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Fabrication Enterprises - From: 10-6311 To: 10-6321 - Sup-R Band Latex Free Exercise Bandx-light

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Fabrication Enterprises:
10-6311 - 10-6321
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Sup-R Band is made from a premium latex free formula and excels compared to other exercise band: our TPE latex free formula has similar use and strength characteristics to latex exercise bands; similar puncture resistance; similar tear and burst strength; requires similar force to stretch and contract; 5" width; has core for use with dispenser systems; made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE); color-coded in Thera-Band colors. Roll is packaged in a dispenser box. 50-yard roll has core that fits mos
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Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
Categories Exercise Equipment
Code 10-6311 - 10-6321
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
50 Review
KJONES1555 Review from
February 11, 2021
I recommend
Not sure of durability. However, to date this is a very good product for the price. I use free weights then follow up with a set using this Ultra Heavy band. I have purchased a couple resistance band sets off amazon and they have all been flimsy junk. For under $10 this product is a deal. The negative reviews of this product are comical. I am a 6 foot male. The handles are large enough for me. And the chick blaming the product because her boyfriend doesn't want to work out is a hoot.
Linda In HB Review from
May 13, 2021
Great quality!
I strength train with weights regularly. I kind of looked down on bands, thinking it was for beginners. Also never found a pair that didn't feel awkward until i bout the SPRI bands. They are great quality and the handle is fitted in a way that makes it easy to work with. Other bands I've used had a mettle clip that dug into my skin. These bands don't do that. i also want to note that these were really conviennent to use while traveling. I was sore the next day in new places. Thanks!
Ines Review from
October 23, 2020
Great solutuon to get toned.
These rubber tubes are the best, I've purchased three and have them attached on a door on each of the three hinges for a seemless workout. It's a great workout , depending on your strength you can get the color that works best for me it's blue, or red. It's really an amazing work out that you can do so easily, strength traning is really important for health but weights can cause injuries and aren't nearly as practical , if you are really strong you can try the purple . Just a great solution to get toned. They travel super easy, all around great. I've been converted.
JOJO Review from
November 19, 2021
Decent quality for what I use it for.
I exercise online zoom classes with Silver Sneakers. This particular band is short for me for certain things that I use it for. There is a chart showing the length however, when I ordered it I didn't realize the length. When I replace it in the future I will be more aware to check the length. Other level of bands are longer.
Barry Review from
June 16, 2020
Great buy!
I decided that yoga is not enough for burning calories. And during this pandemic my TRX class is on hold. So, on the advise of my TRX/Yoga instructor I purchased two cables from SPRI--one very light to start doing exercises and one light once I feel comfortable with the exercises. Three times a week I do a yoga warm-up and then go into my garage to work with my cables. Currently, I am doing a circuit of 11 exercises I culled from the internet. I do one set of 10 reps, with the goal of doing two sets of 10 reps, maybe three sets eventually. At 76, this is a challenge. Then, I return to my yoga
John the flex guy. Review from
July 22, 2018
There is no product better anywhere
I searched Target because they use to carry this product. But the had changed brands and now carry a greatly inferior product. I tried sporting goods stores and they had good products, but none that had the excellent properties of SPRI. There were good flex tubes, but none had the same resistance from begining to full extension and back again. Much more expensive flex tubes didn't compare. I actually found SPRI on line searching for the type of flex tube I had once gotten at Target. I didn't know the brand name bit recongnized it when I saw it. Great product. Recommend it to anyone.
Pilot46 Review from
August 15, 2021
Excellent Quality Stretch Tube
I have one of the original SPRI videos -- VHS -- about pumping rubber. And, I have two levels of stretch tubes, but I was missing this one. My set is complete. This one shows the same overall excellent quality. I use the bands in conjunction with my weight set, and they compliment each other nicely.
Sharon Review from
April 19, 2020
A really good home gym alternative.
I am usually in the gym using free weights but since the stay at home order I thought I would try bands for resistance workouts. I am actually really impressed with the workouts I've been getting using the Spri resistance bands. They are really good quality and I have been putting them through a daily hard workout. I am using them with a workout bench that has notches for bands. I am pretty advanced in weight training but I would say using the bands has maintained my muscle and fitness level. I will probably continue to use them on lighter days for high rep training when the gyms reopen!!
K Review from
January 5, 2021
Money well spent!!
Love this!! Getting a lot of use out of this, as I loop it around the front of my stationary bike, and double my workout!! Just by looping it different ways I can create an entire arm workout while pedaling!! Great handles, well made, and great resistance. Awesome value if you use it!! Working out great!!
Harvey Review from
June 30, 2020
Versatile and well made
I use this together with the heavy tube. Adding in the light tube lets me increase resistance gradually. I'm using this for chest presses, shoulder presses, lat pulls (I wrap it around the washing machine and bend over so my lats are parallel to the tube), curls, and rear-delt flyes. I'm trying to find a way to suspend it from something so I can do skull crushers. It's helped save me from going nuts while my gym was closed. So far, it seems sturdy and well made. I like it.
John Review from
April 22, 2020
Commercial quality that fits well in a home fitness routine.
These are the exact bands that we use in my fitness club. They are heavy duty and stand up to the rigor of commercial use so I naturally wanted that same quality for personal use at home. I ordered two sets of very light through heavy for both my wife and my use. They are very well constructed and the grip size is fit and comfortable for all hand sizes. It's comfortable in the hand even under great stress in use. I highly recommend using these fitness bands in your home fitness routine.
paz005 Review from
June 23, 2018
Decent Physical Exercise in a Small Package
I bought this item as a gift for someone else. I already own one of my own. I have been using this product for years to obtain a quick workout when I do not wish to leave the comfort of home or even when in the office. There are a variety of exercises that can be done with this simple product to work the biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, and even the quadriceps. I have a circuit of exercises that I perform twice within a 20 - 30 minute time frame. This obviously does not replace dumb bells and larger fitness equipment, but it is surprisingly effective in the absence of the use of facility,
Charles Review from
April 22, 2020
Super Great Product
There are a multitude of exercises that can be done with these cords. I recommend getting all of them as the very light one is best for certain exercises while the light, medium or heavy are better for other exercises. Get the door jam with them if available. You actually only need one of those door jam things as you can swap it out from band to band. However having said that it would be more efficient in your work out if you had two door jams so you don't have to swap them all the time. Great product.
Dan Review from
July 20, 2021
My green Xering broke
I received a green Xering as a gift and used it about two or three times a week for about four months,. I had a hard time getting the cushions to stay lined up with my legs and finally gave up trying. I enjoyed using it while it lasted, but it too soon snapped in two and is now useless. If I get a new one I may try red, though the green had plenty of resistance for an old guy like me.
BrdyMama Review from
November 22, 2021
Good quality equipment
The Gaiam brand is the best, in my opinion. All the things I have bought from Gaiam are excellent quality and they last! I had a cheap band which came apart and I could not put he handle back on it, so I replaced it with this and I know it will last forever.
Linda Review from
June 10, 2020
Well worth cost
Have been using SPRI bands at gym classes 4 days/week until shutdown. Gym has been streaming classes so have purchased all my own equipment to use at home - now can work out 24/7 - and plan to take my own equipment to classes after gym reopens. Love the foam handles - much more comfortable for my arthritic joints. Gym has almost all regular handled bands but somehow got 1 Medium with foam handles that I try to use when I go - have to sneak in early - so had to get on SPRI waitlist to get mine. Well worth the wait and cost.
Strong lady Review from
March 22, 2022
Just the right tension and length
I bought another cheap brand at the store and the were not nearly as good as these. Yours have the right tension and length. The others were far too long but wimpy with the tension.
ztp2002 Review from
November 19, 2021
Excellent original product
Brand new SPRI resistant band at affordable price. I have several different brands and always come back to SPRI as my top choice to exercise. Will stay with this brand for life.
Sherrie Review from
April 21, 2022
Misleading description
I am under physical therapy for a shoulder problem. I was told to purchase "light" resistance. These were not light but medium/heavy. I was unable to use them.
Deborah Review from
May 10, 2020
Simple and effective
Since the gym has been closed due to COVID-19, I've been able to do aerobic exercise outdoors and practice yoga, but I really missed my weight workouts. The light band is really versatile, and I can adjust resistance by standing closer or further from the handle. For me it's ideal for bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises. Too light for chest presses. I think I need the next heavier one for that.
sooththetruth Review from
March 22, 2017
Surprising return on work with this product
I have just recently bought more of this product as a gift for friends. These bands have allowed me to maintain surprising muscle mass over the past years, as I have had to move away from free weights to spare my aging joints. My joints feel better, and I still maintain my strength, and flexibility, using this higher quality exercise band. Best of all, the nature of resistance seems to treat tendonitis that I'll develop doing yard work, or even just straining with the remaining dumbbells I have. I recommend them to my golfing buddies who ask how I am maintaining my distance even deep into my 5
John Review from
November 30, 2020
I would not buy this brand again because of the handles. The round plastic handles are too small around and too short so that the side of your hand rubs against the side of the strap. Worst of all the handles squeak. Very annoying.
sportsdivas Review from
May 5, 2015
Use these bands in our gym DAILY!
We use these bands with our fitness classes daily at our gym and LOVE their longevity, portability, durability and usability! We use them in a variety of classes from spinning to step to toning and their uses are limitless. More importantly (and contrary to other reviews), these bands are ultra durable--they last forever--in our gym environment. We have tried other brands on occasion and we've ALWAYS come back to SPRI products. The quality is simply superior and the pricing is competitive. As a gym owner and a head volleyball coach, having to repair, replace and order equipment on a consistent
John the Mailman Review from
April 29, 2020
Goof-proof,self-targeted vari-resistance!.
Best workout results avail for fewest dollars invested in fitness equipment. Max flexibility in program options w smallest required footprint. When not in use, resistance bands easily suspend from clothes hanger anywhere... out of sight and mind! Color coding of bands makes switchout/progression of resistance levels during workouts a no-brainer.
Go Girl Debby Review from
November 24, 2021
Love these bands !!!! :)
The bands are great! I use them with my clients and students in my Group X classes. I only wish they were a bit cheaper. My classes love them too!!!
Exercise Enthusiast Review from
June 22, 2016
Foam Handles!
I purchased this item to replace a band I just bought last November that was covered in a fabric with foam handles. After a few months, the rubber torn through. That was after having the same band for over 6 years without this problem. So I decided to give this one a try, since they no longer sold the covered cord. I have gotten hit by it once or twice though through use accidentally, and boy does that band hurt on bare skin! It is definitely sturdy so far, but I'd say the only thing special about this band is the foam handles. SPRI bring in the covered bands!
Review from
August 26, 2021
Great Resistance Tube
This resistance tube is very good. So many of the ones at the gym are broken, or knotted. I decided to get my own. I am very please with this one.
Frank Review from
February 3, 2021
Great until gyms reopen, for travel, etc.
Great band for maintaining training during travel, if home bound, etc. Stretches comparable to tricep presses, bicep curls, squats, shrugs, bench presses and more by standing on the band, holding short of handles, knotting the band and so on. Easy to be creative!
Review from
September 22, 2020
Snapped. Almost broke my arm.
I was doing sledgehammer swings with it going around a round pole, kinda like on the picture, except one side was anchored. It snapped without warning and the broken middle hit the back of my tricep hard enough rip the skin, cause a bruise, and stop my arm workouts for the week.
Garoo Review from
October 5, 2021
Quick and easy workout.
Easy to use and light weight. Perfect for stretching and strength work out. Stores anywhere. Low cost.
DanE Review from
August 17, 2021
I was in the middle of a Pilates class with my SPRI band wrapped around a bar for resistance (heavy duty band) when it snapped and broke and almost took my eyeball out. The whole classed stopped to make sure I was ok. Luckily, I ducked just in time before it snapped back at me.
Marty Review from
September 23, 2020
Best tubing ever!
This tubing has the most resistance of any that I've purchased. I'm hoping it will hold up and not break like eventually the many tubing I've bought does. I use it for my arms and it works so much better and is much more challenging.
erschn_24 Review from
January 26, 2021
RV Friendly
Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect tension for arm curls and tricep extensions. I am 6 and weigh 165, so works well for stretching and toning. Also nice if you have limited space.
Adam Review from
April 27, 2020
I like it better than any other tubbing I came across
I have had one with foam pads for 22 years and it recently broke so I bought a new one. The tubbing came off the handle part, FYI... but 22 years is a long time to have it...Great product.. medium red.... And you guys have the best customer service. And generous with discounts and helping out... thank you
winter5507 Review from
September 12, 2018
Great Resistance Band.
The Xertube Resistance Band was delivered promptly. It was a high quality product, made with good materials. It serves my needs for a resistance band for exercising. It is just the right strength and length with good fitting handles. It can be used just about anywhere and is compact and convenient.
Thomas Review from
May 26, 2020
Yes, I intend to always have one available.
This is a real good way to get a workout. No heavy weights to store or exercise machines to find a place for. It stores easily in a drawer and is always ready o use. You can get a workout while watchin g TV or talking on the phone-hands free of course. and you can take it with you anyplace you go.
MemphisMadeMe Review from
November 23, 2017
Terrible Product
I bought this resistance band about two months ago, after the one that I had been using was recalled due to safety concerns. This thing was horrible. The handles felt extremely cheap, and they aren't even padded. The band itself offers no resistance at all. I returned this thing and bought a much better one from Fitness Gear.
Ted Review from
June 6, 2020
Simply the best.
Since working from home, and being unable to get to the company gym, this is an awesome alternative. I also have the ones you strap around your ankles. The best part, I can just stand up when I need a break from working from home. So easy, so convenient, so challenging.
Maureen Review from
February 14, 2019
Not happy with the yellow bands.
I am honestly disappointed with these bands, especially the yellow ones. I use them only in a small studio, on a vinyl/ rubber based floor and they are already splitting. I have only used them approx 10 days- two weeks. I don't recall them being this fragile in the past... I am already having to throw them out!
onetoone Review from
September 1, 2015
Great comfort handles
I would completely recommend this product. The resistance strengths are perfect and the foam handles make it much more comfortable to use and help you with precision since they do not slip around. I have a smaller hand so they make the handle a little wider giving me the perfect "wrap" - at the same time they would be great on every hand type/size! Excellent product!
Sandra Review from
October 27, 2016
Great for Travel
Great for travel. It doesn't take up much room in your suitcase. Caveat: It is only the Very Light (yellow) version that comes with a soft rubber handle. All the others are in hard plastic. Order the one with the foam rubber handle . It's much more comfortable and worth the slightly higher price.
longtimeuser Review from
March 24, 2016
Great product
I was replacing two that I've had and used for so many years that they were showing signs of wear. The only thing I would change about the new ones is the handle. My prior ones were stiff with a padded covering. The new ones are hollow rubber so they bend around my hand when being used which is a little uncomfortable. I solved this by inserting a small stick.
bands are great Review from
November 4, 2020
Exercise band
It's a good, tight, medium-strength resistance band. Because it's new it's a tad slippery along the rubber, but I imagine as it wears it will become less slippery.
Candy Review from
October 16, 2018
Great product, wish the price hadn't gone up so much !
Because the tubes are light, I can easily carry them with me for my personal training clients or even for classes. They are versatile enough to challenge every major muscle group. Waiting to see if their durability went up with the price. Hope so!
Wen Review from
July 18, 2019
Sturdy Tubing
I bought this tubing to supplement my weight training. I also have another tubing in the medium resistance (red) that I use. The tubing is sturdy and packs well for travel. I also received the item about four days earlier than I expected to receive it
Douglas Review from
March 21, 2021
This item is the perfect strength for me now. I have one that I bought a few months ago that became too easy as my muscles strengthened. I recommend this item.
Mary Review from
August 14, 2020
Good sturdy, strong bands that last forever.
I have used all three band strengths before when my gym was still open, so am very familiar with them. I am doing a core strength program with my favorite instructor twice a week at home, and she is "killing" me with the bands. Good stuff.
hankfl Review from
September 15, 2020
Nice and tough
I ordered the light band and it is very good for exercises for Zumba. Works great and very stretchy with enough resistance. I really like the handles, too!
Carrillo Rec Center Review from
September 24, 2015
Been using Xertubes for many years!
We use Xertubes with a senior citizen fitness class 3 days a week that's been ongoing for over 20 years. The resistance bands are great because students can create their own level of resistance by selecting different band strengths and varying the length of 'slack'. Tip: one year I ordered the soft handles thinking they would be easier for the seniors to handle, but our participants much prefer the hard handles.
Nicholas Review from
May 22, 2020
Cheap handle material.
The handles feel cheap for how expensive the band is. The corners of the plastic are not smoothed over and the handle itself feels like it is made of thin plastic. I've had to wrap the handle with tape to make it comfortable.