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Prevail - PV015 - Prevail Prevail Youth Brief

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FSA Eligible
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PV-015Package of 16
PV-015Case of 96
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More Information
Manufacturer Prevail
Categories Fecal Incontinence, Teenage Diaper, Youth Brief, Incontinence
Code PV015
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
43 Review
Joseph H. Review from
July 8, 2021
good product
The 2xl size women's pullups fit better than other brands previously used. Another brand we previously used changed 2xl women's size design to be smaller and less absorbent, probably to try and lower the price. Their business model ignored the fact that if the product doesn't work well, price is not going to help sales. The Prevail 2xl women's is comfortable and more absorbent than other brands tried. We hoped for Prevail that using fewer units a day would compensate for the higher price per unit. Is it Scents or Cents.
JULIANA P. Review from
January 13, 2022
Its a great Incontinent underwear
Its a great Incontinent underwear for day time wear. It holds probably 3-4 cups of liquid (urine). I use a size large and it fits me well. Please use the size chart to determine what size to get. I highly recommend Prevail , underwear maximum. Its a quality product that you wont find at the stores. Trust me, Ive tried them all in the stores and it does not beat its quality and fitting!
KATHLEEN E. Review from
September 17, 2021
The Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear
The Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear has been a lifesaver for me. I can sleep the nigh trough with no worry of leaks or soiling the sheets. When I have to go out I actually wear 2 at the same time. If I do have an accident, I can find a restroom; pull down both panties, and cut off the soiled one. I carry one of their wipes with me as well in a plastic bag where I put the soiled underwear and the wipe. Then I place it in their trash can and I'm on my way!
SUZANNE A. Review from
October 14, 2021
Good quality briefs!
I use another brand (that I can get delivered here in town on the same day) and was looking for something that fit me a little better. I don't use the briefs during the day, after surgery it sometimes takes me a little longer to get to bathroom, so I'm not a multiple bag user. However, your briefs are of good quality and fit, and now I know where I can find different briefs that are just as good, and your price is right! Thanks, Suzanne
MARY S. Review from
October 18, 2021
Best Diapers Ever!
These diapers are FANTASTIC! Finally, my husband has something that is preventing leaks during g the day and at night. With other brands, he was changing slacks at least three times a day. Now, NONE! The urine turns to gel in the diaper, preventing leakage. I recommend this product highly.
Raymond M. Review from
June 26, 2021
Prevail compared to Tena brand pull-up underwear.
I bought the Prevail product to compare it to the Tena I had been using. The quality of the Prevail, the sizing, the quality of the product was satisfactory. However, I was more comfortable wearing the Tena brand. There was just enough difference in the absorbing quality was not fitted as well to my over sized body.
Patricia P. Review from
December 10, 2021
They are absorbant, but don't
They are absorbant, but don't fit me correctly. They are almost as if I was wearing bikini style, they come up so far on the sides that they bunch around my waist. That is not comfortable and makes wearing some pants harder then normal. Please do not assume that everyone is tall, based on their waist size
COLY M. Review from
October 2, 2021
My favorite
Good fit small/medium. Very comfortable. Pull them all the way up. One star deducted for very slight strange smell. I have tried several brands and this is my favorite. (I'm my own caregiver.)
DIANE M. Review from
January 20, 2022
I have worn another brand
I have worn another brand for years but decided to just try a package of Prevail. Sorry to say -- (and I really mean I'm sorry) the product just didn't do it. The legs are cut much too high and I had the usual accidents I have during the day --both urine and feces came out through the leg area. Sorry about this.
Linda L. Review from
August 2, 2019
My husband really likes these Prevail Pull-Up Underwear-Maximum.
I have sent for several different brands of adult pull-ups for my husband and he didnt like any of them. He said they didnt fit properly. Then I sent for this brand in the maximum protection in 2X. He is a big man, 350+,and I did not know if 2X would be big enough! He said, they fit good,he liked them, and they held a lot of urine! He does use a urinal and goes in bathroom, also, but still dribbles a lot! The only problem with the 2X was the elastic is very stretchy and he said they would slowly fall down. Sooo, I tried an XL which I thought would never be big enough for a man his weight! Unbe
SUSAN O. Review from
October 28, 2021
Did the job
This disposable underwear did the job. It was comfortable and no leakage occurred. I would suggest possibly ordering one size up if its for a big man to provide more coverage and comfort at waist band. Definitely light weight and non detectable with clothing.
Linda W. Review from
January 11, 2022
They fit my husband fine.
They fit my husband fine. He is disabled right now and needs this protection. His only problem is that they make his bottom sweat badly. At this point in time he has pressure sores as he can't get up and move around. This is his problem, not a problem with the product.
Karolyne E. Review from
January 7, 2022
These are great during daytime
These are great during daytime hours. As far as bedtime goes or extra traveling like doctor's appointments, Etc, adding a liner or a extra thick pad makes it so much easier. It's nice for her to be able to wear the same pair of pants all day that she puts on in the morning.
REBECCA B. Review from
June 19, 2021
I have used Prevail Underwear
I have used Prevail Underwear at night now for several years. Very good product. Lightweight and comfortable all night. Don't have any worries at all during the night. Recommend to all who have a problem at night.
carol y. Review from
June 5, 2020
Mom was at a rehab
Mom was at a rehab center in Jan where she began wearing Prevail pull ups. I bought some when she came home to live with us, and she has been wearing them since. I had tried a number of others in the past couple of years which she said were uncomfortable. Prevail were the only ones she says feel comfortable and meet her needs. Very absorbant, which she needs. Also that I receive them usually the dae after I order is amazing.
Diane M. Review from
January 28, 2021
So much better than the
So much better than the prevail air. Prevail just pulled up like underwear. Saves my clothes. The fit is expandable with the largest size. Thank you for this product. Diane.
Candace P. Review from
January 2, 2022
These are great for my
These are great for my special needs daughter . Shes small and these are the perfect fit for her. Plus, my order arrived quickly . Carewell is the only company that I order her pull-ups from and Im very pleased with their product and service.
Philip S. Review from
April 24, 2021
I am using them for
I am using them for overnight use & they are OK. I previously used Prevail Overnight pull ups but the sizing changed so I tried these Prevail maximum. I think the Overnights were a little better. I wish they would not have changed the sizing.
Angelica B. Review from
September 7, 2020
Prevail Pull-up Underwear Extra Youth small
These fit well on my 5 year old autistic daughter who doesnt fit in regular diapers anymore. I love the price, feel and comfort of wearing for my little girl as she is picky with textures. They absorb and hold up well thru the night, dont smell and tear off on the sides easily. Ive been a repeat customer, I usually buy a case at a time. Well worth it!
ANNE C. Review from
November 13, 2021
My Mom uses these for
My Mom uses these for daytime and likes that the size is true, they dont feel heavy, and there are no sticky tabs to keep them on. They are pull up and comfortable compared to some others she has used. These are very absorbent when necessary.
JUDY F. Review from
November 4, 2021
Prevail Pull Up Daily Underwear
Prevail Pull Up Daily Underwear are great! They are soft and stretchy in all the right places. Very easy to remove, no stiff plastic ruffles on the legs. I use a 2X and weigh between 190 and 195 lbs.
LINDA C. Review from
November 21, 2021
Youth options for tweens
Super excited to find something for my youth who still has problems at night. He is super embarrassed about his "problem" but this box allows him to hide away the underwear where his siblings don't see. So grateful there is help and support out there for us!
JEANNETTE P. Review from
April 19, 2021
The Pull Ups are almost the right size. Im a plus size woman and wear a 2X in most clothing. The xxl were way to big and the order I just received of xl are still too baggy in the leg openings and the fanny area. They are great for around the house but dont fit well under clothes.
Merrill S. Review from
November 5, 2021
Finest quality. Very absorbent. Sizes
Finest quality. Very absorbent. Sizes vary and customer can find correct fit. Lightweight and comfortable.
AUDREY O. Review from
October 25, 2021
Prevail is the only adult brief that he buys.
My husband says, that Prevail Briefs are comfortable & don't bunch up, on him. He likes that the brief material is breathable & absorpbent. He doesn't feel wet or have a soggy or saggy brief if he is unable to get to a bathroom for a few hours.
ANNETTE Y. Review from
August 10, 2021
Finally found perfect
After trying a dozen or more products, I have finally found one that checks ALL the boxes! Well made, perfect fit, no leaks, and so soft you'll forget you're wearing disposable underwear. Nothing else comes close!
DENICE L. Review from
July 5, 2021
They are true to their
They are true to their measurements on the package. I would have bought him a 2xl if I had not read the package. That would have been too big. The Prevail holds a lot of wet without getting on the bed or clothes. They fix very good.
Linda Review from
September 10, 2021
Ordered maximum absorption 16 count. I was sent this item as the other one was not available. I was pleasantly surprised with this item. They are comfortable and really hold a lot especially overnight. I have reordered.
Patricia H. Review from
October 10, 2021
Love it
We have a 6 year old autistic grandson that hasn't grasped the concept of putty training! I order these small pull ups for him as he is kinda chunky and the largest "Pullups" are very expensive. These are soft enough to fit under his clothing as well!!
lhyndizzy Review from
February 21, 2018
Great disposable underwear which have a better fit, durable and more absorbent t
These Prevail disposable is a great product and protection. Comfortable very durable, absorbent, and affordable. With skin sensitivity and skin breakdown, Prevail was just perfect because of the cotton material. We were so fortunate to find Prevail. Now, other residents family members are using these briefs, it does a very good job. I would definitely recommend Prevails to anyone who may need both assurance and comfort during one of the most challenging and discreet times.
SUSAN H. Review from
March 11, 2021
These work very well for
These work very well for my husband and he says they are the best fitting weve tried. Price is right and the auto ship will make it easier for me. The shipping was prompt and in a plain box so that was also nice. Thank you, Carewell.
Ronald M. Review from
December 24, 2018
Missed it by this much
I found these after much searching. I truly like the product and love the company, but the honesty of the packaging threw me. Believe the sizes people. What I had been buying was too small, even though they said it was my size. Finding the Care.Club and getting a product that was larger seemed like a God send. I should have believed the sizing as I bought the next size up and they are just a little large. Next time I will buy the correct size. In a way it is one more reason I will be a fan forever of Care.Club and their products
Elizabeth O. Review from
October 20, 2020
My mom weighs 90 pounds
My mom weighs 90 pounds and the extra small Prevail are the only under garments that fit. The shipping time was excellent. Ordered on Thursday and received on Saturday. The support and assistance of Brittany was very helpful. Samples helped determine what was the best fit. Thanks.
Amber Review from
July 17, 2020
Great fit for my 11 year old son!
These fit perfectly on my 11 year old son! The boys good nights L/XL stopped fitting him when he reached the 100lb mark even though the package says fits up to 125lb. So, these prevail pull ups fit him perfectly! I definitely recommend them as well! Great quality!!
WALLACE B. Review from
October 17, 2021
Excellent product, however the seam
Excellent product, however the seam of this product tends to swag and not fit completely or otherwise is somewhat to elongated in seat. otherwise very satisfied with fit and quality. A little pricy.
Marilyn T. Review from
March 19, 2021
I purchase these for my
I purchase these for my sister who resides in an assisted living facility in another state. Your service is amazing. The product arrives at the facility when Im told that it will. Thank you so much for the care you put into providing these items.
CINDIE S. Review from
May 10, 2021
My 8 year old great
My 8 year old great grand son still has problems at night. At least these aren't 'little kids' pull ups so he feel better wearing them. e just needs to get his parents more active in his night time ritual so hopefully he can stay dry all night.
ALICIA H. Review from
August 27, 2021
We ordered sm but they
We ordered sm but they felt a bit bigger. We were given a pkg of sm same brand and they fitted my daughter nice. New package we ordered seem wider at the waist and not as snug. But we using them... You carry extra small?
Joanne T. Review from
September 20, 2021
As my husband continues to
As my husband continues to recover from removal of his prostate in November of Is 2020. Your company has been very good about getting products to us in a timely manner. They also provide total protection.
DOROTHY D. Review from
September 4, 2021
The Prevail pull-up daily is
The Prevail pull-up daily is very comfortable to wear. Excellent overnight absorbency. I highly recommend giving them a try. Also prompt delivery.
DIANE H. Review from
October 2, 2021
The Best Adult Diaper
It's hard to find an adult diaper that will fit your specific needs and that fits well. These diapers do both. Very satisfied with this diaper and will definitely be using this brand in the future.
Bill Review from
June 23, 2020
Compact size but excellent absorbency
The fit is perfect and doesn't bulge, pinch or have extra material that flops around. Most comfy! The absorbency will last through the better part of a day and they don't feel too hot even on a summer day. A very well-made product!
Celestine D. Review from
March 6, 2020
Have tried several products but
Have tried several products but this is only one that thus far I have not had an allergic reaction to. I am allergic to every thing. Spoke with Carewell representative about my problem and she recommended this one. So far, so good after several months.