When Do You Need to Use Stoma Paste

When Do You Need to Use Stoma Paste?

Sometimes, Ostomates have stoma leakage issues because their wafers do not completely adhere to a patient´s stoma. If this is the case for you, you might need to use stoma paste.

  • What is Stoma Paste?

A stoma paste is a product used to fill in rough skin surfaces, imperfections, scars or gaps around the stoma. This will help to form a more attachable wafer that in turn will prevent leakage of stoma contents. It is not an adhesive element but a sealing factor that allows for prevention of any undesired liquids coming out from the stoma.

  • What do you gain by using Stoma Paste?

The main benefit you will receive when using stoma paste is avoidance of liquid drainage from your stoma with the subsequently associated comfort and relieve particularly when you are outdoors. A good sealing of skin imperfections helps the stoma bag to do its job properly.

  • How can they be found on the market?

They are available on the market as squeezable cylinders/tubes or non-adhesive strips.

As usual, all instructions in the packages should be read and carefully followed.  When using stoma pastes, one important thing to know is that it can be directly applied to the patient´s wafer or in every external side of the patient´s stoma. On several occasions, when using the cylinder type, it has been found that more settling and drying time is needed, which is not the case for the strip paste.

  • Can Stoma Paste have any adverse effects?

When used, stoma paste should not be applied in excess. Applying too much of paste can transform a solution into a new problem.

Some cylinder´s pastes may contain alcohol, which can cause skin burning sensations to very sensitive patients, but not all commercial brands have alcohol in their products. Strips stoma pastes usually do not contain alcohol.

Another aspect to consider about using stoma paste is based on the fact that it can adversely affect useful wear time of a patient´s wafer and so consideration must be given if the patient really needs to use the product.

  • How do you use Stoma Paste?

Once you have decided to use stoma paste, you will only need to follow a few steps to apply it:

  • Wash skin around the stoma and carefully dry it leaving no moisture or residues of any kind. Any present moisture or residue will affect the process.
  • Place stoma paste directly in the external side of the stoma or in the wafer, whatever works better for your particular needs. Allow it to sit for one or two minutes so that it dries off completely.
  • If you are applying the paste to the wafer, place it as you normally do and press it against the abdomen for about one minute to make sure that the sealing process starts.
  • Stoma paste can be removed when the ostomy pouch is discarded. Once it is ready for removal, make sure to use warm water and a towel. Take off the paste smoothly and do not irritate the skin by executing too much pressure.

Each patient dealing with stoma leakage problems may also have different skin types that might predict the usefulness of the stoma paste. So, if you are currently having stoma leakage, ask your nurse or doctor if a stoma paste is appropriate for you!

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