Depression and The New Ostomate

Depression and The New Ostomate

It is never easy for an ostomate to face the new situation and lifestyle changes they have to confront after the surgery. They all of a sudden realize that they are not content anymore, and many fears and insecurities start to show up for them. Leaking risks, and not being sure how to have a healthy life as they did before, after having a stoma bag. There’s also stress during the day and night time and not knowing if a leakage accident may occur or on what side they should sleep to avoid bag pressure. And so many new situations they did not have to think about before. It usually makes the new ostomates very insecure, depressed and isolated.

Having professional mental health guidance and education is necessary and vital for the new ostomates. Listening to other ostomates’ experiences and being educated on how they can cope with their unique situation is crucial for them to confront and deal with a more relaxed everyday lifestyle.

Mostly for new ostomates but every once in a while or every two to three months psychological help is valuable for any stoma patient because they might face new challenges and lifestyle situations they did not have to face before and don’t know how to feel free or secure to do so now. Like going to the beach or visiting an amusement park or playing sports. These are not new situations but become new soon after they have had their colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, not knowing how they can do prior normal activities after having the surgery can make these patients very depressed. Receiving professional and experienced help, education, and guidance will help prevent more extended depression periods that can even turn suicidal in some cases.

Professional education from the nurses at hospital sites and psychological help, to begin with, is vital for any ostomate. To guide them through and after the process to give them confidence and let them know that is will be just a matter of time for them to be able to feel free and relaxed and used to their new lifestyle.

It is imperative for them to listen to other ostomates who have had the surgery and have been using the ostomy bag for a long time, they can give them significant life experiences and tips on how to deal with daily situations.

Regardless if they had recent surgery or have been an ostomate for months or years, psychological and mental support from a specialist, family or ostomates groups is always beneficial and needed.

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