How Can Exercising Help Ostomy Patients

How Can Exercising Help Ostomy Patients?

Exercising is beneficial for everyone, and also crucial for people who have undergone ostomy. Once a patient has recovered their strength after an ostomy procedure and it is certain that it can be safe for them, health professionals recommend ostomates to enjoy physical activities as they did before the surgery.

Before any exercise or activity, patients need to check with their doctor to be sure that they will have no complications that could compromise their post-surgery recovery.

For ostomy patients, one of the most significant benefits of exercising is that it will help them feel good. They will enjoy learning that they can exercise and maintain regular activity levels for physical and psychological improvements in their lives.

Cardiovascular exercise is a great place to start for ostomates.

Regular walking or pole walking

Pole walking or Nordic Walking is an excellent exercise for stoma patients because walkers use their entire body. Also, more benefits in muscular strength are gained in a shorter period.

10 Benefits of Exercise for Ostomy Patients:

    • Maintains a healthy weight

    • Prevents muscular atrophy and promotes muscle strength.

    • Improves blood circulation

    • Enhances concentration

    • Promotes flexibility and balance.

    • Improves body shape and posture

    • Increases energy.

    • Enables faster recovery

    • Boosts Self-confidence

    • Encourages outdoor activities

Exercising will always play a very important role health-wise for everyone with or without an ostomy, whether the patient is young or old. Patients usually gain weight after an ostomy procedure and that extra weight can lead to obesity in some cases. This can cause difficulties for the proper adherence of some skin barriers/wafers due to creases in the skin from fatty tissue, especially sitting down when these creases become more pronounced. As a result, leakage can occur, giving rise to skin problems which may lead to emergency room visits or complications.

Even a modest exercise will help:

    • Ease any abdominal pain, bloating or frequent constipation.

    • Regain energy after radiation-related fatigue.

    • Manage day to day or medical-related stress.

    • Prevent falls in elders by improving their balance and flexibility.

Here are considerations for stoma patients with co-occurring diseases (comorbidities).

Most common problems among the elderly are falls and constipation. An elder person with a descendent colostomy has a high-risk potential to become constipated.

The leading cause of disability in people over 65 is osteoarthritis, and most patients with a colostomy fit that 65-year-old group of people. That is why many patients over the age of 65 may suffer from constipation or arthritis or a combination of both.

Bicycle Riding and Swimming are also great cardiovascular exercises for ostomy patients.

Ostomates can enjoy beautiful days at the pool, the beach and have all the fun and pleasantries of being in the water. All they need to do is choose the right products. There are many new products available today that can be used to feel and be more comfortable with these kinds of sports practices. The following are available in our catalog:

Using these products can give ostomy patients total confidence for swimming and doing water sports.

Proper preparation and hygiene before any exercise are essential for colostomy patients.

    • Make sure the pouch system is empty and well placed.

    • Use waterproof tape for better security to avoid any leakage due to sweat.

Nowadays, there are many amazingly comfortable and ideal options for pouching systems. Patients have more choices than they used to.

 Now they can find new lightweight and flexible options:

    • One- or two-piece

    • Closed-end mini pouches

    • One-piece flexible closed-end or drainable pouches

    • Two-piece closed-end pouches with stick-on couplings.

It is vital and imperative for patients to use common sense after a colostomy. That’s why you need to follow this advice:

    • No heavy lifting weeks after the surgery because it may cause a hernia. Besides, muscles are weaker and need the proper time to heal unless the surgery was done.

    • This will give the muscles a quicker healing time.

    • Avoid abdominal exercise for a while before returning to the gym.

    • Start gradually and slowly ONLY after the doctor’s advice

    • Begin a safe exercise regime with a professional.

Remember, ostomy patients can return to their usual sports gradually as long as their doctor provides approval. A few examples would be walking, running, biking, golfing, snorkeling, hiking, yoga, some contact sports and much more.

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