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Carolon - 552-1 - Health Support Anti - Embolism Stockings with Inspection Toe(Anti-Embolism Stockings 18 Mmhg) – Long,Style: Below Knee Inspection Toe

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‌ E – Long Price
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Health Support Anti - Embolism Stockings with Inspection Toe(Anti-Embolism Stockings 18 Mmhg),Color: White,Size: E – Long,Style: Below Knee Inspection Toe
More Information
Manufacturer Carolon
Brand Health Support Anti-Embolism
Categories Anti Embolism, Below Knee, Compression Hosiery, Leg Pain, Open Toe, Size E, Condition, Compression Level, Fabric, Gender, Long, Moderate Compression (15-20 mmhg), Nylon, Size, Spandex, Style, Unisex
Code 552-1
Sold By Pair
Product Color White
Product Size E – Long
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 3.2 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Geoffrey K Review from
August 14, 2021
These stockings are reasonably priced and readily available in a variety of sizes. I have been using them since February 2021. They machine wash up reasonably well, and can be dried in the clothes dryer on a low setting. They can also be hand washed and hung up to dry overnight on a towel rack. My doctor doesnt want me using them overnight but theres have been days in a row when I have left these stockings on without any adverse effects. They are best pulled on or taken off using a pair of special donning gloves.. you can easily get 6 or more uses out of a pair of these stockings before they s
shastalore Review from
November 22, 2016
Works great, price is affordable!
But one thing doctors, as well as compression stocking retailers forget to mention is that a common, inexpensive water-soluble body adhesive is required for these knee-length and full-length stockings to stay in place, especially for active people. I feel it's a crime to omit such crucial information. Usually sold in 2-ounce bottles, the price for body adhesive will run about $ 4.00 a bottle for "Hold Up" brand, to about $ 8.00 to $ 20.00 a bottle for "Jobst It Stays" brand, so it pays to shop around on this. Each 2-ounce bottle lasts me for about a month, and greatly simplifies life. For the
MichalJan Review from
November 16, 2013
Does much to relieve my pain
I bought these stockings because I've been getting varicose veins, real bad, in just the last two years. Seems to have come from years of working at a computer. I was using ordinary knee-high stockings, which helped out with my lower legs. I got these things because of the pains and burning sensations in my thighs. And they do seem to help. Main drawback is that they will slip down if I do any walking. And, I do have to make occasional trips to the bathroom, when away from home, to pull them up. Black would have been preferable, especially for a man - white is the only color. But, the least ex
Review from
July 10, 2015
best price i could find for this exact
McKesson brand stocking. it provides some compression but not very much-- unless your legs are too large--- then they will be TIGHT and probably unsafe for long term wear. only available in white at this price-- but you can dye them with fabric dye. to most any color. USE WITH CARE as they will snag and ''run'' easily with rough pulling on -- put on with ease to make them last a bit longer. they easily get ''nubbies'' on the surface of fabric with machine wash--[ hand wash or soak is best and line dry-- not a hot dryer.]-- don't pick at them or try to shave them off or you just get ruined -hol
Gina Review from
January 3, 2017
Compression Hose
I am in my fourth month of pregnancy and on the advice of my doctor I purchased the anti embolism stockings. The relief they brought was immediate and immense; however it was short-lived. With little to no exertion the stockings would roll down. This is the second pair I purchased with the first being the extra large which fit horribly and did not last a day. It was my hope the large would offer a better grip at the thigh alas is was not to be. I would only recommend the stockings if they were for a person who be reclining with minimal movement. Count these as a bust.
Gadel Review from
February 14, 2012
Meet my expectations more
I was apprehensive when I first seen these stockings on the Walmart web site. When they came in today I was amazed that they were as soft and smooth a texture as the Kendall TED hose are. I put one on the leg of the leg I had surgery and they were comfortable to wear. The only thing I had a problem with is that the top of one of the pair I purchased was coming apart easily but I have not noticed that it was that way with the other stocking. I think this must have been an over sight on the manufacturer's part because I did not see this same problem on the other stocking. For the most part these
shinjiz Review from
October 10, 2014
Not hard to put on at all
I didn't buy the for any swelling problems. I did buy them because I have a couple of tiny clusters of spider veins. I just want to make sure they don't get any worse. I also noticed that one of the little clusters faded a little. All after only 3 wears. As I said - I just wanted to make sure they do not get worse. I was hoping for more compression around the ankle, but around the calf it's just fine. They aren't as good as the ones given in the hospitals (my mother gets new ones with each hospital stay) but worth the few dollars they cost. I recommend getting 2 pairs so you can switch out eve
Delight Review from
April 17, 2015
Better than I hoped for!
I bought one pair ( was disappointed that only one pair was included when the description says 12 - oh well) and I used them at work 5 days a week for over a year - that one pair! I washed them by hand every night and in the washing machine once a week. It wasn't until month 11 that they started to fall down as I was walking and I noticed a decrease in the compression. I plan to buy 5 pairs this time - but they are definitely worth the price! I am not sure what the ladies who gave low reviews did, but I only started noticing the inside band coming apart after about 10 months of almost daily we
Tiegra Review from
September 18, 2014
Awesome product, awesome price!
A few months ago I almost long my leg. I am diabetic and thankfully antibiotics helped me keep my leg. The Dr told me to wear compression stockings everyday. I looked around and these are by far the cheapest I have found. Before I found these I wound up spending $40 on a pair of another brand, and when I found some cheaper on a popular website for $13 I was thrilled. Then I found these and tried a pair. Then I bought 12 more pair of these. These stockings were a miracle find! ANYONE who needs compression stockings needs to get these! Also, I have very large legs, the xl size was perfect.
AHappyWalmartShopper Review from
June 16, 2016
Here is my story. Knee replacement surgery 5 weeks ago. Told to wear these for 6 -8 weeks post surgery. Rehab sent home wrong size. Went to Walgreens to buy. OMG!! There price was over $40.00. Just like what I had used in the Hospital. DA? I did not buy. Then I got on line and found this product. The reviews were good so I ordered. They were delivered free to store in 3 days. They are perfect and actually better quality than those that I used in the Hospital. My only suggestion to Walmart. Stock them!
Capegm Review from
August 10, 2013
Great price for short term
For the price I really didn't expect much and these served my purpose. I needed to wear these after surgery for ten days. I bought two pair and I just made the ten day mark. One stocking made it just one day and another two days before it had too many runs to be effective. With shipping I paid just under $20 and would do it again if in the same situation again. I have a football player's frame any everything I wear is XXL and long. My next price point was over $60.00, since this was a temporary thing they worked just fine. I think it you need to wear compression stockings for the long haul the
Smarsh Review from
February 22, 2015
Slide some, but extremely effective
So the first time I tried to put them on, I swear it took me 5 minutes... I figured it out after that though and it doesn't take nearly as long. I am pregnant and got these to fight varicose veins as one of mine had started popping out. It is so much better at the end of the day now! Because they are only thigh highs, they do slide down if you're moving around and getting up and down a lot as I do (I'm a teacher that has to go from room to room and am sometimes on the floor, sometimes walking around, sometimes sitting on a chair...). But they get the job done and I can fix them when I use the
KentuckyChris Review from
January 26, 2015
Fits calves 17 - 19" round
This are great compression socks; I was leery of buying the X-Large size thinking they would be too small, but they fit anyone with calves sizes from 17 - 19" around. The toe part is open, so you slip them on and then you put your socks on over them. They are not difficult to put on, especially if you have worn nylons in the past. I would recommend this product, plus the price is fantastic! I originally bought 5 pair, and was so impressed, I immediately ordered 5 more pair. I was them on delicate and hang to dry.
bgosl868 Review from
August 3, 2014
Embolism knee length stocking- x large
Theses went on very easy. The foot part is large/long. They were overall comfortable except in back of my knees where the band was a little snug. But then I have very heavy legs. They were the only stockings that did not roll down the entire day. This is a first for me, which also includes medical supply compression stockings. They definately kept my legs from hurting all day, where others did not help. I will buy these again.
vartf Review from
February 5, 2017
Thanks to shastalore
This is a great product and I've been buying it for my husband. The only problem is that by the middle of the work day, it used to start slipping down and had to be adjusted a few times during the day. Thanks to the great tip posted in the review by shastalore that issue is resolved. I don't generally write reviews but I felt I had to write this one to thank shastalore for the tip about body adhesive. Thanks again shastalore !
ljohn1999 Review from
June 15, 2012
These compression stockings feel good against the skin. They compress while feeling light weight, not thick material but yet durable. Being "medium" not sure what they mean by that, whether it is foot size or compression strength. As far as the calf the compression was fine, but wish there was more compression for the foot. This is not isolated to this brand for other brands from else where I had the same opinion (more compression on the foot) hence is where I need it most. Yes I would buy again, great price and great product! Some folks in their review said they had a problem with them stayin
Disappointed Review from
October 3, 2016
McKesson Anti Embolism Stocking from
About the only good thing about these stockings is that they are value priced. I purchased several pair in September 2016 due to recovery from heart surgery. I have found the sizing and overall quality control to be very inconsistent. If you have the need to use anti-embolism stockings long term, I would try a different brand and start with one pair for sizing, regardless of the labeled size.
SueS Review from
November 24, 2019
Dont waste your money on these. Youd be better off buying support pantyhose than these. They have 0 support, stretch way too much, and are not the least bit tight or supportive. Ive worn these less than 2 hours and they are saggy. Pantyhose cost less, so buy them instead.
Chelsie Review from
March 13, 2015
I just received my stockings in the mail today (with excellent delivery time, less than 2 days---go Walmart & FedEx!) and I have yet to put them on. They look of reasonable quality, well enough for me to use post- foot & ankle surgery, since the hospital ones I was sent home didn't even last me 3 weeks when I am supposed to wear them for 8. I figured the description was too good to be true, but I want to make sure that everyone is aware that although it says 12 stockings come in a box, you will only receive a baggie with 1 pair in it (so 2 total). So, if you have to wear them long-term and thi
TomO Review from
June 24, 2015
Good product and price; too short
They work well; but, the height was too short. Returned the rest and reordered the extra long. Price went up 3 times in less than a week. Still decent price on the reorder. There is bold black product info on the upper leg. If you're wearing shorts, you're advertising McKesson. That should be on the foot section.
sarah Review from
October 14, 2021
Save Yourself These Are Trash
they are super thin which i liked but I ordered an xl and they wouldn't stay over my knee they kept rolling down below mu knee so i tried to trim uo the not at all tight part but then they rilled all the way down to my ankle even though I only took off the see threw top couple of inches so it still should have been above my knee like 4-6" but nope not even trying to stand up so 7.00 in the trash save yourself and buy the more expensive pair because these are garbage
Sore4life Review from
September 19, 2017
Look elsewhere if you want a quality stocking
Look elsewhere if you want a quality stocking. I have purchased the exact same brand of stockings from Walmart before and they were first class. These were cheap imitations at best. Flimsy and lack good compression. Waste of money.
VeracoseVeinSufferer Review from
October 30, 2015
Anti Embolism Thigh High Stocking
The Anti Embolism Thigh High Stocking works great except they slide down to my knees during the day. I read that someone had purchased an athletic garter to keep it up. I couldn't find any in my area. I then purchased support hose to go over them, but they lasted 3 days in shreds and were very hard to put on. I'm going to try a girdle to go over the tops to hold them in place. With the ease and price, I hope that works.
Anna R. Review from
June 14, 2020
The product photo showed the toe opening on top of the foot but upon receipt I noticed the toe opening to be on the bottom of the foot. I teach nursing assistant students in preparation for the state exam and 99% of the time the state uses the stocking with the toe opening on top so that's how we routinely teach them. Not happy with my purchase at all.
PartialKneeReplacement Review from
February 5, 2018
Slightly different than what was expected
I received the stockings from the hospital, same manufacturer, same size but these were a little different. They fit ok but were shorted than the hospital ones, which come up almost to my hip. These are several inches shorted. For the price, can't go wrong.
351mustang Review from
June 26, 2015
Evaluation of Thigh High Compression Stockings
It is very unfortunate to report unsatisfactory experience of the above listed product. The looks were nice, however, after the second day, the stockings would not stay up and kept sliding down to the knees. The stockings then began to separate from the thigh part of the stocking, so I would rate it unsatisfactory in spite of some of the comments (especially of one of your employee who stated that the" stocking stayed up all day". I am sorry to submit this negative product summation. I would forward you the damaged merchandise or a facsimile if you request it.
Heather Review from
November 18, 2016
I was a tiny bit leary buying anti embolic hose online for less than $4 a pair. When you go to purchase them offline they are a lot more costly than that. When they arrived I was very pleased and they work wonderfully well. I have no problem recommending these to people who need to get them at a reasonable price or who do not have insurance and have to pay for them out of pocket.
Jack D. Review from
March 19, 2021
They dont fit!
I purchased these stockings after careful measuring and following the instructions for sizing. Sadly theyre too short and Im not a tall person.
Notsatisfied Review from
July 18, 2016
Doesn't fit like the hospital brand.
I would have rated these higher if the stocking length actually fit properly. They were rated for 29" - 33" length and they do not fit the way they should. It turns out they are shorter and the stockings do not stay up like they should. I would recommend this purchase to a friend but to recheck your size and possibly go one size up.
shoppingcj Review from
September 2, 2014
Didn't work
I ordered these for my husband, who has ongoing swelling in his legs. We were looking for a light compression stocking and these were much, much tighter than expected. I helped my husband put these on, with great difficulty, and he wore them for a few hours, but they were uncomfortable to him. We returned the other pairs that we purchased. I would recommend them for a person who needs a lot of compression.
iKauai Review from
December 22, 2011
If you are like me and wanted to have clean T.E.D. stockings every day and the hospital only supplies you with one pair, this is the way to go. As you must already know, you can only remove the Anti Embolism Stockings for 20 minutes each day and that is just not enough time to wash and dry them. I bought several pairs since they are so reasonably priced, so that I never had to worry about having to put the sweaty/soiled stockings back on. JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE THE INFORMATION FROM YOUR ORIGINAL PAIR TO ORDER THE CORRECT SIZE! (You can find the size information printed on the outside of
breejayw Review from
May 19, 2016
Great price just not big enough
These would have been great for a smaller person. I bought these with the intention thinking that they were for plus size since this was the largest size sold. Oh how wrong i was. I have had these before but they fit perfectly. They work i just purchased the wrong size.
Montana510 Review from
June 2, 2016
At first glance, the stockings seem to be the same "hospital quality", however, as I put them on, I knew immediately that they weren't. I still wore them to give them a try, but they just didn't work the same. In this instance, you definitely get what you pay for. Do not purchase these stockings, put out the extra cash to invest in a better quality item.
BusyLady Review from
January 11, 2017
Easy on and Comfortable
I purchased these for my mother in law who sits most of her day. She experiences minor swelling in her lower leg. These stocking have light compression and are comfortable for her to wear all day. Someone else has to put them on for her but they are not too tight and difficult to pull on her leg.
TxnGrit Review from
March 1, 2020
Fell down, and they fit fine, but didn't stay up.
They do not stay up, and definitely not for anti embolism. Only wore 1 and from my room to the living it was near my calf. I need good anti embolism stockings not something that is not even close to pantyhose tightness and I can't see any of these working for anyone who works
Cattastrophe Review from
April 8, 2012
Won't last
I got these to help with circulation. There is a thicker piece attached to the top area of these which I ripped the seam area the first time I tried to put them on, apparently the stitching zone between the regular tights and the attached piece. I can sew, so I fixed it. Also, if you wear these and expect to walk, get a garter belt, as they are going to fall around your knees. Also, they don't have a closed toe, so they poke out of the tights which may be irritating to some. The knee area is a bit tight, but other than that, these work if you are planning on not moving.
easttexaschick Review from
December 3, 2013
Does not wear well
I received the product in a very timely manner and was very please with the product the first week of use (normally buy TEDs). It has been about 2 weeks since I started wearing the stocking and the elastic at the top slips down as the day wears on and if I do a lot of walking it will not stay up at all also the seam at the top has torn loose on the inside. I really like the graduated compression but would have to say I will not order this stocking again. The product was not expensive but I expected it to last longer than 2 weeks.
Mellie0514 Review from
March 7, 2017
Great stockings for the cost
These stockings are fantastic. Less than one third the cost of what I could find at other pharmacies, but do the exact same job. Totally worth it! Nice quality, don't tear easily like you would expect, open at toes, elastic good at top.
Philip Review from
July 5, 2015
OK for lightweight compression
Was looking for some compression, but less than the standard 20-30. I use such stockings to control external varicose veins. Primary care Dr. says OK as long as legs don't hurt. So far they don't. Description said 2 pair. Actually it was one pair--2 hose as I suspected.
CharlesW Review from
November 9, 2015
More like socks...
My wife needed hose like these after a total knee replacement surgery; the hose were supposed to go up to mid-thigh. They did originally go that high, but quickly lost elasticity and kept falling. A garter belt became necessary to hold them up. I would not recommend these hose, unless one has no alternative.
Victor A. Review from
September 26, 2020
Great quality stockings. Great service!
Great quality stockings. Great service! Won't hesitate to place additional orders.
EBSR1 Review from
November 1, 2014
Excellent stockings at a great price!
Stockings feel great on my legs and help a lot with getting light headed or dizzy when standing up from a sitting or crouched position due to low blood pressure. Excellent product and can't beat the price. The stockings stay up ok but because I am very active, I had to find a garder belt to help keep them up. It's hard to find a mens garder but found one at a hockey supply store on line.
notevershoppingagain Review from
March 19, 2012
This was the worse product I have ever gotten! It did not stay up and I got the correct size. It fell apart too quickly, after one day of wear it had holes in it. This is supposed to help after surgery to prevent blood clots, do not buy this product it is JUNK!!!! I would rather pay 50.00 a pair and get a good product. I tried the second pair I purchased thinking it was defective and had the same horrible results, after wearing for a few hours it would start to fall off my legs even the leg that I had replacement surgery on and it was swollen.
Wasteoftime Review from
June 5, 2015
Not as expected/return was a losing situation
I went by the measurements is said to and measured my legs in each area. They were so tight fitting that they were painful to wear. When I went back to my local store for a refund they would not refund the shipping and said I could get that back if I did the return online but when I tired to do that Walmart wanted to charge me shipping to return them. Total waste of time with this product and to buy online from Walmart.
joy Review from
March 21, 2012
I only have to wear these on one leg, yet since I received them about 3 weeks ago, they have begun to pull apart where the panel is sewn in and has runs developing. They are not put in the dryer, and are washed between wearings. These do not stay up, the part with the panel rolls down, no matter where you wear them or how well you pull them up. I have another pair that were used by my mom that were bought elsewhere, and they are holding up great. I rotate them with they other two that I have so they only get worn 1-2 times a week at most. Not a quality product.
Diane Review from
March 13, 2020
Medical use terrible
Not thick enough for me , too long( regular ) but the short is too short. Thin and gets runs easily . I will keep it because i need but will Definitely get another pair from another brand.
clotman Review from
June 15, 2013
These socks are practically identical to the pair that were put on me at the hospital.I was diagnosed with DVT.Each individua lpair is in a package that was originally for hospital and pharmacy use only.They are even printed with the statement "Caution: Federal(U.S.A) Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a Physician or licensed practitioner". I wish they were available without the inspection hole.The hole is really for the convenience of doctor's.After you are sent home to wear them daily you would prefer no hole.A version with no whole would be preferable for fit,comfort,an
jodi7 Review from
November 10, 2017
well made
I really like these they are well made and the compression is good on them. i wash them and let them line dry and they last me a long time. The price on these is amazing based on the quality of them. I really like them.
Floridastorm Review from
March 9, 2012
Does the same job as the expensive products
Excellent stockings for DVT. Same as the expensive brands except that they are less than a third of the cost. The only thing I don't care for is the opening for the toes. It gives air to the toes. However, sometimes the opening rides up on the foot and puts undue pressure on the middle of the foot causing swelling. I now just put my big toe through the opening and the foot area of the stocking does not ride up.
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