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Odor Control for Ostomy Bags

How to Prevent Odor

Having an ostomy takes a matter of time to get used to and to find out about new important odor prevention tips. It is necessary to have support from a specialist and to seek groups who give professional and self-experience advice that will help you along the way.

Being worried about stool emptying and odor may keep you away from social gatherings, family visits or leaving your house. But you need to keep up with a few new lifestyle changes and products in hand that will help you feel confident and relaxed about leaving your home and recovering activities and going places you used to visit before.

Ostomy Odor Control Kit:

Here are some practical options for odor control and prevention you can use and carry anywhere you go, and to not worry about bag emptying odors outside your home.

    • Odor control chewable tablets. Chewable remedy that helps get rid of odor from flatulence and stool. You can try these tablets that have been proven to be very useful.

        • You can take three a day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • A small air freshener spray bottle. To use if visiting a friend’s house or at any social reunion place.

    • Small bottle with water to rinse your pouch after you empty it. This will help keep your pouch cleaner and prevent stool odor accumulation. You can also refill your bottle at any restroom and have it ready for next time you need to rinse your pouch.

There are different opinions about cleaning your bag with water or toilet paper after emptying it, because some people may experience new bowel movements right after rinsing it.

It is a very personal decision, but keeping your pouch clean will always make you feel better, and it will lessen odor accumulation when emptying it. That is why many people like to rinse their bag after draining.

    • Use an absorbent gel. You can put some inside your bag before you leave home and after emptying it, and this will form a gel substance that will balance the stool weight inside the bag, making it easier to unload when needed and help prevent odor.

    • Odor elimination drops you can put a drop inside your bag when you change and empty your pouch. You can use from 10 to 12 droplets.

    • Peppermint oil drops you can add inside your bag, and it will help prevent the smell. Add from 6 to 10 drops after you empty and change.

    • Common non-alcohol mouthwash

    • Hydrogen peroxide solution

    • Drops that can be poured into the toilet before you empty your bag that help prevent and reduce the odor. You can have one at home and keep another one in your purse or pocket.

    • You can also find pouches with filters that help control and prevent odor.

All these options available will help you feel less mortified when leaving your house, knowing you will have to visit restrooms at social gatherings or friends’ homes, but you will feel more secure knowing you carry odor prevention and control products.

It is necessary to know that keeping a healthy foods diet will help control your bowel movements and evacuation. Proper food and drink intake will also help prevent bag cleaning odors.

There are groups available that offer precise information and support about something you might have thought about but was ashamed to ask.

Remember you are not the only one with an ostomy and there is a lot of information online that will help you clear any doubts. Feel free to ask and write about your own experience because that way you will be able to learn and help someone else too.

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