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One Piece Ostomy Bags

One Piece Ostomy Bags

One piece ostomy bags are one of two options available after a colon or bladder diversion surgery -the other are two-piece bags. A nurse specialized in wound and stoma care is usually available to teach the patient about the types of collection pouches and the one ideal for them. This can either be a closed or drainable bag.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages but its use is determined by the patient’s specific needs and nature of discharge.

More about one piece bags

The main difference between this bag and the two-piece type is that the pouch and the adhesive part that surrounds the stoma are one piece that cannot be separated. This means that, when the bag comes off or is removed, the whole system is detached and the stoma is left exposed. This system has some advantages as discussed below.

  • It is less visible under the clothes. This is important for patients who prefer tight fitting clothes.
  • It gives patients greater confidence because there is no chance of pouch-flange detachment.
  • It may hold better on scarred or flabby skin.
  • It is more economical since the parts are not purchased separately. This can be a significant factor with permanent ostomies.
  • It is easier for patients with dexterity problems as it has less parts to deal with and it’s easier to empty and change.
  • It facilitates health professional’s job of training users on how to place, remove and care for the pouch.
  • It is the better alternative for patients looking for simplicity.
  • It is preferred in cases of swelling abdomens because its inherent flexibility enables better adhesion in turn preventing leakages.

Disadvantages of the one piece ostomy bag

  • Changing the bag frequently may cause skin irritation, inflammation, sores and skin infection.
  • Changing the bag takes longer because the whole system has to be removed. The adhesive plate has to be positioned accurately each time to avoid accidental leakage. This can be unsettling to the patient when traveling or using public toilets.

Frequently changing the bag also means using skin barrier pastes and other accessories such as adhesive removers and tapes more often.  These chemicals lead to an increased risk of skin irritation. A natural way to prevent irritations is using medical grade Manuka honey on the adhesive plate base of the one piece ostomy bags. The honey has anti-bacterial and healthy skin promoting effects. It helps to reduce chances of skin irritation, inflammation and infection.

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