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Options Ostomy Support Barrier From: 93206XXLL To: 93206XXXLL - OPTIONS Mens' Brief With Built-In Barrier/Support

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Options Ostomy Support Barrier:
93206XXLL - 93206XXXLL
FSA Eligible
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93206XXLLOPTIONS Mens' Brief with Built-In Barrier/Support, ight Gray, eft Stoma2X-LargeEach
93206XXLROPTIONS Mens' Brief with Built-In Barrier/Support, ight Gray, ight Stoma2X-LargeEach
93206XXXLLOPTIONS Mens' Brief with Built-In Barrier/Support, ight Gray, eft Stoma3X-LargeEach
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OPTIONS Mens' Brief with Built-In Barrier/Support, Light Gray, Right Stoma, 2X-Large
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Manufacturer Options Ostomy Support Barrier
Brand Options
Categories Adult Briefs, Ostomy Garments, Ostomy Underwear, Incontinence
Code 93206XXLL - 93206XXXLL
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
48 Review
Jeremy Review from
March 12, 2021
Mega max Black
I have done one review on MM but Northshore asked me to do one on the black so here we go. What can I say they are black very black and the are nice. Just like all the other Mega Max diapers these are amazing and worth every penny. After being incontinent almost 30 years it is nice to know I can go anywhere and do anything and not have to worry about constant changes in public restrooms and leaks. Unless I poo because I cant stand to set in poo but I don't have that near as often as the constant pee leakage maybe once a week some times twice or more. The fit for me is perfect the tapes will ne
Steven Review from
February 13, 2021
Best Diapers on the Market. Greatest Diapers
I use these diapers for constantly wetting through diapers at night. The NorthShore Megamax is the best diaper I have ever used. It is backed with a very soft plastic that makes little to no noise under clothing. It is very thick from front to back with high leak guards allowing for maximum absorbency and piece of mind knowing you wont leak. I was having to change sheets and clothing several times a week. Now we use these MegaMax and the improvement is astonshinig. I wear the Tie-Dye MegaMax Diapers & love them for daytime. But that is what makes them great for overnight- Very absorbent and st
Adam Review from
July 23, 2021
Durability Issues plague otherwise good product
MegaMax adult diapers are a good tool to have in your incontinence toolbox. However, they are plagued by two, serious issues. First, they do not wick particularly well. Thus, it's common for one area to be saturated, while others are completely dry. This problem is not entirely unique to this product, but it does seem to be especially pronounced in this case. The second issue is an even bigger one. When wet, the poly and inner layers become detached from each other - leading to the contents (SAP) falling out. This would almost certainly cause all manner of problems for active people. However,
Jason Review from
June 17, 2021
Good product
I ordered the black, pink and tye dyed ones. I usually use better dry but was looking for something different, to add some colors I guess other than just plain white. Im a heavy night time wetter with OAB with some incontinence. I travel for a living. I fly a lot so am always wearing a diaper cause usually I only have about 2-3 mins until I wet myself. Anyways I saw these are available in my size so I figured let add a little color to my wardrobe. Im at that point that I dont care if someone see my diaper peeking out by accident. These just as good as the better dry for absorption, the only do
Daniel Review from
June 7, 2021
Great fit and quality. Reduces units per day.
I have incontinence issues both day and night, but a lot more at night. My incontinence issues are generally just urinary during day but at night night often heavy urinary and occasional bowel issues. The fit was perfect due to the sample they provided. As a middle aged I am glad to have colors that get away from the traditional white. I feel much more mentally comfortable wearing the colored versions. The different colors work all the same so its just a preference on what you like. They feel very comfortable wearing for long periods. I don't have any issues with leakage from the leg guards on
Meagan Review from
April 23, 2021
Soft and absorbent product.
Soft and absorbent product. Kind and gentle towards the skin, maybe because it wicks so well? The max capacity is ridiculous, but that means it's less likely to hold waste fluids against sensitive skin. The tapes hold wonderfully and prevent movement against the tummy and hip area, it seems to have prevented some chaffing for me. I'm a fan of the broader sizing ranges, it helps those who sit in between sizing ranges and prevents tight or loose fitting options. The pricing is fair for a disposable product, and the high capacity of these briefs means that you won't be using more than 2 or 3 a da
Kent Review from
April 2, 2021
Mega-Max---Best Diapers Ever!
NorthShore Mega-Max diapers are simply the best. Comfortable, full-coverage protection, waterproof plastic exterior with extra sticky refastenable tapes on a large landing zone. I played air guitar in our living room in my tie-dyed diaper and joked to my wife that I'm emblematic of a big swath of old hippie guys out there (I'm 70 y.o.). The tie-dye design is right out of a Grateful Dead concert. This diaper will easily give 10-12 hours of daytime protection, and even more hours if teamed with a NorthShore diaper booster pad (Hint: samples always appreciated guys). And the protection is odor fr
Wayne Review from
June 27, 2021
Great product!
I tried numerous briefs throughout my last ten years of incontinence and finally I found a diaper that works for me. I am in a MegaMax whenever I am out of the house and wear one when I sleep. My nighttime diaper goes on at 10 pm and stays on until at least 10 am. It is amazing how much these diapers hold, I have never leaked using one. They are comfortable and the tapes stay secure. The plastic backing keeps orders from being released. I wear these exclusively now because I can live an embarrassment-free life in the NorthShore MegaMax diaper. I enjoy the fact that they come in several differe
John Review from
May 4, 2020
MegaMax Diapers and Boosters
First and foremost, the staff at NorthShore are second to no one. The order is placed and it arrives within 48 hours to your door. Even during this pandemic the products still arrive in the same time frame. I have tried many diapers over the years and after the diaper I had been using for many years was no longer being made, I had to start looking for a new product. I found NorthShore on the internet and had requested a handful of samples. Without hesitation they sent me more than I asked for and after trying the various products, I chose the MegaMax diapers and I use the 2X booster pads insid
GREG Review from
September 10, 2021
These NorthShore booster pads are
These NorthShore booster pads are awesome! I always use these with my NorthShore Megamax diapers. I have been urinary incontinent all my life, so finding the best protection is key for me for nighttime and all day too. With these booster pads, I don't have to worry about diaper leaks, and that's the goal! Generally, with the booster and diaper combo, I only go thru 3 diapers a day, sometimes 4 if usage is heavy or i have bowel issues too. Even with my active work life, I ha love no issues, and never have to worry about embarrassing moments at work, out and about, or with friends. I do however
Daniel Review from
August 22, 2021
Definitely love the product. Great
Definitely love the product. Great absorbency, does not feel damp. However, maybe I'm an odd in between size, but the medium seems to be a bit big on my 32" frame. Beyond feeling a little engulfed by the extra material all the way around, I have yet to have any issues with the product. My issue with sizing it quite literally probably only due to my misordering. Beyond that, it feels like a superior product with locking away odor and moisture throughout the day. Beats most products I've tried over the years in terms of absorbency, press out, and odor. Would definitely try again, albeit a differ
Daniel Review from
December 15, 2021
Quiet and supper absorbent
These are amazing. I love how quiet they are. With others briefs I could always hear a few crinkles and it bugged me. I know intellectually that no one else would notice but I still feared others noticing it. With these I don't have that fear because I don't hear a thing. I also love not having to fear them leaking. With other brands I would be afraid of leaks towards the end of the day since they have plenty of absorbency to last all day. Thank you for this great product. My only wish is that the tabs were quieter. If I have to adjust them during the day or when changing them I fear people wi
Kyle Review from
February 5, 2021
Best Adult Diaper on the Market
I have tried just about every brand of tab style plastic backed adult diapers and these are the best. Northshore has nailed it with their Megamax. I found sizing runs big. I have a 30-31 waist and the small fits me perfect in these, whereas the supremes fit better in medium (plus they are way softer than the supremes). They can hold a lake and dont leak, even when sleeping on your side or stomach. The landing zones make sure the fit is perfect and allow you to re-adjust. Though they are thick, they still allow me to be active. If I wear a pair of briefs over them, they are fairly discrete unde
Christopher Review from
May 23, 2021
Excellent product
These diapers fit incredibly well! The tapes stay in one place even when I wear for an extended period of time. The quality of this diaper/brief is hands down better than store brands. No leaks and don't sag when soaked. I've wet these at least four to five times per use and they definitely live up to the Max absorbency that they claim. I will definitely purchase these again to help me deal with my incontinence. No more waking up to a wet bed because of my diaper not being able to hold my night time wettings. Plus the price is definitely worth it because of how well they function. Plus I love
Carol Review from
April 16, 2021
This product is the BEST
This product is the BEST for absorbency that I have purchased for my mother in the 7 years I've been caring for her! I almost cried the first morning when she was dry, her nightgown was dry, and the bed linens were dry. I was so thrilled! Mom is not incontinent per se, but I could no longer get up every 2 hours or so to put her on the bed pan. As her sole caregiver, I need my rest! We needed something that would be absorbent overnight, all night. This is it! I am beyond thrilled with this product, actually! The colors are just a bonus!! I bought the blue--her favorite color. Tye-dye next! Than
Joshua Review from
August 13, 2021
Best Brief for the money and absorbency on the market today
These are my go to product! Ive had bed wetting issues since I was 13. With that said Ive been wearing some sort of protection to bed for now 25 years and these are hands down my favorite. Going to bed with these on Im not worried about waking up with leaks or other issues. The design of this brief with tall leg gathers and front and rear elastic help to keep this brief on my body and in the right place. These are a bit thicker but they are amazing for absorbency and allow you to sleep for 8-10 hours and wake up to dry sheets. The price isnt all that bad when considering the performance and qu
Devrett Review from
September 17, 2021
Cute and functional
Excellent all day and or nighttime protection that holds up well! It swells up when wet and is super absorbent! The moisture wicks away from the skin nicely so its not too uncomfortable when wet. The smell stays very concealed yet it doesnt get too sweaty when going for long walks. The crinkle isnt too loud and they are very easy to conceal under many different outfits. Excellent diaper for the money! And the color helps me feel young and feminine despite being incontinent. Huge confidence booster!
Kenny Review from
May 24, 2021
Best diapers for adults!
The best diapers I've worn. The fit is good; the diapers come up high enough in front and back and the elastic helps them fit well. Good coverage in seat, crotch, sides and front. Thick, which gives a good sense of security. The diapers are extremely absorbent. Easily last 10-12 hours, and often longer. Plain white with no annoying dark print or stripes. Large, strong tapes and great big landing area so you can remove and retape if necessary. Top quality product. I hope they NEVER change this diaper. BTW, with a booster pad these diapers are even more absorbent and can last up to 18+ hours.
Joshua Review from
September 27, 2021
Hands down the best adult diapers on the market... the size.. the fit.. the absorbency... everything is top of the line. This product is outstanding!! I've been using diapers for 25 years and I've never found something as good as this. Not only to they feel good and work for their intended purposes... they also look great and are cut just right so they hug you perfectly in all the right areas. I'm a bigger guy. About 6'1 260lbs and I needed a product big enough to give me the protection and the XL is perfect. The color options are another great plus to these... you can have fun and try whateve
Hayden Review from
October 9, 2021
1. Extremely comfortable 2. One of the most absorbent diapers on the market 3. Booster pads fit perfect inside them 4. Nice high leak guards 5. Very strong tapes 6. Cool that they offer different colors 7.perfect for nighttime or long road trips I cant say enough good things about these diapers. I love the fit and feel of them. The tapes are probably the strongest tapes out there. Honestly, havent found anything wrong with them. They are pretty bulky if you are trying to be discreet. Then these wont work for that.
Matthew Review from
May 4, 2020
Absorbency is incredible!
Northshore products have never ceased to disappoint, and these just continue that trend. The blue polymer-like material in the middle of the diaper wicks the moisture away from the skin as quickly as it's wet. Wasn't crazy about the refastenable tape system, but it's grown on my girl and the dual blue/white tape system ASSURE a perfect fit. These diapers are the most absorbent I've seen on the market, and as such, they are quite bulky, and should mainly be used as a long overnight diaper. My only other qualm would be that for a SMALL sized diaper, there's almost an 18 inch disparity. With my f
Matthew Review from
September 17, 2021
There is something about wearing
There is something about wearing an all black diaper that makes you feel a little mischievous, but at the same time giving you super powers like Batman. With its crazy capacity; this diaper will absorb most things thrown at its way. I've found this diaper to peak at performance when it rains soft and steady, not hurricane downpours, if you know what I mean. This diaper wraps around your body like a glove, giving you a comfort and secure feeling. Love the color options, can't wait to see what NorthShore provides next. An amazing diaper from a great company!
Matthew Review from
September 15, 2021
The NorthShore MegaMax diapers offer
The NorthShore MegaMax diapers offer a high level of comfort and serious protection for long periods of time. These diapers are amazing at absorbing steady amounts, which allow you to have security knowing you are not going to leak. I love how this diaper hugs my body, giving me a level of comfort that lasts all day. Super strong tapes, high leak guards, and a soft plastic feel make this diaper one of my favorites. As someone who does not need to wear medically, the all white diaper does have a medical mindset, which you may or may not like. Good thing NorthShore offers these diapers in colors
Chris Review from
January 26, 2021
A diaper brief that makes you want 2 be active!
There is a thank you that is needed to start this review... this diaper is secure, ultra absorbent, has wicking to help with odor, and can handle multiple voids as with being active many know it can be hard to change as often as we would like. As they say in the descriptions someone wanted to give the world a brief that can help users and they achieved the goal!! Sure I incorporate different types of protections with wetting but when I need the Megamax for a situation it does the job and only a month into using them still impresses me some days! THANK YOU I know in these times it can be hard t
Patrick Review from
October 9, 2021
Highly recommended but not inexpensive.
The order arrived at my home days earlier than I expected, particularly due to the amazingly fast packaging and shipping by NS. The product fits very well and the tapes and landing zone are well designed to stay in place. For this reason, the brief doesnt sag a great deal when saturated. When dry, I barely know that I have the brief on as its extremely comfortable. When wet, the media within the brief swells to absorb the wetness away from the skin very effectively. The only negative is that this swelling becomes noticeable if a compression brief isnt used over. This may effect the total capac
Charles Review from
April 21, 2021
Perfect Diapers!
The megamax diaper is the very best diaper I have ever used, which is definitely a compliment to NorthShore, with my history of diaper purchases! I wear the small size because of my skinny thighs and smaller waistline, this allows for a perfectly snug fit which is necessary to keep my clothing and bedding dry. I also like using their diaper liners (booster pads) to increase wearing time (the large size booster works well with the small megamax diaper). These diapers work well to contain messy odors, as well, allowing me maximum time for the necessary diaper changes! Plastic diaper covers are a
Kimberly Review from
March 19, 2021
The best diapers and the best service hands down!
Can't sing the praises of Northshore enough! My "little bear" (SO) is diapered 24/7 in Northshores. They're super absorbent, fit great, and his pants and the sheets are always dry and clean. Contains odors well too! Of course you're bound to get an occasional leak, but that's only happened when I forget to check and he goes a bit too long before changing time. Paired with boosters and Gary Wear Active plastic pants (also from Northshore), we've found the perfect diapering solution. If you guys start carrying onesies, we won't have to shop anywhere else! Love your products and service. Loyal cu
Diane Review from
February 23, 2021
This is the BEST diaper on the planet. Our daughter age 13 has Dravet Syndrome and has been wearing diapers since birth so we have been through a TON of diapers. This diaper could withstand a hurricane. It is priceless to find my child dry in the morning and not distressed from being wet. She is warm and totally cozy now when I go in to change her after her night of blissful sleep.The diaper holds urine after a major seizure event. We are saving so much money on laundry and luandry products OMG you have no idea I would spend hours playing cath-up on sheets, blankets, clothes, towels, everythin
Travis Review from
August 4, 2021
These are my absolute favorite diapers! The mediums are a great fit for my body type. The absorbency and protection are perfect for night time/ to bed use, especially if youre a side sleeper. I havent had a leak yet. Although a bit bulky underneath clothing, the range that you can get with daytime wearing without having to change is excellent. Overall these are the best quality diapers out there with a comparable price point. And with the different color options available gives ya some choices.
Joshua Review from
July 7, 2021
Mega indeed
I absolutely love these diapers. Their capacity alone is usually the selling point, but it's not just that. They're supremely comfortable, meaning they can be worn for long periods of time. I can wear these confidently all night with no worries of leaks or needing an immediate change. Yeah, they're a bit big, but again, overly comfortable and I've never doubted their capacity. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing color selection. It's hard needing these, but the fact that they're not just medically white helps. It really helps.
Timothy Review from
November 16, 2021
Get back to living
Im in my mid 40s and been dealing with bladder control problems for 20+ years. So using absorbent products is not new or novel to me. Ive always worked in an multi tenant cubical office and for years off the shelf products meant leaks all too often! These briefs provide the protection I need, no leaks. It has allowed me to continue making a living and freedom to go places with more security against leaks! Thank you for making a superior product and your commitment to excellence for people who struggle with continence. I guess you could say I feel continent when I am using your products!
James Review from
February 8, 2021
Excellent Product
Being a very heavy wetter, I find the MegaMax to be comfortable and effective. I always use doublers at night and the Abena as well as the TotalDry doublers fit well in this product. So far, no pinholes in the soft, form-fitting plastic backing. I love this product and find it to be a good alternative to the highly absorbent Rearz product. The product shipped very fast, was delivered ahead of schedule and customer service is excellent. Having dealt with incontinence for decades, I am always thrilled to find a new product that works so well. It is nice to have an alternate color too.
Matthew Review from
September 16, 2021
The NorthShore MegaMax diaper is
The NorthShore MegaMax diaper is one of my favorites, especially now that they have colors to chose from. The blue MegaMax is a key diaper in my wardrobe, not only cause of the amazing fit, feel, and absorbency, but because of the blue color. I love that it has a more "masculine" tint. However, that being said, I would not be opposed to seeing a softer blue come out in the future. These diapers hold up extremely well and are able to handle everything with security and confidence. An excellent product from a great company; a need for anyone who wears or wants to wear for whatever reasons!
matthew.g Review from
February 23, 2021
The best adult incontinence briefs available. Highest absorbancy available on the market currently. Great odor protection and ph neutralization.Tapes are super strong and so is the outer plastic backing (shell), sometimes the tapes are a bit too strong and can tear the landing zone and outer shell. As advertised they'll last 12 hours sometimes longer. I've completely switched brands since these became available in Canada, since then I have had less worries throughout the days and nights. Sizing is larger than average brands. (Ie mediums fit like a large would and smalls fit like a meduim)
John Review from
January 5, 2022
fantastic briefs
These briefs are about as close to perfect as I can find. The tapes are very secure, yet refastenable for hours. The absorbency is incredible. Leaks are much less frequent than other products. Somehow Megamax has a better fit than for me than other brands. I can fixt comfortable into three sizes(!), allowing me to customize the fit and mat size to my situation. The novelty of the colors was nice but I do prefer white. I think seersucker would be nice. From customer support an email if you agree.
Kristen Review from
September 22, 2021
Weve always used a different
Weve always used a different brand, but have been unhappy with their recent business practices and were referred to Northshore. Further tempted by the first time customer discount, we decided to try a mixed cased of megamax, and couldnt be happier with them! My husband loves the blue and black, because they look like regular mens underwear to a casual passersbyer when they peak above the waistband, and I'm a big fan of the tie dye and pink because they're cute and feminine without being infantile. They hold a ton, are soft to the touch inside and out, and the tapes might as well be solid with
Dominic Review from
March 21, 2021
Premium, comfortable, absorbent.. I LOVE this diaper!
I love how comfy and absorbent this diaper is to sleep in. It has instantly earned a spot in my top 5 all-time diapers. It's incredibly thirsty, it's very well made, and has a definite premium feel to it. It's a bit narrower up front that other diapers in it's class (like the Bambino or the Dry Care 24/7) but I actually like the narrower front as it doesn't bunch up as much or make the front of my pants look like I stuffed a pillow into them. I'm glad I tried these, as they're now the go-to in my diaper stash that I find myself reaching for more often than any other brand.
Chris Review from
March 15, 2021
Quality concerns
Was looking for a higher absorbency longer wear diaper and gave the white XL megamax a try. Unfortunately I think the manufacturing equipment used to make these met its match with this larger diaper, as I received a few with quality issues. The plastic landing zones on the front of some of the diapers had folded over. and was glued to itself instead of the front of the diaper. Additionally, I experienced a pulp mess on two occasions where the lining seams came undone near the front after an hour of use and caused the fluff to start leaking out. For what its worth the ones that didnt have quali
Matthew Review from
September 17, 2021
Please note I am writing
Please note I am writing from a non-medical perspective. This is my all-time favorite diaper from NorthShore! The pink color is amazing; the soft, delicate nature of this diaper is a complete dynamic shift compared to the black MegaMax. These diapers are super absorbent; their tall leg guards offer continuous security even while pushing the limits of capacity. The strong tapes and comforting feel make this diaper great, but it's the pink color that makes it outstanding!
Jon Review from
June 23, 2021
Megamax review
Hello. I have used N.S. Mega Max diapers for a while now. They are the best diapers I've used. They fit great, and feels good on.. I sometimes forget I have a diaper on, until I wet it. Depending on how much I go each time , I can wet each diaper at least 4 to 5 times before I need to charge it. I like the classic white and the pink colors the best. There are only a couple things I would change. Put 15 per pack instead 10. replace the dark blue with a baby blue. Pale blue. Drop the new black color. They are a very exalint product. Highly recommend.
Steve Review from
January 6, 2022
Almost their
First, I appreciate the MegaMax briefs come in black. It makes them less recognizable as adult diapers. Their absorbancy is great but could use a design change so they wick the fluid more evenly. It seems to ball up in the front. It would also be beneficial if the tabs were just a bit longer and about 1/2 inch narrower. Other than these minor issues, I would rate the briefs a 5. Overall though, I will continue to purchase NorthShore MegaMax Brief's for the confidence they provide and I wont be embarrassed while out in public.
JayG Review from
NorthShore Care Supply
November 16, 2018
Greatest nighttime diaper (16 yr experienced)
Excellent diaper and certainly the most absorbent as well I have ever used. When nearing capacity not even the slightest leak from the diaper even as a side sleeper which is the normal point where you see weeping which then uses waters ability to bond to itself to become a water wick leaving you in a large puddle from a tiny weep in a normal even high quality diaper. This has been totally absent of incidents so far here. The plastic backing is thick helping keep it together with additional tape zone which allows for easy retaping which I'm not used to in adult diapers in place of the normal do
Matt Review from
December 16, 2020
My favorite, the MegaMax
The MegaMax has always been my go to brief even when the production quality changed last year. I lost weight in the last year and now wear 32-34 jeans and the small MegaMax fits me best. With the most recent batch I had the back sheet and wicking were super smooth and the capacity is awesome. The only feature that I would like to see future improvements for are the tapes. When taped tightly or for too long, the tapes can remove parts of the plastic where it is attached and can prevent it from its 12 hour potential. I think this tape problem stems from the tape being folded by the machines as t
Tim Review from
October 25, 2021
Comfortable and caught!!
Amazing diaper!! They are extremely comfortable and can hold up to any life style!! I order these and could not believe how comfortable, safe and secure I felt in them. My wife, who does not know I wear diapers but now does, caught me in them. She commented how nice they looked and would not let me take them off until bedtime. Then she asked where they were and changed me into a new one. Talk about being scared!! Great diaper and will buy more as requested by my wife. Great customer service too!!
Nicholas Review from
August 29, 2020
Im in LOVE with these Pink Megamax diapers!
Megamax diapers are already my favorite diaper. They're the BEST diapers on the market. They hold more than any other diaper and NEVER leak whether you're standing, sitting or laying down and now they come in baby PINK :) They're literally the perfect diaper! They're so soft and so comfortable and they keep you dry always. I've never been so happy. I've already ordered more with auto-ship. Im so excited! The pinks are now my new favorite diapers. I also love how Northshore adds free samples to your order. I ordered a pack of White Megamax diapers, a pack of Pink Megamax diapers and a pack of L
Yosh Review from
October 17, 2021
Exactly what we were looking for
If youre looking for a disposable undergarment that works overnight, one that is super absorbent and leak resistant, then this one is for you. I was initially concerned that it wouldnt work for my dad who used to wake up multiple times throughout the night to go to the bathroom. He used to soak through the supermarket variety, which caused much embarrassment and anxiety. Now BOTH of us sleep well through the night. Hes a different person now, having rested completely without having to get up. Thanks North Shore!!
Karolynn Review from
August 29, 2021
Quality Product | Adjustable Waist Tabs | $$$$
This item was purchased for my 95 yo aunt who resides in assisted living facility. The facility uses this product brand for her to wear at night. The medium is a bit large for her weight/size 10-12 frame so I bought a small. Still the adjustable waist tabs do make the medium size work which is a feature that she prefers over the pull-up, elastic waist briefs. Also, color choices such as pink, white, blue and black are available. Brand is expensive for quantity, particularly when needed for daily use.
Jose Review from
June 29, 2021
Great for a diaper lover
I fell in love with the newer upgrade of MegaMax (tall leak guards). I have had a lot of issues with them in the past due to being prone to leaks but after doing some research online and talking with Sarah I was able to solve the issue. If they are taped bottom tapes first they are absolutely reliable! I can wear them for like 10 hours without a change, they swell up really good but still somewhat discreet with the right clothing. This is my new favorite, I love all the colors and customer service is just amazing! Thank you so much for such amazing product and customer service!
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