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Molnlycke Health Care

Molnlycke Health Care is a major wound care and surgical products manufacturer. The company, based in Sweden, has been part of major mergers and acquisitions. Created in 1849 by Gustaf Ferdinand Hennig as a gauze manufacturer, Mölnlycke obtained its current name and structure in 1997. In the last decade, Molnlycke has had remarkable growth from both its continued operations and acquisitions making it the world’s second largest Wound Care company. Molnlycke presently has plants in Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and the US. It employs over 6000 people across offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. Molnlycke has an extensive line of wound dressings boasting critical proprietary technologies. Additionally it has a full range of bandages, gauzes and tapes for wound compression, as well as creams, lotions, and ointments for skin care.

Mepilex Border

Mepilex Foam Border is an innovative Foam Dressing designed to drain and contain wound fluids at levels adequate to sustain wound healing. Its Safetac border layer averts leaks onto adjacent healthy skin and allows for painless removal. Mepilex Border is suitable in the presence of moderate wound exudate such as in some surgical wounds, pressure, leg and foot ulcers, tear wounds, graft sites, and traumatic wounds.

Mepilex Border advantages:

  • No maceration or side effects on surrounding skin.
  • Reduced discomfort upon replacement.
  • Healing effectiveness last days.
  • Adherent properties allow multiple same dressing rearrangements over wound.
  • Does not require dressing retentions.

Melgisorb Ag

Melgisorb Ag is a silver alginate dressing compound used on wounds with traces of infection and as a precaution against infection breaks. It features high absorption making it ideal for high exudating wounds. Melgisorb AG is suitable for acute wounds.
  • Silver stays active for a week
  • Gentle and comfortable
  • Dressing can last on for days


Mefix is an adhesive fabric designed to fasten dressings, catheters, and tubes. Mefix is comfortable to wear even with a firm hold.
  • Adjust to different shapes.
  • Gaged guideline for cut-to-fit adjustments.
  • Non irritant adhesive.
  • No skin maceration with prolonged use


Is a silicone tape used to fixate dressings, catheters and tubes. Its Safetac adhesive allows for multiple placements and removals over the same area. It’s moisture proof, leaves no residue, and flexible.


Mepore is an air-permeable dressing. Recommended for wounds with small to medium discharge such as small burns, shallow open wounds, and surgical incisions.
  • Low risk of skin maceration.
  • Smooth contact layer to prevent adherence on the wound.
  • Water based adhesive.
  • Removes gently.
  • Moisture repelling back.


Normlgel Ag is a silver antimicrobial hydrogel dressing used during wound debriding and granulating (tissue formation) in open wounds, burns (up to second degree), as well as in pressure, diabetic, venous and arterial leg ulcers. Normlgel protects and creates adequate healing conditions in dry and medium exudate acute and chronic wounds.


Is a silicone dressing for the treatment and prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars. It acts slowly requiring continued application for at least 3 months with removal limited only to bathing and wound examination.
  • Self-adherent requires no dressing retention.
  • Conforms to body surface.
  • Inconspicuous and comfortable for all day use.
  • Cut-to-fit.
  • Remains active for several days without replacement.
  • Gentle during removal.

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