How to empty your pouch

How to Empty Your Pouch

Useful Tips for Ostomates

Having a heavy pouch filled with stool is very uncomfortable, and it can be very risky leakage wise, and it can also be painful because it will pull your skin down. Even though emptying your pouch becomes an everyday duty you will always find new tips to make it easier, faster, cleaner and safer.

Remember you can keep up with a healthy social life just like the one you used to have. All you have to do is follow and keep some valuable tips in hand.

Useful Tips

    • Put some toilet paper inside the toilet before you empty your bag to prevent any unwanted splashes.

    • If the stool is too thick, add some water and move your pouch a little to soften the stool and make it easier to empty.

    • Use thick toilet paper at home, because if you use delicate thin ones, you will have to use more to get the job done.

    • Carry a hand sanitizer or wet wipes with you to clean your hands after you use water and soap, or just in case there is no soap available at the time.

When to Empty Your Pouch?

You always have to be precautious and careful because you don’t want to have any leakage inconvenience in or out of your house.

Make sure you empty your pouch when it is 1/3, max 1/2 full.

How to Empty Your Pouch

Sitting or Standing

    • Press and push the outtake down a little towards the bottom of the bag, then fold the pouch slowly towards the bottom.

    • Remove the clamp to open the bag and face that end into the toilet, between your legs if sitting down.

    • Press and push all the stool carefully out of the bag and into the toilet.

Remember to put toilet paper in the toilet before you pour the content to prevent any splash.

    • If the stool is too thick, have a bottle of water in hand to pour a little into the bag to help loosen the stool and make it easier to empty.

    • Use your hand to control how much of it comes out, not letting it wide open at once and provoke some unwanted splashing.

    • When you finish pouring all the outcome into the toilet, clean the tip with toilet paper or wet wipes.

    • If you only have toilet paper, you can use some water to clean it thoroughly.

    • Unfold the bag, stretch it a little and close the end back.

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