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Hollister Ostomy Supplies

Hollister caters globally to ostomy patients and health professionals. It was founded by John Dickinson Schneider in 1921 and is headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois. Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that aims to provide independence and self-respect to individuals experiencing life-changing surgery.

Hollister's business units and research facilities are fully dedicated at innovating and delivering complete solutions that comprise the following products: Ostomy Supplies, Colostomy Bags, Ileostomy Bags, Urostomy Bags, Skin Barriers, Wafers, Ostomy Belts, Ostomy Accessories, Incontinence, and Wound Care Dressings (hydrocolloids, calcium alginates, and hydrogels), continence and fecal incontinence catheters and collectors. Hollister created the Karaya seal pouches more than three decades ago. It has continued to innovate with its New Image, Premier, and Pouchkins ostomy bags.

Hollister One Piece Ostomy Bag Systems:
Available drainable and closed

Premier One Piece Systems

Premier one-piece ostomy bag systems include the skin barrier. They are simple to wear as the whole unit attaches to the abdominal surface around the stoma. The FlexWear skin barrier and ComfortWear panels deliver comfort and skin protection while the sensitive closure provides security. The drainable ostomy bag versions have a non-leak outlet that responds when softly squeezed allowing full control of the contents. They come with a palpable seal that makes them manageable to anybody with impaired vision or manual disabilities, and are easily cleaned with a paper towel.

Premier Closed Ostomy System - One Piece
The Premier Closed System includes a non-drainable bag and a skin barrier pieced together. The complete unit is disposed of when the bag fills-out. It is made with ComfortWear technology and comes with an odor control filter and an odor repellent inner layer. The Premier Closed System uses the SoftFlex Skin Barrier which provides superior skin protection and grip thanks to a unique hydrocolloid adhesive. It ensures a secure but gentle hold allowing recurrent detachments with no rashes or flares. SoftFlex is designed to cope best with output from a colostomy or a dense ileostomy. Available in oval and regular, in pre-cut and cut-to-fit.

Premier Drainable Ostomy System - One Piece
The Premier Drainable System includes a Drainable Ostomy Bag attached to a Skin Barrier. There is nothing to snap-on or fit. The whole unit is discarded when worn out. It has an easy to manage Lock’n Roll tail closure which when draining demands minimum pressure and dexterity. A ComfortWear panel provides a soft feel, and an internal protection layer protects from odor and noises. It is simple to clean. Available with integrated FlexWear, Flextend (convex and regular), and SoftFlex (oval and regular) Skin Barriers. System is sold separate or as a kit.

Premier Mini Ostomy System - One Piece

The Premier Mini come as a One Piece Drainable or Closed System. Besides having the same attributes as the larger systems, the Premier Mini System offers unparalleled discretion. Its small size and integrated SoftFlex Skin Barrier provide superior confidence and comfort.

Premier Urostomy System - One Piece

The Premier Urostomy System comes with bag and skin barrier attached. Its Flextend Skin Barrier has been designed to stay active for extended periods while withstanding possible urine discharge. Its anti-reflux controllable valve provides security and ease of use. It has ComfortWear construction as well as an odor and noise protecting layer. Available with Flextend Regular and Flextend Convex Skin Barrier, in pre-cut and cut-to-fit, in transparent and beige.

Karaya 5 Ostomy System


Karaya 5 products are named after their main active component. The Karaya Gum used in Hollister’s products is an extract from the Sterculia Urens, a tropical climate tree found in India, Indonesia, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, Sudan and Vietnam. India is the largest Karaya Gum exporter.Karaya Gum serves many uses: In the food industry it acts as an emulsifier in meats and baked goods and as a stabilizer in juices and sauces. In industrial applications it serves as an additive, a binder and an accelerator. In medicine it serves as a laxative, a stimulant to wound healing including bed sores, and an additive in masking tapes, gels and adhesives.Hollister is the largest Karaya user among its peers, and is the only one with an ostomy system where Karaya Gum is the key component. All Karaya 5 Ostomy Pouches are One Piece systems that bring a bag attached to a Karaya 5 Skin Barrier and Seal Ring. Once worn the whole system including bag, skin barrier and seal is discarded. Karaya 5’s Skin Barrier and Seal Ring can make unique claims concerning sensitive skin care. Their shielding action serves to maintain a healthy stoma and peristomal skin environment. They are effective in treating sensitive and swelling stomas, inhibit corrosion from exposure to urine and stool, deter bacteria proliferation, and retain a balanced skin ph.

Karaya 5 Closed Ostomy Bag - One Piece

As a one piece system it consists of an ostomy bag attached to a Karaya 5 Skin Barrier and a Karaya 5 Seal Ring. The whole system is discarded once the bag is full. It delivers shallow convexity for slightly recessed or flushed stomas. It stays on securely during physical activity including swimming. An odor barrier film provides extra confidence. Available with a carbon filter to release gases and a breathable paper porous tape. Transparent or opaque.

Karaya 5 Drainable Ostomy Bag - One Piece

The Karaya 5 One Piece Drainable Bag includes a bag, a Karaya 5 skin barrier and a seal all attached together. The seal delivers shallow convexity for slightly recessed or flushed stomas. The bag has an odor protection layer and is available with a breathable porous tape that supports a dry and more comfortable environment. Available in transparent or opaque, pre-cut or cut-to-fit.

Karaya 5 Urostomy Bag - One Piece

The Karaya 5 Urostomy System incorporates the bag, the Karaya 5 skin barrier and the Karaya 5 seal in one unit. The urostomy bag is made of soft materials. It is drainable and equipped with an anti-reflux valve to help fend off Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). It offers shallow convexity. It has an odor mitigation internal layer and a breathable porous tape for extra comfort and to prevent abrasions.

Hollister Two Piece Ostomy Bag Systems:
Available drainable and closed

New Image Two Piece Ostomy Bag Systems

Two Piece refers to the Ostomy Bag and the Skin Barrier being two independent units that must be manually attached. New Image pouches are made with a patented QuietWear Pouch Material to provide unparalleled discretion, ComfortWear to dispense a cotton feel, and an optional deodorant and carbon filter to deliver confidence and security. New Image systems must be used with FlexWear, Flextend, or FormaFlex Skin Barriers, all of which are sold separately.

New Image Drainable Ostomy Bag - Two Piece


The New Image Drainable Bag drains by pressuring its tail end with the fingers. It is safe. If one doesn't pressure, there is no unwanted drain. It is easily cleaned. Available with clamp closure or Hollister’s proprietary Lock n’ roll tail closure, and an air filter that controls gases and odor while preventing stool and water penetration. It has belt tabs attached and comes in transparent or opaque. New Image Two-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bag must be paired with a FlexWear, Flextend, or FormaFlex Skin Barrier.

New Image Closed Ostomy Bag - Two Piece

Hollister-New-Image-Closed-Ostomy-Bag-Two- Piece

The New Image Two Piece Closed bag is disposed once is full. The barrier remains adhered to the peristomal skin and a new bag is attached. The bag is designed to build confidence. Its QuietWear technology muffles noises and its powerful carbon filter mitigates odors and vents gases. It comes with Hollister’s ComfortWear construction that is gentle and comfortable. It has belt tabs. Available transparent or opaque. New Image Two-Piece Closed End Ostomy Bag has to be worn with a FlexWear, Flextend, or FormaFlex Skin Barrier.

New Image Urostomy Bag - Two Piece


The New Image Urostomy Bag offers control and safety. It has an anti-reflux valve that adjusts draining and prevents backflow therefore lowering risks of Urinary Tract Infections. It comes with ComfortWear, has an ergonomic design, and an odor diffusion layer. It includes belt tab ears and is available in transparent or opaque. New Image Urostomy Bags must be worn with a FlexWear, Flextend, or FormaFlex Skin Barrier. The bags and skin barriers may be acquired separately or as part of two available kits that include bag and skin barrier: the FormaFlex and the FlexTend (sterile and non-sterile) kit.

CenterPointLock Two Piece Ostomy Bag Systems

Two Piece refers to the bag being sold separate from the Skin Barrier. CenterPointLock Two-Piece Pouches offer extra sealing to deal with unintentional detachment, odor containment layers and noise reducing materials.

CenterPointLock Drainable Ostomy Bag - Two Piece

Hollister-CenterPointLock-Drainable-Ostomy-Bag-Two Piece

This system features Hollister’s patented CenterPointLock mechanism which prevents casual bag detachment, Quiet Film to muffle stoma noises, ComfortWear sheets for extra smoothness, anti-odor internal layers for added confidence, and the optional exchangeable carbon filter and deodorizer. CenterPointLock Drainable Ostomy Bags must be paired with any of the following Skin Barriers: FlexWear (convex or standard), SoftFlex, Hollihesive, Flextend (convex or standard).

CenterPointLock Closed End Ostomy Bag - Two Piece


The Two Piece CenterPointLock Closed Bag delivers security and comfort through Hollister’s unique ComfortWear and Quiet Film layers, gas and deodorizer carbon filter, odor containment inner panel, and CenterPointLock mechanism that prevents inadvertent pouch detachment. The pouch is discarded once full and a new one is attached onto the Skin Barrier in use. The Skin Barriers available for the CenterPointLock Closed End Ostomy Bag include FlexWear (convex or standard), SoftFlex, Hollihesive, Flextend (convex or standard).

CenterPointLock Urostomy Bag - Two Piece


The CenterPointLock Urostomy Bag is part of a secure system that includes an anti-reflux valve to avoid backflow and Urinary Tract Infections, controlled drainage, odor prevention inner layer, and Hollister’s patented ComfortWear for softness, Quiet Film for stoma noise reduction, and CenterPointLock's mechanism for extra bag gripping. It comes with belt tabs. Available in transparent or beige. To be used with a Flextend, FlexWear, SoftFlex, or Hollihesive Skin Barrier. Flextend and FlexWear come both in Convex and Standard.

Hollister Skin Barriers

Skin Barriers

Also known as Ostomy Wafer and Base Plate, the Skin Barrier supports the whole ostomy system. On one side it adheres to the abdominal surface, and on the other it holds the ostomy pouch. The Skin Barrier safeguards the stoma and peristomal skin from fluids and the strain from body movements. Hollister offers an array of Skin Barriers to suit every possible need.

New Image Skin Barrier


New Image is characterized by a floating flange that makes it easier to attach the barrier to the bag, and a tape border that provides extra hold between barrier and bag.

FlexWear Skin Barrier


FlexWear delivers average wear time (more than 24 hrs) and offers medium protection against fecal and urinary spills. Its wearing life is between the extended Flextend and the short-term SoftFlex. It safeguards the peristomal skin. Its proprietary floating flange with loud snap-on makes it safe and simple to affix onto the bag. Its low profile and flexibility makes it comfortable. To be used with New Image and CenterPoint lock Two Piece Systems. Available also with Premier One Piece Systems. Choose cut-to-fit or pre-cut.

Flextend Skin Barrier


Flextend is the most impervious of Hollister’s Skin Barriers to fecal and urine exposure making it ideal for use with an Ileostomy or Urostomy. It is designed to safeguard the peristomal skin for extended periods. It has a floating flange that facilitates ostomy pouch attachment while relieving tension on the weakened post-op abdominal wall. It makes a snap-on sound that provides the confidence of knowing the system is locked. It comes cut-to-fit and pre-cut. Available with Premier One Piece Systems and New Image and CenterPointLock Two Piece Systems.

FormaFlex Skin Barrier


FormaFlex is designed for extended wear. It offers the convenience of adapting to the stoma with just the use of hands, no cutting and no scissors involved. Ideal post surgery while the stoma is still forming. It resists exposure to waste secretions. Available New Image two-piece system.

SoftFlex Skin Barrier


SoftFlex is a smooth low profile wafer created for colostomies or for use in the presence of dense to solid stool. It contains a hydrocolloid to support recurrent skin barrier removal as is the case with closed ostomy pouch systems or in situations with flabby skin. The hydrocolloid protects the peristomal area allowing for adherence that is both secure and soft. Hollister’s Floating Range adds convenience and gentleness on delicate skin common to post op patients and elderly users. Available with Premier One-Piece System, CenterPointLock Two-Piece System, and the Pouchkins Pediatric line.

Hollihesive Skin Barrier


Hollihesive is Hollister’s softest skin barrier created specially for people with sensitive skin. Its application demands minimum hand dexterity. It comes with a Floating Range to further ease placement and accommodate to weak peristomal areas. As part of the CenterPointLock system, it offers greater security on pouch adherence and can only be used with CenterPointLock ostomy bags.

Hollister Pediatric Systems

Pouchkins Pediatric System


Hollister developed Pouchkins Pediatric Systems to meet all needs from infancy through puberty. They come in One and Two-Piece ostomy sets. The one piece brings the Ostomy Bag with the Skin Barrier already attached whereas the Two-Piece has the Ostomy Bag and the Skin Barrier separate. Pouchkins Systems use SoftFlex skin barriers, which provide unparalleled peristomal skin protection and mobility. The SoftFlex Barriers in the Two-Piece systems come with a floating flange for ease of use. The Newborn and Premie version come with Elastaflex, a skin barrier covering that protects from leakages. The drainable options include the patented Lock ’n Roll closure. All pouches have an odor protection inner layer. The Urostomy version has an anti-reflux valve.

Hollister Wound Drainage Systems

Wound Drainage Collector


The Wound Drainage Collector resembles a Urostomy bag. It collects wound and fistula discharge and allows for content management through a drainage valve located at the bottom. The major differences with its Urostomy counterpart are a removable cover that enables access to the wound or fistula site without having to detach the wound bag, and an anti microbial shield that protects the treatment area. It comes available sterile and non-sterile.

Hollister Stoma Caps

Stoma Caps


The Hollister Stoma Cap is designed for individuals with a colostomy or regular bathroom habits and who irrigate. It is an excellent alternative to regular ostomy bags as it provides greater freedom to partake in diverse activities including strenuous sport sessions. A Stoma Cap represents the most discreet solution for a colostomy. Available as a One-Piece or a Two Piece System to be worn with a Flextend, FlexWear, SoftFlex, or Hollihesive Skin Barrier.

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