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Parastomal Hernia Belts and Sports

An ostomy support belt or a parastomal hernia belt is designed solely for ostomy patients. It may help you prevent or handle an already existing parastomal hernia.

Parastomal hernia belts provide excellent support and comfort. Before your ostomy, you had a natural belt in your abdominal muscles. However, ostomy surgery cuts through them and weakens them. An ostomy support belt complements the abdominal muscles. This attenuates intra-abdominal pressure, in turn aiding in avoiding parastomal hernias specially as a result of physical activity.

Do you need a hernia belt? Go back to the time after surgery. Remember when reaching for a glass of water was a task? The abdominal muscles play a role in most movements. Once your surgery wounds heal, you might overlook that memory. The fact remains though. As long as you are moving, your abdominal muscles are exerted. So whether you want to practice golf, bowling, sailing, or just walking, a belt is a good idea. It will never hurt, but it will always help. For any vigorous activity (aerobic or anaerobic) a parastomal hernia belt is recommended at all times.

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