Ostomy Glossary: Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy Information (O)

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Ostomy Glossary

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Ostomy Appliance

Refers to ostomy supplies or an ostomy bag system. Ostomy patients depend on them to re-engage their normal routines.

Ostomy Bag

Also called ostomy pouch or ostomy appliance, the Ostomy Bag is an hypoallergenic receptacle that affixes to an ostomy patient’s abdomen to collect stool or urine. They are used after a permanent or temporary ostomy diversion surgery. More about ostomy bags.

Ostomy Diversion Surgery

A surgery that diverts body waste evacuation through an ostomy. The diversion is made from the portion of intestine that remains after an ostomy surgery. When it is an ileostomy or a colostomy, the diversion is stool coming from the intestinal (G.I.) tract. When it is an urostomy, it is urine coming from the urinary tract. An ostomy bag is always required to evacuate after a diversion surgery.

Ostomy Nurse

A nurse with knowledge of ostomy care. One of the critical persons to see before a hospital discharge. She can provide valuable information regarding ostomy care and ostomy bag handling. See Enterostomal Therapy Nurse.

Ostomy Surgery

A surgical procedure creating an opening between the urinary or GI tract and the the peristomal skin (the abdominal surface). The ostomy is part of a diversion surgery where passage of stool (ileostomy or colostomy) or urine (urostomy) is diverted through the ostomy. Subsequent to the ostomy surgery, the patient must constantly use an ostomy bag, ostomy cap, or drainage system. An ostomy surgery might be temporary or permanent.

One piece ostomy bag

Also referred as one piece ostomy pouch, it is a bag that comes with the skin barrier attached. There are open and closed ostomy bag systems. The open one allows emptying without discarding the bag whereas the closed system is one use. They are available pre-cut and cut-to-fit.

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