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Attends Healthcare Products - WCU48 - Attends Unscented Washcloths

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Attends Healthcare Products:
FSA Eligible
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WCU488.7" x 12.6"Package of 48
WCU488.7" x 12.6"Case of 576
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"Attends Unscented Washcloths, 8.7"" x 12.6"""
More Information
Manufacturer Attends Healthcare Products
Brand Other Brands
Categories Skin Cleanser, Skin Protection, Wipes, Fecal Protection, Ostomy Skin Care, Peri Wash, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Urine Protection, Incontinence
Code WCU48
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
45 Review
Sharon Review from
October 24, 2021
Good for rough camping.
I divided them into ziplock bags so they don't dry out between camping trips. Any watertight resealed container should work fine if you also hate the color, the pack is too big, or have a hard time with the seal. If they feel too dry add an ounce or two o
Susan Review from
November 3, 2021
positive for prolonged daily use
Love the product. I fell getting into the shower, (yes you read that right)and twisted my left leg from mid thigh to ankle 3 months ago, still not full weight bearing. These cloths were a great find, but as previously commented, the new packaging is an ug
Tina Review from
February 25, 2021
Nice size, less loose lint/fibers, strong
I like how big and strong they are. Great for the intended purpose they are made for. Less loose lint/fibers appear during use than baby wipes, although that could be improved upon. I use them in my art studio to wipe epoxy off my gloved hands. Lint/fiber
ashley Review from
July 5, 2021
These do not disappoint
These wipes are great! They are the same size as a piece of normal size notebook paper. They are also very durable and moisturized. I like to order my grandfathers wipes, gloves and adult diapers at because they are shipped right to my door in
michael Review from
June 2, 2021
If you have messy grandkids get these
I’m giving 4 stars on this review only because I was sent a pack of 96 wipes instead of 144. Normally this is a 5 star product, I have been using them for years and it doesn’t bother me that I can’t flush them down the toilet. I have so many uses for them
JRTENN Review from
August 13, 2021
Premium Wipes Worth Ther Name
These are the newest Assurance branded "full size" washcloths that we have continuously used for about a year now. Large size, well moistened with product that both cleans and is safe and gentle on skin. They are thicker, more durable than other brands we
Lloyd Review from
July 19, 2021
It's effectiveness. I use plastic shoppin bags to dispose of these as used. I asked one of the Hillsboro walmat checkout employee if I could have a few extra ones. She said she would give me a bunch of them. I took them and thanked her. ONLY, when I tried
Judy Review from
December 17, 2020
I have ordered these for over a year and they WERE by far the best around. HOWEVER, the packaging was recently changed and they no longer have the plastic press open lid. INSTEAD they now have a self stick closure made of the same material as the containe
ShopShop301 Review from
September 3, 2020
For more than just incontinence
These Assurance disposable wipes are pre-moistened. I use them in the bathroom to 'clean up'. I also use them on my face. Great for traveling long distance on the road or camping for wiping away dirt from the face and cleaning the skin when a shower/bath
Claudia Review from
August 29, 2021
Listen up People, lol!
These ARE the best wipes EVER! As someone who is bedridden I've tried them ALL and none compare to these and a nod out to the reviewer who said to store them upside down that is SO true. I discovered that early on so definitely store them that way and the
TRP Review from
April 10, 2021
Comfortable and confident
These are large and absorbent. They are significantly larger than other brands and we have never had an issue of leakage through the pad. They provide confidence the bedding, mattress. chair is protected and yet do not make any weird plastic sounds for th
socalMelanie Review from
November 27, 2021
I like these!!
The cap is so much better than a flip top! You can open one handed. These wipes are large and sturdy. Great for whole body cleansing although you’ll probably need a couple. The only downside is that they smell like baby powder, but the scent does fade and
Adrienne Review from
July 3, 2021
The BEST product ever! LOVE THEM!
OMG. These are THE BEST wipes EVER. They are thick, strong, gentle and NOT strongly scented at all but down EXEL at cleaning both regular everyday messes. I use them for myself and for my 7 year olds feet at bedtime as she refuses to wear socks during the
Lisa Review from
September 12, 2021
New "baby poo yellow" packaging...really???
The product is great for taking off makeup, quick wipe-offs when outside sweating, and of course hygiene. But when the package color changed I thought....the color blue made you think water, pure, and clean. The new 'baby poo yellow' packing is the colo
B1barbi Review from
July 8, 2021
A real help!
These wipes are sturdy, and don't stretch out like some others. They will handle big jobs with great results. They can be used in just about any way a regular wash cloth can be, but these can be discarded. Great for a quick face wash and refreshing for ho
JUAN Review from
July 9, 2020
Best find ever
These disposable "wash clothes" are awesome. A friend put me on to them. We are campers and we purchased them to take camping for quick freshen ups when needed. Great size and they leave you feeling refreshed and clean Wonderful for traveling and for at h
Kelli Review from
November 16, 2021
I was very surprised by the quality.
These wipes are a great size and thicker than most I have purchased. The package has a convenient easy open lid and they dispense very nicely. I have been trying out many brands and these are by far the best. These are much nicer than even some of the ver
faithfulkat Review from
July 16, 2020
This washcloth comes in great handy!!
These are great wipes for those who are transitioning from baby wipes to bigger adult wipes. my son has autism/ non verbal and not fully potty trained. this is a big wipe/wash cloth and it helps to wipe everything in one shot! i don't need to keep grabbin
mary Review from
August 10, 2020
These wipes/wash clothes I just fantastic! Are used to take these up at a certain CVS,And one time they were out of them and my husband and take me to Walmart so I said let’s try theseif she does not like them will keep them, and you can take me back to C
Jacquie Review from
March 3, 2021
These wipes are a God send.
I love these xl wipes. I have a GI problem and net know when I will be defacating. If it weren't for the extra cleaning with these wipes I would be in an awkward position. The are comfortably soft and have the addition of aloe. I never want to go back to
viola Review from
October 11, 2021
Dimensions change on XL 12x8 inch? 9X7X7?
Two weeks ago ordered these, description said they are XL with dimensions being 12 in X 8 in. Liked so much decided to order more right away...but...if u look up the XL 3 packages value pack of 144, it is now showing much smaller dimensions of 9 X 7 X 7..
Lynnette Review from
October 26, 2020
The best wipes for my elderly Mom.
Love these wipes! I'm a caregiver for my Mom and I have to constantly use these on her and the standard size ones that I was using was a pain because of how small they are. Someone suggested these and I have never looked back. The size is perfect! They do
Karen Review from
November 14, 2020
Ok wish they were unscented.
Bought these for Covid to add Alcohol to for cleaning things but they are scented and i am not fond of the smell so if i am using them to wipe items down they don’t work. Unscented would be better. Using unscented Huggies instead. Bought these because the
Sarah Review from
June 27, 2021
Moist and durable cloths
These and Mckesson are my absolute favorite body cleaning wipes. They stay wet and I leave the pack open the entire time. I don't know how they do it, it's like some miracle of science but they do. The last one is as wet as the first. The cloths are thick
Di Review from
September 6, 2020
These wipes are the best!
Love these wipes for my almost bed ridden Mom. Her bowls only move at night so every morning is a clean up job. These are large, they pop up and they're made in the USA. I've tried them to make sure there are no harsh chemicals that might burn in delicate
littleauggie Review from
December 27, 2020
great wipes
Normal wipes are too small for adults. I use these daily. You can use them folded for several wipes at a time. They never tear and the amount of moisture is just right. They are not flushable because of their strength and size. Also great for general wash
Lorraine Review from
January 17, 2021
One and done!
The size and thickness of these wipes is perfect. Rather than using 4 smaller wipes, this is big enough to fold over for multiple wipes. The wipes are soft and nonirritating. Not over-moistened. They're a lot better value than using multiple small wipes.
Timothy Review from
April 28, 2021
Washcloths that will simplify your life!
These washcloths are very useful for a retiree who doesn't spend a lot of time working up a sweat! Since I retired, my activities have diminished (on purpose!), and I don't get out as much as I once did. I find that these washcloths help me stay presentab
Betty Review from
August 28, 2021
Love these disposable washcloths..
Love these disposable washcloths. Great for taking off makeup.. great for finger towels when eating BBQ!!! Endless uses..a a great value! I absolutely love these! Always keep these on hand..
bikerbbbarbie Review from
June 27, 2020
Love These Wipes
very big, but thin, so you don't waste them. These are great to use for even those without continence issues. They can be used for both personal wipe, or even if you just want to freshen up. I have used these for a long time with my bowel issues when I us
SlimNTrim40 Review from
January 6, 2021
Best Wipes for Adults
Since we adults will and do have bathroom issues. These are the best for a good clean up after using the bathroom. They are thicker and larger than regular wipes. It is very important for us whom have bathroom protection from messes that can and do happen
Somebodypoor Review from
April 8, 2021
I'm so glad I found these.
My mother buys these for my elderly grandmother, she introduced me to them. I love them, wish the scent was different, but it's absolutely no big deal. Anyways they are more than enough, big in size, about like a size 8 in shoe? Width is great too, if I w
Terri Review from
February 9, 2021
I take care of my husband who is disabled and can't take care of himself. Since I am in a wheelchair also and someone else bathes him, there is still some things I have to do for him as well. I can't stand anymore than 5 mins. without severe pain. The Adu
celiaw Review from
August 21, 2021
Perfect large washcloths for all your personal needs! There is a stretch without ripping to these that makes them useful for hard to reach spots. Also if you are providing care to a person that is older or disabled these are gentle on the skin and useful!
PattiJ Review from
January 4, 2021
Definitely a premium product.
These are fantastic. They have a pleasant fragrance when using them but it doesn't irritate your skin. Much better than ordinary wipes that can sometimes leave behind lint, etc. plus because of the size you don't have to use more than one. Great value too
Heidi Review from
November 5, 2021
They Work Very Well
If you have difficulty showering on a daily basis, as my husband and I do, or if you have any other reason for needing to clean up between showers, give these a try. They are much larger than baby wipes, the scent isn't over-powering, and they don't leave
JSpice Review from
May 2, 2021
Large and moist
Works really well. I’ve been using these on my mom who is bed ridden and non ambulatory for almost 2 years with no issues. Just a FYI to those who complain about the wipes being dry, store the package upside down. The liquid naturally settles to the botto
Sara Review from
February 22, 2017
Perfect for post-surgical patients & more
I've just had knee surgery and in my pre–surgical planning, I bought these Assurance Premium Wash Cloths, extra large, 144 count. I was surprised at how large they were. Not only that but they are also much, much thicker than the average baby wipe type t
lindab Review from
April 6, 2020
If you have bleach, great sanitizer substitute.
Large size. Could not obtain 'sanitizing' wipes anywhere, and these have been working perfectly. Every day I make a batch of bleach and water to keep next to my kitchen sink with one of these cloths soaking in the solution. The wipes are very durable and
Marrty Review from
January 15, 2021
Great Adult Wipes!
these wipes are amazing for anyone that can't bath. My sister broke her arm and in between showers I got her these. She loved them! So I bought them! Great value and handy to have around for adult wet ones! Not just for bathroom use!
orange1 Review from
August 10, 2020
Great product keep clean bigger than wipes
these are great disposable washcloths they are much bigger than a baby wipe great to keep in bath to help keep extra clean when tp just isn't enough. also great to have for elderly to help wash them and doesn't irritate the skin, also great for camping or
WILLIETTE Review from
June 14, 2021
Great product
These things are a game changer. Did not know they existed until I had surgery. Now when I need a quick freshening up, I just grab a couple of these wipes and off I go. These are the greatest. I cannot keep my children and grandchildren out of mine.
sharon Review from
May 31, 2021
Best wipes out there!
These are THE BEST new item I have found. They can keep you clean without actually "washing up". Nice fragrance but not overwhelming. Great to have in the warm months as they can instantly refresh and cool. Would highly recommend for all ages!!
Jacqueline Review from
March 9, 2021
Used these before. Like the size and convenience to supplement my personal hygiene between bathing. Just need to remember NOT to flush as they plugged up my sewer line when I did flush them. Costly error (even though the packaging says they are flushable)
RC Review from
April 15, 2021
I started using these to help care for my father. I have kept buying these wipes for my family and me. Great for trips. Great for emergencies. Great for quick pet baths. Great price. Try them and you'll be hooked.
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