How to Prevent Dehydration

How to Prevent Dehydration

Tips to Stay Hydrated

We have water inside our cells, vessels and all those spaces between our cells and vessels. Most of our body weight is water.

Our whole body is 75% water (H2O), and with daily common and usual body functions we lose a considerable amount of it. It happens with us not being aware of it, most of the time unnoticed by us, not realizing how important this is and how important water and being hydrated is for our bodies, for us, and for our health.

We need water for our organs and body to work correctly, to stay hydrated and be healthy.

When do we lose water?

We lose water with just simple common daily body functions:

  • With Transpiration. After any exercise, a simple walk or only by being able to move.

  • When we have bowel movements, and our body gets rid of the stool to clean our digestive system.

  • When we urinate

  • When we sweat to regulate our body temperature and cool our body, and vice versa

  • When we breathe, and humidified air leaves our body

We lose water with daily routines, body functions, and everyday activities, and our water levels are always changing.

And when the amount of water we lose is more than the amount of water we take in, that is when dehydration occurs.

That is why we must drink water every day, at least 1.5 or 2 liters of water per day, to be able to recover the amount of water that has left our body.

How to prevent dehydration

Here are some handy tips that will help you stay hydrated

  • Take more water with you. If you have outdoor activities, are going to practice any sport or are just going to walk outside, always bring extra water to replace the water you will lose.

  • Avoid outdoors exercise or long walks outside when it is too hot. High temperatures will increase the loss of body fluids.

  • Check the weather online or listen to weather forecasts before you make any outdoors plan.

  • Do not force your body. If you’ll be exposed to hot weather, bring enough water with you and take a few minutes to sit down during your walks to cool down, hydrate and keep on without forcing your body.

  • Make sure that elders and children drink enough liquids or water. We all have to help children and older adults and be sure they are drinking plenty of fluids to stay healthy and hydrated. Not only when they are exposed to hot temperatures, but we also have to encourage them to drink every day to assure proper organs and body functions.

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