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Ostomy Recipes

    Ostomy patients must maintain a well balanced diet including vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, fish, poultry, legumes, cereals, bread, and liquids. Learn to see how you react to different foods, and eventually exclude some from your diet. Your objective is to avoid stoma blockages and reduce odors, gases, constipation, and diarrhea. The recipes below might help you with some ideas. Enjoy and chew, always chew.


Anise Tea


    Anise is an annual herb that is about 50 cm high and are subject to ground through a fusiform root. The round stem branches at the top…read more

Hearty Vegetable Soup

    For Colostomy and Urostomy Patients to Prevent Constipation. As much as possible we would like to prevent hard stools that can cause blockage in stomas. When we have hard stool that is hard to pass… read more

Chop Suey / Asian

    Fiber-rich Recipe to Help Ostomates Prevent Watery Stool
Watery stool can be a nasty business because it can be quite messy to clean up. In order to have stool that is well formed, ostomates need… read more

Young Green Peas, Carrots and Beetroot Salad in Light Sesame Soy Dressing

    Tummy Friendly Recipe for Preventing Diarrhea for Ostomates. The key to preventing diarrhea is to eat food that is low in fiber. Fiber, while good for the body, may also cause digestive track irritations… read more

Grilled Baby Tomatoes, Bacon and Fresh Basil Pasta

    A No-blockage Pasta Dish for Ostomates. As much as possible, ostomates should steer clear of foods that can cause blockage. Foods that cause blockage are those that are too… read more

Orzo in Butternut Squash, Sage and Rosemary

    Everyday Ostomy Friendly Recipe. Sometimes a dish does not serve any particular special purpose for an ostomate, it simply tastes good! This recipe will cause no… read more

Peanut Butter Turkey Burgers

    Ileostomates experiencing mild diarrhea. The cranberry sauce is to counter odor producing ingredients.
read more

Sauteed Baby Potatoes, Bacon and Mushrooms

    Recipe for Ostomy Patients: Boosting Potassium and Sodium Intake. Ostomy patients a higher likelihood of losing potassium and sodium that those with normally functioning digestive systems. Potassium is beneficial to the… read more

Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom Gravy

    Lean Meat Recipe for Boosting Potassium and Sodium Intake. Ostomy patients are at risk of lower than usual potassium levels known as hypokalemia. Potassium… read more