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Medtronic Skimmer Blade: Skimmer Blade 22.0cm - 2.9mm
More Information
Manufacturer Medtronic
Code 1882923HRE
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Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
45 Review
SilverFoxDan Review from
June 23, 2021
Install went as expected. I have installed pools for the last 30 years so I hope I can clear up some misunderstandings.People complain about the screws ***.they are designed properly and have been deliberately chosen, blunt points and all. Like others, I pre-installed them...streight in all directions.With a full pool (intex softside18ft round x 52in tall) and from inside pool, I ice-picked one hole in top row and one in the bottom row using the front plate as a guide and positioned at the top of the BLUE bottom liner(did NOT go above the blue liner into the top part that has the top support b
Regina Review from
June 3, 2021
This fits quite well, it looks nice, and I'm especially pleased that with a little turn the basket is "locked" down, as my previous skimmer didn't do that. It has a little bit larger presence on the outside of the pool than my last skimmer, but that makes no difference on the fit through my 24' permanently placed above ground pool.I dropped a star because I can't get the thing to stop leaking around the edges. I've lowered the water twice now. The first time in installed it I was very careful to line everything up, including the gaskets. When I refilled and water was pouring out, I lowered it,
JOHN Review from
September 7, 2021
Old skimmer needed to be replaced. Cracked at the bottom. the pool vac adaptor is so much better than the previous on. So much easier to get a suction. Completely effortless. Also, the white is better than the sand color one the previous owner had installed.Ive seen a lot of people talking about make sure to use the right Phillips head or youll struggle. I thought that goes without saying for screw. Had zero issue with thatSmaller basket then the previous, but Im emptying the basket every day anyway since I eventually walk by it daily.
Ed W. Review from
May 17, 2020
Very good product! Ill try to keep this short and sweet as others have mentioned some of the most important things already. Firstly the instructions are pretty good however...BE SURE AND PRESCREW ALL THE SCREWS INTO THE HOUSINGS!!! I did this as well and it did make it much easier to get the screws in once you have your holes punched. Youll need a heavy duty screwdriver though (not sure of the size but something like a #8 or #9 ((large headed)). This unit works perfectly with the Intex return hoses! No need for an adapter the return hose slides right into the lower fitting that comes with it a
T D. Review from
May 28, 2021
Actually a very easy install, don't let some of these reviews make you apprehensive like it did me. Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is about. First just prescrew all your screws, point blank. Using a PH3 and PH2, I used a DeWalt 12V driver set clutch to 13 and I install this within 15-20 mins tops by myself. Install 8 screws for main body first. Used gasket as template for my Intex prism pool. Used DeWalt and small bit, drilled all holes. Installed the 4 screws for outer skimmer body to pool, used silicone on gasket to make it tacky so it won't move around. NO SILICONE ON INSIDE POOL GASK
West T. Review from
May 19, 2020
I bought at just under $28 so how could I go wrong? Whoops! The price has gone up.I had a similar skimmer on my previous above ground pool, but that skimmer had a smaller mouth. Because of the wider mouth on this one it works better. It narrows inside which causes the water to move faster as it enters the skimmer helping to pull in more floating debris. (My new Kholer toilets unique flush valve uses a similar design to give a fast flush with little water.)Installation was pretty intuitive, but difficult and tedious. Difficult because it took everything my old arthritic hands had to turn those
tnt4560 Review from
July 6, 2021
Its ok. Could be improved
Installed it on an Intex pool. It installed easy enough. Only issues were the skimmer connection to the filter hose and the way the vacuum attaches. To connect the filter hose, you have to cut the end off of the hose and use a clamp. Would be nice to have an adapter to just secret it in like the hose connects to the pump. The vacuum adapter is just held on by the suction and comes loose. Would be better if it actually attached to the skimmer. Like a twist lock the way the cover is attached. But.. its still a decent skimmer.
Kevin Review from
August 13, 2020
I screwed in all the screws into the holes prior to installing anything so it would thread the holes prior. You need to make sure screws are straight when doing this. I then installed. Screws went in easy because of my process before. Dont use a drill as anything plastic is susceptible to breakage by over torqueing. Initially it leaked but I tightened all again Being careful of breaking plastic and its now leak tight. You have to be sure to tighten evenly. Screw in a little at a time and go across and slowly tight all down evenly. Very important. Also make it tight but be aware its plastic. I
Neil Review from
June 26, 2020
Warning. Spend the few extra dollars and buy a hayward brand. I cheaped out thinking " how different can it be"? Well even the install was a pain. the screw holes were waaay too tight. I am a 6ft tall 220lb man. I am a laborer by profession. I had a heck of a time getting this thing together. I had no such issues when i installed the original hayward unit. To make matters worse, the skimmer basket pops out of position everytime the pump powers off\on. The vacuum fitting piece is a flimsy 2 piece hunk of junk, the provided fitting has a huge reduction of internal size, so the flow of my pump wa
usataipan Review from
April 24, 2021
Product requires a little engineering know-how for a good installation.
During installation, it was necessary to use a bit of force to make the chamber flanges screw holes to line up. It at first appeared the two parts would not match up, but then I figured they may have warped a very small amount. Thankfully the plastic provided a small bit of flexibility. Also, it took a couple of reinstallation tries and silicone caulking to form a watertight seal around the pool liner/outer flange contact. The inlet door, when fully opened, interferes a bit with the pool vacuum hose attachment, but some finagling allows for a good seal and full suction . Otherwise, the skimmer
thelastsuperman Review from
August 8, 2018
Excellent replacement for over-the-wall skimmers, works great!
Easy to install and very effective! I had previously purchased and used an over-the-wall skimmer, it worked fine but I decided to purchase this unit when it was on sale, I do not regret the purchase! This wall skimmer is easy to install and works great, I cannot stress enough how much better this skimmer works than an over the wall unit. Suction and debris intake is at least triple if not quadrupled compared to the previous over the wall unit. I highly recommend this unit for those who've purchased a new pool (yet slightly older model i.e. last years inventory) that do not have the built-in wa
Maurena L. Review from
May 18, 2021
Started install on Sunday...completed on Tuesday, I installed on a Coleman 22x52 foot pool. It was difficult to get the screws lined up in the holes on the other half, a few kept wanting to screw in between the screw hole and the fame of the larger piece. Once I got them screwed in correctly the screws were not long enough to get tightened. Went to lowes to find replacements two days in a row. Second day I found the right screws. You'll need a #10 metal screw that is 1 1/4 inches long. Just had to tighten a bit and the seal was good to go! The basket arrived broken, it is very flimsy. Otherwis
tony Review from
July 4, 2021
The cover is difficult to remove; would benefit from a tab or something to grab. It's a nuisance to access almost daily. The basket is not secured in place, knocked out of position by water motion. I often find it crooked, allowing things to pass through to the pump. This item does the job more or less but i will spend more for one with better features when i need to replace it.
hotshotzx7 Review from
June 1, 2019
Great Replacement Skimmer
I purchased this skimmer to replace a 20 year old cracked one on my pool at the home I grew up in which I now rent. The items arrived quickly and seems to be an authentic Hayward part of good quality. It was pretty easy to install it. Its not necessarily clear in the pictures and description but this comes with everything you need to install and use this skimmer. It comes with a water return jet, the leaf basket and vacuum elbow attachment , comes with 2 male threaded fittings that attach it to the filter hose (one fitting for the skimmer and one for the water return). It also of course had th
efford Review from
July 11, 2019
Generic, No Hydrotools markings on it but okay fit and function.
I installed this 6 weeks ago and it fit okay but I am not sure of the quality. There are no Hydrotools markings on the parts or carton. The instructions dont explain the first 4 screws to assemble skimmer to wall before attaching inner faceplate. The material seems very stiff, I just hope its ABS like the original one I had. The basket spins inside the skimmer because the flats on the sides dont match the skimmer recess. The skimmer lid also can be spun because the stop ribs are a little small. It installed okay but I have concerns about whether it will hold up long-term. With the amount of ef
Imre J. B. J. Review from
April 23, 2018
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It is a terrible design. They use a two part design so it fits both regular and wide mouth skimmers. The problem is the gasket where the two parts meet. It leaks like a sieve, and cannot be tightened further without removing the whole assembly from your pool. The only four of the 8 screws are accessible without removing it from the pool wall. Also, You will have no idea whether it will leak again or not until you put it back into the pool. When I received the skimmer, I assembled the two parts, let it sit overnight and re-tightened the two pieces before installing it i
Scott I. Review from
June 7, 2019
Purchased this for a broken skimmer. Removed the old skimmer, setting up the new skimmer and had great difficulty getting all the screws in and water tight. I removed the few screws I could install and inspected the skimmer and plate. Spoiler alert- the holes did not line up. I was only able to best fit about 1/2 the holes-it was close but not close enough. SOOO I installed the OLD plate with the NEW skimmer - works perfectly now. I could not return the unit- but I felt I would get the same. Overall good value-looks great, all the OTHER parts work well- it was just the water side attachment pl
Sharon M. Review from
May 30, 2020
I was impressed enough with this product that I decided to write this review. It seems like a sturdy product, perhaps better than the original Hayward skimmer. It fit as expected and the hole pattern matched perfectly. It takes a little while to install, but the entire installation was smooth with no issues. Took about 1/2 hour. Also to my surprise, this basket comes with a lot of accessories that I did not expect including thread tape. All you need to install this is a screwdriver (I used my drill with the clutch set low) as your forearms will burn just trying to remove the old skimmer.
Kristina T. Review from
July 15, 2021
Works great when the pump runs. The instructions were very vague but followable. The only downside is when the pump is off, the flap is out into the pool area. Cutting the pool liner a little short on the edges or top would prevent this, but it's not explained in the instructions.
Brian Review from
June 2, 2021
When I bought this 2 years ago it was only $15. Now I am writing this review its $50. Thats a crazy price hike. Like others said, screws were tight. Used old gasket. And now its been 2 years and my door flap plastic hinges snapped off. Maybe better spending the extra money, especially since this price is so high now.
MattP1 Review from
June 10, 2017
Everything you need. Installed easily ***.the holes that take the screws in the skimmer that hold all the faceplate to the skimmer and creates a water tight seal is not threaded. Be sure and screw the screws in the skimmer portion before you install the skimmer to the pool wall. Also make sure to take the screws as far in as the will go when threading the holes. I did screw the screws in but not quite far enough. When I installed it I tightened the screws very tight but it still leaked. I really torqued them down and I guess the screws threaded themselves in further and I was able to get a goo
christopher s. Review from
June 12, 2019
Would be easier to install before water is added to the pool but I did it after. Be sure to pre-screw the holes as the holes are not threaded. Must be super tight to seal. Comes with everything needed; even a new outlet with adjustable eye that is not required for install. The Coleman pools have two inlets. I capped off one of them and connected the hose directly to the bottom of the skimmer. Provides plenty of suction even with the other inlet still open; best of both worlds. Great product and price. Installed in about 30 minutes with water in the pool.
JB612 Review from
Home Depot
August 25, 2020
If you can avoid wide mouth skimmers all together. Even after installation it le
If you can avoid wide mouth skimmers all together. Even after installation it leaked, thank God for flex seal. A long straight edge against a curved service doesn't work. I see a lot of pool companies are getting away from those and sticking with the original square ones.
James M. Review from
July 28, 2018
If you have an above ground pool this is a must have to help keep it clean. The skimmer catches any floating debris and helps curt down some of time you spend using a net. The best thing about this is using it to vacuum your pool. It is thousands of times better than trying to use the side wall suctions on the pool. I have a 26 foot round with a sand filter and it takes about a half an hour to clean it. It is easy to install if you have a little common sense. Just make sure you have it at the right height for where your water level is. Use a sharp razor knife to cut out the opening and be care
Loonarchick Review from
May 27, 2015
The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was the assembly and installation. Those screws that people said were impossible to put in were a BIG OL' PAIN. The screws make their own threads, I assume for water tightness purposes. It made them very hard for me to screw in and I finally had to have my boyfriend do it for me. If left to me, I'd have bought hexheads to replace them. That was the plan before he offered to try.The install was scary. We installed before cutting the liner and the screw holes leaked badly until the liner was cut and the screws could be torqued down. Do yourself a favor an
Sithtrixx Review from
July 18, 2020
Seems to make the pump and filter more efficient. The water flow has greatly improved as well. The only problem and recommendation when installing the unit are the included screws are blunt instead of pointed. Its almost impossible to get the screw started with them, so I purchased #10 1 inch stainless steel flat head screws and the install was a breeze.
kevin Review from
November 4, 2021
Turned out to be an exact replacement of a 2009 pool install. had to careful as the old seal had adhered to the liner and a couple old screws heads were stripped when removing. Had to carefully break out the old. Holes lined up to current holes.
Kindle C. Review from
August 6, 2019
I spent forever looking at the diff. skimmers available plus all the diff. adapters and such reviewers said you needed for installation.. Well I decided to purchase this one (which I thought was just the skimmer itself) and figure out for myself what else I was gonna need after I had it in my grubby hands. WELL TO MY SURPRIZE This came with everything I needed to do a complete install.. I had it on in 10 mins and did not have to buy one single thing. I was looking a kits that cost 4x what this did and they needed extra stuff to get them installed on your pool.. don't let the price fool ya. thi
William F. Review from
August 1, 2020
My local pool store sells this for double. I did have to take it off and slide the gasket around to get it to seal. You need a #3 Phillips bit for this so if you install this in an intex style pool like I did with water in the pool, make sure you have the right screwdriver because they arent as common. I also used a layer of double sided 3m vhb tape to thicken the liner and give it some ridgity.
McReviewer Review from
May 8, 2013
Product received promptly. I carefully read English language instructions and then cut out paper template from instructions (which by the way was a pain - why would anyone want to cut up their installation instructions to get the template???) and carefully taped the paper template onto side of my pool. I then drilled screw holes and cut opening in metal pool wall exactly per template. When I went to fit the actual gasket to the opening I cut out - IT DID NOT FIT. Opening is roughly 1/2 inch too narrow in width and the screw holes are all off. I could not believe it. The paper template from the
5mark19 Review from
May 17, 2017
Great Skimmer
I installed this skimmer on an Intek pool which initially pulled water through ports in the center side of the pool. This allows me to vaccum the pool with a standard pool vaccum hose and pool vaccum. Bonus debris floating on top are captured and trapped. Skimmer is well made and a great compliment to the upgraded sandfilter I installed. Note. ..fill pool to bottom of skimmer before trimming out hole on the center of skimmer. I also tightened screws several times as pool was filling. All hardware and attachments are included and work well.
n.c.lady Review from
August 5, 2018
Problem solved
The skimmer came with everything I needed to install with and extra parts I didn't expect to get. Also came with water defector that helps move water around. I installed the skimmer in my 22 x 52 inch Coleman pool. It took some cutting it in and mounting it. I put some silicone sealant under the gasket to help seal. Also with the weight of water in skimmer on outside it tilted a little. I placed a piece of the pool noodle under drain part. Working great. A pool tablet in straining basket. Keeping pool clear and clean. Thanks
HonestAbe Review from
May 25, 2021
Comes with everything you need, including gaskets, vacuum lid screws. Theres also a complete return jet with gaskets. Go ahead and replace those sun and weather damaged parts on your pool before they break and you lose a couple of hundred gallons of water or that slow leak youve been watching for a couple of years rusts your pool wall and makes it a danger to your swimmers!
HOLLYWOOD Review from
June 1, 2021
Well I thought this was going to be a great pie has for my new pool and an easy install per directions!! Not at all. It took forever to get it all the way on bc the holes never lined up for the screws to go in. Its now on bit its also crooked and leaks. Had to use silicone to seal it fully. Dont buy this skimmer
Thisbytez Review from
June 21, 2016
I purchased this to replace the crappy over-the-wall skimmer that came with my Intex Ultra-Frame pool, which does not stay in place well, is a pain to use, and is easily broken (I had to replace a hose once and had to replace the whole thing another time). It was easy to install, holds well to my soft side pool without drooping, and has more than enough fittings and adapters to connect to my pool filtration system. My only complaint is that the provided screws fit very tightly and the screwdriver grooves strip out easily. I could not get these screws tightened down all the way, and had to go t
Josh A. Review from
May 19, 2021
Skimmer worked great for my pool! I do have to agree with another ***.you need to drive the screws in before trying to install, then remove them. That way the holes will be pre-threaded and will go right in during installation. Would be great of the manufacturer would pre-drill the threads for you.
Shucks Review from
July 27, 2019
Arrived quickly and was really good quality but unfortunately just didn't fit the area I needed it too. It was just too large and I bought the wide mouth because someone else recommended it for a Summer Waves replacement. But they are wrong. You need to stick with the regular mouth skimmer if you're going to use a replacement and convert to a different pump. You would have to cut way too much out to use this one. But it is a good quality skimmer.
Mebobbob Review from
June 21, 2013
Certainly better than the skimmer that hangs from the side, much less hassle! I do really wish it had more height for aboveground pools and I really wish the basket was bigger [its pretty small]. I have lots of trees and it fills up relatively quick. The hang-on skimmer that Intex makes for their pools actually captured more stuff but its a real hassle.Be careful putting it together! 3 main separate pieces: outside housing with basket [hose connects to bottom, the outside funnel shaped peice, and the inside face that screws to the funnel on the outside.When connecting the outside housing to th
walmat.pwlx1sl Review from
July 27, 2020
Pool skimmer
Installed on my above ground Coleman pool. Had to buy extra fittings to connect to my sand filter. Instructions need more information about installation and need to be more clear for the average home owner. But over all works like a charm. No real complaints
Twohands Review from
December 5, 2021
I added this kit to my above ground pool that didn't come with a skimmer. It was a simple and easy addition. I don't care for the vacumm attachment method, it is a bit combersome to attach and remove when done but very usable.
sndman707 Review from
July 28, 2019
So much better then the generic skimmers
I have been through 2 of the cheap ones in the last 4 years, the tops break the area around the hose gives out. This skimmer just feels better then the other ones, the plastic is thicker and it appears a lot more robust. It came with everything needed to install and use. The basket fits great and is easy to get out, the adaptors plate for the vacuum fits perfectly. I am beyond happy with my purchase.
tywubbs Review from
June 5, 2020
Why did I wait? Works great!
Why did I hesitate? This works well on our Coleman/Intex above ground pool. We deal with flowering debris that comes off of trees near our pool every spring when we set up out pool. This skimmer takes care of the 'floaties'. I assumed that these skimmers were only for steel frame and liner pools and was nervous about installing on our fabric walled pool. Works great!
C. G. Review from
October 6, 2013
I bought this skimmer to put through the side of a new Intex Ultra Frame swimming pool after reading about several other owners who had added their own. This unit was fairly easy to install, using the instructions provided and adapting them for my Intex. The two separate gaskets were a better fit for me than a "butterfly" gasket on some skimmers. I did use, as a precaution, silicone sealant on the outside gasket where it contacts the side of the pool. I love the grey color, which matches the outside of my Ultra Frame, and it mates up easily with my Hayward pump and filter. The lone drawback is
r2achers1999 Review from
August 22, 2020
Excellent price
Skimmer fits as it should. Just make sure the screws are tight. Mine developed a leak after about the 2nd season of use. The screws should be made of stainless steel though, because they start rusting right away from all the chemicals you use.
Alexandra B. Review from
August 4, 2020
I read reviews before buying this and knew what to expect; however, the screws stripped out immediately which made it extremely hard to put on. Like others have said the the holes did not match up to my pool at all. Once installed to the pool the rest was smooth sailing. Works great!!