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EKF Diagnostics - 3030-001 - Cuvette Holder

EKF Diagnostics:
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Cuvette Holder - Each
Cuvette Holder - Each
More Information
Manufacturer EKF Diagnostics
Categories Lab Equipment Parts, Cuvette Holder, Hematology Analyzer Parts
Code 3030-001
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Acculab Supplies|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Cory C. Review from
July 21, 2021
Minimalistic Metallic Perfection in Wallet Form
The supreme quality of this wallet can be seen and it can be felt. The form factor is streamlined to such an enormous degree that the wallet itself it stunning to behold and hold in your hands. It carries a weight that communicates to your hand immediately that this is quality aluminum construction. The coloration is sublime and sophisticated. I myself purchased this wallet in stunning redwood and it is a color that irradiates elegance. The elastic band that goes around the card holder is perfectly taught so it can hold cash with ease and proudly bears the Ekster logo with such class and disti
Gabriel A. Review from
May 27, 2021
The GOAT of Wallets
The Ekster aluminum cardholder is exactly what I was looking for. It's a simple, minimalistic wallet/cardholder that maintains a sleek, lightweight and elegant design. Made up of sturdy space grade aluminum, it looks absolutely beautiful in matte black. The main compartment holds up to 6 non embossed cards (I have 2 non embossed, 2 embossed and my drivers license), which pop up at the push of a button. The eject mechanism is triggered at the bottom of the wallet, most easily with your pinky. Its smooth and flawless, as well as extremely fun to play with. The back plate is held together by a hi
Ryan H. Review from
March 26, 2021
Way Better Than "Ridge" Wallets
The thing that sets Ekster's Aluminum Cardholder above those "Ridge" wallets we always hear about/see advertised is functionality. As for other features such as build quality, form factor, and design... Ekster is at least on-par, or even better than its competitors. This, in my opinion, makes it a no-brainer: Ekster makes the superior cardholder wallet. Before I purchased this, I actually made the mistake of buying "The Ridge," a wallet I'm sure many of you have heard about. But after receiving it, I noticed that the cards did not "fan-out" as they seem to show in all of their product videos:
Richard M. Review from
July 19, 2021
Great so far, with one major caveat to be aware of.
Been using my Ekster Aluminum Cardholder for about 2 months so far. It's holding up really well so far and a huge difference from the super bulky bifold I used before it. Hoping the mechanism to fan out the cards treats me well for many years to come. That said, there is one weakpoint to this wallet which is why I put it at 4-stars instead of 5. At the start, I had quite a few gift cards (4-5) that I wanted to keep on me as well, and while they do fit in the expandable backing, I've already noticed that when I take everything in the expandable backing out, the strap is loose. It has me worried
R Review from
May 7, 2021
Sleek and Functional
I was on the fence about Ekster wallets, but I had purchased a Parliament wallet for my friend and they were incredibly pleased. I didn't see a color I liked for that model so I hadn't thought to get one for myself, but then I saw that the Aluminum version came in new, beautiful colors and decided to take the plunge and I'm not displeased at all! They came beautifully, professionally packaged and I really felt like I was getting a super expensive, luxurious item. The card holder itself was very sturdy and is lightweight but has substance to it which makes it still feel like I'm not holding som
Robbie Review from
August 8, 2021
Great wallet, great design, chipolo card needs work
The wallet itself is a great design and works well. I really like the way it works, makes getting the correct card in and out very easy, unlike other similar wallet you end up having to remove every card every time you want one. However the chipolo card needs some work. It's a little thick so it doesn't really fit anywhere nicely. Plus the beeping noise it makes is very very very quiet, almost useless honestly. When it's perfectly quiet with no background noise you can BARELY hear the beep when it's in a backpack or something. Even when it's in the wide open you really have to listen. Lastly,
MK Review from
August 1, 2021
The Pinky Loves It!
This cardholder is lightweight, in fact it weighs less and is smaller than any of it's competitors. When using 4 embossed cards along with a DL I've had nothing but smooth success. And as the title mentions the pinky loves it. But your certainly not limited to using just your pinky when pressing the card eject button. Love the backplate as well and find it very easy and intuitive to use with cash. It doesn't push the cash around too much but rather slides over it easily and keeps the bills nice and flat. It's solid aluminum like the cardholder itself and does add another approx 1oz to the appr
Aseef Review from
May 5, 2021
Complete wallet
I struggled for a while to find a wallet that one was compact, but two able to house all the credit, debit, and membership cards along with my ID and oh my cash too. Tall order huh? Well I decided to tryout Ekster and went with their aluminum cardholder. Upon its arrival I immediately emptied my wallet and started stuffing my cards in. Definitely dont do that lmao. I pryed the 7 cards I stuffed in there and selected 5 that would fit and all was right in the world again. There is also an expandable slot that holds additional cards and I kept the commonky used cards and my ID there. The quality
Kim Review from
April 29, 2021
cute , lightweight, compact, & RFID protection
Initially, I put in 6 cards and they were stuck inside the slot. I pushed the button a few times and no success. I tried to shake it once but I knew the cards would not come out. I was afraid I would break it if I kept trying so I decided to ask a man for help. He pushed the button and the cards came out right away. Maybe I was too weak or too gentle. Either way, I was afraid I would break the button. After that, I decided to put in only 5 cards in the slot + 2 non important cards outside. I have it for a week-2 wks now . I love it : lightweight, cute, compact, and best of all RFID protection.
Justin L. Review from
October 1, 2021
Good idea, needs mechanical tweaks
I love it, but it's not without flaws. Gonna start with those. Had my Ekster Aluminum series for 2 weeks. Dropped it on a hardwood floor once. Plastic internal mechanism broke, so the ejection system no longer functioned. The exterior didn't have a scratch on it. That's the end of my criticisms. It's beautiful, unassuming, elegant, and carries all I need it to - and prompts me to ditch the stuff I haven't pulled out of my old wallet in years. I can sit on it in my back pocket all day without pain. I can carry it in my front pocket without feeling like it's overloaded with bulk. I really do lov
John W.I. Review from
January 9, 2022
Favorite Minimalistic Wallet
Ive been eyeing this wallet for awhile and the thing that stopped me was the price. I saw my brother had the Ekster Senate wallet and I thought it looked sleek. Ive been using a Ridge wallet and I didnt like how I have to take my cards out just to get to the card I needed (which is usually the second or third card in). So I decided to give this wallet a try (plus I was offered 20% off which was cool). Now, after having this wallet for about 2 weeks, I cant find myself going back. The wallet itself is gorgeous and it doesnt take up too much space in my pocket. I like the pop up fan style for th
Adam R. Review from
August 24, 2021
Class and Precision
After owning a more modern metal case with a basic card holder that eventually destroyed half my cards, this is a major upgrade! It takes clean slim looks and wraps it around a well working machine. The card ejection technology is amazing and smooth. The first day of owning this I repeatedly ejected the cards as I walked around the house just to see how the technology would hold up and it is solid. The RFID chip protection is beefy and looks great. The only possible weakness I see long term is the elastic strap but it works great for holding cash. $300 in 20s for easily behind the strap. Highl
Alex P. Review from
July 22, 2021
Nice, intuitive product with one design flaw.
Sleek, clean, high quality, and well designed. Intuitive to use. Helps to keep my pockets organized. Allows simple and quick access to my wallet. Despite this, I have a problem with the wallets card ejection mechanism. It seems to be mostly made of plastic and relatively easy to break while the rest of the wallet is made of a premium metallic material. I worry about the products longevity after the course of a couple of years. It wouldve been nice to have a $5-10 upgrade cost to switch to a machined metal card ejection mechanism. Not only for quality, but for durability considering its the onl
Michael C. Review from
October 18, 2020
New Wallet in the Rotation
For starters Im strictly a cardholder type guy which suits my my fast paced minimal lifestyle - less is more. Aside from a couple high-end leather cardholders I have the Parliament to go along with my new aluminum cardholder in Space Grey. The sleek and simple design makes it super easy to store only my important cards discreetly in my pockets or diaper bag (I have a 10 month old) with ample room to spare. I carry 7 cards with me including my ID everywhere I go especially when traveling so this aluminum cardholder was perfect for my needs. That addition of the expandable backplate is so conven
Hayk G. Review from
May 24, 2021
Oh So Pretty
Honestly - I am an ol'fashioned type of man who sticks to his old school leather money clip/card holder for everyday carry. One day, I came across this wallet on IG, and decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it and give it a try. After receiving it and unboxing it, it was love at first sight like how a person would lock eyes across the room to that special someone and the world would blur out and it would just be you two there. I have used the wallet for over a week now, and it is safe to say it is just oh so pretty and fun. They way the cards are held, the ease of access to your p
K.O. Review from
August 5, 2021
Love the wallet minor issue holding flat cards
Love the card holder and looks great. Many people ask me about it. Minor flaw is I have lost two flat credit cards (amex platinum and chase sapphire) already due to slippage from the case. they just fall right out it put on the end and some times when I am in a hurry checking out I just slip them in the end and go. I would recommend, they have something on the end that is foldable to cover the end.. Something small or moves with the button to release the cards to ensure cards dot fall out unexpectedly. Also, wish the strap around the side was available in velcro. I like to put in money on the
Paul T. Review from
September 19, 2021
Despite my troubles getting it in my hands, this thing is super solid and is wor
I was really skeptical, read some reviews about cards not being able to come out and plastic parts failing/braking. I was really scared to give ekster a try after trying a minimalist wallet by another brand. The other one would easily get scratch and the strap was very poorly made. The metal piece to hold ash would poke holes through the straps all the time. But after having tried eksters wallet with my hands, I can safely say, I love this thing. Definitely what I was looking and more. Ekster really nailed it. In fact I bought a second one already, I love this so much. Keep up the awesome guys
Erik R. Review from
June 20, 2021
Slick Little Wallet
This is a sturdy and slick little wallet. I love the feel of it and the security of the RFID blocking technology. I've only had it about a week and a half and haven't put it through as much abuse as my old leather wallets get so I'll post another review in about 6 months or so for a follow up. So far, it's fun to play with and it securely holds my card and other items. I was surprised, Ekster makes buying a wallet a very exciting experience. Much like how Apple products get you excited just thinking about the iPhone, it is about the unboxing experience and craftmanship of their products, Ekste
Charles L. Review from
December 2, 2021
Ekster Aluminum Card Holder
I received my first ever Ekster Card Holder today. I chose the aluminum case model. It is both lighter and trimmer than a similar product that I replaced with this. I especially like organizing the wallet so you only place your six most used cards in the holder to be presented when a button is pushed. This is far more manageable then my prior manufactures case where you had to push up all of the cards together and hope that they didnt drop out and fall on the floor. The capacity in the Ekster still holds more than the six primary cards, but those lesser used cards are placed in a different are
J H. Review from
April 24, 2021
The perfect wallet
I didn't want to pay this much for a wallet, but being that it's the only one like it, there's not much to say about that. But as a wallet, it's great! I had a minimalist wallet where everything was contained in a single compartment and the money clip was a metal clip on one side. Getting out a single card was often a pain, and it took a while to get things back in. The metal clip on the back would press against my leg or stick out from my pants leg. The Ekster wallet solves all of these problems. I have many cards that I must carry but don't use often (various licenses and permits, insurance
Chort T. Review from
April 30, 2021
One of the best so far.
So I've only had this wallet for about two weeks. So far it's been I've of my best wallet I've ever used. I used to use the Ridge wallet and hated that it damages my cards if I have an embossed card in it. My debit card is all torn up from frequent use. Now I can just slide it in on top and not worry about damaging any more cards. I do find it a bit hard to push out cards from the front little holder but I can live with that as I only keep my most unused cards there. The wallet is a bit on the heavy side. I wear joggers on the daily and with the addition of my phone and keys I feel like it's c
DAN M. Review from
September 10, 2021
A minimalistic masterpiece
I always spend time searching these key words on top of whatever product Im looking to buy: minimalist, modern, rustic, slim There is no other wallet, despite all the competition out there, that eats Ekster. Because, they literally offer every feature other wallets offer in not only a better more sophisticated design, but offer ADDITIONAL features like superior leather and tracker cards that are SOLAR POWERED. WHAT?!? Then, the price. There are wallets that can ONLY boast nice leather with a standard traditional design and nothing unique for 3 times the price of eksters senate wallet which is
Eric N. Review from
July 15, 2021
So I bought this after seeing it on a video and thought it was kind of gimmicky, but I wanted to try it. It looks very nice and feels good both in the hand and in the pocket. The trigger that makes the cards pop up was what I thought the weak point would be, either getting broken in the pocket somehow or getting blocked up with random pocket junk. So far it has been reliable every time I have had to use it. My main want out of it was the thinness of it. With most of my cards on my phone, I hardly every need to use a physical form of payment, so why have it take up any more pocket space then ne
Owaiz Review from
March 28, 2021
Incredible wallet with a small flaw and big concern
Got the wallet and have been using it for like a week now and it is almost perfect. One of my concerns is leaving my wallet with my keys in the same pocket as this can scratch the aluminum exterior of the wallet. One of my biggest concerns however is the switch. Although extremely convenient and will definitely get you some attention (already got some here), I am concerned about the switch breaking. Although the outside is aluminum, the mechanism is plastic and it looks like the inside mechanism is the same which makes it more prone to breaking/failing. This hasn't happened to me as of yet but
Danny D. Review from
April 18, 2021
Incredible Product & Excellent Service
I bought 4 of the aluminum wallets as Christmas presents. One of which was for myself. This wallet, by far, is the best quality and coolest wallet Ive ever had. I constantly get comments and have had people order their own wallets after holding and test driving mine. The aforementioned comments are fine and dandy; however, the customer service aspect of owning an Ekster wallet is equally as impressive. My son, the recipient of one of the wallets I purchased, experienced an issue with his ejection mechanism. I immediately contacted Ekster customer support and after a couple of email corresponde
J Review from
October 30, 2020
Great wallet for a fair price
Chances are you only use 5-6 cards on a regular basis. Likely even less. The rest are insurance or store membership cards that are rarely touched. So this wallet does a fantastic job at keeping easily available the cards you do frequently use. The wallet itself is built with quality materials that have a nice weight to them (not that thats necessarily an indication of quality). But I was nervous at the prospect that the metal might get dinged up in my jeans/with keys, but Im happy to say that its held up fairly well over the last few weeks Ive been using it. The button click for releasing the
Alex S. Review from
March 5, 2021
Definitely nice with 1 main problem...
I had mine for about 2 1/2 months and works well. Holds my cards, keeping them snug with just 3 even upside down in my pocket. Slim and easily holds my few dollar bills that I keep in hand as well. Nothing falling out unless you truly try to get it out forcible shaking it out. The main problem I have it the switch to flick the cards up. Dropped it once and a plastic component broke inside (had to take it apart some to see the issues). A small L like shape made of plastic broke so it couldnt raise the metal brace that pushes the cards up. And that couldnt be fix back into place without some sma
Rylen L. Review from
November 17, 2020
As good as it says it is, if not better :)
I ordered the Black Aluminum Cardholder, and I got a free money clip with it because I signed up for emails :). When the wallet came it was VERY nicely packaged. The wallet feels very solid, and I'm not at all concerned about it breaking anytime soon. It is also very scratch-resistant. I have a metal door-opener hook (i use it to open public doors to avoid covid) and it fits very nicely behind the backplate of my wallet. Even repeatedly removing and putting my metal door hook into the back of my wallet did not scratch it at all. I love that I can fit things behind the backplate, and it expands
Logan R. Review from
April 5, 2021
Ekster vs Ridge? Ekster seemingly the winner.
I had bounced back and forth between the Ekster Aluminum wallet and the Ridge line of wallets. Both are minimalist and trying to reduce the cluttered wallet, with the main difference being that Ridge offers a clip while Ekster offers a mechanism never before seen in wallets. Overall I think the card ejecting feature found on Ekster wallets, combined with the more than sufficient money strap, extra card storage, and more than capable craftsmanship puts the Ekster wallet above the Ridge. I didn't order the tracking fob with my wallet but it certainly am considering it after receiving the wallet
Ben R. Review from
April 4, 2021
Overall I am pleased with my purchase. The quality of the wallet frame is impressive. These should last a lifetime of pocket abuse. Only things I would like to see improved are the back plate and cash strap. I would like for this wallet to be modular, the back plate does move around a lot even under the cash strap. The cash strap is somewhat difficult to insert and remove cash but its not a huge deal if you mainly carry cards. Also a metal release mechanism would be ideal for this, the existing plastic mechanism can feel cheap at times. You wont be dissappointed with this wallet, I know Im nev
Tyler M. Review from
April 9, 2021
I Love This Wallet!
I've only been using my Ekster for about a week now. I used to use the Brass Edition Ridge Wallet. Cost me close to $100 with shipping. I got the Ekster AND a tracking card for less. I love the button that pops my cards out. Was the only thing that bugged me about my Ridge wallet was trying to work your cards out, then trying to separate the card I wanted from the group. The Ekster wallet makes that super quick and simple. The tracking card was easy to setup. Had stayed connected without issue. My only complaint is how quiet the tracker cards ringtone is. Especially when tucked behind the expa
Doug H. Review from
April 14, 2021
Great wallet
For 40 years I've carried the standard leather bi- or tri-fold wallet in a back pocket. I finally got tired of the "pain in the butt" wallet and searched for something different/better. After doing quite a bit of research, I chose to go with the Ekster aluminum wallet for many reasons. 1) I love the easy access to my cards - with the push of a button, I have access to 6 of my most used and important cards fanned out to pick the one I need. 2) The back pocket plate allows me to carry all my other cards or important things. 3) The best part is that I feel completely safe knowing that the wallet
Shalav A. Review from
October 8, 2021
So far so good
It has been a less than a week since I bought this cardholder and it is holding up good so far. I really like the red color. The wallet is slick and sturdy. It feels really good to hold and takes minimal space. It holds the cards well. The card extension slot is very handy. It is a little hard to pan out the cards from the extension slot though. My biggest worry right now is dropping it or scratching it as this is the first time I am dealing with an aluminium cardholder. Overall, it is a nice cardholder.
Ramonte G. Review from
February 10, 2021
Definitely a must have if youre looking for a card holder!!!!!
I will never go back to a regular schemuglar wallet or card holder ever again. Became the popular guy at work when I whipped it out. I wasnt even trying to show it off. Coworker will be buying one this Friday (02/12/21)using my bar code that came with the wallet. I dont keep cash on me so it didnt make sense for to pick anything else other than the aluminum holder. I bought the tracker too. I think they tracker might be a bit overpriced but Im not too familiar with trackers and normal pricing. With that being said the tracker can ping your phone too so thats a nice touch as well. In the event
Daniel E. Review from
December 29, 2020
Aluminum cardholder
I got the Aluminum Cardholder. The shipping was right on time & I was being updated throughout the whole shipping process. Im currently holding 7 cards in my cardholder. When it first arrived, I wanted to go shopping just to use it. Its so sleek, scratch resistant, sturdy & overall easy to use. The only issue Ive been having is the strap around the cardholder that holds cash, seems to slide on me every now & then, BUT I do want to clarify that 1. Im constantly putting it in & out my pocket 2. The strap does have grip under which is an amazing touch but like I said, Im constantly moving the car
Vince Review from
May 18, 2021
Best Waller Ever
Let me start out by saying, I first jumped on board with the Ekster Parliament wallet around 3 years ago. This wallet fit my every need for a normal wallet, including carrying upwards of 15+ cards and many bills, and it was substantially thinner than my usual bifold. It has withstood many beatings and rough treatment, but it is still strong. I bought this Aluminum Cardholder, because since then my card usage has went down to less than 10 and I wanted a new look; perfect for this cardholder. This wallet is beautiful, convenient, and insanely thin. The action on the card release is very smooth,
Garth W. Review from
July 23, 2021
My first Ekster wallet
I have always carried a traditional leather wallet. Mine was completely worn out so it was time to replace. I started looking at options and came across the Ekster. I honestly was very apprehensive. Where would I store cash, receipts, membership cards etc. But I decided to give it a try. So far I have loved it. Used to leave my leather wallet in my car when I was at work because it was too bulky to carry. I often had to return to my car to retrieve it. Now I carry the Ekster everywhere and often have to double check to make sure I have it because its so slim and light weight. Love the pop up f
Chris A. Review from
March 31, 2021
Great minimalist wallet
I've tried the other minimalist brand wallet that some people may know, unfortunately it was always a hassle to get the cards out and back in everytime also having to use 2 hands. Eventually I noticed the sides of my cards getting frayed so I looked into this wallet and got one. I enjoy being able to operate the wallet with one hand and having my cards ready without fumbling through it. My only nuance is that it is slightly larger in length than what I'm used to due to the mechanism but I don't dislike it. Overall it's a fun wallet to have and completely convenient. I chose the green aluminum
Neilmar L. Review from
November 28, 2021
Golden Rose colored looks fantastic and amazing!!
I bought 2 from Code118 and their aluminum card was not that great, it felt metalic plastic and also their carbon selection was that not that great. I would really recommend this Aluminum cardholder because of its smooth surface and edge and its very cool looking golden rose color. The ejection feature is smooth and not that hard to trigger. The cards eject base on how thick and thin your cards are so the thicker they are the better they position and they are also easy to pull out and slot it in. The clip for the money is alright, I dont bring cash so might not have much info for that but you
pand4cub Review from
March 30, 2021
Its slick and beautiful wallet, but
Im not going to lie, it is nice wallet. But compare to ridg** wallet, im not sure which one is best. Ridg** wallet is more one section thing and compacted, without fanout option. If this wallet was able to hold more than 4-6 cards at a time, then I would be like this is it! I wish that extra can cards could be holding together better. Every time I bump into something, and those extra cards would be little out of places. And the straps captures moistures inside. I have to move around them and wipe them off. Other than that, I am enjoying my new wallet!
David M.J. Review from
November 24, 2021
Close to perfect
Love the color and the overall design. I am an old school guy. I have had a wallet in my back pocket for 40 years but due to some recent back and hip pain it was suggested that I go to a front pocket option. Here are the two detractors, first is the elastic band slides and when you're pulling bills from it moves. This ties to number two, I'm a cash guy, I cary cash and use it as much as I use the card. This would be much better with a clip. That said if you were a card only guy it has sufficient space if you only use a minimal amount. I'm now carrying two "minimalist" style wallets, this one a
Jacob K. Review from
June 2, 2021
Aluminum Cardholder
So far I have been enjoying the Aluminum Cardholder. For those who are wondering what this is I would describe it as a protective card clip. This is perfect for me since I don't normally carry a lot of cash on me. The design is sleek and has a low profile that makes it comfortable either in the front or back pocket. It does seem heavy at first but is much lighter than my traditional wallet when full. The first couple days I did have to double check my pocket to make sure I was actually carrying the wallet. The card holder works well and so far I have not had any issues retrieving any of my car
Richard M. Review from
May 17, 2021
Overall a solid wallet!
I havent had my Ekster very long, but so far Im happy with it! I have the basic aluminum model that also has a cash strap and an RFID blocker for a few additional cards. I had been using the same money clip (6 cards + cash) for the last few years but it didnt protect my cards from lint, nor was it RFID blocking. The Ekster Wallet is RFID blocking and keeps my cards better protected. The cash strap is secure and grips my folded bills even better as I add more cards on the outside of the wallet. My only complaint is that one of my credit cards is made of metal and can be shaken out if I have few
Kalliyan S. Review from
June 19, 2021
Love It
I would of give it a five star rating but the card holder does not hold 6 cards the way it came with the six temporary cards. The cards were stuck and I had to use pliers to get them out which chipped my card and a little of the aluminum wallet. Therefore, I can only place five cards which makes the wallet a little lose so the cards fall out from time to time. Wish it actually held six cards. I had actually bought this for my boyfriend as a Fathers Day gift and he loves iteven though it falls out. I was very excited for him to use this sleek thin wallet because he originally had a Ridge brand
Brent M. Review from
June 5, 2021
Best things come in small packages
The reviews I read is what convinced me into picking Ekster over other competitors and so far it hasnt disappointed. Its lightweight but durable. I have no issues with the card lift system and it just looks cool AF when you pull that bad boy out and squeeze the trigger. Its a perfect fit for anyone who doesnt carry many cards. I will never go back to the conventional bifold wallet that after a long day of sitting hurts my booty. The only issue with the Ekster wallet is its some lightweight and compacted that sometimes I freak out because I think I lost my wallet somewhere. Highly recommend!!
Christina O. Review from
May 19, 2021
Overall great product
After owning a few other wallets similar to this product, Id like to say the aluminum cardholder is generally great but not perfect. The spring/button to fan out the cards feels sturdy and functions smoothly. The wallet itself has good weight to it considering its made out of aluminum. I love the color options provided. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a better card extender. I think an accordion style would make it easier to push extra cards in and out of that already super tight slot. I would have preferred opting the parliament next time.
Vincent T. Review from
November 17, 2021
Hi-tech wallet!
Ive been looking at the new generation of hi- tech all metal or carbon fiber wallets for almost two years now, and finally sprung for Ekster. Reason?.. I like the thumb operated card magazine that holds 6 cards secure, but can display them raised in a flash. The finish of the one-piece body is pleasing and durable, and there are no screws to loosen over time. The RDIF cover holds additional cards and folded cash, and is secure but fast to deploy with the thumb cutout. I think I chose the right one out of the many designs offered in todays marketplace. The individuals Ive shown the Ekster walle
Clarence M. Review from
March 17, 2021
What sorcery is this?!
Never did I imagine that the evolution of the wallet would lead to this awesome thing! The wallet is amazing! Size is perfect, profile in pocket is virtually nonexistent, unless you wear skinny ass pants. If you have cards with raised numbers and lettering, it will abrade the magnetic strip of the card immediately next to it through friction when you press the trigger. I solved this by placing one of the included dummy cards between the raises card and others. This limited the amount of cards I was able to place in the slot, but that's a minor inconvenience...I'm ballin' on a plastic budget. S
Kerry B. Review from
May 21, 2021
Better than I could have hoped!
For years, Ive hated carrying my wallet, even after removing extra cards I didnt need. I searched online for slim wallets and the aluminum Ekster caught my eye - not only is it slim, but the fan-out feature looked very cool - and I decided to give it a try. Im so glad I did! This thing is incredible! I put 4 CCs, my drivers license, and another card in the main area and a few cards in the expandable area on the back, and it is amazingly thin and light. I now carry it in my front pocket, and can easily forget its there! I cant praise this wallet enough. My wife and sons laugh at me, but Ill bet
Stefan Review from
November 29, 2020
The Essentials
I was looking for this type of wallet/card holder for a long time now, but almost all the other options I looked at, didn't have this pop out style main compartment. So my main criteria were reducing bulk in my pockets, quick/easy access to my most frequently used cards and a sleek design wouldn't hurt either. Conclusion: the Ekster cardholder ticks all these boxes!! The build quality (from my first impressions) is superb! It feels nice in the hand, the cardholder feels sturdy - no complaints there. Hope it stays that way in the long run. I managed to cut down from 14+ cards to about 8 that I