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Ameriderm From: 510 To: 515 - PeriClean - Antimicrobial Perineal Cleanser 1 Gal.

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510 - 515
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5151 Gal.Case of 4
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PeriClean - Antimicrobial Perineal Cleanser - 1 Gal.
More Information
Manufacturer Ameriderm
Brand Ameriderm
Categories Skin Cleanser, Skin Protection, Antimicrobial, Fecal Protection, Ostomy Skin Care, Peri Wash, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Urine Protection
Code 510 - 515
Require Prescription? No
Store Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Hotstuff1133 Review from
October 29, 2021
Must have product!
We have a hedgehog that's has had numerous skin issues. I've tried searching for any information on this animal, but information found is often conflicting. We don't have a vet within 100 miles that will see a hedgehog or isn't accepting new patients. Aft
Seven Review from
March 28, 2021
Perfect for households with multiple fur babies such as mine..
After doing all of my research regarding what this product has to offer and carefully scrutinizing the reviews I chose to give this one a try based on it's ability to treat all the members of my furry family both feline as well as canine. Some of the feli
Renee plus 3 Review from
September 21, 2021
Huge relief for little hamster!
My hamster hurt his little foot yesterday (I immediately removed the culprit). He had a swollen bright red spot/blister between his toes spreading to the footpad. I bought this because there weren’t any other first aid products specifically for rodents, t
DaeNyhte Review from
August 24, 2020
Saved my cat's life!
My avid little mouser cat caught herself a little prize just a few days before a month-prior planned trip my husband and i were unavoidably about to go to. Apparently that mouse had bitten her back in the process, right on her tender little lip cleft! Bef
ScottChicago Review from
May 17, 2021
Great product, works well!
Our doggy was attacked by another dog and had deep wounds in her hind hips that required many sutures. After 3 weeks of being in the cone of shame, the wounds had started to close but started oozing/draining fluid as the bacteria under the skin found it's
Josie Review from
December 25, 2020
Saved my cats skin condition
My boy Linus, got heavy after he transitioned from being and outdoor cat to indoor. He had problems cleaning himself and got dry patchy skin on his lower spine towards his tail. He constantly scratched or tried to reach it. I tried several things, bathing
Answer Review from
April 29, 2021
The best stuff for the job
This product was recommended to us by a person at a local farm store. We used this on our small breed elderly dog who was having skin issues. It's AMAZING. It is not perfumed. It does not irritate the nose or skin. If you and/or your dog or cat have sensi
Rudy Review from
October 22, 2021
The best wound care spray gel ever!
This stuff is in a class all it’s own! Highly recommend to everyone I know that owns animals. The healing process is exponentially sped up when I use this magical gel! It’s 100% safe if ingested. This is the best wound care bar none, period! Thank you so
Cheddar Review from
November 30, 2020
Save yourself a vet visit!
My cat got a nasty bacterial infection on her neck and after two rounds of antibiotics and some steroids, the vet was leaning towards having to remove the entire infected area with a pretty serious surgery. I decided to try a little TLC before resorting t
Jordan Review from
September 28, 2018
Vetericyn works MIRACLES!
My 2 year old QH gelding tried to jump a fence back in mid April and got stuck over it early one morning. To my surprise there was only minor irritation, which I sprayed off with water and put Vetericyn on right away, but the next morning he was extremely
mpattison Review from
January 3, 2021
Useful for all our four-legged kids
This has worked well to help heal a flesh wound when my horse got kicked in pasture. The wound was in an akward place on his ribs where it was under a seam under his saddle pad that could have continued to re-open if it was not administered to regularly.
Tori P Review from
March 28, 2020
By far the BEST wound spray!
I have used this product for many years on multiple species including cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, etc. I love that it is safe to be licked by pets and it heals wounds VERY fast. I will continue to use this for all of my pets! The most recent miracle that
JudyH Review from
February 22, 2021
Skin Allergy Remedy
I have tried all the prescribed remedies for my chihuahua’s skin allergy on her naked belly. She had red pimples filled with pus all over her stomach and down the inside of her back legs. I have been spraying Vetercyn+ 2 times daily for the past week. Thi
LAmarie Review from
October 1, 2020
Used on Chicken Fowl Pox sores.
So my poor chickens caught the pox! Fowl pox. Who knew they had such a thing? After doing research I realized there is nothing I can do to cure them, just let it run it's course. But I could use this spray to help prevent secondary infections! Our worst l
Sunflower24 Review from
July 15, 2021
This is truly amazing stuff. I bought it for the first time a couple years ago after a trainer recommended it. I've used it on open sores big and small and it literally starts healing them and closing them back up within days. I've also used it on unopene
ButterScotch Review from
December 9, 2021
The vet said it is good for open wounds.
I noticed that one of my cats had some dried up cat litter stuck in his nail/claw bed. One was starting to look a bit red and inflamed, and my cat argued with me real hard about letting me clean it. It was going to be almost a week before his vet appointm
PugMama Review from
September 24, 2020
Nothing else worked for my pug
My black pug has had issues with his wrinkle on and off for the last year or so. We’ve been prescribed antibiotics, neo-predef powder, and medicated wipes. The issue now is not inside the wrinkle fold (pug/wrinkle breed owners, this review is for you!), a
Will Review from
September 28, 2021
I always have a bottle on hand.
Never had any wound get infected using this product. With three dogs and three cats and 10+ years of cuts, scrapes, and post-surgical. Its very simple. It is formulated simpatico with the same thing white blood cells use to stabe off infection.This along
Keel Review from
March 25, 2021
Wonderful wonderful product
If you have any animals in your home that you consider family; please do yourself a favor and purchase this product to have on hand. From cuts to irritation to hot spot this product does a wonderful job at curing it. It's also safe of the animal lick it,
MELVIN Review from
March 13, 2020
Was skeptical, Now I recommend to EVERYONE w/ pets
My male cat enjoys roaming the neighborhood getting into trouble. So naturally during one of his fights he got scratched pretty badly. It wasn't until infection set in that I noticed. At that point my guy had green, thick, oozing globs of infection that w
gbay2434 Review from
March 16, 2021
Instant wound healing!
Instant wound healing! "Easy" to apply with spray for even the most hurt bad animal! Almost begins to heal right in front of your eyes! Not offensive odor. Bottle lasts a long time, almost don't use a lot each application. The only topical that I have fou
bluerathome Review from
February 10, 2021
Super good!
Have used this for over 10 yr. It can be safely used IN ears, eyes, mouth, on skin. ONLY thing I have found to not only work well on staph, strep, fungal but also MERSA. Meant for animals but we use on ourselves too. Cleared a scalp covered in ringworm fa
Catmom01 Review from
March 11, 2021
Excellent Stuff
My cat is FIV (feline AIDs) positive and he gets wounds every once in a while and for FIV there immune systems are weakened and they don't heal like regular cats. I have tried medical wipes, creams, other sprays and I came across this when he had a deep w
Moni1928 Review from
May 13, 2020
We call this Jesus Juice, because it’s a miracle worker! My dog, at one point was getting attacked so many times at the dog park... I thought he was going to go postal one day and he’s an American Staffordshire Terrier! I have friends that work for vets a
BALICE Review from
November 14, 2021
Healing, Soothing and Easy to Apply
My cat suffered from diarrhea following dental surgery and her poor bum got red and inflamed, and she was over-grooming. Vetericyn Plus Antimictobial was the solution we needed. It was easy to spray the area under her tail when she wasn't happy to let me
Von Meadows Review from
September 20, 2017
Amazing Results
We raise Registered Simmental cattle. In July we had a calf that was attacked by a Black Bear when she was only one day old. She suffered deep bite wounds the buttocks, huge claw marks that went across the back and down her side, then hooked in gouging de
VetTech Review from
January 1, 2019
Vetericyn Plus
Very pleased with this product. I did read some mixed reviews, but we’ve had success with this. One review mentioned this was the same as using hydrogen peroxide, but I haven’t noticed that. Hydrogen peroxide bubbles up when poured onto blood, and this sp
RaiderGreg Review from
August 20, 2018
Excellent animal health care product.
We use Vetericyn for all of our ranch and domestic pets for all types of wounds. Including but not limited to eye infections, cuts/scrapes, etc. The product is so safe and amazing we have used it on our ourselves many times. We're often getting cuts and s
Songbird Review from
April 16, 2018
Miracle in a Bottle
Or at least, it seems like a miracle! My kitty had sores on her neck that the vet said were feline acne (although they were not on her chin). The prescribed ointment that had worked on the chin acne she had when I adopted her eight months ago did not wor
lizdog24 Review from
May 20, 2021
Seriously in my opinion a staple for a home for your furry family. We use it on ourselves as well as our pets. I have seen almost immediate results. One of our dogs had a lick granuloma. I sprayed it on her leg several times. It is now healed. When either
Java says Review from
April 14, 2021
No sorry given
I bought this product with three others by same company. 4 all together. I’ve been a repeat buyer. Mine was damaged battle. I’ve submitted 2 other reviews with a picture of the bottom. But they’ve been held back from posting. No sorry, or anything by anyo
Carole Review from
October 20, 2021
Great product for animal wounds and sores
I have used Vetericyn for a number years on my horses for wounds, sores, scrapes, etc. and have always been very pleased with the results. Recently my GSD started having sore spots between his back legs. Started treating it with Vetericyn and it is cleari
Brittany Review from
August 28, 2021
This is a must buy
I notice my dog had a red inflamed toe and the nail was red/bruised. I searched for something to put on it until his vet appointment which was 3 weeks away. This stuff is a little pricey but worth every penny. His toe started heading in three days and aft
Superbootz Review from
May 17, 2021
Miracle bottle
My cat had a scrape on his ear that wouldn't heal properly because he kept scratching the scab off. I applied this with a cotton round twice daily for two days and it healed up! The spray nozzle isn't ideal for kitties the spritz noise terrifies him. But
Janie Review from
October 21, 2020
Great wound care...
My dog likes to play with branches and twigs and had a little cut near his hind leg. I applied the ointment with a cotton ball to introduce it to him then sprayed it on again the next day but I believe the one time application took care of it. We brush an
sblaine0917 Review from
July 6, 2018
Same ingredient as "Thaumaturgic Bio Mist" but cheaper!
I bought it for our feral rescue cat who gets into a lot of fights (we have several neighborhood cats fighting over limited territory). I sure hope she is winning, because she sometimes comes home banged up with wounds that abscess and she tears them open
westmeg Review from
April 30, 2020
Miracle product
This stuff is incredible! Our dog had a pretty nasty mystery wound on her neck. After a couple of days cleaning with alcohol/hydrogen peroxide and using hydrocortisone it was only minimally better. With our vet closed due to COVID, I did my research and c
Kimberley k Review from
July 17, 2021
This antimicroboal spray really works.
This stuff is great My dog had a huge gash on her leg and it wouldn't stop bleeding for quite a few minutes. I cleaned the wound then applied this spray .... The next morning it was already looking much better. She never got an infection This really works
TMac Review from
April 19, 2020
Stuff is Awesome!
This stuff is fantastic. I bought it for my 13 yr old, long-hair dachshund. She has an interdigital cyst that gets irritated from time to time. This stuff got rid of the redness within 24 hours. She recently got a scrape on her stomach from jumping. I did
AOKDOG Review from
October 11, 2021
Amazing product.
This product really is effective for open wounds, skin problems, wound licking, even bug bites. It does not sting, dries quickly and does not leave greasy residue. Once the bacteria is effectively killed, the irritation goes away. We have used it on our o
Suesue Review from
November 26, 2020
We were glad to have this for our bird
A hawk attacked our bird while he was in his cage outside. He was badly injured and bleeding in 3 places. We tried to get him into a vet but no vet would see him, too busy, don't see birds, etc. Luckily I thought of this product, and we sprayed his wounds
Review from
May 3, 2020
Great product for pyoderma
My dog suffers from allergic dermatitis. Usually we’re able to catch it before he starts licking it. Well, this time, it developed into pyoderma. Also, with the changes to his vet’s appointment & pharmacy policies, it was a few days before we were able to
Willow Review from
June 27, 2020
Works Well
Found this product on Chewy. My dog Willow has bad allergies this time of year. One of her symptoms is licking and biting her paw. The raw and soreness came quickly. Ran this by her Vet, who is familiar with it and recommended to use it with her other me
Vikram S Review from
July 23, 2017
Wound and Skin Care Spray + VF Hydrogel Spray
Honestly speaking, my family and I spent countless hours over the last 2 - 3 years running to my Lovebird who was self-harming because of blood feathers that were growing on his back (right wing). We basically try to stop him in time before he cuts himsel
RachieBird Review from
July 8, 2017
I have used this spray at least once for all of our animals. We've used it once on two of our leopard geckos, once on the cat, and several times on our dog. It is a must have to keep on hand. Our two geckos got in a fight before we started housing them s
Rosanna Review from
January 4, 2021
Excellent antiseptic
This is not the first time using vetericyn. I had used it on my Shadow for an anal abscess and he did great after the doctor removed the pus and was given antibiotics orally. I would clean him twice or 3x's a day for 10 days and he recovered nicely. I am
Laura Review from
December 7, 2019
Doggy First Aid - A Must Have!
My poor baby was having trouble with allergies and she was scratching herself like crazy. She would scratch until her skin was red and raw and scabs would form. I bought Vetericyn as a way to cool the hot spots and help with healing. The next day after us
ShisoSleepy Review from
August 30, 2021
This stuff WORKS!!
AMAZING. Worked for my doxies horrible allergic reaction to laying on the grass. She has red little bumps and scaly skin on her belly that was terribly bothersome and after using this product along with medication from the vet she’s 97% better. Thank good
Tracey5dogs Review from
March 29, 2018
Miracle cure!!
I have 5 dogs and 20 plus chickens. One of my chickens had been attacked by a couple of the others they had pulled out the feathers out and cut the back of her neck. I separated her from the group but I knew the wound was bad I was fairly certain she woul
scratchandsni99 Review from
August 10, 2020
This Stuff is the Universal Healer
Vetericyn is amazing for healing whatever ails your pet. It is safe to use on virtually any animal to help heal bacterial or fungal infections. I know it is intended for animal use, but we always have a bottle in the medicine cabinet, and use it on oursel