Ostomy Glossary: Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy Information (D)

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Ostomy Glossary

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Double Barrel Stoma

It refers to two independent stomas brought out through the abdominal wall, and placed each in a separate ostomy. The ostomies might be adjacent to one another or distanced by inches. One of the stomas is the proximal stoma and acts as the outlet to dispose waste. The other stoma is the distal stoma and allows mucous discharge. Two ostomy bags are required with a double barrel stoma.

Drainable Ostomy Bag

It is a bag or pouch that has an opening to allow emptying of waste. It comes with a variety of closures: clamp, velcro, press and seal. This type of pouch is more suitable for coping with a liquid output. It does not require changing as often as a closed pouch, as a result fewer pouches are used. Drainable pouches/bags are useful if you have an upset stomach which results in loose stools. This pouch is easily emptied prior to disposal. Careful cleaning of the outlet is required, the clip or fastening can be uncomfortable.


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