Ostomy Stoma

A stoma and ostomy are related but are not the same. They are mistakenly considered synonyms. A stoma is an aperture or hole linking our bodies with the exterior. The stoma can be a natural or a surgical outcome. When it is due to the latter, the medical nomenclature used to identify it ends with the word ostomy. The part of the body utilized to create the stoma precedes the word ostomy.

Natural and Surgical Stoma

Examples of a naturally occurring stoma are the mouth and anus. Instances of a surgically created stoma are a colostomy (colon), an ileostomy (ileum), an urostomy (ureter), and a tracheostomy (trachea). A surgical stoma can result from any tube or container like organ such as the kidneys, the esophagus, the stomach and any part of the gastrointestinal tract. The term ostomy stoma does not denote any specific type of stoma. It is used to refer to a stoma done artificially or surgically.

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