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Nu-Flex - Nu-Hope - 43-7845 - Mini Drain With Bar#54

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Nu-Hope - Nu-flex Mini Drain With Bar#54
More Information
Manufacturer Nu-Hope
Brand Nu-Flex
Categories All Colostomy, All Ileostomy, All Pediatrics, Colostomy Bag, Drainable, Ileostomy Bag, Mini, One Piece, One Piece Colostomy Bag, One Piece Ileostomy Bag, Pediatric Drainable Bag, Pediatric Ostomy, Pre Cut, Pre-Cut
Code 43-7845
Sold By Box
Require Prescription? No
Store Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
36 Review
krivers Review from
November 25, 2021
I love it!
Short story I hope. We had a backed up sewer line back in September and we called in the sewage company to come clean it out. A few hundred bucks later our sewage was cleaned out with a 90 day guarantee. A little over a month later our sewer backed up again so we called the sewage company. They assured us that they would get to us as soon as possible. Luckily I ordered the K-400 drum machine the night that it backed up from Home Depot and then I called the sewage company. The drum machine arrived 2 days later and still no further response from the sewage company to date. As soon as I received
sb10 Review from
October 25, 2021
Perfect for residential use
Since I hate calling a plumber for something I can do around the house, I purchased the K-400. Should I call plumbers, it pays for itself after two uses! Prior to the purchase (and the last straw for me), I rented a drum machine from my local rental place. It was pretty beaten up, but it worked...though only $50+ it had no wheels, so was an absolute nightmare to lug around. Decided then that my back was worth more to me than yearly attempts to use the rental machine. The K-400 is well made...with lots of options for replacement parts and accessories. Will last longer than me! The main reason f
KingNelo Review from
May 17, 2021
I had a main sewer clog and it was backing into the house. I tried a few options like manual drain snakes but they weren't strong enough. I decided to spend the money and get the rigid k-400 at my local home Depot. I used the included attachment and wow it snaked it's way down and ripped through the clog in seconds. I couldn't believe the power. I have used it 2 times already and it's paid for itself. Also, it was missing the axel to the wheels. I was about to purchase it for $30 but I decided to send rigid an email. Customer service contacts me 15 minutes later and asked for my address to sen
Arvidd Review from
May 26, 2020
At Last, a Really Good Power Auger
In desperation, I bought this the moment the store opened after having read online reviews the night before. I had been using a cheaper "consumer" drum machine and thought all of them worked the way that one did, which is not well and with difficulty. I had used it several times, but when I needed it this time---the drain was clogged---it had died. That's how I came to buy one of these. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. All I can say is that rather than fighting a flailing 50-foot cable and having to take forever and much frustration to clear the drain, this machine did it in very
Redbird Review from
June 18, 2021
Drain Cleaning Fun
Bought this machine to clear an 1 1/2" kitchen sink drain. We live in a very remote area and were unable to get a plumber to come out this far. Put the spade looking head on the cable and immediately got stuck in the first elbow behind the clean out. Made the mistake of reversing the motor and throwed a loop inside the drum. Spent the next two hours removing and laying out the cable on the driveway and reloading the drum. Put the spring tip on and finally cleared the drain successfully. I recommend you add warnings on use of tips when clearing 1 1/2" drains, and add a giant tag that says "Neve
ToolManFre Review from
May 19, 2021
Rugged, Does What it Should
I had a bad backup in our nursery on our campus. I had to remove the toilet and run the cable down the floor drain. I used all 75' of cable. It took many repeated times, but finally the tip brought up some fabric material, probably part of a diaper. This machine handled the repeated work flawlessly. It's easy to use, is rugged, and does the job well. This machine will be a welcome addition to the tool shed, as I can use this often. It is built so well, I can see this machine lasting a very long time.
N. Review from
February 13, 2020
Root incursion into my home's main drain line is a yearly occurrence, for which
Root incursion into my home's main drain line is a yearly occurrence, for which I normally call the plumber to deal with (~$300 a pop), or rent the Auger from Home Depot (-$100). Well this year after renting the home depot Auger, I figured I would just go ahead and buy one so I don't have to go through the hassle of renting and man handling the heavy-ass Home Depot one. I also purchased the Auto feed and 2" "root saw" (both highly recommended). Well, I expected to wait at least 8 months before I get a chance to use it, and prove to my wife that $700+ expense was worth it, but no. Apparently, t
Happy Review from
Home Depot
March 29, 2020
I couldn't wait to get my drain cleaning machine, since I had a problem with my
I couldn't wait to get my drain cleaning machine, since I had a problem with my sewer drain in basement. I read the reviews before I ordered, as I do in all cases of purchases online. I ordered the 115-volt K-400AF, AutofeedDrain Cleaning Machine with C-32 3/8 in. x 75 ft cable with tool set and gloves. May I was a little apprehensive in using this since I'm not a Plumber, but getting tired of paying outlandish plumber bills for what I thought I could do myself. Didn't jump right into it when I received Fedex, but rather read the manual to where I thought "I can do this"! A little assembly req
Review from
October 31, 2020
Worked for cleaning horizontal line
I was hoping this would be enough after having a blockage a couple times in the last year, and attempting to dislodge the clog with a $30 snake. This did the trick. As long as you read (and understand) the instructions, this will work to unclog a 3" horizontal run to the tank. I'm not sure if it would do roots, it could be a bit slower and more effort but possible. I was disappointed that it wasn't clear on the box that it didn't come with the autofeeder, but it turned out better to feed manually because I could feel where the blockage was. It would have also been nice if the plastic drum had
Fred Review from
Home Depot
April 1, 2019
We live in an area where tree roots typically clog up our main drain line about
We live in an area where tree roots typically clog up our main drain line about 1-2 times per year. Typically there's a warning period of slow drainage before this would happen. Unfortunately, one Sunday we went into the basement and there was about 6 inches of water everywhere. We began calling plumbers and the most "reasonable" plumber wanted $235 for snaking the line, but with his fee for "Sunday Service" it came out to $405. At that point, we began weighing our options and I found this snake on the Home Depot website. Despite never having used one of these things, we bought it and picked i
P. Review from
September 6, 2019
I purchased this unit to unclog my underground rainwater drainage system which s
I purchased this unit to unclog my underground rainwater drainage system which seems to clog (the downspouts overflow) every 2 - 3 years or so. I've been calling Roto Rooter to snake the 4" underground PVC pipe @ $250 - $300 a pop. Not any more- the Ridgid drum machine with 1/2" cable is a beast. I'm relatively young @ 54 and in good shape so I decided to save $150 or so and go with the manual feed & retrieve model. The auto-feed option isn't necessary and doesn't clean the clog and better than the manual model. In fact, I like the control of feeding the cable manually- it's easier to control
T.T. Review from
October 12, 2019
We generally have to call the plumber to clean out our drain 1-2 times per year
We generally have to call the plumber to clean out our drain 1-2 times per year at around $200 each time. I've only used it once, but the Ridgid K-400 worked really well. It was easy to set up and use, and it cleared out my clog. At less than $600 before taxes, it will quickly pay for itself. The K-400 is easy to set up. The unit is sort of heavy, so the wheels are a good idea. Setting up the machine for the first use took just a few minutes to attach the wheels, unscrew the retaining screw on the collar, extend the handle, and insert the desired tool on the end of the cable. Everything needed
Zabo04 Review from
Home Depot
July 7, 2020
This product is all around great for clearing clogs in your home. The price is a
This product is all around great for clearing clogs in your home. The price is about two plumber call outs, so it's fairly easy for it to pay for itself. Setup was very easy, it is much more effective than a PowerSpin, and easier to work the clog. The foot pedal is a great touch and everything you need is in the box. The instructions for the tool has some great tips for clearing a clog. This is the perfect homeowner size. The 3/8" can get through drain bends and the 75' means if the builder did was stingy on the clean outs you can still get to the clog and work it.
ClosetPlumber Review from
September 8, 2021
Great machine!
I have been having plumbing problems every since the basement has been finished and a restroom down stairs was added. It cost time and money every time I call a plumber. He pointed out a problem at about 50ft down pipe, but unless I tear up concrete floor and raise pipes I will always have an issue with pipes plugging. I bought the K-400 to alleviate the cost and time to get a plumber out to snake pipes. The K-400 has a reach of about 75ft and works great at unplugging pipes.
BuckCherryCrazyBRocker Review from
Home Depot
April 29, 2021
Ive been drained dry
This machine has incredible length and incredibly deep reach. My drains were plugged for months before this beefy machine, complete with tool set, drained my holes bone dry. If you have incredibly dense stool like I do then you will love the RIDGID because it cuts through the crap like it was butter or softer crap! No more angry wife LOL
Godspeed Review from
Home Depot
July 11, 2018
Had an emergency and could not get a plumber to come out after waiting hours. De
Had an emergency and could not get a plumber to come out after waiting hours. Decided to just buy this machine and attempt to clear a 4" sewer lateral myself. Machine was straight forward to operate, and I figured it out without touching the manual. Did take some trial and error, and took me 1.5 hours to clear my clog, with 3 attempts coming back with solid obstructions (1 pair of women's panties, and 2 tampons). Positioning the machine is essential to getting the tip going in the right direction of a T clean out (position the machine with the rear facing the direction you want the tip to go).
Charles H. Review from
June 7, 2020
Great auger, easy to use.
Nice machine. Although I have only used it once so far, it seems to work well. Very smooth, easy to use and does the job I need it to do with clearing some small hairline roots in our main drainpipe. I chose to buy a plumbing auger because of the high price plumbers were charging me once a year to snake our main line. For 15 minutes of work at a price of $225 plus each time is a little too much considering what is involved. Although this machine is fairly expensive, I believe that it will pay for itself over time. Less messy to when I do it myself as each time I called a plumber, they left a t
Turdherder Review from
July 18, 2019
Great machine, bad cable
Bought machine on 6/25. Opened box at first job on 6/26. Found small piece of black plastic in bottom of box. Later figured out it was part if the coupling between the drum and frame. I snaked drain one time - paper clog in a 3 inch line. Switched heads and head connector had broken welds at cable (in my opinion heat stress cracks next to welds). Left job incomplete. Took snake in for service. Got it back nearly 3 weeks later - 7/15. Coupling replaced and connector welded back on to cable. 7/18 - Second job for this machine. Another paper clog. Attached head and gave a light test to the weld.
Zeus Review from
Home Depot
December 12, 2020
Had a really difficult and deep line blockage in our kitchen. The small 25ft man
Had a really difficult and deep line blockage in our kitchen. The small 25ft manual ones would not reach the blockage so instead of spending major dollars for a plumber we bought the Rigid. It turned out to be a really good investment. We put in all 75ft of line and took care of the blockage pretty quickly..we now have a really good tool in case we have issues in the future. Paid for itself in one use.
SteveM Review from
Home Depot
October 7, 2017
One of my rental properties had the kitchen sink not draining. A plumber wanted
One of my rental properties had the kitchen sink not draining. A plumber wanted $250 **minimum** to take care of the clog. All I had to do was take the trap off the bottom of the sink and start feeding the auger with the coil attached directly in. This was a 1 1/2" drain pipe. The coil went in OK. I tried the other two cutters but neither could make it around the first 90 degree bend. With the coil back on, it took about 2 hours of pushing, with some pulling back to free things up, getting the cable through the clog. I could really feel it when it was in the gunk. It cleared it! The sink is cl
Review from
October 24, 2020
Excellent Drain Cleaner
I purchased this drain cleaner because of recurring issues with my main drain line. I also purchased additional Ridgid drain cleaning attachments for the machine. I didn't have to use anything more than the original ball attachment. Also I purchased the 1/2 inch drain cable. It took me no time at all to get through the blockage, the snake worked perfectly. I would highly recommend this.
OddJob Review from
October 22, 2017
Great product, saves you time an money, even for an amateur
Of course, Friday night the tub backs up in the house. Find out wife has been flushing feminine hygiene products. Hand held device worthless. Purchased and used this to snake out the toilet, and then the main line from the house to the street. Not a fun job, not an easy job, but the Ol' K-400 made it possible. The 75ft. of line and the powerful motor made what could have been an impossible job possible. This unit is quite, extremely easy to use, and powerful. The unit also comes with different attachments which I used to clean out the pipes after I removed all of the offending material. This m
HomeDepotCustomer Review from
Home Depot
May 5, 2020
My old machine broke after 10 years of usage. ...
My old machine broke after 10 years of usage. I wish I didn't have to rush into getting the one in stock for emergency. Otherwise, I would have purchase the online one with the 'auto feed' part for about $60 more. But this K-400 is awesome and does all the work. I would advice to change the cable to a 1/2 in so it can take care of the main drain (4") with no problem/ effort. Otherwise, the current 3/8 cable still work but just don't try to force too much into the pipe or it will kink.
OhioDIYer Review from
August 31, 2017
Worth Every Penny Plus Some!!
I bought the K 400 in hopes I could replace the years of costly plumbing bills due to roots in my main. My only regret is that I didn't buy this root ripping/cutting bad boy earlier. I have been using the 3/8 inch cable with 75 ft and a variety of attachments to take these roots down. It doesn't specify that it is designed for that job, but if you follow the instructions and take things nice and slow and operate the power auger the way they tell you too it WILL cut and tear roots out. I stress following the instructions and not forcing the auger into any blockages. My only complaint is the lac
2old2rocknroll Review from
November 30, 2019
Lightweight and compact
My toilet and tub would not drain. Before getting this unit I had to remove toilet to clear main stack below.I have a clean out in the main stack in the attic. I can lift this unit up my stairs no problem. So, now I don't have to remove toilet anymore!! I had rotor rooter clean out my main drain because of tree roots. I ran a Limink Endoscope camera to see the condition of the main drain to the street. There still was roots. They say this unit is not really suitable for removing roots. But, I used the rigid 63025 T-209 2" Spiral Cutter and it removed the remaining roots. It took more passes be
Schultz Review from
Home Depot
March 31, 2020
I have rental units. Before I bought this I had to have a drain cleaned out. One
I have rental units. Before I bought this I had to have a drain cleaned out. One business couldn't get it so they referred me to another. Needless to say I had to pay for both. I had to use it the other day and within literally seconds the drain was unclogged. Paid for itself already. Great product.
JimInFL Review from
January 25, 2018
Ridgid a quality product that works as expected.
Purchased via Amazon Prime online, with all the accessories (K-400 AF with the 3/8" x 75' cable). Amazon pictures showed Guide Hose and community forum said hose came with unit; but, alas it did not. Had to purchase from another vendor via Amazon. Used pvc pipe to control cable for first job, until guide hose arrived. Amazon reshipped unit because guide hose shown in picture was not in box, but second unit did not have it either--I called Ridgid, who said hose had to be purchased separately. First job was a simple cleaning of washer drain. Partial clog was unable to be cleared by roto-router s
Jeff Review from
Home Depot
April 26, 2018
Product assembly was easy. The snake is surprisingly light weight for it's size
Product assembly was easy. The snake is surprisingly light weight for it's size and use. I used it to snake a 4 inch floor drain and a 2 inch washer drain, and it took both on with no problem. It's easy to feed and easy to pull. I've used other snakes in the past, and they were much more difficult to navigate through the pipes. I like how this snake lets you know it's starting to tangle the cable or hits a snag. I'd much rather have it stop advancing (like this one does), back it out a little, and try to get it again. It's much easier than trying to pull out a kinked or over-wound cable. The g
*. Review from
March 22, 2021
I received this with no damages to the box. Fairly impressed considering the blo
I received this with no damages to the box. Fairly impressed considering the blocky size. I used this equipment many times before and i am expecting the same quality tool.
Bubzie Review from
May 17, 2017
Ready to use out of the box, it worked great.
It was late evening when my drains plugged up. I was thinking of calling a plumber but didn't want to pay a fortune. I purchased the K-400 and it worked great. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the auto feed feature. It was rather difficult to retrieve the cable when 75' is deployed. After taking care of my drain I came to the conclusion that tree roots caused the backup so I was thrilled that the machine cut through the clog. The only issue that I see is the motor is no longer available on the web site for replacement parts. I am a retired maintenance professional and planning for the
khariv Review from
April 11, 2016
Great Product - Saved an expensive call to the plumber
A toilet on the first floor of my house started overflowing every time we used water in the house, so I knew that there was a clog somewhere between the house and the septic tank. I tried a hand-cranked /drill cranked 25' snake. No luck and it broke. So I went off to buy a green 18v snake. It's a very nice machine but it didn't do any good and the bathroom was still flooding. I was lucky that my local big orange hardware store had one of these in stock. I picked it up, spent 10m reading the manual and putting the wheels on and I was off to work. Well, it took 4 hours to clear out the clog, but
LANCE Review from
Home Depot
October 29, 2019
I've been using a similar model for many years. This...
I've been using a similar model for many years. This one is good. Cleared the obstruction without issue. I generally snake my sewer 1-2 times a year so the investment will pay for itself in 2-3 years considering plumbers rates and the inconvenience of relying on someone else when I can do it myself. Only two negatives so far 1. the power cord should be a little longer. 2. would prefer a thumb screw on the chuck rather than a slotted screw ( the snake I have been using for years could be tightened by hand as opposed to a screwdriver).
JohnCuervo Review from
August 20, 2014
SUPERB Product
I run a company dedicated to developing products that minimize water consumption in applications that typically use water, as waterfree urinals, wastewater treatment, septic sludge and others. In these applications you will always face problems with blockages in pipes, so that every time we needed to make an unblocking we used to call a specialized technician. From this experience I decided to purchase a drain cleaning machine to facilitate the process, reduce time and costs to my clients and also make some money. So far this machine has withstood the use and abuse, has been able to solve 95%
T.m.p. Review from
March 29, 2019
This machine is a light weight machine with a 3/8 cable for 3 and smaller drains
This machine is a light weight machine with a 3/8 cable for 3 and smaller drains. You can get a 75x1/2 cable for 3-4 drains. The 3/8 cable and an inexperienced operator will lead to many twisted and broken cables. Which is not the cable or the machines fault its user error. If you want to use this for tougher 3 & 4 drains you need to get the 1/2 cable if you want to save from breaking your 3/8. The machine works great. The self feed is too slow to be of any good use. The ridgid powerfeed head is a joke compared to the Spartan self feed heads. Now the machine gets 5 stars the power feed head ge
KC223 Review from
November 10, 2021
Great Design
I bought this about a month ago and it got the drain opened up but I wasn't completely satisfied. With the addition of the optional root cutter and some patients we attacked the clog a second time and it went after those roots like a big dog. Very satisfied and glad I went with a local manufacturer.
BobbyG Review from
June 8, 2018
Wonderful Machine Well Built & Worked Like a Charm
I bought this because I get an occasional blockage about 30 feet from my clean-out plug. I got the model without the auto feed feature. I put the wheels on and the next day took it out to the clean-out plug. I put on the spade tip and fed it until I hit a blockage. Within a minute it had penetrated the blockage. I then ran it all the way to the street. I backed it out and put on the cutter tip and repeated. This literally took 10 minutes. Amazing. Deploying and pulling it back in was no problem. It feed and retracted by hand just fine and it was very easy to feed. I was amazed at how quickly t