How Can I Get the Best of Stoma Collars

How Can I Get the Best of Stoma Collars?

Stoma collars are items some ostomates use to avoid stoma leakage. They are placed between the patient´s skin and his/her stoma forming a collar around the stoma. The main function is to provide a barrier which avoids stoma output from coming out and getting in contact with patient skin.

One of their characteristics is that their size must take into consideration the size of the patient‘s stoma, otherwise, they cannot do their job properly and liquid will get below patient’s wafers. If they are detached, an efflux will be inevitable. If they are pressed against the stoma, there will be a blockage.

For some patients, stoma collars will not be useful. Patients whose stool is too thick, for instance, do not get any benefits from using them simply due to the nature of the device and how it is attatched.

Stoma collars can be placed directly in contact with the patient skin before the wafer is put on or they can be placed on top of the patient´s wafer. Both of these techniques will be adequate. They easily come out when the wafer is discarded.

This item can help shape the stoma allowing it to aim directly into the bag which will avoid leakage. They are usually made of soft and flexible material like polyurethane that allows the patient to be comfortable during movement while maintaining a normal routine life.

The top commercial brand is hold by Salts Healthcare with a product called DERMACOL.

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