Ostomy Glossary: Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy Information (V)

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It occurs when the intestine twists around itself potentially leading to blockages, strangulation, and necrosis. Symptoms are excruciating pain, fever and vomiting. A volvulus may occur anywhere in the G.I. tract but is most common in the midgut section which includes a portion of distal jejunum, the ileum, and proximal colon (cecum and ascending colon). Delayed midgut volvulus detection is fatal. Volvulus treatment includes retrieving food (or stool depending on where in the GI tract is the occurrence), suctioning air, switching to IV feeding, and pain medication. Most volvulus cases call for a colectomy or a small bowel resection. Based on the size of the excision and the patient’s condition, a permanent ostomy and dependency on ostomy bags for stool disposal could turn out being the only feasible option.

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