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NY Orthopedics - 9577-042071 - Ambulance Stretcher Pad 4x20x71 1544

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NY Orthopedics:
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Ambulance Stretcher Pad 4x20x71 1544 - Set
Ambulance Stretcher Pad 4x20x71 1544 - Set
More Information
Manufacturer NY Orthopedics
Categories Emergency Equipment Parts, Stretcher Pad, Stretcher Parts
Code 9577-042071
Sold By Set
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
47 Review
Mark G Review from
January 22, 2022
Ultra Knee Support With Bilateral Hinges
I purchased the Ultra Knee Support With Bilateral Hinges. I had my ACL replaced approximately 10 months ago. At first I had a hotspot on the inside of my knee. However, I wore it for a couple hours at a time prior to putting it to the test. The first outing I was able to hike 10 miles through mountainous terrain in complete comfort. The support is excellent! I was so satisfied I ordered a second brace for my other knee to take skiing. The second brace fit like a glove right out of the package This is the third brace I've tried, and strongly recommend adding it to your list.
dickjuneo Review from
May 4, 2020
Comfortable and helps with walking.
I had a hemotagic stroke five years ago which resulted in extreme weakness on my left side. I loss the use of my left arm and hand I have limited use of my left leg which affects my ability to walk a long distance. This coupled with a arthritic knee has required me to wear some form of support for my left leg too walk limited distances with a cane I have tried compression sleves and other products with some form of stabilization features for my knee. In a recent search for different products to searve my needs I discovered your products and read as many reviews that I could find. I was interes
Review from
March 3, 2021
Does the job.
Chose product based on reviews. Not suitable for all, depends on injury. Strained tendons in knees. Was wearing elasticated knee supports, kept pressing on knee cap. Used their measuring guide. When arrived thought was tight fit. After wearing began to feel more comfortable & felt confident doing daily activities. Once in correct position they don't slide down. Recommend loose fitting trousers (or skirt) due to size. Awkward with fully bent knees. Less agile people need help getting on and off.
Rahl Review from
July 15, 2020
Its ok
So after a few months of use. K so maybe I'm over using it but for the price point it's a decent brace and does a wonderful job supporting the knee. I know I've got a tear in my knee somewhere. I use this brace every day at work, while playing and for just walking around. While wearing it my knee hurts less and does not give out nor does it hyper extend. It does everything it advertises it does. Now the problem I have, the stitching is tearing and falling apart already. For what is being charged, in my opinion I should be able to get a year or more before this happens. Nearly 20 years ago I bo
Lawrence Review from
October 12, 2020
Very well made. Excellent quality.
This is the best knee brace I have tried so far. I tried two others. One was very expensive but was too bulky and overbuilt in my estimation. I returned it. The other was a good knee brace but did not hold up well to daily use. This Shock Doctor Ultra Knee brace is very comfortable I wear it all day. It is very well constructed with quality materials and the bilateral hinges keep my knee from buckling without making the brace uncomfortable to wear. I am very pleased with my purchase. I definitely recommend it as a superior product. I wish I had learned of it earlier as it would have saved me t
Emmeline s Review from
May 29, 2021
Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace With Bilateral Hinges 875 Large
This brace has been great. I recently tore my ACL and bruised the bones surrounding my knee and it has been very comfortable and supportive to wear. My only issue was it stretched a little, even though I measured my leg as stated in the product description, so my advice would be consider that it does stretch with wear. But I contacted bodyheal and they went above and beyond to resolve my issue. Still very happy with this product!
VHeist Review from
September 15, 2021
Good product
I think it's a good product. I do have a problem with it slipping down at times during the day, but that might be because I don't have it tight enough at the bottom strap. My calf is alot smaller and to get a good "grip" it feels like it's too tight. But I'm attributing it to me getting used to it. Overall, I like it and believe it has helped better than anything else I have used.
emi_computer Review from
January 31, 2017
Affordible Piece of Mind
Having suffered from knee problems since middle school, and years of abuse at the hands of sports injuries, this brace has been a solid piece of mind for my day to day life. After suffering yet another knee injury in November of 2016, this brace has returned some of the stability to the lateral movement of my knee. Even with the constant Bursitis of the knee, this is a very comfortable brace to wear. One big selling point to me, that I found after it arrived is the mesh backing, that is located behind the knee, that allows for air flow, making this by far the coolest in temperature knee brace
Big E Review from
November 2, 2021
Good for your knees
Im a big guy. I wasnt sure they would fit, but they did. I have had 4 knee surgeries and Im a 50 year old truck driver. I love the braces. They were tight at first but now they feel great. They keep the knee heavily supported and the warmth they give feels great on the knees. I would definitely recommend this knee braces. Thank you.
wannetta Review from
June 5, 2019
Most comfortable brace I've worn.
This brace is actually true to size - make sure you follow the manufacturer's size recommendations because (unlike other companies) this company provides accurate size charts. I bought 2 of the 875, which is a type 3 and they are by far the best knee braces I've ever owned. I can say that because I've tried many brands and I must wear 2 every day. The 875 come with a natural bend in the shape, and are so comfortable you forget you are wearing them. I've had no chaffing with these, they are very well vented and have excellent construction. The criss-cross strap design gives additional support b
RBZ9 Review from
March 27, 2018
Pros and cons
I purchased this brace in March 2018 within a week of tearing my MCL snow skiing. I knew it would be a temporary brace until I saw a doctor who would likely prescribe something better. I am 511 and 215lbs with an athletic build and I got the XL. It fit well. The Pros: The compression helped with aches and pains. It was very easy to get on and off, but I am flexible and able to reach my toes to slip the brace over my foot without bending my knee. If you are not flexible, this may be troublesome. The hinges and rails provided extra support and kept my knee from twisting. The Cons: The hinges sta
Review from
October 28, 2020
2nd Purchase.... because the first was good!
Bought one a while ago to support my knee whilst skiing. When I took up sailing again I bought one for the other knee. Easy to put on and, providing you follow the instructions from the manufacturer on sizing, they fit almost perfectly. My only slight criticism is the hinge point on one side did cause friction - easily resolved using a single layer of tubigrip underneath. Very effective support, which gives confidence, and they do not impinge on natural movement. Thoroughly recommended!
Legend33 Review from
December 26, 2021
Great brace with some issues
I actually bought two of these braces one on Amazon one through shock doctor. The brace seems to be reasonably well made and the bars keep my knee in line and prevent my meniscus tare from getting worse. The one part that caused the rating to go down is there seems to be a good deal of fraying on the straps that hold the brace in place. I'm not sure it's going up in the long run.
Review from
February 10, 2021
At 1st i didnt think it was going to work , but my
At 1st i didnt think it wad going to work , but my knee was really bad i had just torn the cartlidge , after 3 weeks of continuous use my knee is getting stronger and far less pain by the day. I where a thin elastric knee brace underneath to stop it from dighing into my leg that works a treat compared to this my other knee with same injury took months to get as strong as this one. Very satisfied and you have always got it just incase
JJ Review from
January 28, 2018
shock doctor 875 knee brace fanatastic!!
I'm an expert downhill skier digging big drops & big bumps. In my early 60's never have had knee issues but developed tendon problems in both knees due to age. I work out religiously on my legs in all aspects. When looking for a knee brace for my condition couldn't find a review that fit my needs so hope this helps some of you. The 875 is comfortable, easy to put on over under layer, velcro straps hug the knee comfortably & stay in place, maintaining fit thru hours of bump skiing. Lateral shock doesn't affect my knee at all, knee strain from carved turns on steep faces --- no pain, no fatigue,
Danand187 Review from
April 24, 2020
Comfortable and stable brace
My wife has an ACL rupture from a skiing accident. Prior to the planned surgery, the doctor prescribed an ACL brace. This brace is really only needed post op and is large, heavy, and constantly shifts down. With the operation canceled due to covid, this brace has been much better for my wife. It's very comfortable, stays in place, and provides the support her unstable knee requires. I am sure it will be useful after the surgery as well.
Enrique E. Review from
June 22, 2018
Ultra Knee Support (The best brace out there)
The Ultra knee support with Bilateral hinges has to be one of the, if not THE best knee brace out there. I suffered a hyper-extension in my right knee a few years ago and I reinjured it 2 weeks ago. I've worn other braces before which I was impressed by at the time but they eventually wore out so I had to buy a new one. I thought I'd give this one a go and it's been great. It just feels stronger and with a better grip around your knee. To me, it makes my knee feel stronger than it was before so I might end up using this brace to play permanently just because I think I prefer to play with it in
Review from
April 11, 2020
Good support for my knee
I have a grade 2 MCL tear and Meniscus tear. I used this brace to limit twisting or internal rotation in my knee joint, so I could reduce the impact on my MCL. It is suitable for walking. I didn't feel support on Meniscus, but it made huge difference to the MCL especially at night while sleeping. After 4 weeks of heavy use, the metal hinges started to squeak but it doesn't affect it's task. I am currently walking without it, but I will use it again when I go to running.
Rob D Review from
November 17, 2019
Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace With Bilateral Hinges 875 Extra Large
I've gone through so many knee braces it's not even funny. None could stabilize my failing knee (I'm too young to get surgery, so I have to make do), but this one does. It's comfortable, rugged, reliable, and it doesn't slide down you leg like most other knee braces do. It's an all in one; you don't need any other insert. I like that the brace provides better support for the inside and outside of my knee than the more expensive brands. I wear it all day with no discomfort.One piece of advice: it has hinges. When you are as active as I am now thanks to this brace, hinges will SQUEAK. My solutio
Ken S. Review from
December 6, 2018
Instant stability
Im 50 and recently tore my ACL for a 3rd time in 30 years. Ive seen one surgeon so far. His opinion is to not do reconstructive at my age and that Im too young for a knee replacement. Im active, workout, and do a lot of walking on the job. My knee is killing me and constantly gives out. So while waiting for a 2nd opinion I researched and searched for a knee brace so I can continue work. I read about this one and reviewed all the comments and decided to order one. The shipping was free and I passed on the extra charge for faster dilivery. It was at the door in 3 days. It is made well. The X-sty
geepers Review from
November 6, 2019
Had a bad landing from a height late on a Friday night; video shows hyper-extension of knee. Could feel the knee slipping so got this on Saturday. X-rays on Monday then MRI on Wednesday. The orthopedic doctor gave it a big thumbs-up, said it was a very good support for my injury. Fractured tibia and femur and had a partial tear of the lateral collateral. No surgery and no cast, just wear this support is all that was needed. Do try on for size, if at all possible. Decide first if you're going to wear it over your pant leg, as that will make a difference if you're between sizes. It's pretty adju
aaires Review from
August 5, 2020
Great product - If only they had the sizes correct.
This is a well made brace that seems to be better than the one I bought at my orthopedic doctors office. However there is one major problem. The sizes seem to be way off. In my case, my leg measured about 13 per their instructions. So. I ordered a medium which was a mistake. I couldnt even get it above my calf. So be forewarned and be very generous in your measurements.
Verified Purchase Review from
November 5, 2021
All the support I needed!
Contrary to some of the reviews I read, I thought that the brace fit pretty true. In fact, I had to go back and tighten the straps several times when exercising to make sure it stayed snug. It's a really great product! Provides great support and stability.
leo_571310 Review from
September 23, 2020
Highly recommend.
I injured my mcl and have to wait for at least 12 months to see the surgeon. I have been wearing the brace for a few months now. Not only has it allowed my knee to heal, it has been a major help in me returning to work without having to worry about injuring it again. My posture has improved because I am not protecting that knee. I can go to the gym and do my normal workouts including spin classes. Highly recommend.
Emtmama Review from
November 12, 2021
So much relief
I bought this brace after having a feeling I torn my meniscus again. Before this brace I was in so much pain and Im an emergency medical technician full time. After putting this brace on most of my pain has been relieved! Im thankful I can focus more on my job than my pain!
Douglas B. Review from
June 11, 2018
Great support, too tight of a fit
I like that the brace provides better support for the inside and outside of my knee than the more expensive Breg wrap brace that I got through my doctor's office. I wear it all day with no discomfort. I have one complaint and one suggestion. My complaint is that based on the measurement of my knee, I was right between the XXL and XXXL braces. Following the site's recommendation to order up, the XXXL was a little too loose so I returned it with no problem. The XXL is tight around my calf and can be difficult to remove but otherwise fits fine. My suggestion is to make the the hook/loop (Velcro)
JBnorcal Review from
June 4, 2021
Great fit, support. Fast shipping.
Well made brace, ample support that allowed my son to get back on the field with confidence after rehabbing a sprained ACL. 12yo, 56 150, and the medium fit perfectly. Even fits under his knicker style baseball pants.
Kerad Review from
July 4, 2021
Shock Doctor 875 shockingly good
Bought the Shock Doctor to help with my meniscal knee injury. Fantastic product. I can start jogging again. Without it I could only manage few minutes. Did 8k on the first go with this on.
Review from
November 14, 2013
To knee or not to knee
About 3 years ago, I stepped out of a golf cart to hit a tee shot and my left knee did a short "drum solo" and swelled up to the size of a melon! It's been pretty hosed ever since and since I started playing more golf recently, has become very painful. So, after some research, I decided to purchase the Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support. On day one, just to get a feel for the unit, I wore the brace all day, but just around the house with nothing beyond normal daily activity. i was surprised that it was quite comfortable and did not bother me in the least. When I removed it at bed time, I was agai
JohnCali Review from
April 27, 2020
Not Enough Velcro
Bought this knee brace in a size medium. While it was fine on the bottom it was loose on the top. And there isn't enough velcro to tighten it all the way it needed to be tightened. Admittedly I have chicken legs. However if they were to just add more velcro it wouldn't be an issue. Otherwise it seemed like a quality brace.
My name is Bob Review from
September 12, 2017
Workout Saving Support
Tweaked my knee at Crossfit (getting back into shape after 10 months off). Got this brace to help stabilize my knee, and it is fantastic. Snatches, jerks, squats, running, rowing, air bike, it's all good. Took a tiny bit of getting used to, but that's way better than having to stop working out completely. The knee issue I had is gone, but I still wear this brace for the hour long workout to make sure everything stays in place. Haven't washed it since I got it, and it still doesn't smell (I shower before working out so that may have an affect on this). I'd also like to give a shout out to the s
Wayne Review from
April 16, 2016
Could not do without it.
Having had a lot of pain in my left knee since High School I found this brace in a Dicks Sporting Goods store about 12 years ago on a visit to the US. I had been wearing another brace for about 10 years before that. This one is brilliant. As a tour guide here in New Zealand I do a lo of trekking through the rain forest and along the beaches. The support it gives me is incredible. Have had two replacements and recommend the to others but have had trouble getting them over the last couple of years. Have just dealt directly with Shock Doctor and have now got two more braces waiting for me a my br
Jesse J Review from
February 10, 2019
Comfortable & not too restricting, ideal brace
I have an injured knee from an accident a few years ago (also broke my fibula and tibia). I'm now healing from a minor tear in my meniscus from the instability my knee will forever have (all 4 ligaments are very loose). My orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist said if I want to run ('m an avid runner) and hike I need to wear a brace or I will continue to injure my knee. I did some research and found this brace. Both my PT and I think it's perfect. I still have a lot of movement so it's not too restricting but it does a great job at stabilizing my knee. It give me the confidence to starting
Michael W Review from
July 2, 2021
Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace With Bilateral Hinges 875 Extra Large
Ive only had limited chance to use this brace but the use I have given it has impressed me. I have no ACL and an ineffectual MCL and have used other knee braces. This definitely seems to be the best brace I have used.
Lam288 Review from
May 29, 2021
Wonderful knee support!
I purchased one for my dad 4 years ago and thought that this would be another knee support that he would just set aside. Recently, he mentioned how much he loves it and uses it often. I ended up buying him a new brace, same model because the old one was worn from daily use.
Morty Review from
February 9, 2018
This brace is amazing!
I had a meniscus tear and repair. Since that surgery the rest of the remaining meniscus has torn. Ive been dealing with serious Knee pain for over a year now. Couldnt seem to find a brace that was able to be worn all day due to swelling of the leg. The brace I ordered is the XXL to compensate for swelling late in the day. I work 24 hours and it needs to be worn for the entire shift. This brace is the answer Ive been looking for. Feels great, fits great, and is large enough to handle the long shift. I havent been able to descend stairs quickly since the injury/surgery nor run well until now. I
Oldman42 Review from
April 10, 2018
LOTS of support
This thing is HUGE. It offers a great deal of support. I like how the straps wrap around the leg and it stays in place. However, it's so big and bulky and gets hot underneath, I feel it's hindering my movement and explosiveness. I wear it on my right knee (injured meniscus) but now I feel my left leg is working harder to compensate for the reduced mobility of the right leg. Maybe I'll get one for my left knee and see how that goes. I gotta face the fact that I'm not young anymore and I may just have to live with being slower and signup for 40+ basketball leagues going forward. Bottomline, if y
raiderbud Review from
May 9, 2018
Used and abused it
I did all my research and decided to go with the shock doctor. I wore it one day to break it in and then left California to go vacation in Florida for a week. We did the 4-day Disney pass. So a lot of walking. It was very humid and rained a couple days with 100% humidity. I did not have one pain in my knee all four days. It was amazing. I walk around Knott's Berry Farm for half a day with just a compression sleeve and my knee is killing me. I am so glad I bought this brace. It is a tad bit rough getting on and off but you can keep it on all day and forget about it. I just push up or push down
JeffN Review from
October 29, 2021
My knee is bone-on-bone and due for a replacement. This brace has provided support and is relatively pain free while playing basketball and tennis. So it works. Understand your mobility will be greatly reduced while wearing the brace.
sdro6477 Review from
August 17, 2018
Knee brace that works well.
I have worn one of these (875 in specific) for a few years and it has been of immense help to stabilise my knee. I had surgery for meniscus problems, the surgery itself was a failure but this brace is a fantastic option until the time comes to replace the knee. This s[specific purchase was to replace the one I originally purchased as due to wear and tear it needed replacing. Great product! (Do shop around for prices,..., at one point I paid way too much for one and then I found a much more reasonable price!!!). btw, I noticed some reviews claiming it was too tight. It should be snug to give yo
Review from
March 17, 2021
Would be good for the right purpose needed
Nothing wrong with the product and I can see why it would be good. No good for me as I had a leg injury 11 years ago and my leg is to bent to fit inside with the metal supports, so if you do have a wonky leg I wouldn't recommend it. If your leg needs extra strength and support and is straight, then it would be beneficial.
Review from
October 20, 2021
Design flaw, tried 2 sizes.
This is the second size I try and still wont go up my calf. There is a design flaw where the thigh part gets larger with the size but the knee area wont expand so it wont go over my calf. It basically dangled below my calf because the larger size didnt mean a smoother glide up, just a larger thigh area.
THOMAS C. Review from
February 19, 2017
Improves my life within 24 hours
I've gone through so many knee braces it's not even funny. None could stabilize my failing knee (I'm too young to get surgery, so I have to make do), but this one does. It's comfortable, rugged, reliable, and it DOESNT slide down you leg like most other knee braces do. It's an all in one; you don't need any other insert. One enormous piece of advice: it has hinges. When you are as active as I am now thanks to this brace, hinges will SQUEAK. My solution was to use Super Lube (Harbor Freight carries it) and pack the hinges full of it. It's plastic safe and has no odor and great for extreme low a
Sue W Review from
February 19, 2021
Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace With Bilateral Hinges 875 XXXL
We contacted Bodyheal on the recommendation of our GP. The sales staff were very helpful and friendly. Prompt service and delivery. The knee braces are strong, well made.... great product.
Peezy Rico Review from
June 1, 2021
Sturdy Brace
I'd rate it a five but the brace's link like bars on the bottom portion aren't cushioned well enough. During and After use, the link bars dig into the calf and shin area after tightening the velcro strap. Other than that it's a solid sports brace.
senator29 Review from
July 10, 2018
great brace but not for every situation
This brace is of good quality and offers great support from what i can tell. I seem to have tendon or and/or ligament damage on the inside of my knee. This really helps. Few draw backs though. It is a slip on rather than strap on. There are straps but you have to slip your foot through it. I wear knee pads at work a lot and this makes things more difficult. Also I cannot wear this with my knee pads. I have a softer brace that straps on. It works well with my knee pads but the support is not quite there and the build quality can't handle being inside a knee pad.
Kernowbilly Review from
June 3, 2020
Life Changing
I suffer from constant pain in my joints as a result of my service in the Army. I am now a disabled veteran who struggles to walk. I have tried various other products but none have given me enough support. This product has now changed my life, I am still pain and my body is failing but these supports give me the confidence that me knees will not fail! Thank you.
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