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Medtronic - 1884032 - MEDTRONIC TRACHEAL BLADE 37CM X 4MM

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Medtronic Tracheal Blade 37cm X 4mm
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Manufacturer Medtronic
Code 1884032
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Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
44 Review
JAS Review from
January 12, 2020
Excellent Value and Performance
I have used several Irwin table saw blades over the past three years. Previously, I preferred Freud blades, which are excellent but becoming pricey. I purchased the Irwin table saw blade because of the quality of other Irwin tools I have used. I was pleasantly surprised at the blades' performance and durability. After a many months of use cutting hardwood, softwood, and plywood, I haven't had to sharpen the blades yet, but I do make sure to keep them clean -- which will help ANY table saw blade. Because of my positive experience with Irwin 10" blades, I have also purchased a 12" Irwin blade fo
C.t.T. Review from
October 28, 2020
Excellent blade. For years I have been buying the Freud Diablo 60 tooth blades b
Excellent blade. For years I have been buying the Freud Diablo 60 tooth blades but I have switched to this one. Part of the reason is because I now have a SawStop that has a riving knife and I need a little thicker kerf. But, this blade is actually a better overall blade that the Diablo. It is very sharp and seems to last well. Also, it has a raker tooth for a flat cut, which is important to me sometimes. The milling of this blade is good. I cannot see any cut marks on the wood if I go slowly.
t.p. Review from
February 12, 2020
I am a professional trim carpenter and thought I'd give this blade a try on my m
I am a professional trim carpenter and thought I'd give this blade a try on my miter saw. Purchased this blade because it has a high ATB grind. The Marples blade was very sharp and breezed through primed 1x6 and 1x8 pine with no tear out. The blade ran true with absolutely no wobble. However there were very deep scratches in the end grain after the cut. I am currently doing a lot of trim jobs with butt joints around the windows and doors with end grains exposed. I can only use this blade on jobs that require all mitered joints with no exposed end grains.
J.D. Review from
March 31, 2021
This Blade is perfect for what it's designed to be "Combo Blade" I use them on P
This Blade is perfect for what it's designed to be "Combo Blade" I use them on PM66 cabinet saw as well as the Job site portables as long as motor has the power to turn it. Blade is good for 2 to 3 re-sharpenings of regular use. Great for the price and definitely out perform the comprable read blade. This is Not intended for Serious Production shop blade use. Those cost 4 times as much.
MLopes Review from
July 25, 2018
Great saw blade
I recently purchased a 12 double beveled sliding miter saw and the day that I was planning on using it, I realized that it didnt come with a saw blade. I went to Lowes to purchase a blade. What I found odd is that Lowes only had 2 12 saw blades to choose from. A 40-teeth or a 100-teeth blade. Since I was cutting laminate flooring, I purchased the 100-teeth blade. I thought that the blade was very expensive as it was close to what I paid for the saw but I needed it and I didnt feel like shopping around. Installing the saw blade was a lot harder than it needed to be but thats an issue with the s
Joelav Review from
October 4, 2012
Best value on the market
There are a few options when purchasing combination blades in the "value" segment. The Irwin Marples blade is the latest to enter the market. I am somewhat of a "blade junkie" and have quite a collection. I can say, without a doubt that the Irwin Marples 50 tooth is the best of the bunch. In fact it rivals some high end combo blades I have purchased at over twice the cost. I am really glad to see Irwin entering the "woodworking" market segment again. Since the discontinuation of the woodworking series blades quite some time ago, the offerings from irwin have been geared more toward very casual
Dedvw Review from
February 5, 2017
Awesome on my Unisaw
Once I discovered that the stock blade that came with my Delta Unisaw was the cause of my lousy cuts, I bought the thin kerf riving knife and the Irwin Marples 50T blade. This blade produces the nicest cuts I've seen. I've used all kinds of high end table saws (Powermatic, Delta, Jet) some with Forrest blades on them. I know it might sound crazy but this blade cuts as nice as any of the Forrest blades I've used. No burns, no extra finishing after the cut, and cuts through hardwood and softwood with ease. A quick test to see how nice a blade works is to hold the two pieces of wood you just cut
Jay Review from
December 23, 2015
This blade wobbled until I fixed it.
I'm fairly new to woodworking, but I noticed this blade "wobbled" just a tiny bit. After looking at a bit, I suspected a bit of saw dust got between the blade/washer during installation, so I decided to remove blade to clean arbor/washers off. I didn't see any chips or dust, but I did see some yellow paint flecks on washer. Noticed the yellow "IRWIN" paint near arbor was chipping off. This paint is raised/embossed on blade. I scraped it off to the blue background. Re-installed blade. PERFECT. I've not heard or read about this problem before. Just thought I'd share this in case someone googles
J. Review from
July 13, 2019
Very pleased with the quality of cuts, both rip cuts and crosscuts. This blade l
Very pleased with the quality of cuts, both rip cuts and crosscuts. This blade lives in my table saw most of the time and performs very well, especially for the price. Cut quality is better than the Diablo 40 tooth combo blade from Home Depot. This won't replace a dedicated rip blade if you need to make a lot of rip cuts, nor will it replace an 80 tooth combination blade when you want chip-out free cuts in delicate materials, but for day-to-day use in the shop, it works very well.
edZik Review from
August 5, 2013
Great blade for hardwood flooring
I used this blade to install strand woven bamboo floor. The flooring manufacturer states that this material is twice harder compare to red oak. Well, it does feel like it is a very hard material to cut. This blade worked very well for ripping and cross-cutting. Blade performance is impressive and so far I got over 1100 sq. ft. installed. I've started my project with the hi-ATB 80 tooth Daredevil blade crom Bosch, that is supposed to be designed to cut hardwoods..... The Bosch blade didn't make even 100 sq.ft.! It started to burn cross-cuts and lost its performance. It is necessary to say that
Dave-Plumber Review from
October 2, 2013
Great blade for cutting plywood
I've heard some good things about the Marples series of blades from Irwin. These are made in Italy and are supposedly a big step up from the standard Irwin blades. I started a cabinet project and my good quality Infinity combination blade did only a fair job cutting the pre-finished veneered 5/8 inch plywood I am using for the carcass. I bought this 80 tooth blade and am very impressed with the quality of the cuts I'm getting - an absolutely smooth top side to the cut and only minimal chipping on the bottom side, which I completely eliminated by putting masking tape on my cut line. I probably
J.L. Review from
September 1, 2020
Have only made a couple cuts so cant speak to much about the blade but if that M
Have only made a couple cuts so cant speak to much about the blade but if that Made in Italy is part of your decision to purchase this blade try another brand. Bought directly from Home Essentials Direct so it isnt a knock off blade. They moved the manufacturing plant and havent updated any of their marketing material.
samintexas Review from
December 27, 2016
Raker Tooth not Effective
I bought the blade primarily to cut dados. The ATBRaker design should cut a flat bottom. It does not. It cuts about as well as a normal ATB. The blade is also a thin kerf design which is not identified anywhere. It does cut plywood very effectively with essentially no tearout across grain. As a first blade for a new table saw owner it should serve very well. However that is not what I was looking for. Back to the store tomorrow.
Review from
September 14, 2020
Good Blade
We cut a lot of aluminum, so far is the best blade we have used, we have tried different kinds and brands. When cutting start slow or the teeth will brake easily. When using other brands the aluminum shavings build up on the teeth, on this blades they stay clean.
Nork Review from
April 8, 2019
Great combination blade
I would say that my wood working experience is still around an apprentice but I do a lot of research on my tools. I would love to be able to spend $xxx on a Forrest blade but this is a hobby, not a career. I would put this right on par with the Italian Freud blades. My 60t was to slow to cut and my 40t didnt always leave the best edge for precise work. This blade cuts at and acceptable speed and leaves a clean edge.
mds003 Review from
March 3, 2016
Aluminum cutting
I bought the 12" - 100T blade for my compound miter to cut structural aluminum material. I left it on to cut wood as well. I worked well and I cut quite a bit of the structural aluminum in 1.5 x 3". It lasted for several hundred cuts before failing. I had just made an angle cut and then the blade just blew apart. I'm not sure why it failed but it was a mess. It took about a 1/3 of the teeth off. I will use wax lube with my next blade. Still deciding if I will purchase another one of these.
bommerts Review from
June 1, 2013
Buttery smooth cuts - great for trim work
I'm a DIYer and just finished a trim job in my home. I made about 500 cuts through MDF, crown, base, shoe, and a few other types of materials. Used the blade on my Hitachi C12RSH sliding miter saw. Spins true, no wobble. If you take your time, this blade will slice through trim like a knife. I was shocked a couple of times when 1/8" thin slices would come off the other side of the blade and have an absolutely glass smooth finish where the blade cut. Only downside is that a hint of blue paint from the saw occasionally marked up the material. Not an issue for me because I was painting over the f
Paul Review from
February 5, 2018
I honestly think you can't get a better blade at this measurable runout,stays cool,large carbide allows for years of resharpening. I mill my own wood and build furniture. I regularly cut oak and maple as much as 3" thick and this blade leaves clean lines and no burn marks.i regularly do woodwork and have had it for over a year and it's still cutting good and I haven't had it resharpened yet.find you a reputable resharpening service and this blade will serve you well for years
Stike Review from
August 12, 2014
Mar;les 12-in 96-Tooth Circular Saw Blade
Just purchased a new sliding compound miter saw. Was looking for a "fine" saw for no sanding cuts. Did a lot of research and found the Irwin Marples as very impressive. Have not used the blade yet but it is as expected and I anticipate satisfaction. Plan to update later. From the Irwin site I went to purchase and was surprised to find Lowe's as the lowest price. It even got better with free shipping and 5% for using my Lowe's card. I will now always look at Lowe's in my search.
Freedom Review from
November 29, 2016
Licensed flooring contractor
Hands down the best blade for cutting laminate flooring. I personally have tried many blades from both big boxes. This one I have only found at Lowes. You will be able to use this blade for many jobs. I personally have used these blades exclusively for about 3 years now. 5,000 sq ft plus on each blade.
jim Review from
September 20, 2018
Very Smooth Cuts!
Used this saw blade to make some cuts for cabinet work. Very smooth cuts! Much better than I have had with any other high tooth count blade. Perhaps there are better blade for a lot more money but I really wonder how they would compare in a side by side test. I'm very happy with this blade.
P.T. Review from
April 10, 2020
Mines made in Italy? Perhaps they have changed manufactures again. @Home Essenti
Mines made in Italy? Perhaps they have changed manufactures again. @Home Essentials Direct - please help. Iam unable to post pictures in my review
af201 Review from
December 22, 2016
Great Price, Great Blade
This was the first blade I've purchased after retiring the blade that came with my table saw, which was long overdue. What a difference this blade makes. An unexpected result was the reduction in operating noise (at least 50% quieter). It cut through 4/4 curly maple like butter with no burn marks. So far a pleasure to use.
W. Review from
April 27, 2021
This is definitely my new favorite blade. Rips through 2x4's with ease.
This is definitely my new favorite blade. Rips through 2x4's with ease.
sheeodog12 Review from
January 3, 2019
Cuts like butter
I just replaced my saw blade with a new one. Used it for cutting pine and cedar to build a table. Cuts through like a hit knife through butter. Also just used it to cut pipe for wood burner to heat the shop. Great blade and I get a lot of cuts out of it.
JDStew Review from
December 17, 2016
Dangerous product
This blade on the first run kicked a piece of 1/2 inch plywood into my stomach causing a 8 inch shallow gash. It was such a violent kick back that it broke the kick back. After 40 years experience in a carpenter shop this is the worst blade that I have ever seen. Second run was just as violent.
olderbolder Review from
June 29, 2015
Cuts plywood like butter
I have been very pleased with my Irwin Marples 80T power circular saw blade. Obvious quality is reflected in the blade finish and stability. It is the best plywood blade I have used with my Bosch table saw. It is mesmerizing to watch the blade smoothly glide through wood with an extremely clean edge.
jetbow56 Review from
November 10, 2020
Great blades!
This may well be my new fav blade as it smoother and stays sharp longer than my other similar quality blades. I recommend them for sure!
David F Review from
September 8, 2013
I've been using this blade since...
I've been using this blade since January 2013 have a lot of oak ash cherry pine and a ton of 3/4 ply for cabinet cases and I have yet to get any burning except for when I tried to force the cut . I have cut up to 3 inch stock with out any problems . Not sure what this last guy was doing but I'm sold on these blades I spend last money on blades which allows more money to buy stock . People don't care so much about what blade I use as much as what I can produce and that's why we do what we do . And if I can save a little here and there on common supplies that makes me happier
IndianaJim Review from
August 15, 2020
10 inch saw blade.
I purchased this product because of the price. Have not used the blade. I have had great experiences with Marples brand and knew it was a deal.
Guest Review from
April 16, 2013
After just a few cuts have...
After just a few cuts have put this blade away for ever. It did not cut and leave a "smooth as sanded finish" or "cuts like a hot knife" as the first two review claim. It would of course depend somewhat on the thickness of the material being cut. I could not use this blade for building furniture. It did cut plywood pretty well, but left burn marks and a very rough cut on 2" Cherry. In fairness, it is half the price of my regular blade, but in the cuts it shows why.
OnePingOnly Review from
March 3, 2014
I've only cut three pieces of wood so far, so its impossible to guess how long this blade says as incredible as it begins. However, one pressure treated 2x4 cut WITHOUT any pressure on the miter saw arm -- that's right, NO downward force. Buy this blade JUST to feel it cut (actually you won't feel anything), or go visit a friend who has one and beg him to try it. Truly amazing.
Brain Review from
May 20, 2019
Great for Laminate Flooring
I bought this blade to cut laminate flooring. It cuts very smooth without chipping the planks. I also used it on trim work with excellent results.
Wap Review from
November 10, 2018
Starts great but dulls fast when cutting aluminum.
Cutting aluminum extrusion for glass railing started great. Nice clean cuts. After about 20 cuts started leaving a real burr.
Putty Review from
May 16, 2013
Nice blade even for twice the price.
I was looking for a diablo blade at the other orange store. The were out of course. So I got this one. I'm I glad the other blade was out of stock. This blade cuts like butter. If you are looking at a blade that cost more look away. This is the blade to get.
Robert Review from
January 2, 2014
Although an 80-tooth blade cuts a little less aggressively than a 40-tooth, the sooth news and precision are worth it. I replaced the blade on my Ridgid granite-top table saw and the cuts are nearly flawless. I would prefer a high-dollar Forrest blade, but for the money, this is a good buy.
flrogue Review from
January 25, 2019
Best Combination Blade Ever
I am very happy with this purchase. Very clean cuts with a combination blade. Not a thin kerf but more than satisfies all my needs.
Maebin Review from
August 16, 2018
It did the job
I needed a good blade to make long rip cuts on a 6x8. This blade did the trick. Old blade singed lumber. Recommended.
Dudeman Review from
June 28, 2015
Great blade
This is a very nice blade and performs exactly as advertised. Have to cut soft wood slower but it claims that too with its lesser rating for softwood. Flawless finish.
todd Review from
August 6, 2018
Sharp blade
The blade held its edge very nicely. I like the fact that I can have the blade sharpened later. Ive always been a fan of the Irwin cutting tools.
NYDokie Review from
September 29, 2017
IRWIN Marples 10" 50 tooth Carbide Tipped Blade
Blade works great and cuts well. Cut Vinyl Flooring for a 12' x 12' room. Then cut all the 1/4 round molding for it. Blade still cuts great and leaves a real smooth finish. 45 degree angles for molding fit perfect. Highly recommend this blade for real smooth finish cuts. Will use my 24 tooth Carbide Tipped Blade (that came with saw) for my rough cuts I need for my deck repairs.
Dale Review from
September 27, 2018
Finish Blade
This is one of the better finish blades Ive ever used. Cuts vinyl like butter (just go slow) and you can cut metal J trim with changing blades.
chunter Review from
March 5, 2019
Great blade
I use this blade in the table saw and in the miter saw. It works well in both applications. Nice smooth cuts.
HEChilders Review from
July 5, 2013
Cuts through Particle Board (Ikea Furniture) Well
Used this blade to cut into some Ikea furniture doors (made from particle board). It cut cleanly though the doors without tearing them apart. Blade left a nice clean edge, good blade for the price.
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