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Medegen Medical - 02562 - Enema Bag Set

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Medegen Medical:
FSA Eligible
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"Convenient for administering enemas. Choose from either a 1500ml bucket or bag set. Each contains: 60"" tubing with prelubricated tip, adjustable clamp, castile soap, waterproof drape and easy-to-read instructions. Each bag is graduated in 500ml increments up to 1500ml's. The buckets are calibrated in 100ml and 4 oz increments up to 1500ml's or 48 oz."
More Information
Manufacturer Medegen Medical
Categories First Aid Supplies, Enema Kit, Fecal Incontinence
Code 02562
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Drip Armor|Online Living Aids|Stomabags|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
47 Review
Review from
or 4 days due to an opiade medication I take for chronic pain. When I first came
Fleet can't be beat!
December 16, 2021
Troy Borge jr Review from
April 15, 2021
My fiance has been suffering from chronic constipation and was very skeptical about trying this after trying other products that has only left her disappointed and in pain. She was beside herself with anxiety before using this product and very afraid it w
Review from
or enemas. I’ve tried everything out there. I was on pain medication and sometim
Fleet Enema
September 5, 2021
Review from
stool for about 2 days and it was so large and hard that it just wouldn’t come o
Works for hard stools that you can’t pas
December 5, 2021
nannamammy Review from
August 6, 2018
Great Relief
I applied to try a sample and was chosen to test the Fleet Saline Enema. I received my sample a few days ago. I have chronic constipation and there are days that I cannot go with the aid of a stool softener. I tried this product and really liked it. It ex
gettingolder Review from
June 24, 2014
Not That Bad
When I was 9, I needed an enema -- I did not care for it at all. As an adult, I have avoided them, but after over a year of hard stools, and bran coming out of my ears, I decided I would try one. At first, I thought maybe the large volume was a mistake, b
Review from
ute or two for me. I hadn’t used the bathroom in 3 days and was constipated for
Best thing since Marvel Universe ????
September 17, 2021
drug side effects bite Review from
November 8, 2014
Definitely more effective than a regular enema
I am currently taking a medication that causes constipation. I go on my own sometimes but it takes a lot of effort, not much comes out and what does is very hard. I was feeling pretty backed up and miserable so I decided to use this "extra" enema to help
sheena singleton Review from
November 4, 2021
I have ibs known as Irritable bowel syndrome so sometimes I'm not able to move my bowels for weeks at a time sometimes I also have impacted stool so uncomfortable. This product helps me alot it's dosnt give you cramps or make you feel uncomfortable I reco
calex715 Review from
July 21, 2018
Fleet Saline Enema
Well I haven't used the fleet saline enema in years. But just recently, I was given pain meds, that seemed to bound me up good. I tried a regular med to help me with the constipation, and that just didn't work. So, I had gotten the fleet saline enema. I u
aja3ez Review from
July 31, 2018
Works Well!
I received the Fleet Saline Enema (2ct.) to try in exchange for my honest feedback. I used them and I must admit, they worked better than I anticipated. I felt some discomfort when inserting. After using the first one, I was amazed at the outcome. After s
enigmatic Review from
March 7, 2015
have some silcone lubricant ready
Definitionally a bad day begins with you typing "How to give yourself an enema" into Google. This is what to get. It works. It does not hurt at all. Literally stick it in as far as it will go and squeeze till you can't squeeze any more. It's over. Really.
Monica Review from
August 15, 2018
After haven’t my second child i suffer a lot more from irregularities . This enema did the trick , almost instant relief after using it . I will be buying it again because unfortunately it’s something i will continue to need . But i and i am nthankful thi
karkey Review from
July 29, 2018
Good to have around
When I was younger, I had heard of an Enema but up until now, I haven't actually used one. Generally speaking, using a Fleet Enema is not easy, but compared to other things that can be used, it's good. When I received the box, I put it away so it wasn't l
Cruntr Review from
August 2, 2018
This is a great product to help flush your system. I found this was perfect before my ankle surgery. I had to make sure my system was clean prior to arriving because of the negative reactions I have to anesthesia. This product worked like a charm. It allo
Maven Review from
July 21, 2018
Quick and Easy.
I take fiber and probiotics, but still have bouts of constipation. This product is easy to use, just follow the instructions. The tip is smooth and lubricated so it glides in. When the contents start to activate it is not harsh or cramping. I was able to
Angie82 Review from
July 19, 2018
Great product
Got this product a few days ago. Glad that I did. Had to use the next day. Works great. I would recommend this product to anyone needing it. It’s easy to use. The directions were easy to follow. Love the gentle tip too!
Kathy702 Review from
July 19, 2018
Relief in minutes!
I got this as a free sample to try! It couldn’t have come at a better time! I was having issues and a lot of discomfort from not going to the bathroom. I decided to try it to see instead of taking a laxative and waiting for the laxative to go out of my sy
Bellabo Review from
July 19, 2018
Great Product!!!!
I was having a problem. I used this and "Problem" solved. Great Product!!! I've tried the laxatives and it seems like it takes forever. With this it works fast and really easy. No more waiting!!! Its a wonderful product
lkchute Review from
July 26, 2018
This product really work easily and quickly. The gentle tip helps with comfort and make it easy to insert. Relief is quick and every time works fast and in minutes. I would really recommend this Fleet Saline Enema to friends, family and anyone that needs
makayla.t Review from
May 15, 2016
I'd say it works well , right after inserting you'll get a bowel movement but you have to make sure you inserted all of the solution. Not really uncomfortable because the Enema has vasaline around the edges great for easy access. One thing I dislike is th
Review from
medication for my back and unfortunately it makes me plugged up, so every four
No more worries
April 28, 2021
marl35 Review from
July 24, 2018
Improved and Better
Fleet Enema products have been in my household for years. This new, improved Saline Enema is more effective, the improved shape and lubricated tip are much more comfortable and makes the enema much easier to use. Thank you for making something good even b
Richard B. Review from
March 28, 2021
Very good product.
We use them only when needed. They work fast and efficient. It helps the elderly to get through the day.
Joanna Review from
August 2, 2018
Works better than pills.
I got this for my Father. He’s on so many different pills and chemo so he gets consipated a lot. The pills he takes take hours to work and you have to take multiple. But this worked its magic in under 30 minutes. He’s very happy with it.
Tam Tam Review from
July 18, 2018
Best Enema Ever!
I received this product as a free sample to try in exchange for my honest review. It actually came just in time because I had to use it yesterday and it is amazing! I already feel like its cleaning me out very well. It was easy to use and painless as well
Evanwitjc Review from
September 20, 2018
Very good product
I got this awile back and was so pleased with the results. This product certainly helped me in my time of need. I would highly recommend this product for anyone that wants results!!! Very good product!!!
kayla.w Review from
August 16, 2016
Works fast! It's super easy and my number 1 go to when I'm backed up. Works faster then a laxative and is really cheap! You can purchase them at any store like dollar general, Walmart, cvs, Walgreens etc. I will always purchase this brand enema and like I
Sue77 Review from
July 19, 2018
Works wonders!
This is the first enema I’ve ever used. Fleet Saline Enema’s work amazingly fast! I get a lot of belly pain from constipation so this enema really helped to alleviate my problem. I will be purchasing more of this product.
Colleen1980 Review from
August 1, 2018
Easy to use
Fleet Saline Enema was easy to use. It has a gentle glide tip that helped make the process more bearable. It was effective and did work quickly. It also comes with two bottles so I thought that was a good deal as well.
becky90 Review from
July 18, 2018
Excellent product
I purchased this item a month ago, after having shoulder surgery, I was having trouble using the restroom and my dr recommended an over the counter enema.I was skeptical at first, but I used it and within an hour, I was able to get some relieve. I would r
myrrh67 Review from
July 21, 2018
Quick and easy...
The Fleet enema works quickly to give relief of all constipation symptoms. Even though it has been around for years it is still the simplest and quickest way of getting relief without bloating and cramping. I am very pleased with this product.
Review from
August 30, 2016
Great product. I used it before I went to the hospital to have my baby so I wouldn't have to do an enema bucket there. The box says to hold in the solution for 10 minutes, but it only took 5 minutes to get things going. Made my labor a lot less embarrassi
Trayseagirl Review from
July 24, 2018
Always worked great but now even better
Always worked great but now even better!!!! This brand has always worked wonderfully!!! but now the new design has a much easier application! much easier to use and works great as always !!!!!!!!!!!!
Shicky5 Review from
July 20, 2018
Great product
I have chronic constipation from ibs, gastritis and diverticulosis. This product gives me the relief I need to go. I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s easy to use which is nice when you are constipated
Missy54 Review from
July 24, 2018
Wonderful Features and works fast
I recently bought Fleet Enema 2 Pack a few weeks ago, and I am so glad that I did, I was happy with the way it was so easy to use, instructions where easy to understand, I loved the Gentle glide tip and the lubrication was great. I would definately use th
vgandjsmom Review from
July 23, 2018
It's an enema
Hard to write a review for an enema except to say if it worked or not. Certainly an improvment on old school enemas for sure. Well lubricated, easy to hold, easy to toss when finished, holds a good amount of water/saline
Tmaze1 Review from
July 25, 2018
Works quicky
The fleet enema came in a twin pack that was packaged in a colorful box. I used it on my wife who hadn't gone to the bathroom in three days. When I used it she went to the bathroom within 3 minutes. It is a good safe product to use.
Wombat Review from
July 19, 2018
Easy to use
While no one really wants to use an enema, when it becomes necessary, the Fleet Saline Enema is the best I have found. It is inexpensive, easy to use, relatively comfortable, and fast acting. I heartily recommend it.
Tiffiny47 Review from
July 18, 2018
Works Fast!
I received fleet saline enema, and it was easy to use and it worked fast. It relieved my systoms within 15 minutes. I will definitely buy! It is a must buy product if, you are having any issues with using the bathroom.
Review from
July 19, 2018
did its job
i received the free sample and it worked really fast. its great when a stool softener isnt enough. i will be purchasing again i was surprised by how comfortable it was and how fast it worked. i will try again
Mamabellmer6 Review from
July 26, 2018
Good product
I have always had an issue with my bowels and these enemas work like a charm every single time. Does not hurt to insert, easy to use and with minimal cramping. A product I definitely will recommend!!
Kandygurl12 Review from
August 5, 2018
I got this as a free try before you buy in exchange for my honest review. Its a great product that qorks effectively just as you would expect it to... Its very fast acting and good value for the retail price.
Cindy Review from
July 19, 2018
Fleet Saline Enema
I received this as a freebie to test for a honest review. Fleet Saline Enema is a great brand and a name you can does get the job done and in a timely matter. I will recommend this fleet saline enema to everyone
Review from
ct today and used it !! It removed all impacted stool !!
Impacted Stool
January 2, 2021
anonymous Review from
June 25, 2009
Extra Relief!
This is the larger Fleet Enema Extra. It has almost twice as much liquid as the regular size Fleet Enema. I find that the extra liquid helps it do a better job of relieving constipation. The tip is lubricated making it easy to insert and comfortable while
BusyMom Review from
July 26, 2018
It works!
Obviously not something you want to have to use, but when you do this does the job! It was as comfortable as you could get, and provided much needed relief. I appreciated the ease of use and how effective it was.