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Tranquility From: 2112 To: 2166 - SlimLine Junior Disposable Brief 24 To 42 Lbs

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2112 - 2166
FSA Eligible
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2112SlimLine Junior Disposable Brief 24 to 42 lbs.BG/12
2120SlimLine BriefSmallPK/10
2120SlimLine Disposable BriefSmall, 24" - 32"Case of 100
2122SlimLine BriefMediumPK/1
2122Principle Business EnterprisesBriefdultapacity20.4 fl oz, Medium, 32" to 44"CS/8
2122Principle Business Enterprises SlimLine Brief Medium 32" - 44"Case of 96
2132SlimLine BriefLargePK/12
2132Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Brief21.04 fl oz, Large, 45" to 58"CS/96
2132SlimLine Disposable BriefLarge, 45" - 58"Case of 96
2134SlimLine BriefX-LargePK/12
2166SlimLine Youth Disposable BriefX-SmallBG/10
2166SlimLine Youth Disposable BriefSmall, 18" - 26"CS/100
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SlimLine briefs conform to the body for a comfortable fit while still providing superior absorbency. A patented Peach Mat core contains superabsorbent polymers which guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction and urine pH neutralization. The wetness indicator turns blue when maximum capacity has been reached, thus eliminating unnecessary changes and reducing costs. Kufguards help contain bowel incontinence and prevent leakage. Sizes x-large, large and medium have refastenable tape tabs for easy opening and closing of the brief. Sizes small, x-small and junior have a cloth-like backsheet and micro-hook closure tabs. Available in six sizes. Latex-free.
More Information
Manufacturer Tranquility
Categories Adult Briefs, Adult Diaper, Fecal Incontinence, Teenage Diaper, Youth Brief, Incontinence
Code 2112 - 2166
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
45 Review
LJR Review from
October 29, 2021
Finally,Something that really works
I have been trying for more than two years to find a continence underwear that is absorbent enough to not leak when worn overnight. I've tried almost every brand that has a 2X size available, and all had problems, especially leaking along the leg opening, causing the wetting of bedding and clothing, and sagging in front and rear where the garment doesn't fit all the way to the waist. I put off trying the Tranquility premium overnight underwear because it cost more than the other brands, but I finally gave in and ordered a sample package. After one week, I'm sold. This Tranquility 2X premium pr
JESSICA G. Review from
August 7, 2021
No more leaks.
I ordered the Tranquility Premium Overnight pull ups size L for my 78 year old father. He is mobile, not bed ridden but has early dementia and can be forgetful about changing his pull ups. He was using Depends. I was looking for an alternate to his Depends because he kept having leaks overnight & sometimes during the day. The Tranquility Premium overnight pull ups are a great superior alternative to Depends but he has only used them during the day. After speaking to a Carewell representative, I chose to order him the Abena Abri Flex Premium pull up in size L3 for overnight use since they are e
marian l. Review from
October 3, 2021
Great Fit and Hold
This pant fits well and holds the liquid through most nights. The material is soft and breathable and seems to stay in place. The pant is a little bulky and my person refers to them as the big Whities . We found these a while back but I tried a tabbed pant/diaper when a little more holding power was needed. While the tabbed diapers held overnight fluid well, they did not fit as comfortably and caused some chafing on the skin. Overall, the Tranquility Overnights are the best product weve found. A bonus is LL Medcico provides excellent service. My last order arrived in one day, making us all ver
Nancy H. Review from
June 23, 2021
Just What I Needed
I highly recommend Tranquility briefs for incontinence. I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees and hip along with incontinence. I have difficulty walking, but can wear pads and get to the bathroom during the day. Nighttime is a different story, especially when I manage to sleep for long periods of time. I wear briefs at night. I also wear them when I'm attending an event where I might have difficulty getting to the bathroom. I've tried other brands, and Tranquility briefs are absolutely the best. Most nights, I'm dry as the briefs contain all my urine.This can include fluid from edema in my
Leni R. Review from
February 11, 2021
This is a fantastic product.
This is a fantastic product. It is well made. Lots of thought into leakage guards built into product. It really does handle overnight use. Ive tried many overnight products. Its a bother to try different products because you have to purchase a whole bag each time. When they fail to do the anticipated results you are out the cost of product and dissatisfied. This customer is please to say 1. It works ( dry bed each morning) 2. It is comfortable . You can wear the tranquility liners for extra protection. If I need to be away from the house for a long time ( doc appointments) I use the liners a b
FRANK L. Review from
January 15, 2022
I am not sure which I should get in Large or Large. I am about 54 inches around
I am presently evaluating several different purchases. Tranquility has been recommended to me by several people, but it only holds one urination. The second urination will eventually leak. I have ordered Seni in L and Extra Large to see which one fits better. Later I will order the arena to see which one will hold the most moisture! I have also ordered a powder (two bottles). This is recommended to hold more moisture. Hopefully , it will keep me dry. I am not incontinent, but I need something to keep me mostly dry at night. I am 87, and my wife does not want for me to get up at night.
Review from
January 17, 2022
I got these underwear and the tranquility booster pads for my mom. She has Vascular dementia and has reached the point where night time wetting has become an issue. Most of her daily urination happens at night. She soaked through a couple of nights so I came back to Carewell again and got the booster pads. I cannot say more good things about Carewell I ordered these products after 9 pm at night and a day and a half later they where here. I highly recommend the tranquility brand they hold a lot of liquid and my mom can urinate over a quart at night these underwear are great.
CHRISTINA C. Review from
January 21, 2022
The fit and containment is
The fit and containment is wonderful (I would rate those as 5 stars). The absorption is very good with the use of a booster pad. It does need a booster pad, though. When I need it to, It rips down the sides far better than any of the others I've been using. It can be layered up to a point - I can have one Wellness and one other Tranquility inside it. When I have those three layers, I don't need others. (I have cumbersome braces and shoes, so I need to put on all the underwear I will need for the day in the morning.)
JEFF B. Review from
May 20, 2021
Having a family member on
Having a family member on a heavy dose of Constulose 3 to 4 times a day was leading to some pretty explosive bouts of diarrhea day and night. We tried different brands of adult diapers and most had disastrous results, we than tried the tranquility premium overnight diapers and the results were really good, the diarrhea was pretty much held in the diaper every time. Having tried 3 or 4 other top brands with limited success I wouldnt dream of going to anything else. My family member says that with the tranquility diaper they feel more normal than a burden with the other messy diapers. We give th
NORMAN E. Review from
November 7, 2021
Costly but effective
Been my favorite since I found them after so many other people gave good marks. Wish they were not so pricey. They definitely hold and wick the urine away so I don't have that gross feeling of being wet and clammy and they even have decent odor control. Even the occasional loss of bowel control has been handled without leakage. My only other issue besides cost is they will slide down in the rear, not so much a problem when you have clothes on but has been a recent problem since I injured my arm and often go around the house sans pants
Katie Review from
August 6, 2020
Excellent fit!
First of all, I want to compliment the makers for going up to a 2xl. I have had bladder control issues for most of my adult life and have never been able to find what I thought was my size, a 3xl. So, I ordered the diaper ones in a 3xl first and once I saw that those are way too big for me, I actually measured my waist/hip area and ordered the 2xl in The underwear style. I was in a severe leg crushing accident on 3/23 so getting to the toilet is even worse now...these give me the confidence I need to not rush and risk injuring another bone in my legs. They fit excellent, are comfy and prevent
MELISSA P. Review from
July 15, 2021
Better than the rest!
Better than any product we have used! My mother has Parkinsons and dementia. We use the overnight pull-up for both day and night. We also add the pad insert for nighttime. Before using this product my mother would be soaked from head to toe in the morning! Not any more!!!!!!! So happy to have found your website :) Ordered size small for 125lbs. Too small. Size medium fits great with the extra pad insert.
fergusjl Review from
June 9, 2020
Best Disposable Absorbent Underwear - especially for plus-size!
I have tried many adult diapers and these work the best for me. They dont leak and they dont make your clothes smell like some others do. Also, if you are a plus-size person, these are great because they dont cut into your legs like so many others. These fit those individuals with large waists, hips and thighs. By the way, Ive also tried the nighttime version of these, and they are also very good for sudden gushes. But, most of the time, I prefer wearing the daytime version. These diapers have been a godsend; Im no longer afraid that I might have an embarrassing situation when I go out in publ
RUTH S. Review from
October 23, 2021
Since being on Chemo, I
Since being on Chemo, I have become incontinent. Tried using another name brand, but their absorbency was sufficient for my needs. So, I did an on-line serve and found your company and thought Id give it a try. I was extremely well pleased with both the comfort and absorbency. As I wear these all day, I find my confidence in leaving my home has certainly improved as well. Thank you so much for this great product.
Linda B. Review from
October 2, 2021
Love me some carewells pull-ups!!!
I have wasted so much money buying Ill -fitting pull-ups. But these covered my big belly and well lets just say the oddest shape found on a human being..I was impressed! Less accidents and when the inevitable happens its so manageable, never will I have to use the small pan I keep in my backpack behind my wheelchair. Blessings to the person or people who designed these pull-ups. May you get a cut in the front line for the que to heaven.
MARIE G. Review from
August 30, 2021
Great product. Works perfectly in
Great product. Works perfectly in combination with the Tranquility Booster pad. Has totally improved the night time waking pattern of my 95 year old mother from up 5 times per night to staying in bed and sleeping soundly through. She feels secure with this 'combo' that she won't wet the bed and is comfortable letting the 'combo' do its job!
ELAHU H. Review from
December 30, 2021
Tranquillity over night is a
Tranquillity over night is a great pull up. Works wonderfully. Also ordered the pack of Men Depends pull up, was not pleased with them. One depend in package came split down the sidenot a good wear,and made the depends made noise like paper & was rough, will not order the men depend again. Not worth the money. The store bought is a better depend pull up. I will order the overnight Tranquillity again was pleased with those pull ups.
BARBARA C. Review from
October 23, 2021
Great Services.
These are nice heavy pads for overnight. Not completely leak proof, nothing on the market that is. But these are close to leak proof, if I make to the potty chair on time in the middle of the night. I take so many meds with water that I go day and night. Also, I really liked the price. Better than anywhere else. And they get to my place in record time. Thanks Carewell.
J M. Review from
April 16, 2021
tranquility premium overnight pull ups
I gave 4 stars as they are a tad better than the other brand that we have been using. They seem a tad thicker, and do have that small 'lip' around the legs. They still leak, as none have elastic tight enough to stop liquid. However, the lip does seem to have helped a bit. Any thing, even a tad better to take some of the frustration away from the wearer who cannot always control their functions.
Review from
April 14, 2020
A+ Pull-up
I am a 26y/o & 80-90ibs. I usually by the Goodnites brand but due to covid-19, they are sold out. I've tried a few different types throughout the weeks (Tranquility Selects, Cuties, Prevail overnights for women) but these were by far the best @ a reasonable price! They have a lot of padding and the leg holes aren't so big like Prevail's are. If the cuties weren't so expensive or too small, I would have went with them. If price isn't an issue for you, go with them but by a smaller package first because they did run small for what the size suggested. May God bless everyone through this awful cri
Pete S. Review from
February 17, 2019
Best adult pull-up
Tranquility premium overnight pull-ups are the best weve found. Care recipient is a 76 yr old male and although he still experiences leaks sometimes these are better than any other pull-ups weve tried. He is diabetic and I believe he has diabetic nerve damage that prevents him from knowing when he has to go or even when hes wet until hes soaked. I also think that because these pull-ups are so well at absorbing and pulling moisture away from the body, he doesnt even realize sometimes how wet he is which tends to cause him to say hes not wet when he is. Often it isnt until the pull-up is so wet
DEBORAH P. Review from
June 17, 2021
Absolutely the Best!
These are the Best! I will tell you just how great they are. I tried about 30 different types and these are far the ones that are most comfortable, hold the most liquid, and I simply love them. The female urologist I want to see has just had her first baby and I have been patiently waiting for two months to meet with her. I cant say enough about how strong and comfortable these are! Try them!
RICHARD B. Review from
November 12, 2021
Best for heavy flow.
Easy on and off with tear away feature. Does a good job absorbing discharges, however leaks still happen at night so bed pads are needed. Very comfortable and the fit is true to size. Does a great job on odor. Pricing is reasonable and shipping is outstanding. Representatives are very supported. Made in USA!
Kathleen H. Review from
June 16, 2021
Sadly, I have had to
Sadly, I have had to explore a vast selections of adult briefs. Since my stroke, Ive need Protection if there is any chance Id be asleep. If I have to go somewhere that may not have a bathroom that I can use. Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-ups are by the BEST choice. They have the size I need, 2XL and sell them in several choices of diapers from 18 to 74. They fit, theyre comfortable and help me sleep all night
PATSY H. Review from
August 5, 2021
MADELINE R. Review from
October 23, 2021
Excellent to keep a person
Excellent to keep a person dry and enabling them to sleep through the night. Comfortable to wear. Great fit in the elasticized leg bands. We were having issues with leakage on the other product. The Infinity product can hold a lot of liquid and keep a person dry. The family physician asked for the name and company.
DEBRA S. Review from
January 1, 2022
Great for my elderly Father
We have tried several name brand products for my Father. Each one has failed and has leaked. I read the reviews and they were very good for Tranquility. We bought these and they are so much better. My Father has not had one accident (leakage) since. No more waking up and the underpad on the bed and his pjs being soaked. We love these!
Patricia P. Review from
December 3, 2021
Carewell Overnight Review
Excellent product. The size i ordered fits perfectly. It is extremely comfortable. Not bulky in the least. Will definitely stay with Carewell. Order arrived in a timely manner. Definitely a product I would recommend. I feel you will be very pleased with your decision to purchase Carewell.
Linda K. Review from
February 22, 2021
Don't force things.
I don't think it's right to force people to write something down. I answered your stupid questions truthfully and that's all you really need to know . So accept what you're given and don't force people to write down something in order to give a truthful review. It won't even let you submit a perfectly good review, saying the product is an excellent product unless you fill in the box with some kind of comments. So there you go. I filled the stupid box.
LIZ T. Review from
October 25, 2021
We had not found another
We had not found another brief that absorbs like Tranquility does, both the day and night ones!! Its so worth investing in, I would recommend them to everyone!! We wouldnt order any others!! Thank You, Carewell!! The material makes them very comfortable and the legs dont leak like other brands!! These are the BEST!!
Nancy W. Review from
April 19, 2021
Great Products!!
I purchased these for my husband who was denial & did not want to "wear Depends or a diaper." My husband tried the 2XL Tranquility overnight & wore it overnight & liked it very much. I have also ordered a sample of the daytime underwear for him to try. Thank You so much for these products as it is so hard to find 2XL. Thanks also for the convenience of ordering online & the prompt, fast delivery in a neutral package!!
Elizabeth M. Review from
September 4, 2021
Absolute BEST
I have tried so many overnight pullups for my 89 year old mother, and these are by far the BEST. They whisk the moisture away, and more importantly they eliminate any order. These truly are a game-changer. I was showering my mother every morning because she smelled of urine; these allow me to simply wipe her down and off we go. I highly recommend.
Mary C. Review from
January 9, 2021
Well fitting pull up
My mom wears these overnight with the added top liner. These are very good fit for her. We measured and the size was true to the measurements. We have found that they are very absorbent and she usually only requires one change overnight. I do wish that the markings that differentiate the front from the back were darker. As with many elderly she has macular degeneration and her vision is impaired. It would be very handy for her to know which is the back and which is the front.
Linda C. Review from
February 25, 2021
Excellent fit to gently hug
Excellent fit to gently hug and keep moisture inside. Comfortable and very absorbent. Great quality. I purchased these for nighttime wear my 13 year old granddaughter, who is special needs. We tried the extra small first, and now moved to the small size.
SARAH-ANN K. Review from
April 29, 2021
Good fit and absorbency.
The material in these pull ups is stronger than others I have sed and does not unravel st the sides. Good absorbency and very nice representative when I had to call the company. I had ordered the small, but it turned out that I actually needed the XS. I am wearing them now and have ordered more. I definitely recommend this product and this company.
crisad2 Review from
June 22, 2021
It holds a lot of liquid.
I recommend this one to those who have mild to moderate incontinence, even during night time. If it still leaks a little< then buy their flow-through Super Topliner Pad. I use this for my disabled wife. My wife's waist is just 32" but medium fits her even if it says 34"-44". My only problem is the price. Try browsing the to save money. The way to do it is buy in bulk.
MARA T. Review from
August 29, 2021
I care for my elderly mom, a slight 4'9" , 83 year old with energy and mobility as well as a need for a diaper with small leg entry and a stretchy high band waist. It also needed to be ultra absorbent with as little bulk as possible. We tried all the brands and was excited to find the Tranquility Premium O/N pullup. It exceeds all expectations and is now on auto ship.
PAMELA F. Review from
October 6, 2021
Tranquility Overnite Pull Ups
This product is being purchased for my mother in law. She wears them at nite. They are best best that we have tried. They are extremely absorbent. And they will last all nite. I first purchased a package to try them. Now I order them by the case. Great product.
THOMAS T. Review from
June 13, 2021
No Leaks but go by your weight vs inches
My husband was using depends. They leaked out every night. Constantly was washing pads. This brand works. Not one leak since we purchased them. The only problem was size. You have to go by weight not waist measurement. The first size goes to 34 and the next size starts at 34.
Cara Review from
December 10, 2018
Very uncomfortable
I wanted to try a different product to see if it was better than the product I currently use. I am definitely a size medium in most of my clothes, however, the medium in these underwear are extremely big. On top of that, the material is extremely harsh against the skin. It is more like a paper than a cloth. I also don't like how it goes up so high on the waist and in the back. I'm not sure how well it will absorb as it seems like it's too big on me but I guess we'll find out tonight since I am wearing them. But, I will not be buying these because of how harsh the material is. I'm not sure why
JEANNE D. Review from
June 10, 2021
LOVE this product
I love this product. It has extra protection in the middle. I am a new buyer of this product which I bought for my mother. It works wonderful. We have had NO leaks when she wakes in the morning. Thank you. 5 stars. Couldn't be happier.
NELDA M. Review from
September 6, 2021
Tranquility is an app name,
Tranquility is an app name, no worries about leakage because of absorbency. my only problem i had was the size was smaller than than two other brands I usually ordered and had to split the legs and waist for a comfortable fit as the legs and body did not expand enough. The crotch fit was spot on, which is probably why no leakage, except for the formula used for absorbency. Thank you.
Mary C. Review from
December 21, 2021
These are great. I wish
These are great. I wish Id tried these sooner. It never crossed my mind that there was a special product for nighttime. My sleep is better with the confidence that this product doesnt leak or make me feel uncomfortable the whole night!
JERRY W. Review from
January 17, 2021
Hi Jonathan and Bianca, Sorry
Hi Jonathan and Bianca, Sorry it took so long to give this feedback, but we just opened the first pack of Tranquility Premium OverNight Pull-Up Underware 3 days ago. We first realized that I ordered the wrong ones, as we had gotten the Tranquility Disposable Briefs on the first order. Nerver-the-less, we've found in the past 3 days that the Pull-Ups work just as well (if not better), and because of the price, we will be ordering them from now on. We thank you so much for caring and having available a product of size that was impossible to find in the stores. We rate it as great and hope that y
Raymond M. Review from
December 3, 2021
Tranquility Premium Overnight pull ups
Tranquility Premium Overnight pull ups are the best fitting, most absorbent pull-up underwear I have found. The product gives a feeling of confidence in the purpose of incontinence undergarments. They help to keep me dryer longer. I would certainly recommend this item to others.