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Health O Meter Professional - 549KG - Digital Pediatric Tray Scale-Kilograms Only

Health O Meter Professional:
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Health o meter 549KG Digital Pediatric Tray Scale-Kilograms Only, Lead Time(In Business Days): 3
More Information
Manufacturer Health O Meter Professional
Categories Baby Scale, Exam Room Supplies
Code 549KG
Sold By Each
UPC 854896003986
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
30 Review
walnutcreekhome Review from
June 3, 2020
Best & Easiest Thermometer On The Market!
I read a few negative reviews of this thermometer, all claiming it was inaccurate, but read enough positives to take a chance on it. It's well worth it, and I discovered the reason for the negatives - they weren't reading the instructions! If you turn it on and immediately stick it in your mouth, the reading may be off. As long as you wait just a couple seconds for the thermometer to reset to show Lo, it works perfectly! Never misses! My old thermometer took soooo long to show the correct temp, sometimes 4-5 minutes. Even when it was new I had to wait 3 minutes. This one works in 8 seconds!! W
PandaP Review from
April 8, 2021
Awesome Thermometer!
This thermometer is great! It is quick, efficient, and easy to use. You simply click the only button on the thermometer once and place it under your tongue. It takes about 10 seconds to read and seems very accurate! Also, if youre not sure what the rangers are for normal, high, or low temperatures it has coordinating colors in the screen. This device can be used under the armpit, which is best for infants and toddlers. I highly recommend this thermometer! Much better quality then those cheap thermometers at pharmacies that take up to 2-3 minutes to read!
Jeremy Review from
June 29, 2020
Perfect for just $10 very Accurate
I was very impressed with this little thermometer for $10 it is well worth it. Very accurate And gives you the result within 5 to 8 seconds. I bought this as a spare thermometer The reason I said it's so accurate is cuz When you take your temperature under your arm you're supposed to add a degree or so I thought. I took it under my arm and I got 97.5 Then I put it in my mouth under my tongue with the supplied plastic coverings And I got pretty much the same result 97.7 So under the arm Or orally it is the same result no need to add a degree unlike some of these ones You put under your arm. Ano
sutton.who Review from
September 28, 2020
Easy to use
I wanted a digital thermometer to replace my old glass thermometer. Vcks Comfortflex gets the best reviews. This is the same thermometer except the tip doesn't flex The flexable tip is really intended more for use on a child. Since that wasn't an issue for me, the Speedread is fine for my needs. I doubt that it would be a problem for anyone but a very young child. It is easy to use and gives an accurate reading. It gives a very low beep when the reading is ready, but that can be a hard to hear. The dial suddenly turning color [red/green/yellow] is a much more obvious indication that the readin
Lori Review from
November 23, 2021
Perfect Thermometer!
This is very accurate! I love how in 8 seconds you have a reading. With wiggly children seconds count, because they don't like getting temp taken. It has a nice case, and lights up green for normal temp. Yellow for mild temp, and red for high temp. Plus it comes with disposable tips. Is accurate to the higher priced infra red head ones. Recommend!
rae.b Review from
March 19, 2021
I could probably Honestly say I have about ten of these floating around. I have them in both diaper bags both cars and all three levels of my house. With a house full I kids Im and constantly taking someoneS temperature Its easy to clean and its the fastest most efficient thermometer Ive ever used. It changes colors when ready to read to indicate if the child has a fever or if its really high it will turn red. Best product ever made for taking little ones temperatures.
dast_8942 Review from
June 3, 2020
Vicks is a thermometer you can trust
I have not had good luck with thermometers, accumulating 4 relatively inexpensive (including the Vicks) and one that ran about $75 (the kind that doesn't have to touch you). All but two are junk - inconsistent, unreliable and never agreeing with each other. The two good ones are the Vicks and the Walmart brand (Reli-On). These consistently agree with each other, have relatively large easy to read displays, display the previous reading on start up (helping remind you if things are getting better or worse, have display background colors (green if reading is in good range, red if it's a fevor of
jane.r Review from
March 3, 2021
I was gifted one of these and its nice. I like how it feels in my hands and operation is simple. Solar powered would be nice because as you get older you dont use it as often but when you do need it its dead. lol. Just an idea if its at all possible. During times of earthquake or disaster it would work too so thats a huge perk. I would spend more on one for that flexibility. I am happy with this gift.
Jackie Review from
May 24, 2021
ann0314 Review from
April 13, 2020
Great Experience - Im so happy I found an easy to read thermometer
Bought two thermometers after desperately looking everywhere for one. I needed one for our home and an elderly relative. The item was exactly what I was looking for and came quickly (especially considering the current circumstance) The price was high (which was why I put no under good value) That said, again, considering the circumstances, I can understand why but I wanted to be honest about the purchase. Considering what I went through to find a thermometer I was familiar with and trusted and also had a large display, even with the price being higher, at this moment in time it was well worth
AmandaR Review from
April 17, 2020
The light changing colors is awesome
It's small enough to carry with you and has a clear protector that comes with it. The thermometer has light changing colors and takes a fast accurate temp perfect for an inpaitent child who did not want to sit still long enough. It works great and it gives you a temp in just a few seconds. I'm so glad I got this especially with everything going on my old thermometer battery needed to be replaced I received this in exchange for my review from try it and love it. Thank you so much it is just what our family needed. I have already suggested to a few friends of mine.
karissa.w Review from
April 30, 2021
This medical thermometer is extremely easy to use, and easy to read. It switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The display also lights up in color according to your temp, green indicating normal, yellow indicating a slight fever, and red indicating a higher level fever. This feature makes it great if youre resting in a dark room, or dont have your glasses on and cant make out the actual degrees for some reason.
surveyname Review from
April 20, 2019
Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer!
The Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer works amazing. It gives fast reading in clear display, and also gives Color-coded temperature reading in easy-to-read screen. The temperature reading this Thermometer is accurate and always dependable. It is a great Thermometer specially for kids, although can be used on everyone even adults, and every time it gives the accurate reading. This Thermometer is lightweight and easy to use, reading is fast and accurate. I love this Thermometer so much that I have already recommended it to several of my friends and family and many of them purchased it and used
alder.ann Review from
August 11, 2020
Why I bought this product:
My seven year old digital thermometer died from old age, probably battery failure. I ordered what I thought to be a worthy replacement and was disappointed in the forever time required to reach "beep" and hey, the eyes found it hard to read the tiny display. So now, even a simple digital thermometer requires a bit of consumer sleuthing. This is what I found. Vick's Speed Read tops several lists of "best buys" and did not disappoint. It's quick and the large round readout makes for easy reading sans glasses or dim light. Yes, it cost more, but worth it.
4boysohmy Review from
October 20, 2017
great thermometer!
I love this thermometer. I have 4 young kids (my oldest is 6) and this is the thermometer I go back to time and again. I've tried a number of thermometers in my 6+ years of parenting and none of them are perfect - including this one. But this is the only one I've been able to figure out how to get an accurate temperature with without waiting an eon. I typically take the temp twice in a row and after that I get a fairly consistent temperature (I don't even bother taking the temp a 3rd time anymore). With other thermometers the readings were all over the place (especially the expensive ear therm
KeyshaKey81 Review from
May 2, 2019
Super Fast Reading
This is by far the best thermometor I have ever owned. So simple to use and gives a very accurate reading in seconds. The thing I like most about it, is that it has a easy grip, and its not humungous and terrifying looking to my baby. The screen gives you nice visual numbering. There are three color options to make reading even more simple, like green light, means temp is good, yellow, meaning mild, and of course the red meaning high. The thermometer reads in celsius and fahrenheit, and stores last reading to check progress. I would love to see better packaging although this is still an amazin
christine.b Review from
February 21, 2021
We absolutely love this thermometer at our house. We always makes sure we have at least one in our home at all time, especially with having a child. It is super quick to take temperatures, approx 8-10 seconds which is something definitely needed when there is a child involved. Always seems very accurate and never an issue. We buy it again and again.
gabrielle.g Review from
February 14, 2021
This product works well and I enjoy that it lights up green when theres no fever, yellow mild, and red high fever. It reads quickly and saves the last temperature. It was not expensive, about $10 in my area. I like it better than more expensive thermometers I have purchased. I would recommend this product.
Malkaphoenix Review from
October 25, 2021
Great thermometer
The thermometer works very well. The case, that it comes with, is not so great. It is rather difficult to pull out the thermometer because the case covers it totally. I keep it in my medicine cabinet, not totally inserted into the case; just have to be careful when I need it so I won't drop the thermometer.
Msandefur0622 Review from
April 18, 2020
Consistent, consistent, CONSISTENT!
I love this thermometer! I have had so much thermometer problems and I love this one! I have been very sick lately so its been important to keep a check on my temperature at all times. I literally have 2 forehead thermometers and one oral thermometer, but none of them were EVER consistent giving me the exact same reading within the same minute. This thermometer is spot on, easy to use and very quick to get a read. I am definitely a fan!
muklaga Review from
August 2, 2020
The best of it's kind
A delight to use. As advertised, get a reading in about 8 seconds. Then display uses backlight and is much larger than most digital thermometers. Finally, the last reading is kept in memory. Is also color-coded to temperature but that is just a frill. I compared it to a mercury thermometers and they match. I have been taking my temperature each morning and night to establish a baseline, and now I know that my normal temp is 97.4 in the morning
LEATHSAR Review from
May 12, 2019
A Decent Thermometer
Honestly, I was so excited to get the new Vicks Speed Read Digital Thermometer & it really does read very quickly. The only thing that wasnt ideal is that it didnt seem to get a correct read under the armpit. It was off by a few degrees each time. However, it worked very well under the tongue so I was excited about that. I love that it tells you almost immediately what the temp is. Super ideal if you have a special needs child like myself & need to take a temp as quick as possible. Overall, very impressed, just remember not to use under the armpit unless you are aware the temp will be off a fe
JMH Review from
January 15, 2022
Of two purchased, one completely dead, other great
Bought two online. Picked up in store. One worked great, love its features. Other was completely dead. Would not even turn on. App says I have to return in store. Bummer, since my Mom needs it now while she has chemo.
Erica Review from
December 17, 2021
Love it
Its awesome. Very easy to read. Comes with batteries. Also has covers to protect the instrument. Similar to when your at the doctor. We love it. It gets results very fast.
Skip Review from
May 2, 2020
Love this thermometer!
I love this thermometer so much I have one in each bathroom! It reads quickly enough that my daughter doesnt complain when Im constantly checking her temperature when shes sick. Its reliable also where as the ear or forehead ones give you a different reading each time. The color makes it easy at night when you are half asleep checking a temp. As a nurse myself, this is the only thermometer I use in my house!!
jade.g Review from
May 7, 2021
As a mom of two little girls, its crucial that when they are sick I can properly monitor their temperature. As convenient as the forehead ones are I don't find they are very accurate, so the classic thermometers are my favorite! I always get the piece of mind thats its giving me the proper reading with this one, and its super fast so I'm not trying to hold now my kids arms very long!
Ash Review from
May 26, 2021
Hit and miss
Sometimes this thermometer reads a temperature super fast and accurately. Sometimes its not accurate. And sometimes it takes a long time to read a temperature. Id say it works properly 97% of the time and regardless of the flaws it is still one of the best thermometers I have used.
Bbrook88 Review from
April 17, 2020
This is such an easy thermometer to use. It takes 8 seconds to read your temperature. Think of how easy to use on a little one. And the large readout shows you colors depending on your temperature. Green is normal, yellow is a little high and red is a high temp. It comes with a hard plastic cover and some plastic coverings. So much easier than my mercury thermometer plus Vicks is a top brand.
Butterfly Review from
March 24, 2020
Purchased one for us and one for my sister in law. We both love this thermometer. It has 3 different colors of background to show if it reads any or no temp. Green means no temp, yellow means mild to moderate temp, red means YOU HAVE A TEMPERATURE. it reads your temp in ONLY EIGHT (8) SECONDS. ALSO, it reads oral or under the arm or rectal, ANY OF THE THREE. With all of that, how could you ask for more in any thermometer?
Sarah Review from
April 27, 2019
Amazing for Sick Toddler Mommas
I had my husband buy this tonight because our toddler was running fever, but I didn't have a thermometer. After looking at several with a quick reading, I decided on this one. And I am SO glad I got this one! The reading pops up quickly, which is super handy if youre using it with a wiggly toddler! The flashing lights and the red background light really helped me take his temp in the dark room, too! I'll seriously never buy another thermometer except for this kind! It's simply amazing! Thank you Vicks, for making such an awesome product!!
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