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Janibell From: 280AR2B To: 330AR2B - Diaper Disposal JANIBELL Liner Refills For AKORD

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280AR2B - 330AR2B
FSA Eligible
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330AR2BJANIBELL Liner Refills for AKORDPackage of 2
280AR2BJANIBELL Liner Refills for AKORD SlimPackage of 2
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Diaper Disposal JANIBELL Liner Refills For AKORD
More Information
Manufacturer Janibell
Categories Janitorial Products, Sanitary Bag, Diaper Disposal
Code 280AR2B - 330AR2B
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
48 Review
suzyqlou Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
February 16, 2018
Just what I needed
I just recently became in need of a sanitary disposal system for adult pull-ups and incontinence pads. I shopped online and compared products from several top companies before I made my decision. I read many of the comments of those using disposable products. After much thought and comparison I decided to try the Slim Disposal Pail. I have a very small bath room and needed something that wouldn't take up all the floor space. I actually couldn't get it to fit in my bathroom (although it is slim and has a very streamline look. My bedroom is just across from the bath and there is a small alcove b
GrandmasAdvice Review from
September 16, 2020
Quality liners. Highly recommended.
These are quality liners for a disposal system, and the amount and price are very fair. I have used these for several years and am very happy with the strength and quality of these. Wish there was an option in colors though. This light turquoise/green is ok, but having the opportunity to choose a color would be fun! How about some vibrant purples or pinks? Might as well having to use these FUN!
coffeelovincat Review from
January 8, 2020
Convenient yet pricey. Doesn't shield odor.
This liner does hold wet items as well as dry items and never tore or broke open. Unfortunately, it does NOT shield odor! The scented liner can only do so much so watch out if you have guests come over. Make sure the disposal cans are empty of any contents to avoid any embarrassment. The liners lasts about two weeks for one bathroom in my home and three weeks in the other bathroom. I expected more for the price. Disappointed. I resorted to using store brand garbage bags for a few days because I could not find these liners in stores. Disappointed again. Overall, these liners are a necessity if
Paki1961 Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
March 4, 2018
No More Odor
Purchased a month ago. Have to use adult diapers myself because of bladder neuropathy. Don't get the sensation when I need to go. Overnight bed wetting and occasional daytime accidents meant many wet diapers and disposable underpads to take care of. Regular scented trashbags cannot effectively hide the odor. Since I started using the Akord Pail I no longer feel embarrassed when someone comes to the house. Although the trashcan was always in my master bath, the order would seem to permeate the house. Now it no longer smells like a poorly run nursing home. Bravo Akord! And emptying could not be
Rosemarie K. Review from
April 13, 2019
What a blessing
Excellent! Got this item for my 90 yr old mother who was on a catheter for months and wearing a Depends at night. The product is fully assembled, easy to use and works great. I highly recommend this product. For those who are not familiar it comes with a long continuous bag. You simply go in the bottom compartment and take out the full portion and use the cutter on the door to cut the continuous bag. Make a knot at the top of what youve cut off and youve got a sealed bag. Not contact with the contents at all. Then you tie a knot it the bottom of the continuous bag that remains in the unit and
Mark E. Review from
April 2, 2019
For adult diapers, purchase
Senior new to incontinence with no idea how large a high absorbent large size adult diaper would be. The advertising for the Janibell Akord 7 gallon diaper pail plainly states: (The Akord Slim will hold up to 24 adult briefs per load). Fact is: when using adult large size heavy absorbent diapers, this 7 gallon diaper pail can only hold about 9 briefs and with 9 it can still be difficult opening the locked door. Be warned, if you attempt to squeeze in more than 8 or 9 adult large heavy absorbent diapers into this pail, you will have to handle the soiled diapers a second time when you are forced
Dorothy Review from
March 16, 2021
Pleasantly satisfied
I've bought them in the past, and when I saw that I was able to order them through Walmart I was delighted!!! So easy to use, love not having to change bags constantly because these are continuous. Pleasantly scented. And helps greatly with keeping the room ordered of smell.
CHERYL V Review from
May 12, 2020
A great product and a great price.
Product is as described. Have had a couple of weeks to use it now and so glad I got this particular product. There are many options on the internet and most are very expensive. This Disposal System is much more reasonably priced and works great. Also, it's easy to use: removal and replacement of bags ... not a problem.
Gaildk Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
July 13, 2018
Doesn't take up a large space.
This pail takes up only a small space, unlike many I have seen. It is a great fit for me in my limited space. The door for removing the bag does not stay shut well. I do like the concept of this pail. The bag is continuous. You tie a knot in the bottom. When full you just use the cutter on the door. Then tie a knot in the top and a knot in the bottom of the hanging bag in the pail. Works nicely. The bags are not big and bulky. For someone like myself , they are the perfect size to carry to the trash. The price isn't bad either.
Amy Review from
January 12, 2022
I would highly recommend this!
I bought this twice - first for my father, then after he passed, I bought one for my mother to use. She loves it and I love it. So easy to take care of her needs with this and it's much more hygenic and is also more discreet.
Beth Review from
January 18, 2022
Highly recommend. Unit is compact and not noticeable. Keeps orders away. Easy to use. Handy. Clean.
HF from PLEASANT HILL Review from
November 16, 2017
Love, Love, Love it!
I have 3 grandsons that all wear diapers and my elderly mom that wears poise pads. I'd have to empty my trash daily due to the diapers. And my mom, she can't get around good and I was wondering what the smell in my bathroom was. Well, she would store her used pads under the sink and it smelled horrible. This catalog came in for my mom and I was looking thru it and saw this system, so I purchased it. Best thing I ever did. No more smelly diapers nor pads or taking out the garbage daily. I empty this about every 5 days and it has been the best. I'm here to order replace bags now. Thank you for t
Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
October 22, 2018
Must Have
This product Id rate a 10 in every aspect. These garbage bags are a must if you have the Garbage Pal that NorthShore Supply carries. They can be tied at the bottom and removed from the bottom & cut at the desired length you require. I use them because they keep the diaper smell out of my house, which is a must have requirement for me. They last for over a month, and I order just one box. I also have them on auto ship because I save even more money... Definitely worth the price. Theyre priceless in my situation as a caregiver for my Mom who has Alzheimers.
robertf22 Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
August 28, 2017
Fixed teh problem, met the need
I purchased this pail to get rid of the nasty daily odor due to my colostomy bags and disposing them in the bags that come with my colostomy bags. The bags failed miserably and the odor was terrible after 1-2 days. I have used this pail now for 1 week and no odor. It has easy disposal and I do not need to use the disposal bags. Thank you to North Shore and their wonderful staff for assisting me in my purchase and thank you Akord for making a product that keeps my bathroom smelling fresh. It looks good too, sitting in the corner, it just blends in with the decor.
Nettie Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
June 26, 2018
NO odors!
I'm on my next order for the Slim 7 Gallon Refill, 2 Pack. This system has been life changing for me as it's such a convenient way to dispose of Depends conveniently, and avoiding odors. I was surprised the refills last so long. When I purchased the 7 gallon system, I was a skeptic, convinced I wouldn't like it... But I was wrong. Your hands never touch anything messy with the refills and it's so quick and easy... Thank you, North Shore for making my life easier, cleaner, and odor free!
Jennifer C Review from
January 30, 2017
Try the regular janibell trash can instead
I purchased two of these units, one has been great and the other unit hasn't been that great. The door falls out of its connecting slots everytimr I open it. I love the concept of this trash can and am continuing to use them in various parts of my house since, even though they aren't as sturdy or well built as other trash cans they have made dealing with the trash easier. The best one I have purchased and the only one I would truly recommend is the regular janibell trash can model M330BW. Had I know how great that one would be I would have purchased a bunch of those instead!
alec2271 Review from
July 26, 2021
lightweight with the convenient feature of pulling the rolled up liner in the de
we're old users of the liner; price was the determiing factor in going to eBay. I use a rubber band to tie used bag instead of knotting in order to save liner length.
DeeDe54 Review from
August 7, 2020
In continuing to maintain grandbabies daily, I decided that double duty would be best for the constant disposal of diapers. The disposal units are about the same size but the one of this purchase hides the scents better. Nice size and design.
maktmama Review from
January 16, 2022
Diaper disposal
Received this last week and it's terrific. Makes my life so much easier not having to have a plastic bag for each one. Just tie a knot and your ready.
tom1950 Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
May 24, 2018
Excellent product to handle unpleasant odors!
I've had the Akord Slim Disposal Pail (7Gal.) for several months. I purchased it with a box of 2 extra liner sleeves. So far, I'm still on the original sleeve thanks to your 2 gal. OdorNo disposal bags. But the pail alone contains products/odors very well and the sleeves are easy to cut, tie, and dispose of. An excellent way to control life's odors.
elijah Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
May 24, 2018
Pros and cons. Overall good
I bought the pail last month. It doesn't hold 24 briefs as advertised but for me that's just fine as I'm disabled and it makes it easy to empty and put in the garbage. I did have a problem that the little grey flap under the lid came off but northshore is replacing it and I couldnt be more impressed. The pail itself is great and keeps odor in. Just a few minor things but I would still recommend it.
Kim M Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
July 5, 2019
Worth the Expense
This can along with the liners have been a great help in keeping odors down at my parents home. It is so easy to empty. Of course daily we empty the can, clean the commode and surrounding area, and wash all clothing and linens etc. but none of those efforts truely rid the strong odors alone. Thankful for this disposable incontinance brief waist container.
Vicky Review from
August 6, 2020
I would buy this product again and again
I love the diaper disposal system, it controls the odor from diapers 100%. You can have this in your room and will not smell anything I will buy a second one and will recommend to anyone who may need one. The best period!!!!
sweetsie Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
August 23, 2017
Overall works good
Only had product about a week. So far works well, it is for my mom who lives with us, her bathroom is also our guest bathroom, so it allows her to be more discreet, instead of using the trash can. She really appreciates that. So far it works pretty good at controlling odor. The large door on the front doesn't close up exactly right without having to work at getting it lined up to lock. Overall I am satisfied with the product so far.
Shirley Review from
July 1, 2021
Ease of Use
This was a very good purchase. It eliminated the smell and with the bag system easy to change without handling the contents. I highly recommend.
Dondi Review from
October 10, 2020
Great product, great price and wonderful system
We have received the adult incontinence system and so far so good. There is no odor at all and we have not had to change the bag yet. Small so it fits anywhere and when you open the box all you have to do it find a place to put it and you are done.
Review from
October 8, 2020
Would highly recommend the Janibell Akord.
The mechanism of the Janibell Akord is very good. I love the continuous bag that you tie off. I also love the size because we dont have a lot of space in our small one bedroom apartment.
sal42 Review from
August 31, 2021
Clean and easy.
Its compact easy to use and refill. Its keeps oder at bay. Very handy to have. I just empty it once a week and put the filled bag into my garbage can.
BA Review from
March 23, 2018
Diaper disposal
Awesome product. Works for baby diapers or adult pads. Holds a lot. Took a minute to figure out how the bags work it is wonderful in my bathroom. If they could improve anything it would be to add a small lip to the gray plastic to be able to open the larger opening easier. But love it
Robert Review from
April 27, 2021
The product arrived in excellent physical shape and performed exactly as advertised. I continue to order this product through Walmart as needed. Thanks to all.
MoniLuv Review from
January 21, 2022
Great Purchase!
I love the size and it's very affective. No odor coming from it at all and very easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone.
Gaildk Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
July 13, 2018
Very good idea.
I have not put one of these in the pail yet. But, they look very simple to load. The concept of a continuous bag that you tie a knot in the bottom. Then you use the cutter in the door when full, and tie the full bag shut. Then tie a knot in the bottom again and it's ready to use again. I like this set up so far.
Jules Review from
June 21, 2017
These liners are made of heavy duty plastic and they hold a lot of material. This is the best thing for cleaning up, just pull the liner out and encapsulate the material in the bag tie it off and you are done. No more rinsing and washing the potty. The mess is disposed of in the trash. This is simple but it is a big help.
nn from DAYTON Review from
November 8, 2018
This disposal is a God send! I have 5 bladder operations and still have the problem. I use 6 to 8 pads a day sometimes more. This solved the problem of me having to go outside to dispose of them in the trash. NO MORE, now I can dispose of them inside without ANY ODOR PROBLEM. I purchased one for each of my bathrooms.
MLAKGKent Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
March 6, 2019
Perfect disposal system for adult leak pads
This is exactly what I needed to dispose of the pantiliners i wear for incontence. I had been using newpaper wrappers but they did not control stale odors. the bagging system is perfect, easy to tie and use, no escaping odors from this Disposal Pail and its liner system.
JayR Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
May 13, 2019
Nice but small
Nice concept and does reduce odor. Design is good. Disappointed that it doesn't hold as many adult diapers as advertised. In my case, it only holds 4 premium disposables. Wish i would have ordered the larger version.
KMK Review from
May 16, 2017
Been using since it was Magikan.
I love this and all Janibell disposal units. Use them exclusively in al areas of my home since they were Magikan. My mother broke one on the trap doors on her adult diaper disposal and even with one door broken, the odor is controlled, definitely replacing it. Oh did I say how long I have been using the diaper disposal, at least 6.
Loey Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
October 28, 2017
Best Diaper Pail Ever!
This diaper pail is so easy to use and keeps odors out of the room. I love the way you can just trim off the bag wherever you need to, toss out the dirty diapers, and tie a knot in the bottom of the bag. Gives us so much flexibility. This pail is a keeper!
Terrie Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
February 28, 2019
LOVE IT!!! Best purchase ever.
Absolutely Love it. I live in a small apartment with a very small bathroom. No matter what I did, odor control was a problem. No problem any more. It is Fantastic!!
DV Review from
February 3, 2018
Not for humans only
I care for elderly and disabled chihuahuas. Use pee pee pads a lot . I was looking for a way to dispose of these without using a lot of bags and keep odors at bay . This works perfectly, just empty it the night before garbage day without touching anything. Love it
Tari E Review from
December 27, 2018
It does the job
Its great because those diaper genies cant hold much, and this one does. It doesnt contain the odor as well and the bottom door doesnt stay closed once it starts filling up. The odor problem also may be because my father has been doing #2 in his diapers lately!
Lynda Review from
August 11, 2021
Worth every Scent!
Like a Diaper Genie for old folks! Way easier to stash away in the closet for discreet use.
Deborah Review from
April 17, 2021
I works good on keeping smells down
I use this for my dog pee pads. It will hold 2 days worth and once that lid is down you can't smell nothing inside.
minnie me67 Review from
January 19, 2022
I needed one of these
I got this idem, because was a good price and we need one. how ever it is not as good as they say using it or cutting for a new bag is hard to do
manasha Review from
April 15, 2020
Excellent liners
These liners go with the main unit and are durable & easy to install. It makes an unclean function work so much more tidier & healthier.
CL Review from
September 5, 2018
Discreet Adult Diaper Disposal System
I have VERY pleased with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who needs to wear incontinence products. It bad enough that we really have no choice but to wear them. It's nice to have a way to dispose of them, out of sight and no odors.
LJ from Elizabethtown Review from
October 5, 2018
Discreet and Convenient Diaper Disposal System
Love it. Clean and odor free. Proud to display. Holds a lot and easy to empty and refill. Great buy.
numee123 Review from
January 5, 2020
The best and most needed item I have found in years.
This unit keeps my bedroom smelling fresh. I love it so much that I purchased two. My grand baby became the recipient of one. Talk about a happy home!