Ostomy Glossary: Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy Information (S)

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Ostomy Glossary

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A muscle surrounding the anus that controls intestinal continent function.


The narrowing or contracting of the stoma occurring at the skin or fascia impairing the drainage of effluent.


From the Greek word ‘mouth’ surgical opening for drainage of effluent.

Stoma Cap

It is like a circular lid that is placed over the colostomy. It is an alternative available to colostomy patients who regulate waste through irrigation. They are the most discreet option available for an ostomy patient.

Stomal Siting

Pre-Operative selection of the ideal location on the abdomen for a stoma prior to surgery by a trained health-care professional, usually ETN or surgeon to help prevent future stoma complications and pouching problems.

Stomal Therapy Nurse

Please see: Enterostomal Therapy Nurse.

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