About María Laura Márquez

María Laura Márquez, general doctor graduated from The University of Oriente in 2018, Venezuela.

My interests in the world of medicine and science, are focused on surgery and its breakthroughs. Nowadays I practice my profession as a resident doctor at Hospital de Clinicas Caroní in Venezuela treating patients with diverse afflictions.

I have been writing creative content for blogs, websites and guides since 2014, while studying medicine. Today I have merged my two passions, Medicine and Writing.

My participation in writing projects has been defined by subjects of digital marketing, technology and (mostly) psychology.

María Laura Márquez has written 18 posts on Ostomy Blog

What is an Incisional Hernia

Find out more about incisional hernias, which develop as a result of your ostomy surgery, and consist in part of the intestine lodging inside the incision.

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Exercises with an Ostomy

Exercising with an ostomy is probably easier than you think. Learn all about the disciplines and sports that you may practice with a stoma and start today.

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Drainable Ostomy Systems

Find out more about the drainable ostomy system, a type of pouch that can be reused because it has a feature to drain the accumulated discharge in the pouch

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Colostomy Irrigation

Find out more about colostomy irrigation, a way for some colostomy patients to evacuate stool by means of a water enema performed through the stoma.

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Beneficial Fiber for Crohns Disease Patients

Fiber helps and benefits Crohn’s Disease patients, but some of them find it difficult to digest and sometimes it worsens their symptoms. Find out more here.

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Each patient has unique needs, so the selection of supplements for the care of your colostomy is essential. Learn to choose the best colostomy bag here.

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Depression and The New Ostomate

It is not easy for an ostomate to face the new lifestyle changes coming after the ostomy surgery. Find out how to cope with post-surgical depression here.

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Closed Ostomy Systems

A closed ostomy system is one of the types of ostomy pouches available to patients. Find out more about them here.

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Cut-to Fit Ostomy Systems

Learn more about cut to fit ostomy systems, mainly used where the stoma is irregular. It means cutting an opening on the flange that fits around your stoma.

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