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Graham-Field - 81980-1633 - Elite Mattress Series

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This premium support surface offers outstanding comfort and advanced pressure reduction
Top layer for head and torso is contour cut softer foam, creating individual cells to enhance comfort, pressure relief, and creating air flow for a cooler sleep surface
Center layer medium density foam provides additional support for top layer
Bottom layer high density foam provides support to enhance comfort and extend mattress life
Specially designed heel cuts in center foam layer and extra soft top layer foam reduce heel and ankle pressure
Side bolsters for easier transfers and egress
Zippered cover
Recovery5-Ultra™ healthcare fabric with four-way stretch top covers are bacteria resistant, flame retardant, fluid resistant, anti-fungal, anti-static, non-allergenic, have near 0% vapor transmission, and are easy to clean
Breathable top cover moves with the patient to reduce shearing
Soft and durable Chemsafe™ bottom covers are bacteria resistant, flame retardant, fluid resistant, anti-static, non-allergenic, stain resistant, and easy to clean
Meets 16 CFR 1633 requirements
Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0184
350 lb maximum weight capacity
Seven year limited warranty on foam; one year warranty on the cover
More Information
Manufacturer Graham-Field
Categories Bed Aids, Medical Mattress
Code 81980-1633
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 3.3 from 1 - 5
47 Review
Mattress is a wormhole Review from
February 28, 2022
Deceiving description
With mostly good reviews, my husband and I thought we would save some money and get a decent mattress from Sam's vs overpriced ones elsewhere. Man, were we wrong! When we first tried it out we thought "this is nice". It was softer than the medium-firm description. But the more you lay there, the deeper you sink. You get sweaty it's so hot. And uncomfortable. We had a crick in our neck the first few nights we slept in it (notice "in" it, not on it, because you are in this thing!"). You sink so low as your head stays on your pillow that your neck is in a very awkward position. We added a topper
Aggravated Member Review from
March 19, 2022
Buyer Beware!
I read all the reviews but saw there were a lot more good reviews than bad, I figured maybe those buyers were just too picky...boy was I wrong. We bought this mattress in early Dec of 2021 and put it up for my daughter for Christmas. She terribly needed a new mattress so we had high hopes that this would be comfy for her. After Christmas we opened it up and let it expand for 3 full days before she slept on it. The first few nights seemed okay even though the mattress never did seem to fully expand but after a short while it developed a ridge right across the center. It seems like the cover may
lizthegreat38 Review from
August 14, 2021
Comfortable if it wasnt used
Picked this bed up today and was super excited! Its our second one so we know what it should look like. Unfortunately, our excitement was diminished when we opened the box. It was not really vacuumed sealed like our other one was. That should have been the first hint something was wrong. Second, the tags were torn off and only the little plastic things that hold them on were left. After we got it on our bed we realized the cover was not straight and one side had weird bumps on it. Also, one end looked like someone had sat on it as it was smashed down (not for the vacuum sealing). Needless to s
Kellie Review from
January 13, 2022
So far super amazing
it arrived 3 days ago on the 10th. We set it up in a spare room so it could rise uninterrupted for 48 hours per the other reviews I read. My husband and I had our 12 year olds (twins) carry it to our room. This bed is SUPER HEAVY and very dense. You cannot do it ALONE! So we set it up last night post 48 hours. It was really 53. But last night was the best sleep my husband and I have had in months. The last time we traveled every hotel - we slept amazingly well. So when I saw a hotel based mattress I said F it. Lets try it. The mattress is SOFT and your body melts in the memory foam gel delicio
DLF Review from
April 24, 2022
Seems ok, but permanent 3inch dent across bottom
Sleeps ok, but 3 jnch dent/crease all along one end about 18 inches from short end. So I put that at the bottom where my feet are. Mine is Queen. I set up last night and while writing this review 13 hours later dent is still there so I guess it is permanent. I'm thinking they rolled and shrink wrapped it too soon after producing. Warranty says 10 years and says they will fix or replace if an indentation is more than one inch. Well mine is really deep. So we will see what if any thing they will do about it. Positive sleep last night though and my hips and back don't hurt like when I'm on tradit
Tc Review from
October 16, 2021
Soft, one defective, one smelled like paint.
The first mattress I received was defective on the bottom. It had multiple bumps and did not sit flat or inflate all the way. The replacement that was sent had a strong odor to it similar to fresh paint. I aired out this mattress with open windows for over a week and the smell did not go away so I returned it. Although the employees at Sams club are very nice, it was not an easy return process. The mattress might have been OK had the first one not arrived defective and the second smelling like paint. If you order this, you have to hope you get one with neither of these issues. It is a very sof
PBK63 Review from
August 1, 2021
Excellent mattress at a good price
After getting an adjustable frame decided time to change mattress. Biggest problem was getting the old one off and ready for disposal and getting the plastic off the mattress was bit of challenge being careful not to cut the mattress. Once in place it began to hiss and start to expand quickly. Was surprised it only took a few hours to expand to 11 of its 12 inches! Very comfortable. Have seen reviews saying too soft but they must like sleeping on a rock as this is advertised as medium firm and would say that is right. So far so good and if run into problems in the future will come back to amen
Review from
December 13, 2021
Not perfect but still an upgrade
We are using our mattress in a Split King set up even though technically you should use a Twin Xl for a Split King. We agree that the sides collapse easily when setting on them (several reviewers mention the issue), but has no effect on sleeping performance. We do find the mattress to be medium firm as advertised and overall we are satisfied with the comfort and firmness of the mattress. We have the mattress paired with Sam's Adjustable bases and they in conjunction with this mattress work extremely well. Some reviews mentioned the mattress did not expand to 12" ours did and we waited a full 4
Aaron Review from
September 6, 2020
Holy Crap!!!
I was a bit spectical at first about buying a Sam's Club (Member's Mark) branded mattress at such a low price. I've always had a Sealy, Serta or a Sterns & Foster. I figured that it wouldn't be any good. But I read the reviews and decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! This mattress is AWESOME!!! I've had two spinal disc surgeries about 4 years ago and finding a comfortable mattress, with the right support, has been a challenge to say the least. I've been sleeping on a $2,000 Sterns & Foster for the past 4 years that was supposed to be "top of the line" in comfort, but even that mat
Happy Customer Review from
October 17, 2021
Very pleasantly surprised
I have had this mattress for a month and so far I really like it. It had a slight odor upon opening but I left the fan on as it fluffed up and the smell went away fairly quickly. It was not bothersome at all. I was used to a very firm mattress so this one was an adjustment but I actually like this one much better than any others I have tried. It is soft enough on top and firm enough underneath for good support. I have been sleeping better on this mattress than others I have tried or bought in the past. It is very reasonably priced and I am very happy with it. I highly recommend.
Gigiof7 Review from
February 7, 2022
Good mattress
The box arrived on my front porch and it took my husband and I to get it in the house. You will need a large space to unroll the mattress and leave it. It started to expand pretty quick but took about 48 to reach its completed size. We left it out 4 days as were waiting on our frame to arrive.There is one corner that is still a low but not enough to stress about. The fabric on the mattress is a little loose. I'm not sure if it suppose to be or maybe the mattress never fully expanded. The mattress is comfortable over all. I bought it to use with our new adjustable bed frame and it works great w
Slagish Review from
March 6, 2021
Not worth the price
The bed came in a beat to shred box. Good thing the heavy duty plastic they use kept the bed safe. We set it up and left it alone for 3 days to make sure it gets its full height. Everything seemed fine until we tried to fit sheets on it. The topper portion (gel portion?) seems it was placed in there incorrectly. Its too short on the bottom and top by about an inch do two and on the sides, its over lapping the edge. So it seems who ever placed this bed together at the factory messed up. The bed does have a zipper at the bottom, but trying to unzip it proved to be almost impossible for us. At th
Ruth191 Review from
May 15, 2022
This Mattress is Crap!
First it did not raise to 12" . Almost 11". The mattress is super soft and it sucks you into it. When you try to get out it bottoms out to the frame. It's the most uncomfortable mattress to sleep on. Sam's should be ashamed to produce this type of product. It's true, you get what you pay for as we thought we would try it out as we bought another brand similar to this and it lasted about 6 years and was very comfortable but that was not the case with this one. Don't waste your time taking this one home because you will be returning it. I hope they let us return it!
cvec Review from
September 6, 2021
Great for the price
Rating this 5 stars because for the price it cant be beat. We had this delivered, and the box it came in was bulky and hard to maneuver. Purchasing in store it came nicely packaged with little roller wheels- I wish we would have just picked it up instead of having it delivered. Like others have said, its a really soft mattress. I like it more firm, but Im happy with it and my partner really loves it. If you dont like a soft mattress, this isnt the bed for you. Set up was easy and it was able to be slept on after raising for about 6 hours. Moral of the story- for the price I would absolutely pu
Jeff P Review from
May 28, 2022
OK Mattress for the Price
This mattress was much softer than I thought it would be. When I lay down, I sink a little. I would not advise using a fluffy pillow with this mattress. Could be good if you sleep on your back but not your side or stomach. The edges have a lot of give so if you're not careful you could easily roll out onto the floor. It was easy to put on the bed. But make sure you don't break the plastic before placing it in the desire location. Once air hits, it expands. Also, I don't get as hot in this mattress as I did my other. Since I just have a car and not a truck, it was easy to transport. Just shove
Sm028 Review from
March 28, 2021
After reading the negative and positive reviews for this mattress, I decided to give it a shot because we were in desperate need of a replacement. This mattress is advertised as a medium-firm mattress, but it is NOT that whatsoever. This mattress is SOFT... so soft that your entire body will sink in if you weigh over 150lbs. If youre into that, then it may work for you. But if you bought a medium-firm mattress because you prefer medium-firm mattresses, you will be highly disappointed. If you prefer firm mattresses and thought you might just settle for a medium-firm, then you may fall into a de
Mike Review from
July 30, 2021
Interesting delivery
Gave this product a 3 star for poor operational service, not quality of mattress. Received a banged up set of brown boxes that were taped together and thought that this must be the shipping box over the official Members Mark Box I saw in the store on a mattress of a different size. Unfortunately No. Opened up the brown mishmash of boxes to find a shrink wrapped mattress that had OBVIOUSLY been previously opened, that someone must of returned, that was rewrapped and shipped out, instead of a NEW mattress that I ordered and paid for. I decided to forge ahead and bite the bullet since I needed th
Buck Review from
October 20, 2021
Comfortable & Supportive, But Hot.
Mattress is Comfortable & Supportive for the money. There is better mattresses for more money but this was definitely better than the traditional spring mattress it was going to replace. Motion transfer was better than the spring mattress, but have sleep on better in hotel rooms. I natural sleep hot & this was a hot mattress. My fianc normally sleeps cold, but she was also hot temperature wise. Already ordered more expensive mattress than has better reviews for cooling & will be returning soon. If it sleep cooler would be keeping.
Unhappy Buyer Review from
December 18, 2021
Defective, worst quality control ever
The mattress was more compressed in some areas than in others. This seems to have been caused by glue used during the manufacturing process. I found the glue after openin the cover zipper to look underneath to see whether I could expect time to remediate the compression. The zipper was ruined immediately. After opening it about 10" it snagged on the fabric, then it separated behind the pull tab rendering it useless. I'm not new to zippers so this was not caused by user negligence. I recommend that nobody purchase this mattress.
Crystal Review from
February 8, 2022
Very nice!!!
I thought that I wanted a softer bed but this is perfect. It is soft on top but you don't sink down in it. It does a great job keeping me in alignment. I have problems with my SI joint getting out of alignment and I usually have pain and night and have to keep shifting into different positions. But I don't have to with this mattress. I slept very well on it the first night. I also highly recommend the Member's Mark Premium adjustable base to go with it. It is amazing!!
AngelP Review from
January 17, 2022
Queen-Sides didn't fully "inflate"
The bed seems comfortable. Before we got the mattress, I read a bunch of reviews. I saw many Kings that seemed to have the issue with the edges not expanding all the way, but the Full and Twin size reviews seemed not to have those issues. So I took a chance and got the Queen. After 48 hours, one whole side edge didn't expand (or it seems it may be that the top layer isn't lining up with the rest of the bed), and a two foot portion of one of the shorter edges is partially folded up and of course didn't expand properly. We're going to go ahead and try it so we don't have to haul it all the way b
Svdir Review from
April 19, 2021
Horrible toxic smell
I bought two twin mattresses for my sons. I slept on one of them with my little one. Although it's soft and comfy, the toxic smell was persistent. We aired them for the first two days hoping that was enough but no. The room was always in a bad smell when I was entering.I regret that I waited for two weeks in hopes. Now they are returned and what a difference! Kids room is free of toxins. Parents, please, kids usually are not paying attention to such smells and enjoying new things. Smell the mattress upon opening and stay or visit your kids' room as often as possible to check for a nasty smell.
Supersup Review from
October 26, 2021
Good comfy night's sleep, what more can you ask??
Actually good night sleep....I have severe back pain issues, and I was very hesitant. My adult kids all have these and I laid on them - not bad. I looked and read the reviews. I am doing really good with this mattress - I am so surprised!! You can't beat the price. I am 67 years old and constantly going for procedures on my back. I was desperate and my hubby talked me into it. I am very happy he did. I did let it sit for 48 hours before we put it on the bed. We kept my old mattress a week just in case. I decided to get the 12 inch one rather than 10 inch, again read reviews.
shoptillyoudrop Review from
February 3, 2021
Best mattress
I had never purchased a foam bed before let alone one that comes rolled up in a box. I purchased one for my son when he moved. His mattresses never lasted they would be sunken down where he sat at springs comings through its like he needed a new mattress every year. I purchased this mattress back in July a full size. When you take it out of the box it does rise to the 12 inches which is nice size, it has lasted doing well and is very comfortable, its soft but not too soft very cozy, its not hot, no sinking or sagging or impressions left when you get up. I recently bought another one twin size
Disappointing Review from
January 16, 2022
Dont Buy The King Size.
Dont buy King size. The half side did not expand. Unzip the cover and find out it glue wrong. unstuck it and it still did not expanse to correct size. I bought two Twin size mattresses, and my kids love them. The most challenging thing is to wrap it in plastic, throw it on my truck and bring it inside Sams club. The return process is easy. Buy the twin size mattress, you wont regret it. King size may be a hit or miss, but I wont try it again. They compress the king size mattress in to a box that almost the same size as the twin size. Come on.
Casper the Ghost Friend Review from
March 17, 2021
Good lordy this is amazing
I have slept on a fair few beds in my life. All have been coil inside ones. I moved recently and needed a bed and opted for this one as it seemed reasonably priced. I waited a month round about to make any review on this bed. It is SO COMFORTABLE. I didn't read many reviews on it but what I did see was saying it was too firm or not firm enough. Look, if you like something that is gunna be plush FEELING but you don't sink a foot in to this is perfection! It took 48 hours to expand, once expanded it was some of the best sleep I've had in years. The adjustment period wasn't bad at all either, I d
Dogmom27 Review from
March 24, 2022
Our daughter describes this as "lifechanging"!
I guess our gust bed mattress was not exactly up to par. Ooops. Our daughter researched all the online foam mattresses and thought that this Member's Mark was the best quality for the right price. Set up was a snap. Really! After her first night on it, she described it as "amazing" . "Lifechanging" . She was not happy to report that it was better than her $2000 mattress at home. So, highly recommended!
aj107 Review from
March 9, 2021
The best bed Ive owned
So Ive only ever owned cheap spring mattresses they were way too firm and Ive had back problems for as long as I can remember and Im only 27. We got this mattress and I woke up so refreshed feeling. I need something that helps my pressure points and this did it! It does not sink me in but it curves to my body very lightly. Im a side sleeper so this helped so much. I normally wake up with side pain and not anymore. Never woke in the middle of the night like I normally do. Both my kids have memory foam already but theyre twin mattresses so when we are ready to upgrade them Id love to buy them th
Msa Review from
July 11, 2021
Bought this at the end of may and here we are in July. Still has the chemical odor smell. In order to take it back, you have to have the box and be able to get the expanded mattress to the store. A bit ridiculous! Waste of 400 bucks. And this is the second bed from there that stinks. We bought a king bed the month before. So much for using membership perks to get a quality bed. Very disappointing considering the promises of satisfaction! Not satisfied. Not happy. Not renewing my membership.
Aly Review from
October 30, 2021
I shouldve done my homework
Its not at all what its described as. It does not feel cool at all as a matter of fact it gets pretty hot at night. Also its not very comfortable. I was told it expands a bit more as the 24 hrs hit well its still pretty thin and has this creases that stay once you lift it. When the mattress is set back to flat the creases remain on the mattress which in turn look like theres something underneath the bedding once its made. Not to self go for the better brand even if it costs more
city to mountain girl Review from
November 15, 2021
I bought two of these mattresses b/c I liked it so
I bought 1 of these mattresses for my cabin. I liked it so much that I bought a 2nd one for home. Super great for muscle recovery after a full day of physical labor. Sleep is so good and deep on this mattress. Also love now that I get the same great sleep in the mountains and the city. My friends using the cabin bed have asked for the brand also. The price is right too. Another added plus is the wheels on the packaging make it super easy to move.
asil23 Review from
June 15, 2021
I purchased this for my 70 year old mother in hopes that it would allow for a good nights sleep for her but am disappointed. After it arrived in the vacuum package we let it sit for 24 hours as stated in the instructions. We did notice that one end was still misshapen and looked forward to it popping out but it never happened. We have only had it for a month or so at this point. The middle has started sinking down. She only weighs 125 so it has nothing to do with weight, also she only sleeps in.. no sitting during the day. I did give it two stars due to the fact that its not making her sweaty.
Nicole Review from
August 14, 2020
Happy over all
We have had this mattress for a few months now so i figured I'd write a review. First off it took quite a bit longer than my daughters Serta to mattress to open all the way up. Right away we noticed a very strong odor and figured it would go away after airing it, i was wrong. Mattress was comfortable and helped with a lot of my aches at first but not so much anymore as i feel like i just "sink" in now vs feeling contoured. We never noticed much of a "cooling" affect. Now back to the chemical smell... I unzipped the protector to see if i could figure out what layer of the bed had the strong sme
Holley M Review from
March 14, 2022
Great mattress!
I purchased this for mattress for my daughter. I was a little hesitant after seeing some reviews of the mattress not inflating to full size but thankfully we didnt have any issues! It did have a strong smell but it didnt last long. Its very comfortable! I myself have a mattress from a big name brand but honestly I find them very comparable but this was significantly cheaper! I would purchase this mattress again.
JT Review from
September 3, 2021
This is NOT a Medium/Firm
My wife and I purchased this mattress for a work apartment due to its great price and good ratings. After allowing it to fully set up for the 48 hours, we were greatly disappointed laying down on it and sinking way lower than expected. During the two nights we have slept on it we were constantly fighting to not be in the center. The box says Medium/Firm and I would say this is a Soft compared to our Tempur Pedic Medium/Firm that we have had for 8 years. If a soft bed is what you are looking for this is your mattress, if a medium to a firm is more your style then this is not a good mattress to
Flowerpot Review from
April 8, 2022
Very bad.
I bought a different Sam's club mattress and it hurt so bad I had to sleep on the floor. Got a refund and purchased this is even worse! The quality of both is similar to the cheap foam material. No support and sags in all the wrong body parts making it hard and even painful trying to lay in ANY sleep position. Due to getting sick and then poor driving conditions so much this year, I never got to return this one before it was too late and I am so mad I am stuck sleeping in pain on this matteress, or on the floor ...all in all it's not a good investment of your time or money!!!!
Mom Review from
June 29, 2021
Great bang for your buck!
Great Mattress! I bought this for my toddler to transition her into a big girl bed so I wasnt looking to spend tons of money. This mattress is such a bang for your buck! It is so comfortable and soft. 100% worth the money. We are considering getting our older son one now bc this is more comfortable than his more expensive mattress. 10/10 recommend if you like a soft mattress!
Shaina Review from
September 4, 2021
Extremely Comfortable with some Flaws
We love this mattress it is extremely comfortable but after a week its still not puffed out all the way and all the corners didnt fill out either. On one side of the bed about 3 inches of the mattress is still flat. Our first mattress was delivered to an an address over 1hour alway from where we live however sams club was very nice and sent us an additional mattress with no charge. Still kind of disappointed that after this long of a wait to get it it has some flaws! But overall we have been getting great sleep!
DG Review from
January 22, 2022
Great for side sleepers
Cant beat for the price. If you sleep on your side this is a great bed for you. I have no shoulder pain or hip and back aches after sleeping on this mattress. I think people that sleep on their back find it to soft and that results in a lot of the bad reviews. The smell dissipated after two days or so. From what I gather all or most all of these type of mattresses have a similar smell and time line. I also have the queen that I sleep in at work. They are both great.
Angel Review from
May 26, 2021
Lives up to the name
Had this mattress now for about 3days. Its exactly what it states itself to be as a hotel premier mattress. Now let me explain. Have you ever been to a hotel and the beds are really soft, whether through years of use or the type of mattress it is? Well this is exactly that. Can I get into bed and knock out? Yessir! However in my case, I wake up with super back pains. I typically sleep on a firm bed due to the back pain I have from an old injury. Dont believe the line of medium firm its more like cloud soft so keep that in mind. My review is neutral due to me being able to just fall asleep inst
Love It Review from
May 30, 2022
Mattress in a box
I purchased this for a spare bedroom, I've had this type of mattress that comes vacuum sealed and rolled up so I looked for the thicker mattress, hopefully it will last longer than the thinner styles. Delivery was a bit odd, I was told my mattress was delivered and found a thin rectangular box that encased white shutters. However, I contacted customer support, they remedied the issue promptly and the mattress was delivered a couple of days later. I think the mattress is comfortable so far but I havent slept on it.
KR Review from
August 19, 2021
Easiest Ever Mattress Purchase & Set Up
Guests were coming on short notice and we needed a mattress ready for use in 48 hours. We bought online, used curbside picked up, loaded it into the back of the Jeep, brought it home, unrolled it, and our guests were comfortably sleeping on it the 2nd night! Best things: made in USA (no gross Chinese foam smell), well-engineered packaging (box has wheels, fits through standard doorways & you don't need a truck for transport!), it's not as heavy as you'd expect it to be, plus it has an elegant look and a universal comfort (medium firm). Love it!
Stinky Review from
December 1, 2021
I purchased this mattress for my son. It arrived perfectly, it expanded perfectly, it was comfortable. I read that the mattress may have a sent that will go away. Not the case here after about 3 weeks of upping the windows the stinch was making me sick and my son who has asthma. I took the covering off to wash it to hopefully alleviate the sent only to find the foam had a huge stain on it as if it had gotten wet, which explains the odor. I am so mad. I have just thrown away money.
CD Review from
March 11, 2022
Sleeps soft
This mattress formed quickly upon opening which is a plus. Its a comfortable mattress but its to soft when sitting on the edge getting in and out of bed. The edges collapse which is a problem for my 84 year old dad. Thats my only issue with this mattress otherwise its very comfortable. Its a soft sleeping mattress. I would have preferred a medium to firm ideally.
NoBackpain Review from
September 29, 2021
Outstanding Value and Comfort
We bought the Queen size for daughter and it is almost as good as our Nectar Mattress. Medium firm, and good support. Way better than that old spring support mattresses that sags after 6 months. Our Nectar Mattress shows no sagging after 3 years. We are hoping this will also maintain firmness. Don't understand the negative reviews on this Mattress, maybe go to a Mattress Store and pay 3 times the amount.
Gabby Review from
June 25, 2020
Great comfort, but HOT
My husband and I have been using this mattress for the last 3 months. Compared to our old mattress, I love it! Its great for relaxing and so nice to sit up and read/watch tv without getting uncomfortable. I do like sleeping on it, but Id prefer it to be much more firmer. I was not sold on memory foam for this reason. My biggest complaint is that it says it has a cooling feature. We have a mattress cover on top, so not sure if that takes away from the coolness? My biggest issue is that we both wake up extremely hot. We like to sleep with the AC turned down, so if we forget to do that, we will w
Wil Review from
May 18, 2022
Great bed but.
Ok so first off I went from a Comfortaire Bed (no longer in business) to this bed and it fit me well. It contours to your body but it doesnt appear to trap heat. The main issue, like many who have commented here, is the smell. The chemical smell that lingers for days is very strong. Ive left it in a room with an air purifier and it still persists. I am on day three and the smell is still there. I am praying that it dissipates by the end of the week.