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J&J - 118341 - Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages, X-Large, 10/bx, 24 bx/cs

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24 Box / Case
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For areas where freedom of movement is desirable, such as across fingers, elbows, knees and other joints.
More Information
Manufacturer J&J
Brand Band-Aid
Categories Condition, Bandage, Bandage Roll, Compression Bandage, Elastic Bandage, Lymphedema
Code 118341
Sold By 24 Box / Case
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
47 Review
gabriela.l Review from
April 19, 2022
started buying boxes of these individually packaged items for first aid kits. Now I'm hooked! We much prefer these individual packages over a tube of anything! It's nice because we all have Altoid Tin first aid kits for purses. I also made a little larger first aid kits with some tins purchased here on amazon that are just a bit larger than an altoid tin. Those tins are 3-3/4 x 5 x 1-1/2. (see pictures attached). We have kits in purses, cars, desk, sports bags, etc. I even give kits away for free to my girlfriends, and we plan to make mini kits with the neighborhood kids this summer excluding
Jujumomma Review from
December 8, 2021
Loved them at first, but...
These are good for a short time, but after several hours they start to fray and have annoying strands of fabric hanging out of end of bandage! Looks nasty, and this happened every time! Recently i had an injury that required daily bandages fir over a week. After day 3, the skin around my wound was extremely itchy. I realized it was under the part of bandage that had the adhesive. It got worse over the days, got red, irritated and itching was intense. I had to discontinue using these, i assume i had allergic reaction. The itching cleared up almost immediately. The good thing is the bandages sti
sofia.b Review from
June 26, 2022
I wouldnt think a bandaid would need a review, but Ive seen some things man. So here is why I love THESE bandaids in particular: -its a classic. Original design: you cant go wrong. -stretch weird fabric: not sure what its made of, but it wraps so nicely. -adhesion: it freaking stays put! I greatly dislike when my bandaid unravels and I become that person that unknowingly left a bandaid that became a health hazard. -absorption: absorbs a fair amount of blood. Havent had a bandaid that was soaked nor a serious injury (knock on wood) so I cant really compare. But if I had to guess, Id say this ba
sofia.b Review from
June 26, 2022
I wouldnt think a bandaid would need a review, but Ive seen some things man. So here is why I love THESE bandaids in particular: -its a classic. Original design: you cant go wrong. -stretch weird fabric: not sure what its made of, but it wraps so nicely. -adhesion: it freaking stays put! I greatly dislike when my bandaid unravels and I become that person that unknowingly left a bandaid that became a health hazard. -absorption: absorbs a fair amount of blood. Havent had a bandaid that was soaked nor a serious injury (knock on wood) so I cant really compare. But if I had to guess, Id say this ba
Review from
March 4, 2022
PLEASE make separate fingertip and knuckle packs
I wont buy any other kind. I work with tools and construction, and these are literally the only bandages that can handle the wear and tear, even with washing hands. But I very rarely need fingertip bandages, while I routinely need knuckle bandages. (Someone else above has the opposite issue!). Its such a waste to have to buy ten of something Im not going to use in order to get ten that I need. Also, talk to your retailers: I have seen a pattern that they discontinue carrying your brand while substituting their own cheap knockoffs, which never hold up. Its really hard to find these in stores no
Review from
April 29, 2022
I LOVE this style of band-aid!! I get nicks and cuts on my fingers and knuckles all the time, and these band-aids work perfectly. The normal type tends to slip off my fingers; I somehow sweat them off? But these don't! They stay on as long as I need them! They also fully cover any cuts on my fingers, but while also letting the finger bend and move freely. The only annoyance is if you wear them for multiple days, the edges start to fray a little bit. I normally just trim off the loose threads and that fixes it.
Tikimama Review from
December 31, 2021
Make fingertip & knuckle availability separately.
I love the fingertip bandages, since thats where I usually cut myself. I rarely scrape my knuckles. Im sure there are people who do the opposite. Id love to get a box of just 20 fingertip bandages since Im now buying 20 bandages and end up only using 10 of them. I now have a big stockpile of knuckle bandages. Its probably to your advantage for me to buy bandages Ill probably not use, but to me its just wasting money. Please consider making these available separately.
iHerb Customer Review from
June 6, 2022
Great quality
Great band-aids with very good adhesive that keeps them for too long without falling off. They come in several sizes that meet most needs, except for large wounds that require the big square ones. It is always buying them in large quantities to save money. But these have proved to be of great quality, in addition to their money-saving quantity. They also seem water-resistant, but if you want them to be more resistant to water and sweat, it is better to apply two of them on the wounded area, especially if it is a finger.
MJinYEG469 Review from
November 9, 2020
This is by far the best BAND-AID my family has ever used. I have been struggling to find a BAND-AID that sticks and stays. I've used every brand in my search, as I have a child who uses band-aids in hard to stick places, like his feet. It's hard to deal with and we waste so much money on band-aids and band-aid type products as they come off the minute a sock goes on. These BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric go on and stay on. They come off only when you want them to. They don't roll down. They don't stick to things they shouldn't. They provide coverage and protection. They move w
christina .p Review from
December 8, 2021
This is my preferred bandaids to use. They are high quality. The adhesive is super sticky. These can last all days and sometimes can last for 3 or more days. The fabric allows the skin to move with the bandaid and it also allows it to breathe. I will get chafing when running alot and I can use these and no issues. Also this bandaids really helps to stop the bleeding if you cut your finger really bad. It can hold up to pressure and use.
saraL7 Review from
October 2, 2020
The only brand I use
I'm going to be honest and say that I was hoping to review this product without having to use it first. No such luck. Within one day of receiving the product, disaster struck and there was quite a gash to deal with. The quilting on the bandage really hold Polysporin and other yucky fluid without any leakage. During a pandemic, it's also absolutely essential to be able to wash your hands frequently. I can attest that this bandage didn't even budge. It was fantastic! It's easy to wear in that it's not bulky and didn't get in my way. Stayed on, stayed put, didn't leak or fall off in the water. Wo
Review from
September 19, 2020
Flimsy Packaging
All the great features are worthless when the "box" collapses on opening and all the contents dump out on the ground. I've seen business envelopes that were sturdier than your non-containing failed box. You force me to transfer the bandages to plastic bags. This, BTW, looses whatever advertising value you might get from the printing on the failed box. I imagine this terrible packaging is giving fits to all types of sellers who try and get them to their customers intact. I have had Amazon replace 2 of these 100-ct envelopes, not at my expense. Except for our time reporting the failure. Note als
Emommy975 Review from
October 17, 2020
Great product
I love this product. The large size provides a great fit over wounds and the flexible fabric is super soft. I was surprised how long the bandaid stayed on. Polysporin is a must when healing wounds as it speeds up the healing time and soothes the pain. Most importantly it guards against infection. My favorite feature however was the non stick pad. Before trying this product i always bought specific non stick gauze pads to put underneath my bandages to avoid the wound from sticking. These bandaids cut out an entirely extra step for me. I will be buying this brand from now on for my household.
avocadorable.‍ Review from
January 20, 2021
While most other band-aids have gone away from having the pad going all the way to the edge of the bandage, these still have this feature. This is great for two reasons. First, you get a larger pad than you would if it sealed on all four sides as most other band-aids do. Second, if you have a long wound, you can lay two or more of these together side by side without any adhesive separating the pads. I also love the entire fabric band-aid line. Not only are they tough - which also makes them easier to take off since they don't tear, but the adhesive used is the only thing other than paper tape
MamaElicia255 Review from
October 28, 2020
Actually covers a large area!
My child came home from school and had tripped and landed on a pencil during his day. (Not sure what actually happened haha but Im sure it wasnt exactly how he imagined it happened). He was complaining about it and how it was right on his chest. I used one of the bandaids, in conjunction with the Polysporin Pain Relief cream, right after his shower. He said it stopped hurting only a short while after I had applied. That bandaid stayed on for a whole next day, and until the morning 2 days post-application, when he jumped the gun and removed before his shower. When he got out, he said he didnt n
Anonymous Review from
October 1, 2021
Great bandaids
My favorite band aids! I love that these actually stick to my skin and hold up for a long period of time. Often times, band aids tend to lift up around the corner, especially when Im prespiring lol. But these babies latch on to your skin in the best way possible. Theyre stretchy and soft yet feel very durable. I like wearing these because it bends with your skin and feels comfortable.
regina.m Review from
October 16, 2021
By far my favorite bandage! Unlike others these stay put all day or all night. Even if I get the bandage wet it still stays on any cut. I like how these are flexible because you can actually move without these popping off. As far as any cut I have never had one of these bandages to ever stick to it when trying to take it off to replace. Extremely satisfied with these. I would highly recommend these and definitely will buy again in the future always will!
Review from
August 22, 2019
A Great Bandage for the Busiest Part of our Body
We live such busy lives, trying to get so much done in our day. Were cooking, cleaning, playing without a thought, until it happens. A too-quick move, a momentary distraction, and weve injured our hand. Ugh! So, we stop what were doing and quickly get to the First Aid Kit. After washing and assessing the wound, we apply First Aid ointment and a Band Aid, and continue with our day. But, we use our hands constantly, and wash them often, and all too frequently, the Band Aid slipped or came off. Until Band Aide brand Flexible Fabric Knuckle and Fingertip Band Aid! They are cut to fit snugly on the
April Review from
August 26, 2021
This or Nothing
The best Band-Aid that the brand has come out. Many of my shoes rub against my feet, causing painful blisters and these are the only type of Band-Aid that actually stay on and protect against friction. All others either have weak adhesive, or with the rubbing, eventually come off. I keep several boxes of these in office just in case. The adhesive is quite strong, so be aware of that, it might feel like you're getting a waxing when you take them off.
BeanieBeanstalk Review from
November 26, 2019
Get these while they are still available
OK, I'm on my soap box now. One of my family members has required bandaging for the last 10 years, EVERY DAY. So I feel like I know what I'm talking about, and I HOPE THAT BANDAID BRAND is listening. First, the Flexible fabric bandaids are good for an active person. The trade off is that they stick so well that sometimes they pull good skin off of my family member who has tender, elderly skin. So on the one hand we use bandaid brand flexible fabric because the patient tries to be active and so needs a flexible bandage with strong adhesive, but we have to remove the bandaids slowly so the skin
sarita.r Review from
May 7, 2022
I like its quality and sticks when its under water as well but if you are too much under water then not sure. Mostly I get cuts when I chop vegetables and I keep this in my kitchen drawer for handy. It has different sizes which is so great. Choose according to how big the cut is. It has a great price as well. Work good. I would definitely recommend to others.
iHerb Customer Review from
March 29, 2022
My go-to favorite bandaids
Great size and good price. Love the assorted variety, and will make a good addition to my first-aid kit. These stick a lot more effectively than some of the other brands out there, so great value for the quality. No scent to these either, and does not have *natural* latex, so worth noting for those with latex sensitivity.
splashfairy631 Review from
October 11, 2020
Perfect size with flexibility
These BAND-AIDS are the perfect size for those bigger knee/elbow owies, where you need to move & bend. It has flexibility to it, without tearing or peeling off. When it was time to remove it off my childs wound, it came off easily with no residue. I also got to try the Polysporin, which is a brand I have trusted for many years. I know I can count on it to keep wounds clean. My kids like that it doesnt sting when applied. #freeproduct #ad #familyrated #bandaids #flexibility #noresidue #polysporin #clean #owie #bandaidxpolysporin
asus389 Review from
May 4, 2021
Reaction to adhesive, irritating odor
I bought these band-aids never having had an issue with other Band Aid products. The first thing I noticed is that they have an irritating "burnt rubber" like odor. I decided to use them anyways because I needed some bandages to cover a skin biopsy site so it would heal correctly. Several days into my use of these bandages I noticed that I was getting headaches from the odor and my skin was turning bright red, presumably from the adhesive. I don't react to most adhesives, but I guess this one is causing an issue. FWIW, the fabric type bandages they gave me at the clinic that I have previously
Uncaged830 Review from
November 11, 2020
These Band-Aid brand bandages are perfect!
I received these bandages for free to try and review, so I waited until I had actually tried them to submit an honest review. I find these Band-Aid brand bandages so well made in every way! Theyre so flexible and comfortable, that I forgot it was on. These are perfect for use on knees, elbows and any other parts that are normally awkward to stick bandages to. They stayed stuck on right until I needed to remove it and then came off so easily and painlessly. Ill be buying these from now on! I recommend these to everyone! #BANDAIDxPOLYSPORIN
Review from
January 29, 2022
Bandaid is my go to brand for bandaids. However, the fabric band aids is definitely not my favorite. I bought some with the package claiming they were waterproof and the band aid came off easily after coming into contact with water. I think the brand should avoid labeling certain fabric band aids as water proof/or water resistant. I give it two stars because they do their job for covering cuts.
danielle.m Review from
August 10, 2021
I trust Band-Aid brand band-aids because I know the quality is usually unparalleled - who wants a band-aid that comes off too easily when unwanted, or leaves a ton of residue behind? love having a box with an assortment, because you never know when youll need one for cuts or scrapes from a random mishap (nicking oneself while shaving or an obnoxious paper cut). I like getting the 100-count box when I can get my hands on one because being prepared with basic first aid tools, as minor as they might seem, is always reassuring - Im always glad when I check the cabinet and have what I need in situa
hannah.h Review from
December 26, 2021
Band-aids are synonymous with bandages in general. Their adhesive does not bother my skin, unlike some other brands of bandages. Their fabric ones are my favorite by far. They are flexible and comfortable. They also last so much longer than plastic ones. I have only ever brought Bain-aid bandages and will continue to do so.
Lacey1983611 Review from
October 24, 2020
Great for knees!
I got to try these free courtesy from @familyrated and #BANDAIDxPOLYSPORIN These stay on very well. They don't peel at the corners like most bandaids, which let dirt and debris get close to the wound! These stay put and stay on! My son used one on his knee so far after falling on the cement! Perfect timing to get these to try! They came in handy which I greatly appreciated. Great product. They move and keep up.... Even with a 6 year old! They do not stop moving!
Review from
September 8, 2018
Bring Back the 70s & 80s Band Aids
I get a few flea bites on the back of my calf & while sometimes the Clear Spot Band-Aids work great. But there are times I get a few bites close together & a 4" band aid that would stay on a couple days would really be nice. My biggest problem is the ends don't stick well. I toss & turn at night, and part of the band aid will stick to the sheet and rip off when I turn. It's a wake up a call for sure. When the ends on the 4" B.A. start to peel back & I know it's not going to stay on. I will use soap & soak my leg before actually peeling it off so it does not take my skin with it. I always wash
Review from
May 25, 2019
Needs better coverage and sticking power
This product has good intents, but falls short. The knuckle bandaid is okay for most sizes hands. The fingertip bandaid is small and only works well on really small or skinny fingers. I have small hands with average sized fingers for a female and the fingertip bandaid barley coverages. There are gaps where I need coverage. Also, the quilted pad is not centered. Its more to the left or right. While the bandaid is a nice fabric bandaid that leaves little residue, the sticking power of the bandaid is less than desirable. I have to wear another bandaid or tape around the base to keep the fabric ba
Rvuchick417932 Review from
October 21, 2020
Extra Large Flexible Fabric Band-Aid
Extra large flexible fabric band-aid brand adhesive bandages are great for big mishaps. They are stretchy and comfortable. They dont pull at your skin and make you feel better. The extra large size are great to cover big scrapes and burns. A must have in every first aid kit! I would recommend this product to everyone. I trialed this product as part of a free testing program and loved it. #BAND-AIDxPOLYSPORIN #FamilyRatedClub #gotitfree
sunshyneo8 Review from
May 16, 2021
good bandaid but rash formed
the bandaids are large which is exactly what we needed for a knee gash. they stayed on a kid for a full day of running around. others have commented they wish the adhesive part went all the way around and I actually like that it doesn't as the wound can breath a little but keep Neosporin on still. the rain I deducted a star is that my daughter's skin broke our in a rash and she still has it after days of not wearing a bandaid. we had finished an old box of these prior to buying these and she had no issue with them but the new ones she immediately texted to and she's not an allergy kid so if yo
mary.r Review from
October 27, 2021
The. Perfect. Bandaid. Hands down! My husband recently injured his finger and required bandage change severely day. These bandages were just what he needed to withstand his daily routine. Definitely affordable and the sizes he needed! Highly recommend!
sandy.r Review from
June 15, 2022
Ive used these for myself and my children. This brand has durable bandages that hold up well throughout the day and are breathable. I like the flexible fabric of this brand compared to others. I will say that if you get them wet they dont dry well and will need to be changed. I recommend this product.
Wally Review from
July 20, 2021
Product description sucks!
I am unhappy. I wanted 1 in X 3 in bandaids. ALL one size. I want it to be this size and for the white rectangular gauze pad to fill to the side edges of the adhesive. These were not that product. They used to have them in the large Walmart stores but I don't see them anymore, unless you buy assorted sizes boxes. I bought the same item last time on their website and it was correct. Now the SKU numbers are different. I am sending them back for a refund or replacement. What a hassle!!!
Review from
March 20, 2021
4.5 Stars
My Mom gives them 4 stars because she prefers the plastic kind, but I give them 5 stars because I like the fabric kind. Simple as that. Unless you buy the waterproof ones, they're both going to get wet washing my hands or taking a shower anyway. But that's ok because I believe in changing them several times a day anyway. It's a personal preference. For me, the flexible fabric ones don't cause sweat like the plastic ones do.
casey.l Review from
September 12, 2021
These Band Aid fabric bandages are the only ones I purchase. They are affordable, build tough, will stay stuck on. There is nothing worse than a bandaid that will not stay on, so that is a MAJOR factor for me. These will even stay put when you get them wet, and do not tear your skin off when removing. These Band Aid fabric bandages are a staple in my household.
Review from
March 2, 2020
Adhesive TOO strong! Tore/Irritated my skin!!
I used these to cover a small surgical incision that came open. Doctor recommended keeping wound covered and to change once or twice daily. I bought these since they were bigger and I didn't want it sliding around. These bandages did stay in place and cover well, however taking them off was quite painful. The bandage was NOT in an area with hair so that is not the reason for the painful removal. They irritated my skin so bad it was red, swollen, itchy, and painful all in the shape of the bandage. The last one I took off even tore my skin with it!! I would not recommend this product unless the
iHerb Customer Review from
June 8, 2022
Handy Bandaids for nicks and cuts. I like this box specifically because it does NOT have antibiotic cream on them. We try our best to stay away from any antibiotics unless it absolutely necessary and Im sorry but a cut youd put a bandaid on is not it. We use witch hazel to clean cuts and then put hypericum and calendula cream all healing herbs without the antibiotics
Sweetie892937 Review from
October 16, 2020
Love the Band-Aid brand
I always buy Band-Aid bandages for any boo-boos that come with being a toddler mom! I didnt use these bandages as is, because they are too big for little incidents but great for skinned knees (which we havent had since early summer). I have cut one in half and trimmed it a bit for a more practical use on my toddler. Having said that, these are great for larger surface area scrapes and cuts! I will always keep these on hand in our car and home first aid kits! #gotitfree #BANDAIDxPOLYSPORIN
shannon .w Review from
May 9, 2022
Absolutely love this product, it works exactly as described! I am a bartender by trade, and often find myself injured by broken glass and bottles, even by my own opener at times, and in some of the craziest places on my hands and arms. This bandaid brand stays on all shift long, plus accommodates some of the weird places I injure myself! Love them!
morgan.h Review from
June 29, 2022
This is definitely the band aid that I will be using for the rest of my life. The flexible fabric makes it so that the bandaid stays on while you are moving around. They are the best bandaids for hands, knees, ankles, and feet. You can do any activity and this will stay in place. They also are good in water and do not fall off right away like most of the other band aids do.
kelley.r Review from
July 21, 2021
Great first aid product flexible and breathable fabric! Memory weave fabric with quilt aid comfort pad. This is great for cuts burns, scratches and insect bites. I highly recommend band-aid brand. Lasts for twenty four hours. Everyone should have a box of these. Excellent value$3 for a 30 count.
donna.m Review from
April 21, 2022
Great product. Especially helpful to use when a cut or scrape is in an area that bends like a knuckle or elbow. The bandaid product stays on which is important. The flexibility of the bandaid is essential in order to help keep the bandaid on. I'd definitely recommend this product especially for its flexibility.
Supermame701 Review from
October 21, 2020
Durable and flexible!
This bandage came right in time, my kid got a big scratch from the playground today. I usually have to cut a couple bandages, mend them together before applying to the wounds . The size of this XL bandage fits perfectly, previously I usually bought the XL kids cartoon printed bandages, yes, it looks kids friendly, buy it falls off in minutes except the tattoo bandage from the same brand. This XL bandage came in size and material both works perfectly well. It stays on the wound for a whole day and the best thing is it is not hurt when peeling off to change the dressing.
nicole.s Review from
August 8, 2021
I like these a lot. They are durable, adhere pretty well, good price but it does tend to fall off when you get it wet. I don't like how it gaps between the wound and the bandage when you move your hand or injured area. They are pretty heavy duty and are better than their original, but still needs improvement. I would buy again.
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