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Danmar Products - 9850-DP - Headgear Measurement Tape

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Danmar Products:
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Headgear Measurement Tape - Each
Headgear Measurement Tape - Each
More Information
Manufacturer Danmar Products
Categories Exam Room Supplies, Measure Tape
Code 9850
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
29 Review
posterboy1924 Review from
November 15, 2021
Its a tape measure.
If I'm being totally honest, It does what its supposed to do. Actually, I'm slightly unimpressed with this product. ON THE POSSITIVE SIDE... The nice wide blade, easy to read, Hi-Vis yellow coloring, larger numbering and standard stud and second colored marks for each inch between feet after the first one are all pretty top notch. The rugged feel and sturdy clip are great quality, and the metal end is nicely sized to actually grab, hook or butt up to, however, that is all pretty standard issue these days with any tape. NOT AS POSSITIVE.... if you are reading this, you undoubtably know about it
Jeff Review from
September 21, 2021
Great 16' tape
I generally don't need to measure much beyond 12 feet, so this tape is perfect for carrying around. The tape is wide, easy to read, has a good standout distance, and the first few inches are reinforced. I can't believe no one ever thought to put markings on the back of the tape, but I've been surprised at how useful this feature is. The tape feels good in my hand and seems very sturdy. It has a strong retraction, and the lock works well and is easy to operate with my thumb. It feels silly to mention this, but the clip works really well. It seems like a weird thing to notice, but I have other t
Review from
September 26, 2021
Tough, but could be tougher
- The packaging failed on its way to my house. The weight of the tape measurer caused the tape measurer to pull away from the packaging. Thus tearing the packaging and bending the belt clip. I had to bend the belt clip back to make sure it would create enough clamping force to stay on my pants. - The belt clip is too thin. Its easily bendable. Compared to my old DeWalt tape measurer, it seems thinner than it used to be. - I almost missed the little magnet thing and threw it away. It was hard to see in the packaging. - The magnet thing in general seems a little finnicky/gimmicky. Also, it was v
mc09686 Review from
September 20, 2021
Tough and Well Built
Really impressed with the build of this tape. It feels well built in the hand. The over moulding makes it comfortable to use. The tape itself is thick so it does not just fold over like most tapes and it has a coating that feels quite durable. I'm glad that it has measurements on the underside of the tape as well. This tape has survived multiple drops in the few weeks I have been using it. It still retracts easily and the reach is quite impressive. Lastly, the belt clip design makes it easy to attach and remove the tape to your belt or bag. Overall, DeWalt did a great job on this tape and it h
Brennen Review from
September 7, 2021
A quality tape
The DeWalt ToughSeries 25ft tape is a quality tape measure that's worth having in any tool box. I've grown to appreciate the difference a great tape measure can make, and this DeWalt tape is up there with the best of the best. The tape is sturdy and has great reach and standout, which is great for someone like me who tends to be working alone. The removable magnetic end is a great feature too. The feel of this tape in your hand is also great. It feels comfortable and natural. It simply has great ergonomics all around. Finally, the belt clip is solid and sturdy. I recommend this tape to anyone.
Review from
September 7, 2021
Better than ever
Its obvious to me that this tape is highly modeled after the tape Ive been carrying for 25 years. Which makes it great. The stand out is nearly 13 with a total reach over 17 it comes with a removable magnet for the hook end that is very strong but not too strong. I also really like that the measurements are printed on the backside of the tape. The lock is easier to use than any other Ive tried. I havent put it through enough abuse to speak to the durability but it looks very durable and doesnt add too much weight or size. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a new tape measur
dj14 Review from
Home Depot
June 16, 2021
Excellent features
I love several standout features of this tape measure. It is very strong when extending and the width of the blade makes it easy to read. I am so glad to see that the measure has markings on both sides of the blade. The magnet, that you have the option of installing, holds the end of the measure securely when working with metal. I find that really useful. The case is rugged, protects the measure well, and is comfortable to hold. I recently had two, fairly new, tape measures from a different vendor totally fall apart on me. I expect this new one will be useful for many, many years to come.
LaserBoy Review from
Home Depot
June 27, 2021
Well built tape measure
This thing is massive and I love it. When the tape is completely extended on the ground it stays strait and ridged, it doesnt kink like smaller tape measures. The standout is as good as stated on the package. Other 35 tapes that I have used in the past sometimes struggle to roll back up because the spring isnt powerful enough to bring it back in. But! This one rolls up great. It wont fit in my tool belt pouch but the belt clip on the side holds it great to whatever I clip it onto. I love the numbers on both sides of the tape, for me it was very useful in over head uses.
Woodchuck Review from
Home Depot
June 2, 2021
Nice pocket tape measure. Basic tape with a magnet on one side that is handy. Th
Nice pocket tape measure. Basic tape with a magnet on one side that is handy. The belt/pocket hook on the magnet side is a little less than useful as it is does not fit tight to jean pockets/waist/shirt/apron/etc. so it an invitation to lose the tape. I took the one screw that holds the clip out and set the clip aside...being very careful to keep the tape case clamped closed so as not to release the tape into the wild. I like the tape a whole lot better with this modification and the magnet still works ... even better.
jto2468 Review from
Home Depot
June 1, 2021
Really great Tap Measure
This tape measure is awesome. It is really durable and the grips are very nice. The housing is really sturdy. The tape is really well made and easy to read. The locking mechanism works well also. It extended much longer than my old tape measure without "folding". My previous tape measure was only 25ft, so the extra 10ft is great. Perfect for bigger projects. I like that the measurements are on the bottom of the tape too!
Review from
September 16, 2021
The last tape measure you will need.
This tape measure lives up to its name when it is called tough series. In the plumbing and hvac field having a dependable tape measure is a must the blade doesnt fold over until about 13 feet in my experience. It has held up with the constant daily wear and tear. Its built for heavy duty everyday use. The reel is durable as well when working in crawl spaces its full of sand and still continues to work flawlessly. As far as tape measures go this one is definitely one to have in your tool bag.
Anthony L Review from
September 21, 2021
Beast of a tape measure
If and when you are in the market for a tape measure here is the one that stands out and will not disappoint!! First of all the tough series is an understatement, this tape can and will accept anything you can put it thru. The optional magnet for the tip of the tape is a great option for conduit or metal studs. The stand out is great. Very easy to read measurement in any light conditions. Easy to use lock feature with one hand. Fits great in any pouch and your hand. Thank you DEWALT!!
Seth Review from
Home Depot
February 21, 2021
I love these tape measures, the magnet is very handy...
I love these tape measures, the magnet is very handy to just attach to your tape measure clip on your tool pouch without having to use the hook when used frequently. I wish the magnet was a little stronger for this reason. I do vinyl installs and this tape also have a very flexible tape to bend around contours on the body of a vehicle, ect. This is my second one purchased, as I wanted a "backup" in case I lose the one I currently use. I almost have a few times on a jobsite, having it only attached by the magnet. Overall love this tapemeasure!
Dustin Review from
September 9, 2021
Solid well built tape!
As always with all the dewalt products I have Im glad to have this magnetic heavy duty tape measure to add to my arsenal, its as handy as a pocket on a shirt! and the fact I can extend plenty of feet without having to have someone on the other end holding it so it wont bend is a plus since I work on most projects alone. And the magnetic clip on that came with it ensures that it wont lose its spot. Havent had time to try the 100ft drop test but judging by the weight and quality I think it wont even scuff it. Also to note its super comfy grip wise and the belt clip I believe this tape will alway
AJSnyder Review from
November 30, 2021
Good tape. Strong but flexible.
I really like this tape measure. Not to heavy for a 25 footer. I like it has measurements on both sides. Body feels comfortable in my hand. I also like the removable magnet. The only thing I dont like is there is no protection for the tip. The case might take a 100' drop but I am curious how strong the tip is. If the tip is bent, the tape is trash. Some sort of side protection but obviously with underneath open for easy use.
dan56156 Review from
September 7, 2021
great tape
great tool. Very sturdy, Dewalt quality construction. Markings are easy to read, and it really does stand out the 10ft that Dewalt advertises. Also this tape measure would be a big benefit to those who are new to a tape measure or to ones whi have trouble reading a normal tape. Shows the fractional read out on the tape itself and also has the length measurement for the body of the tape measure on the back lower portion. With a lifetime warranty from Dewalt, cant go wrong with this product!!
Camoty Review from
September 21, 2021
Printed on Both Sides
I like this tape measure, mostly because it has the measurements printed on both sides of the tape. It has a good stand out for reaching over to hook on to material that is normally just out of reach. I don't usually use a magnet on my tape measures, but this comes with one so if you do like that or need it for a specific job you have it available. The outside coating makes it very easy to handle and while it says it can withstand a 100' drop I didn't feel like testing that out. Very nice construction and have been using it non stop since I got it, will probably get another one if this ever br
grunthunter8 Review from
September 7, 2021
One tough tape
This tape measure gives an instant feeling of quality and durability when you pick it up with its contoured case and rubber grip. The tape feels sturdy and well built and has a large hook and removable magnet option with an easy-to-read blade that is also double sided and has a thick protective coating at the end to reinforce the hook connection. The extended reach works to the stated 17 and the belt clip securely holds without worry of dropping. I like this tape very much and my only gripe would be that it is missing fractions markings that would help for faster cuts.
Jrowlands Review from
September 7, 2021
New favorite tape measure
Upon removing from the package, I was pleased with this Tough Series tape measure. I used to measure a couple pieces of wood that I was gathering for a project. The tape measure quickly found its way into my tool belt replacing another brand. The Tough Series measures accurately, returns to my tool belt with ease and locks/unlocks also with ease. I used it through out an outhouse remodel over the weekend through the varying weather conditions. I will be adding the 35 and 25 to my tool box.
Nolan P Review from
September 21, 2021
Best tape measure yet !!
My new favorite tape measure !! There's zo many good features to Dewalts new 35' tape measure i don't know where to start. Its solid and sturdy , and it pulls out and retracts very smoothly. I love that it has the measurements on both sides of the tape and the lock button is easy to work. I also love the fact that it actually pulls out the whole 35' instead of 1' less like alot of other tapes. Ill definitely be sticking with this model for the future !!
jto2468 Review from
Home Depot
June 1, 2021
Really nice tape measure
This is a great tape measure. It is really durable and the grips are very nice. The housing is really sturdy. The tape is really well made and easy to read. The locking mechanism works well also. It extended much longer than my old tape measure without "folding". The size is great for frequent use around the house. I like that the measurements are on the bottom of the tape too!
sam a toledo ohio Review from
September 9, 2021
Above and beyond
This tape measure lives up to its name. I have for some time always used other types of tap measures but I think at 64 I now have the last tape measure I will ever need. Its rubber case makes it very easy to grip even with its wide body. The numbers on the tap are big bold and extremely easy to read even at my age. The extending length of 17 foot is real and I may have even exceed it a bit. There is no doubt this is by far one of if not the toughest tape measures I have ever owned. Thank you looking forward to years of working with this.
e. Review from
November 13, 2020
The Stanley 30-455 tape measure meets all of my expectations with the exception
The Stanley 30-455 tape measure meets all of my expectations with the exception of the length of its case. This makes inside measurements a bit problematic. Typical tape measure cases have a standard lengths of whole inches which makes it easy to add this dimension to the distance measured. BUT. . . this unit's base is 3 1/8 inches. Therefore - you have to add 3 and a fraction of an inch to whatever length you measure. If you don't mind adding a fraction of an inch, and dealing with common denominators for any inside measurement you make, this won't be a problem. But adding a whole number valu
Quebein Review from
April 9, 2021
Used for Many Years
This product is a reasonably priced tape for the quality. Getting it out of the package is a struggle. It rewinds well, but the handle is flimsy and could be better made. Some tapes have a knob feature for rewind; this does not. Other than that, it is serviceable. I replace every year after measuring many houses. Occasionally, I will catch the tape while measuring a deck and that will be the end. I have used this brand for many years.
JACR Review from
Home Depot
June 10, 2020
Inside parts broke pretty easy
I will start this review by saying that this tape is a BEAST (when it works properly). That being said, this is the SECOND tape of this model i have , cause it was a replacement for one that only last me 4 months before the blade broke on the 4"mark, customer service by dewalt is a marvel!!! I explained my issue, they asked me basic questions and bum! Had a new tape mailed to me at no cost!!! That was 7 months ago. I got to say i am care freak with my tools, i literally would buy cases if i could, today this tape sounded weird and few minutes later, blade got stock to a point i gave u
LaserBoy Review from
Home Depot
June 26, 2021
I use this daily. Its sturdy and durable. The numbers on the bottom side of the tape are super helpful. It is bulky, which I dont mind. I had to remove the belt clip to get it to fit in my tool belt pouch. The magnet clip is cool but it prevents the hook from moving freely which can throw off measurements if you arent paying attention. This is the best tape Ive seen from dewalt.
Greg C Review from
September 21, 2021
Solid Product, Works well
Decent Tape measure. I like the feature of the markings on both sides and the extra width keeps straight longer. Great Quality. I dropped it a few times while fixing my deck and it still looked new. I didn't really care for the magnet piece that snaps on the end as I lost it twice and now is somewhere in the bottom of my tool box. It would be better if it was attached permanently.
Chili Review from
June 23, 2020
Kind of like what Im used to.
This 16 works ok but not like the old school ones. Ive used Stanley 12 tapes since the early 80s, in a welding environment. I really only need the first 10, and like the small size. But I also like the 3/4 width because its more substantial, and stands out better. The blade is just ok, they dont last as long as they used to. But the markings are fine. The plastic case is more easily seen (yellow) and withstands drops better. I really wish they would bring back the 12-3/4 wide metal one that they used to carry. (But probably just for nostalgia on the metal case.)
LISA Review from
December 22, 2020
25' Stanley
The BEST. Fits comfortably in hand (new cases are FAT and/or too big). It stands out about 7 feet - perfect for my needs. It lasts well. Does NOT have the annoying power lock. I looked in EVERY big home improvement store, at least 5 small town hardware stores and could not find this anywhere. Who would ever believe that you could find one at STAPLES?!! YAY STAPLES!!! Only problem was the photo online did not match what I received. I ordered ONE - just to check because the written description sounded right, but the photo didn't match. I got exactly what I wanted - the top is rounded (not square
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