How Much Do Ostomy Bags Cost

How Much Do Ostomy Bags Cost?

You will be having an ostomy soon and you are wondering about the economic impact that this may represent on your budget, especially if you are non-insured or under-insured. You may have questions like: How much do ostomy bags cost? What are the most important criteria when choosing an ostomy bag? What is the average bag price difference for most popular brands? Where can I find ostomy bags for sale?  Where can I get ostomy bags for infants at affordable prices?

When you have a new ostomy, you are sometimes provided with free pouch samples for you to decide what pouching system and manufacturer suits you best. Once this stage is over, you will be purchasing bags, wafers, and accessories on your own. If you are insured and you haven´t run out of your annual coverage limit, you have no concern. However, that is not usually the case for most under budget patients.

  • How much do ostomy bags cost?

It has been estimated that purchasing regular pouching systems for an ostomy (not taking into account running into unforeseeable events) could cost an American patient something in the order of eight hundred dollars per year. For some insured ostomates, their health insurance coverage will allow them to have enough ostomy supplies and even get the extra accessories that usually provide more freedom. The problem arises when people have very limited insurance coverage or even worse, for those who are non-insured.

Another way of looking at this issue is through online shopping. Some people find  that purchasing online products offer considerable savings compared to buying at retail shops. They feel less dependency and can shop without the constraints and hassle of the selling merchant. In doing so, they are able to check bag price differences between the most popular brands in the comfort of their homes.

For instance, you can buy online a box of 5, 10, 20 or 30 pouches at one time, but this often depends on the budget you may have. Your bag changing time routine is important too, and it entirely affects how much you will be spending on a given period!

  • What are the most important criteria when choosing an ostomy bag?

Choosing an ostomy bag and the accessories you are going to be using for your stoma depends on many things: personal preferences, kind of job you have, outdoor activities such as performing heavy sports, ostomy surgery (whether you have a colostomy, an ileostomy or an urostomy) and, most importantly, it depends on the availability of financial resources, one of them being a good health insurance coverage. This last element often impacts the lifestyle you will have after an ostomy.

  • What is the average bag price difference for most popular brands?

There are many types of ostomy bags: drainable or closed ends, one or two-piece systems, transparent or opaque, flat or convex, pre-cut or cut-to-fit, moldable, mini, and so on. They all have different prices and come in different presentations.

The site can be used to sample and get an idea of current bag price difference. is a leading online site for sales of discounted ostomy supplies in the United States. Since 2010, Stomabags sells quality ostomy items from popular brands at affordable prices. You can usually find a wide range of ostomy bags for sale, ostomy bags for adults and ostomy bags for infants at affordable prices.

Searching ostomy bag price for popular brands such as Hollister, Coloplast and ConvaTec give the following outcome: drainable pouches, sold by a box of 10 units can range between $20 and $24, depending on the brand. More elaborate systems with aggregates and extended wear, for instance, can reach as high as $40. Prices rise for more structured and complex systems (with filters, covers and/or more attachments).

In conclusion, since there are many types of pouching systems and many manufacturers (brands), the price will depend upon what you are searching for and what suits best your specific needs!

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