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Hollister - 19154 - New Image Two-piece Colostomy/Ileostomy Drainable Single-use Kit Clamp Closure

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FSA Eligible

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19154 2-1/4"Box of 5
19154 2 3/4"5/BOX
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Ostomy kits contain key items needed for one pouch change, including pouch, skin barrier, stoma measuring card, clamp, and instructions for use. A two-piece, drainable pouching system designed to be opened at the bottom when emptying. These pouches are most suitable for colostomies or ileostomies. The FlexWear barrier is a skin barrier that provides excellent adhesion to the skin and is designed to be worn for more than one day. To close the pouch, use the curved, beige clamp. Soft, beige ComfortWear pouch panels help provide comfort.
Ostomy kits contain key items needed for one pouch change, including pouch, skin barrier, stoma measuring card, clamp, and instructions for use. A two-piece, drainable pouching system designed to be opened at the bottom when emptying. These pouches are most suitable for colostomies or ileostomies. The FlexWear barrier is a skin barrier that provides excellent adhesion to the skin and is designed to be worn for more than one day. To close the pouch, use the curved, beige clamp. Soft, beige ComfortWear pouch panels help provide comfort.
New Image Two-piece Colostomy/Ileostomy Drainable Single-use Kit 2-1/4", Clamp Closure
More Information
Manufacturer Hollister
Brand New Image
Categories Colostomy Bag, Cut-to-Fit, Drainable, Flexible Barrier, Ileostomy Bag, Kits, Moldable Barrier, Skin Barrier, Two Piece Colostomy Bag, Two Piece Ileostomy Bag, Two Piece Ostomy Wafer
Code 19154
Require Prescription? No
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Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
77 Review
majoh8739 Review from
September 27, 2021
Great items, recommended if you are paralyzed or have some type of spinal injury
Great item and easy to change. Perfect for paralyzed shoppers wanting an easier, more personal way of changing your stool. Convince your doctor to give you a colostomy and be free to change yourself by yourself! Reverse the colostomy when your condition i
f_keck Review from
July 11, 2021
Good quality, best we had tried.
My 11 year old son had the misfortune of having an Ileostomy. We went through many different brands and variations before finding these bags and a Hollister wafer that worked perfectly. Fortunately, my son has just had the procedure reversed, but we used
Howard k. Review from
January 23, 2021
I received wrong item. How
I received wrong item. How do I return and get item needed? I wanted item Hollister #18184 in lieu of the Hollister #18194 that I received. Please advise to procedure to accomplish the exchange. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
bunnismtcabin Review from
August 9, 2021
Hollister bags
When you need this product; Hollister products are the best. Mom's recent stoma reversal surgery has been done so we no longer to order this product. Yay! Thanks!
gizmo1188 Review from
October 27, 2016
Hollister in second place...
In my opinion Hollister is in second place. I good quality company if you have a flat area for your barrier to locate on. Their pouches are great. But, If you have a site close to your belly button or any other less that flat area. Coloplast MIO is the on
Carol T. Review from
October 21, 2020
A great pouch with slow shipping
The product itself works well with good adhesion. I have used this product for a couple of years. I took off one star due to slow shipping. My issue is with the wait time since it came USPS instead of the usually fast service.
S D. C. Review from
May 12, 2020
I love the version (old) of this product you are sending me. I want to order more before you don’t have any more. I do NOT like the new version of the same product they send me so I order from you. Thank you.
idus827 Review from
March 24, 2021
Trusted and lightweight
I'm not the patient, but my husband is and he was given this product when he left the hospital and this is all he's used and hasn't given us any problems.
57913rlm Review from
November 16, 2020
Great Product
This is 2 piece ostomy bag component, is a lot better than 1 piece ostomy bags. Cost is higher, but benefits are far better.
angee520 Review from
March 23, 2021
Easy to clean/use
Awesome for me to use I have limited finger and hand movement I am able to hold open the bottom by the plastic roll up to clean
SANDINA B. Review from
June 15, 2019
These products are not for
These products are not for me, I purchase them for someone who cannot afford to purchase them and has no insurance at the present time. However I know that he uses them with no problem and appreciates having them.
Alan K. Review from
July 27, 2021
Filter works great!
The filter not only reduces the smell, but it keeps the gas from getting trapped in the bag.
Jim Review from
March 12, 2012
This pouch is much easier to snap in place
This pouch is much easier to snap to the ring of the wafer than other products from the same company that we had tried. My daughter has some fine motor skill limitations and was unable to attach other pouches to their matching wafers. This product actuall
tro-hane Review from
January 3, 2018
the opening alone makes this worth the Buy.
I am glad to have found these bags, I have bought other ones that seem to be not complete in how the opening does not have the plastic tabs. These are EASY to open to clean . Thank you
Jose M. Review from
March 5, 2021
Also been using since day
Also been using since day one, like anything after some time you get use to the product
Makoto Review from
October 14, 2018
Hollister 12 inch drainable pouch
This product is very durable. Lasts longer than expected and easy to maintain. It is also affordable.
Alex Review from
April 4, 2011
Drainable Pouch with Lock N Roll Closure Review
The New Image 12 inch Drainable Pouch with Filter and Lock N Roll Closure is a dependable ostomy pouch. It can be snapped shut and it stays secure. It is lightweight and very durable. It is reliable and safe to use and it can serve many uses if maintained
Geaneen T. Review from
May 18, 2020
Great product … never had
Great product … never had any problems with it.
roberth9266 Review from
July 10, 2017
Best of type
If you have a colostomy these pouches are as comfy as you can get. I have tried other makers and they feel cheep and you fear that they will fail. I use HOLLISTER with confidence.
candyman7890 Review from
August 24, 2021
Gotta go poo
I appreciate being able to find them outside the normal medical supply stores
Britt Review from
February 23, 2016
2 boxs are leaking...Hollister.....
I have been using these for 3 years with no problems until now... I currently have on a small 7" non drainable bag. WHAT IS GOING ON? The company is looking into it, but 2 out of 4 box's???
Robert Review from
November 8, 2017
The past 3 orders of
The past 3 orders of bags have all had issues. They smell quickly, leak, or just don't have a good hold. I haven't been impressed lately. Usually it's great.
Larry Review from
January 14, 2016
good product, mediocre service.
I have not had any problems with this bag and am happy with it. The hospital supplied me with about one months worth when I got out and have since ordered more. My only complaint is that when I ordered I paid extra for speedier shipping and they did not a
tro-hane Review from
November 26, 2018
Good buy
Like the plastic on both sides at opening, wish I could figure out the charcoal filter bit . I was under the impression it would allow flatulent air to be released .
Audrey P Review from
September 17, 2021
love being able to burp from top without hassle, also longer pouch
nckh56 Review from
November 3, 2020
Ease of use for a 2-piece.
The 2 piece construction is helpful in "burping" the bag when there is excess gas buildup.
Rosemary M. Review from
June 20, 2020
Normal product
Product good. Very speedy shipping. Great seller
Jim Review from
March 12, 2012
This pouch attached more easily than others
This pouch is much easier to snap to the ring on the wafer and gives an audible click when it secures. My daughter has some fine motor skill issues and was unable to attach other pouches to wafers of other items by this same manufacturer.
Sharon S. Review from
October 27, 2020
Exactly what I needed
I needed to order these extra boxes to cover what I was to receive from my medical supply at a later date...Thank you!
LAURA M. Review from
April 13, 2020
Very pleased
I needed to get supplies for my husband before our insurance and supplier were able to get their ducks in a row to provide us with his first month of ostomy bags. I found Vitality Medical and they had what I needed. I received my order quickly and it was
Makoto Review from
October 14, 2018
Great product
This is a great product. Easy to drain and clean. Affordable and durable.
Linda H. Review from
June 28, 2021
Received product in record time
Received product in record time
kyaorin Review from
July 10, 2016
Very durable!
Very durable and convenient to actually see the output to regulate your diet appropriately. Good value if bought "after market" as on eBay.
bobknife Review from
December 12, 2015
have a stoma for seven years and this is the only bag would recommend
easy to clean the pouch opening with a little toilet paper some ties ssh bag was a little bigger when have diarrhea staying close to restroom helps during this of course you have to adapt it stays closed very well and i would recommend this bag for everyo
data-laughing Review from
August 19, 2019
Great product
I've used these on my mom for years, tried a few others but none compare to how good these ones work.
Brian S. Review from
August 6, 2018
Great product! Great prices!
I highly recommend this product and will buy from Save Rite again.
coalminer8450 Review from
October 20, 2021
Sized perfectly for my application
Have used this product for a number of years. The quality is consistent. Have never had one that didn't work. Easy to cut to size and apply. Pricing was very good and availability was a plus. The shipment arrived with no delays which is very important for
NURSALIM H Review from
October 21, 2016
A true skin barrier
My MIL has been using 5 skin barrier of this type so far because the stents have not been taken out from her stoma. So far so goos! At one point there had been urine sipping outside of the stoma and infiltrating under the skin barrier (where the skin barr
bocamocion Review from
November 29, 2017
The right fit
The Hollister ostomy product line is top quality. I bought this particular package as it fits my personal physical ostomy size and flow requirements. Buyers should be informed on the Hollister product line before buying this configuration. The price was f
Lela C. Review from
August 30, 2018
I like the Hollister brand
I like the Hollister brand the best. You have the best prices on my supplies that we have found so far. Thank you Marc for working with Robert on my latest shipment. We were in CO and I ended up in the hospital, emergency surgery. You were able to transfe
ALBERT I. Review from
November 26, 2021
This Flat Skin Barrier are perfect they are easy to fit and cut to size... We will not choose a different product... Thanks For Your Help and understanding...
lambe0330.qrzsfdl Review from
July 28, 2020
Absolutely essential for colostomy bags to produce a good seal.
Together with the Hollister 79300 paste, they form a secure seal that will enable a colostomy bag to last three days. Without them, a colostomy bag will likely tear loose on the first day.
ttayws Review from
January 29, 2020
Magical flange
The way my poop flowed through this flange was something magical. It was effortless. Truly amazing. Five stars!!
misterkade Review from
July 21, 2019
A MUST have for leaks!!
I you have an uneven stoma like mine than these are a must have!!! I was fortunate enough to have a great visiting nurse who introduced me to these when I first had my colostomy. It would leak on one side but after using these my barriers would last 2 day
palmira.b Review from
April 25, 2018
Jeje wafers hace bien so awesome for my little one who had his ostomy done Jan 2018. They are cut to fit which is Abit tricky but once you got the hangdog the shape putting them on is a breeze! The adhesive wings stay on and do not lie or come of the wax
anewu25 Review from
May 6, 2020
Works Excellent
They were great. Kenny loved them. So nice to have spares so you don't sh_t on yourself. Wow having one of those bags has got to be a pain in the tucus
as-described Review from
May 22, 2019
Best fir nearly flat skin.
Best for nearly flat skin surface. Tends to leak withing a few days even when a liquid adhesive is first applied (and allowed to dry).. Hollister 3724 lasts 5 or more days when a liquid adhesive is applied
Review from
June 7, 2016
Great item. Best price. Quick shipping!
When I have needed ostomy supplies in a rush, I go to Vitality Medical. Their price is far below any other I've seen and their shipping is excellent. The product, the Hollister wafer is great for my daughter's ostomy.
melwheat Review from
February 18, 2020
Hollister New Image is the best.
Ive tried various types and brands of ostomy appliances and by far the Hollister New Image line is the best fitting and the least occurrence of mishaps.
mike61752 Review from
July 15, 2020
Great Product
Adhesive holds, able to cut the hole to the size and shape of your stoma, velcro holds strong. No clip needed!
lisam34744 Review from
March 31, 2021
Excellent leak protection
Great seal, works well to extend pouch wearing and preventing leaks.
dbro3125 Review from
May 24, 2019
Great! Two thumbs up
This product helps to prevent leaking. Very good product. I couldn't get the thing to stop leaking unless I use these.
carlie.m Review from
October 27, 2017
By far one of the best things I’ve ever encountered. My mom introduced me to this brand a few years back and I have been pleased with the products ever since. This is one of my favorites and I probably buy it every time I can
roberth9266 Review from
January 25, 2016
Hollister supplies
The only thing that you have to be aware of is the age of the flanges. If they are close to expiration the glue does not hold good and you have to replace the flange much more often. Makes dealing with the ostomy somewhat easier.
donncowe-0 Review from
December 1, 2020
Hollister Barrier Rings
Rings were in great condition, and packaging was clean and in tack.
PATRICIA S. Review from
November 9, 2021
Works perfectly
We are new to this and we’re able to do it effortlessly with this product!
senoirb1 Review from
September 15, 2020
Great adhesive capability.
The product works for its intended purpose but is a little overpriced.
shadykt43 Review from
February 25, 2020
Hollister ostomy product
This product fits perfect for me when paired with a wafer ring.
DeAnna W Review from
February 11, 2020
Awesome company to work with.
The skin Barrier works really well. Wish the price would come down slightly.
yaye.b Review from
November 10, 2017
I love this product I like so much I advise you to buy it is very useful and you will not regret it. I like a lot all the products of this brand and I recommend you buy their products because they do not cost a lot and they are also working
shavaehsmomma1227 Review from
November 25, 2019
Great product. Great value. So worth it. They fit perfectly.
jinxtwin1 Review from
September 16, 2019
Sorry if you need this!
I you need this like I do , it means youre sick and I hope you get better soon. Works good for two days then Velcro starts to fade Good company HOLLISTER
WILLIE R. Review from
August 26, 2021
Wrong product
It is a great product unless you need a convex barrier
Frank F. Review from
June 15, 2021
Excellent product. Always top quality from Hollister.
CINDY W. Review from
May 14, 2021
Love that you have the products we like to use and never have to substitute.
john m. Review from
September 3, 2021
the wafers are easy to use, had very little problems with them but great to use
dodoleon10 Review from
December 3, 2019
Excelent purchase i recomended this product
Excelent product, i recomended this product, good quality
Lana Review from
August 24, 2011
The flextend flat flange is great. The tape ensures good wear time. It is easy to hide under clothing. The cut to fit is also perfect for customizing flange to fit the shape of your stoma. This is the only flange I use.
Review from
October 9, 2015
use the 14603 w/tape.
14603 with tape and wax seal works and seals great. Use 1/2a wax seal, roll out, form circle and apply skin side down. Do not touch with hands, use vinyl gloves only.
lambe0330.qrzsfdl Review from
September 13, 2021
Good price for needed equipment.
This was the item I needed at a good price.
Review from
July 29, 2014
Great Product
You guys are doing something wrong as I can get these to easily last a week if necessary. If you apply correctly and give the wax ring a good minute of hand heat to seal them, they will last almost indefinitely.
jacachttie_0 Review from
July 7, 2020
Hollister adhesive ring
Very sticky and easy to shape, great for extended use.
irizarr4 Review from
May 7, 2019
Product # 14603
We are very happy with the purchase and the product, I would like to Thank You for all your help and understanding, If you have any more of this size and item # 14603 Thank You Kindly, Best Regards: Albert
saveyshopper2 Review from
August 4, 2020
Good barrier, but not cheap
they seem to hold up for 5 days before I replace, but the price has really gone up recently.....
btpropertyinvestmentsllc334 Review from
April 29, 2020
NEW 10 Hollister 7805 Adapt Moldable Barrier Rings 2 (48mm) Ostomy Colostomy
marvirmen Review from
July 3, 2019
The product is awesome. Good quality and price. I can recommend the product
dan.ed1953 Review from
January 1, 2021
a loife saver.
very helpful. good product.