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Fabrication Enterprises - From: 10-5575 To: 10-5585 - CanDo Tubing BowTie Exerciserx-heavy

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Fabrication Enterprises:
10-5575 - 10-5585
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Lightweight, compact and portable, the tubing exerciser helps perform strengthening and conditioning workouts on-the-go, even in your hotel room! Two permanent foam covered rigid handles give the exerciser comfort and a firm grasp. CanDo is licensed to use the Thera-Band color sequence so resistance level is easily identified. The BowTie exerciser is available in 7 levels of resistance for progressive exercise and 3 lengths to accommodate different needs. Levels range in order of strength from l
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Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
Categories Exercise Equipment
Code 10-5575 - 10-5585
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
50 Review
James T. Review from
April 18, 2022
Source Ortho provides the product and service I was looking for. I wanted to replace some tubes provided by a Physical Therapist some years ago. Rather than pay for a whole PT session to obtain replacements for the broken tubing, I wanted to find 8 feet of tubing in green and black resistance, which I could knot and loop to replicate the originals. Amazon, etc, only sell the tubing made up with fancy hand grips, in lengths and strengths OF THEIR CHOOSING, and at high prices. Most other supplier's would only sell the two strengths of TheraBand tube, which I wanted, in large rolls and at corresp
Barry P. Review from
October 30, 2021
Ordered to replace broken 4 wide black colored Theraband that came from my physical therapy shop. Not the same. I expected about the same tension, but this new band material is 1 wider, not as thick, and definitely not the same tension, even though color is the same special black. I will have to order a gold one now, and hope that its equivalent tension. Why companies continue to try and change things, even when nothing was wrong with the older 4 width black bands. Pretty sad.
shaina.r Review from
February 12, 2021
Coming from a physical therapist, these bands are AMAZING. Theyre absolute must have in any clinic. The different colors indicate the different resistance each band offers. I love these rolls of band bc I can easily pull some off and cut it to give to my patients for their home exercise program. Our facility is constantly ordering boxes of these bc we all use them so frequently. The most frequently used colors are yellow, red, green, and blue, with red being the clear favorite. We have the stronger bands, but dont use them nearly as often as the four colors I listed.
free2bemesports59mf Review from
October 26, 2021
Thera-Band Special heavy 6 yds
I started using bands for upper body strengthening after a course of tendinitis. The bands given to me by the physical therapist have snapped after a couple years of use. The Thera- band purchased is great. Stretchy, strong and you can make your band whatever length you want.
Bob W. Review from
March 10, 2022
The YELLOW band is more resistent than previous versions. For my present injured rotator cuff muscle, it is too strong. I should have gottten the WHITE stretch band. I believe you have changed the type of plastic that is used.
Review from
November 28, 2017
Love the professional strength version!
I've used Biofreeze for years and yesterday I used the professional strength version for the first time. Loved it! It is more of a lotion feel rather than a sticky gel which is great. I also didn't think it had as much of an odor. I work in a hospital and we are supposed to refrain from using things with strong odors so although I don't mind the smell, it may bother some patients. I usually hesitate to use biofreeze at work because of that but I put the professional stuff on yesterday at work and no one even knew. Thumbs up!
Charlie Review from
January 19, 2021
Not perfect, but can make them work.
These tubes are not as heavy as the ones I bought years ago. They will easily meet my needs if I double up on them. I was a bit surprised to find a number of 15' tubes taped together (literally) to a length of 100'. Not a deal breaker, but I was expecting one continuous piece so I can cut to my preference.
Helen S. Review from
May 7, 2019
Theraband tubing seems more durable than Therabands 4 wide elastic. The wide elastic material dries out and can snap when stretched to maximum. Tubing takes much longer to dry out and is equally effective. Just be careful to get the right amount of tension. Too much tension might do more harm than good; too little tension will have little strengthening capacity.
sbgordoninc1 Review from
August 2, 2021
Exactly what I wanted
The band comes in a roll, so you trim it to the length you need. While there is an expiration date on the box, and that date has long passed, the elastic seems fine. This is based on having used the same section of the band multiple times so far. I am very pleased.
Alice P. Review from
April 24, 2020
The band is good -I cut a couple right size pieces. HOWEVER, the entire box has a bad smell. Put it outside for several days but does not help entire roll. When cut piece size and put it out, it helped it somewhat. Have it inside but still has an ordor. Any suggestions? Otherwise will try to find similar product next .
52yardsalequeen Review from
November 13, 2015
Good deal for the money!
I have been taking physical therapy for more than 3 years. The only way I could get replacement tubing was to return to the physical therapist and buy more. After a year of being out of their care, they really bulked on my coming in to buy more. I cannot tell any difference in the resistance of this from my original Theraband. The tubing came in complete uncut 25 feet (other reviews for different products told that they were disappointed that they came in 3 pre-cut pieces that equalled 25 feet.) It does the job of keeping good tension. It is everything I needed and more (at 25 feet). I won't h
John R. Review from
May 2, 2020
Each day, per my physical therapist, I do a series of exercises to strengthen and keep agile the lower torso. I do a sequence of stretches using my legs/knees, and use the TheraBand to provide resistance. If ever I forget the TB, the exercise seems much less helpful. So, the TB is synonymous with a good and productive workout.
samantha.v Review from
April 20, 2018
I use these bands for activating my glutes as well as warming up my arms before a workout. They add just enough resistance to work the muscles, without tiring them out. My only beef with these is they crumple up super easy. So where ever they are placed on the body, theyll roll up. Thats not just this brand. Its pretty common with these kind of resistance bands.
Bain C. Review from
September 29, 2021
Great Resistance Band
Always great quality bands. No defects, ever. Packaging is excellent. Arrived quicker than expected.
Colleen H. Review from
July 2, 2020
This purchase was a total waste of money. The product is off-gassing so that I cant use it. I put it outside for a week, and now its Im baking soda. These havent worked. Next Ill try activated charcoal. I recommend never buying this. It is bad for your health.
gerda.m Review from
May 14, 2020
Very good band. I have blue color. Price is normal. In packaging with band I also got exercises with band book. I use that band doing exercises with my legs. One bad thing is that on band stick's dust. I will buy it again but another color.
lhay4837 Review from
April 8, 2020
I had surgery to remove a heel spur 4 years prior and now it is beginning to bother me again. Needed to band to stretch the Achilles Tendon on a daily basis several times a day and it worked. I used the band to do several exercises each day. The band is very strong and durable.
erh1987 Review from
May 21, 2020
Bands are not durable
My husband uses these bands for physical therapy. I do not know how durable these bands are supposed to be but they break regularly after being used less than a dozen times and sometimes after only a couple of uses. We have not found a replacement but we will continue to look for a replacement.
vulcan54 Review from
August 19, 2017
I like this product...Looks great a potential fishing bait!
...Plan to use it to use this product to make E-E bait and fishing lure attractors/enhancements in the manner of surgical gloves back home on Guam. If this rubber when cut in strips--undulates as I expect it will--Skipjacks (`Taraquitoes') and baby skipjacks (E-E's) beware! Will also hopefully work for mackerel (`Atulai').
Review from
October 18, 2017
Excellent product
We use Vasyli custom in our clinic with great results. I use them all my athletic footwear. I compared Dr. Schols from a big box store where you stand on some sort of scale to determine your number and they were around $55 with tax. For a little more you can get a semi-custom insert with medical grade material and fitted by a professional.
Review from
July 25, 2017
Sweet Moses
This stuff is a wacka-doo of relief! I have been having muscle issues forever, and a little rub-a-dub of biofreeze causes my muscles to feel so much better. I would recommend this product to Jesus Christ himself. I have bought at least 20 Biofreeze products and have never been disappointed! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!
brbea_9124 Review from
October 12, 2021
Genuine Theraband elastic
The genuine article. I wasn't convinced it would be Theraband manufactured, but it appears it is.
Anne O Review from
January 7, 2022
TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Bands
Quality product. Perfect for all ages and it's nice to be able to choose the length you need.
Richard I. Review from
June 17, 2017
I've been using this band for 8 years, which was given to me by a physical therapist. This is the same brand that was given to me then. However, this roll is twice the length I was given 8 years ago. If you use them enough like I do, they all tear and break eventually. I've used other bands but by far, this is the most durable I've used.
adriencolk Review from
August 15, 2018
Excellent quality.
This is superior to other resistance bands Ive used. Its more durable and keeps its elasticity. It is strong and I can stretch it without fear of it breaking or losing its shape. I will never use another brand again.
Review from
February 22, 2018
Wheels break easily
We have 12 of these stools and more than half are losing their wheels. The casters are metal, but they are seated into a plastic piece inside the tube that breaks. PH, please find better stools. I will be shopping elsewhere until you do.
cg200379 Review from
August 11, 2021
Good quality, listing misleading as not really medium
Listed as a medium strength product, but found it to be much too easy. Would rate it as a lighter product.
picasso2112 Review from
December 14, 2021
Isn't good quality
doesn't have the same tension strength as my Theraband product from the Theraband store.
deaboulto-3 Review from
August 4, 2022
Good for stiff shoulders
Good quality go heavier than you think you need for shoulder excercises the black band is perfect
j-jsns-roageneil Review from
October 4, 2017
Excellent for slingshot bands!
Bought ten feet to use for making slingshot bands, and it has been worth every penny for it! TheraBand should thank Joerg Sprave and his Slingshot Channel for so highly endorsing this product for making slingshots! I'll never use anything else!
gianna.c Review from
April 20, 2020
Theraband is the best of the best brand you can get when looking for resistance bands that will not break, keep their resistance and not stretch out. I am current a doctor of chiropractic student and this is the preferred and recommended brand among chiro and PTs - can find cheap and easy on Amazon
Mona A. Review from
September 2, 2016
I had received a length of Thera-band from the PT folks when I left rehab after an auto accident in April, 2015. A couple of months ago it broke for the second time so I needed more. That piece was strong and lasting. What I ordered to replace it is equally strong. I'm thoroughly satisfied.
cindy.d Review from
January 30, 2020
We gave this at our physical therapy office see patients progress and benefit from it. I use them to strengthen and warm up my muscles and it works great! Highly recommend, you can cut the size you want to fit your needs.
Bain C. Review from
July 7, 2020
TheraBands Rock
Easy to order from PH. Arrived in excellent condition and quickly. Product in perfect condition. Highly recommend Performance Health for your TheraBand purchases.
Mark S. Review from
November 14, 2018
Comfortable Support
I enjoy the comfortable support that these provide for everyday activities. Helps to maintain proper arch support which maintains alignment of the knees and hips. Thanks again!
beachkidhere Review from
March 2, 2020
Yellow Theraband
Currently conducting an hourly exercise class three times a week at a senior citizens residential building. We ran out and purchase yellow Theraband for the group. Thanks.
lorena.m Review from
March 22, 2020
I love this product and all the other products as well it is effective, is the best product that I have tried so far and I wouldn't improve it at all cause it already does the job and it compares to alternatives, I would recommend to others. #fitspiration
Review from
May 30, 2017
Ideal for sore shoulder and back!
I apply a little Biofreeze Professional to my shoulder and lower back each morning -- it takes away the edge and loosens tight muscles. It works so quickly and feels great!! The shoulder gets a double dose and is just what I need.
Lucy Review from
February 17, 2021
Im a physical therapist
Im a retired PT now using the tool of my trade to stay active. There is nothing better /more versatile than theraband
Review from
October 24, 2017
Functional cold pack!
At long last, a cold pack that you can wear on your knee and walk around, doing what you need to do. No laying supine for 20+ minutes with a pack laid over your knee. Applied correctly, it also provides minimal compression.
jbar15271 Review from
June 21, 2016
Slingshot Bands
I purchased the Thera-Band Gold to make flat bands for my slingshot. Best product I've found for making these bands. The product was exactly what I expected at a good price. Shipped promptly and shipping was free. GREAT PRODUCT
lea.z Review from
January 13, 2017
I used these for my physical therapy and they worked well for what I needed to do. I don't really have much of a purpose for them now. I would suggest them to anyone that like a resistant band workout. They are worth the price and get the job done well!
rachel.e Review from
April 16, 2016
We use a similar product at the hospital where I work (I'm an OT). We had to switch brands due to it having latex and wanting to avoid allergic reactions with our patients. I recommend Thera-band for my home exercise programs. It's a good, cheap strengthening tool.
sarah.m Review from
March 1, 2017
These are a ballet dancer's life saver. You honestly cannot survive without these. My entire recovery after a series of horrible sprains consisted of using Therabands and I've never stopped. They are amazing
burtongary5115 Review from
November 27, 2018
Cable Cross-Over Machine in a Little Box
I attach two lengths between close doorways and use them for chest-fly exercises...Just like a cross-over cable machine. No machine to buy and no space needed. Cheap and effective.
ROBERT a. Review from
May 14, 2020
I like my exercise band. It provides linearly increasing resistance proportional to longitudinal strain. It is a nice shade of green.
mariaa.g Review from
May 21, 2020
I would say that these are my go to bands for stretching and exercise, after my leg had broken and after I got my cast take off I was using these bands daily to help get my range of motion back. Still working on it but these are helping a great deal!!
fishallnight Review from
April 30, 2018
Theraband gold - great for slingshots!
Bought this to make bands for slingshots. Couldn't be happier. 1 band per side is perfect for bbs and 2 per side shoots marbles and ball bearimgs perfectly.
adiona.b Review from
February 7, 2020
I have been using these for yearssss. I have really band shins and use them for that, first recommended by my physical therapist. I use them very often and have yet to rip any of them yet.
Maryse Review from
October 18, 2012
The Thera band exercise band is by far a much better band than any one you can buy in large stores. Also, buying a roll is an even better value and you can cut it at the lenght you are comfortable with. I looked everywhere to replace my old one (which I had for many years) and could not find it. Thank you for providing me with a great product I could not find anywhere at a very reasonable price and delivered to my home !
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