutes flat - here's a couple hints to make it easier. One, completely unbox the parts, close the box back up and use it as a workspace. Two, when you go to attach the arms, don't tighten the screws at first, just enough to grab the holes. When all eight of them are placed, then tighten them down being careful not to strip them out. Third, don't attach the seat to the base until the back is on. By putting the seat upside down on the box, you can put the back on the floor next to it with the holes close to where the screws are going to be. Much easier that way. Good s
CLAUDIA Review from
January 12, 2021
Nice Comfortable Chair
I bought this chair for my home office since I am working from home due to Covid. Previously I was using a wooden folding chair, which was good for short-term usage but not 40+ hours a week. I have a health issue with my legs along with carpel tunnel, so I really needed something comfortable to help improve the ergonomics. This chair has adjustable height - which helps a lot. The seat is well padded along with the arms, making for a more comfortable sit. The size is good for me too - I'm a 5'5" woman with a medium frame. Some of the other office chairs I had tried just felt too big. So far the
JEFFREY M Review from
December 6, 2021
My New Office Chair
On Saturday, 11/27/2021, I bought a new office chair for myself. On Saturday, 12/04/2021, I bought a second office chair for my wife as her birthday present. My wife sat in my office chair a few times. I knew she liked it and was very comfortable sitting in it because she said NOTHING negative. That's when I decided to buy her the same chair. This is the best birthday gift I have given her in years. We both love our new chairs. Thank you, Staples.
Agent00R Review from
May 14, 2020
Chair was ok. Was expecting more, but good for the price
I bought this chair for less than $100 when it was on sale and with a coupon code. It assembled really easily with another pair of hands to help during the final assembly.. The fake leather is what you would expect, but it still felt good to the touch, looked clean and inviting to sit on. Mine had no damages out of the box. The big let down for me personally was the lack of padding on the bottom piece. Just felt like I was already compressing all of the padding and bottoming out. I am 190lbs and wasn't expecting that. Just didn't feel like I could sit on it for a long period of time before get
Red_Ed Review from
August 17, 2020
Very comfortable, easy to assemble
Love the chair. The faux leather is nice--not too slippery. Well constructed. Attractive stitching. Nice (albeit non-adjustable) lumbar support. Well padded armrests. Assembly instructions were much better than average, the parts all fit perfectly, and the only tool required (a hex wrench) is included. My only regret is buying a 145 mil thick chair pad which was inadequate for my 1/2" carpet in my home office (the chair's casters dented it so much it was hard to roll the chair around) so I returned it and got a 200 mil thick one that works much better. Working from home has never been more com
CAROL Review from
August 24, 2020
Kelburne Luxura Faux Leather Computer and Desk Chair
Looked at chair in store before I made purchase. Nice looking chair with good quality material. My order quickly and in tact, with no missing parts. Setup required and took roughly 25-30 minutes with two people...well mainly one person, since all I did was pass the pieces. Height is adjustable, back rest is not adjustable, good size fits our curvy and buffed bodies, arm rest soft and chair swivels for quick positioning to my many monitors. On wheels that do not lock so I recommend getting a rubber mat if you have wooden floor. Be careful with the little kids who loves to climb chair wheels mov
KRISTIN Review from
November 3, 2021
Beautiful Chair, Unfortunately Not for Me
This chair is beautiful, well made, but unfortunately I had to return it. I'm short and it didn't fit well with my body and the ergonomics of my desk. I had to put it up high off the ground to have my arms at the correct height, but then my feet were too far off the floor and even with a stool it was just too awkward. Also, the seat was too deep and because the front pad is higher than the middle, it caused pressure on my legs that caused pain. But my husband tried it and thought it was great so it really depends on you and your size.
jay Review from
January 18, 2021
Engineering genius
I'm sitting in my new chair and loving everything about it. It was super easy to put together. When I saw the small box it came in, I got concerned that it was either a very small chair or was going to be a complicated DIY project. Who ever engineered this packaging and parts assembly is a genius and deserves to be a millionaire! The instructions were PICTURES and numbered steps ... so easy to follow. It is comfortable, looks good and the "leather" looks BETTER than real. I'm glad I bought it. Highly recommended. Oh, there was one line of words in the instructions. In the last box, it reads, "
Randolph Review from
December 3, 2020
adequate, but doubt longevity
I purchased this chair because of the price point. It assembled easy enough and included all the parts and tools needed to put together. I have been using it a little over two weeks now. I had sat back in it and shift my weight as you normally would throughout the office day. The chair internal boards can be heard from time to time creaking. After just a week is getting progressively wobblier were the base seats to the chair seat. The bolts are still tight. The chair is already breaking down. If I purchased an office chair again, I would spend a little extra and get something more substantial.
JOHN Review from
September 28, 2020
Kelburne Faux Leather Computer and Deck Chair
I have no idea why I have been sitting in a stiff wooden chair for so many years. I could have been sitting in this unbelievably comfortable chair instead! Seriously, if you want great support, nice style, and you dont want to pay an arm and a leg, go with this one. Watch videos, write your novel, lean back into this thing like its your favorite armchair (it is mine). Basically, its just perfect. I had Staples put it together for me for a small charge, then wheeled it into the car, drove home, wheeled it into my little office, and sat down. Wow. Everything just right. Finally.
JINU Review from
December 14, 2020
Easy assembly, Comfortable, Reclines !
I purchased this Chair after a bit of digging into Economic grade Office chairs.. This fell right into that category with all the pros that it came with. Shipping was fairly quick, it's been over a week I have been using it daily for couple of hours each day. Pros - 1. Easy Assembly With well marked tools. That was impressive, no room for error with screws/parts. 2. Faux Leather feels soft & texture is something I like. 3. Light weight hence easy push & moves. 4. Arm rest is comfortable & is cushioned well. 5. Reclines/tilts well about 30* (Degrees) 6. Lumbar support is alright 7. Sturdy built
Skip Review from
November 21, 2020
Excellent value priced chair
I bought this chair on sale and it is a very good chair for the price I paid. The materials are really nice. The adjustments work well. The instructions for assembly were very easy to follow and quick to complete. The lean back is a little bit stiff and might go further back but the chair is comfortable. I haven't sat in the chair for long periods of time yet but I think it will be fine. I did notice the casters did not roll on a carpet I have as well as another chair I was using for my work station. In fact, I had to get up and push the chair. If you have a chair mat this would not be a probl
PATRICIA Review from
March 25, 2020
Staples Kelburne desk chair
Very happy with this chair. We bought it because I had to start working from home due to the virus and we were lucky to catch it on a good sale. It's extremely comfortable, has height and tilt adjustment and rolls easily on my wood floors. Arms are not adjustable, but are at a good height. The faux leather feels very nice and looks like the real thing. It's a nice deep brown color that ties nicely with our other furniture. Assembly took maybe five minutes, but know that it helps to have two people to assemble the chair so one can hold the back in the proper position. We would definitely buy th
PRIMUS Review from
July 15, 2020
High Quality Product...but........
The new Staples Kelburne Luxura Faux Leather Computer and Desk Chair ( Black) that I just purchased is firmly built. Yes, a very high quality product. In fact, I bought it as a gift to my wife after enjoying the one I bought in 2018. However, my wife preferred my "old" chair of the same make. According to her, my chair is "softer" and more relaxing that the new firm Kelburne Leather chair. I agree intoto with her, since we switched the chairs, and she is now using my "old" chair, while I am using the new one. My simple honest suggestion is for the makers to add more cushion to the base of the
LARRY Review from
October 27, 2021
Prefer better
Seat and back too hard. One step better than sitting on a metal folding chair. Recline has very strong spring. Leaning back is not easy without pushing on a step stool. Back is not as high as I had thought it would be. My neck hurts after naps. After I paid to have it put together and for the extended warranty, it was almost double the original cost. Not worth it.
KIM Review from
October 2, 2020
Good computer chair
I bought this for my work-from-home setup. Its pretty nice for the price. Wish it was real leather because I know the material wont last. Doesnt seem high quality, but I am happy with it so far. I like the adjustable tension so I can rock in it-I am very fidgety. I like the high back. It was easy to put together for my daughter and me. I wish the arms were detachable, but they are what connects the back to the seat. If youre looking for great quality, this one may not be right for you. If you want something of good value, go for it.
MARY LOU Review from
April 3, 2021
I love the chair. The hardware package that came with it - not so much. I called Customer Support and was very happy with the assistance I received. They were going to send a new hardware package out. One week later I received it. (The screws in the first package were not correct). Well they sent a package that looked similar, but for a different chair (looked just the same). The screws were even worse than the first package. Now I have to call again. Ugh
RANDALL Review from
January 28, 2022
Inexpensive and Very Comfy!
This chair was very easy to assemble. It probably has the easiest instructions and packaging of any chair out there. The chair is inexpensive and very comfortable. I wanted to use it on tile floor so I did not use the included plastic casters but sent away for some rubber/vinyl casters. They roll better and won't wreck your floors. Good chair for the money.
M. Walker Review from
April 30, 2020
Impressed with Delivery Time and Comfortable Chair
I tried to order this chair on Tuesday and it was out of stock so I picked another chair and it was out of stock so I gave up. Then Wednesday I thought I'd try again and go pick it up if I had to. Well this time I ordered the chair and they had it and said it would be delivered the next day - Thursday - I thought no way and sure enough it arrived Thursday afternoon! Thanks Staples for your fast service even during this stressful time of Covid-19. As for the chair, my husband assembled it rather quickly, was pretty easy. I haven't had a chance to use it for a full day but tried it out and it's
STEVE Review from
August 7, 2019
Nice Chair For The Money
To help me more comfortably look through my microscope, I wanted a chair with the highest seat distance from the ground. Most at Staples (or other stores, for that matter) where similar to what I already had, but two - this and another - were a bit higher. I chose this one because its retail price was already less expensive than the other, and due to a sale, it was further discounted. The other chair had more lower back support, but quite frankly, since I would be sitting upright anyway, this was still more than adequate. The other one also had fold-up armrests that, in retrospect, would have
" Review from
November 21, 2020
Staple computer chair
I looked at Staples chairs for quite some time. I have hard table chairs that I bought seating pads for. but the pads slide and bunch up and are uncomfortable to sit on for long periods. I sat in the chair I bought at the store and liked it. It is comfortable, swivels and has a hydralic hoist to lift to raise and lower it. There were other chairs I would have liked to have bought, but the price for this one made me feel like I should buy it rather than keep putting it off. I bought the brown one because it was a different color that the usual black. It is easier on my back and comfortable to s
HONG Review from
October 30, 2021
Excellent Product for the price
The chair is very good for the price. Easy to assemble, and very comfortable. Some reviews here said that it cant rock back-and-forth, Actually, if you pull the control lever out, you can do it. The only concern is the long term durability, as the leather seems thin, and other materials are also in the lighter side. Lets wait and see. So far so good.
DAVID Review from
May 22, 2020
Excellent and Comfortable
Assembly was easy, the chair fits me well and I do not feel tired after hours of research and sermon writing. When I get up I do not feel sore in the hindquarters and the distance from the back to where my legs bend is great, no bent knee issues for me. Caution to anyone ordering this chair online. Go to the store and sit in a floor display BEFORE you buy or place your order. The wife got a different chair at the store and I wanted this brown version. They only had black in stock so, this chair was delivered to the house the next morning. For me, this chair was more comfortable than other chai
TINA Review from
September 8, 2020
Great chair for remote teaching and learning
Quick free delivery; I really liked that! Good directions and easy to put together. Took half hour and my daughter built the chair with me. The back could go up a little higher for my head, when I lean. It could have a tad bit more cushioning, and I wish the arms were adjustable. I like the black color; very sleek. It moves up and down as needed and wipes clean. The wheels are good on the hard wood floor, sometimes I keep sliding, lol. Really its a 4 and a half starts rating!
CATHY Review from
August 4, 2020
Nice Chair for the price
Hats off to the delivery service on this chair! It was raining on the day of delivery and the delivery guy made a special effort to take the chair to the back of my house so he could sit the package on a covered porch to keep it dry. The chair is nice thus far. Instructions were easy to follow because there's more pictures than words. However, I found it easier to install the arms to the back of the chair first vs. installing them on the seat first which the instructions indicated. I put the chair together by myself in about 40 minutes. I'm not a fan of hex screws-that would be my only complai
DALIAH Review from
August 18, 2020
Comfortable Home Office Chair
I purchased this chair for my home office two weeks ago. I chose it because it was a good price, it looks fairly stylish (as much as an office chair can) and it fits my small frame (feet can touch the ground and elbows are at a comfortable level for resting when not typing.) The seat height is adjustable, but the arm rests are not, so this was important to me. It was very easy to put together. The salesperson at my local Staples in Fairfax was patient as I tried every chair they had on the floor and kind enough to load the box in my car as well. I have been sitting in this chair 8-10 hours a d